Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 178

Spreading demon

Shinomiya Arisa and Noriko Aoyama. The beating of the heart jumps up further when approaching the apartment where those targets are located.

(Even at this age, I don’t get used to this kind of tension…)

Although Honma is leaving the front line of the scene now, he is used to be a fighting faction before. Recalling that time, adrenaline runs around in his body.

Even if he says it is not going to be unreasonable. It is essential to check the situation first.

(They can’t lose so easily…. However, if I dont see the situation, I cannot make a report…)

Honma who is the group leader of the assault group of “SHADO” is thinking calmly while climbing the stairs slowly. Because of the time that it is almost summer, sweat drips down from his forehead.

He couldn’t get in touch with the six elite members who entered that apartment suddenly. Obviously an abnormal situation. Whether asking for support or not, he has to confirm with his own eyes whatever happened.

(I´m old…)

As he climbs the stairs to 9th floor, Honma feels out of breath. After adjusting for a while there, he stretches out his body from the shadow of the wall and sees the corridor of the apartment.

Because the long corridor is illuminated by the night light, Honma can fully look over there. The target room is far away from here.

(There’s nothing there…. Where’s the lookout?)

In the strategy, one person waits outside the door and should be prepared for emergency. But he cannot sees that person. There’s a closed, nondescript steel door.

(Did they go into the apartment?)

Honma who had been waiting for a while gets up slowly and will soon go through the corridor. In the sticky early summer air, he is fully equipped and he has a stun gun in his hand. Somewhat an unrealistic situation like an event in a dream.

He walks very slowly. The cold concrete floor and his legs stepping on it, feel unreliable today for some reason. Apart from the noise of the city that can be heard in the distance, no noise is heard around here.

(Still, there’s no sound…)

The residents of the apartments are not at home, so there is no sound coming from each apartment. However, as many as 10 steel doors lined up in the corridor are closed perfectly, there is no sign of a person.

Honma walks more slowly. He is trying not to make sounds.

(A little more…)

He came up to the room and hesitated a little, but Honma goes further. At least he listened to the door and thought of seeing the inside. He erased his footsteps and approached until he came all the way to the end of the apartment where Arisa and Noriko live.

At that time, the silence was suddenly broken as if waiting for the arrival of Honma.


Sound of metal is heard. When the knob of the door in front of him suddenly turns, it opens casually. When a it opened, a man appeared swaying in front of Honma who was stunned for a moment while remaining fully equipped.

Looking at the face of that man, Honma is relieved. Because of that, he let his guard down. A momentary but fatal gap that a man trained in actual combat never shows.

“He, Heyy! You…guhuuuuuuu!!!”

In the middle of asking, an impact runs through his body and Honma’s consciousness is mercilessly harvested at that moment. The tempered body collapses to the knees and falls to the front of the concrete floor.


His face showed an incredible surprise, before this veteran of “SHADO” was swallowed into the bottomless darkness.

(What the heck is that…)

Midnight at “SHADO” headquarters. Reiko Arisawa who sat on a chair in the conference room repeatedly asked questions that wont be answered repeatedly while showing her fatigue on her face.

(Why… why did this happen?)

The contents of the meeting that she was doing until a while did not come into her mind at all costs. Even when she heard the reported situation, she can’t understand why. Her intelligence collapsed in a shocking ending and it can’t be grasped by the mind.

Tonight. In order to catch the two former “SHADO” members who had been manipulated by a devil host, Reiko sent an elite unit and decided to operate. They identified the apartment where Arisa and Noriko live and sent six elite members of the assault group.

The strategy should have been 100% successful.

Anyway this time the opponent is not a devil, but an ordinary man who became a prisoner of that magic. Of course they cannot use magic. Moreover, even if the devil appears on the site, the elite members are an anti-devil unit and their countermeasures should be perfect. Indeed, this time the opponent is a Incubus. Unlike a normal devil whose energy is human´s fear and despair, its magical power has only the effect of sexually excitment of the opposite sex. In other words, there is no problem no matter what is thought about.

But the real result was unbelievable.

(Why are they all…)

Six people who rushed in with complete equipment are now being transported to the hospital. They were supposed to be familiar with fighting skills through special training, but when they were discovered they were in a state of unconscious.

It was fortunate that there was no danger to their lives. The cause of their unconsciousness is caused by being hit strongly on the head, although there is a need for a close examination, it is said that there is no damage to the brain at the moment.

(Did Arisa and Noriko do it?)

Did they fight back and defeat six people? However, in this operation, all six people were equipped with stun guns, so those two can only lose even if they are former “SHADO” members. Besides, there are no signs of fighting on the scene and there is no appearance of stun guns being fired.

Arisa and Noriko, which are the targets of the strategy, disappeared again suddenly. It was confirmed that there were two people in the room before entering the apartment and there were traces of life that showed that two people were in a room until the last moment.

Both of them who disappeared like smoke months ago should have been there.

(Besides…where is Honma…?)

And it was not just Arisa and Noriko that disappeared. Honma who was the leader of this operation and the group leader of the assault group has also been missed.

According to the members of the survey team who reported abnormal situations to the headquarters, it seems that Honma-san alone went to the condominium without reinforcement. And no matter how long they waited, no one came back, so the member who remained in the vam asked for help from the headquarters while panicking.

(Anyway, we have to wait for their recovery…)

The six men who were hit on their heads have not yet regained consciousness. The doctor predicts that they’ll get back eventually, and at that time Reiko will know more about what happened in that room.

(From the site verification, something might be understood…)

That room is being investigated thoroughly by the police’s forensic now. From there they may find something to serve as a clue.

(Aaa…how did this happen…)

Reiko lays her face down again. Every strategy that should have no gap failed, and moreover, she lost men steadily. But there is no fear of having her career scratched, that’s why she need to gather more strength to eliminate the devil that harms people which is going to become increasingly difficult.

(What’s going on…. What’s going to happen now…?)

Putting her hands at the desk, Reiko closes her eyes. She herself is dragged into black darkness as the town is filled with people.

The smartphone on the desk is ringing. There is no spirit to pick it up. The name of the screen is her husband who is worried about his wife who didn’t come home even after 12 o’clock in the morning. Reiko is thankful for that kindness, but honestly she doesn’t have the mind to talk with her husband now.

How much time has passed since then? The member has gone back indeed. Tomorrow morning, there is a continuation of the site verification with outstanding accurately and it is necessary to wait for six people to recover and to hear the circumstances. Nightmares can get worse, but they don’t even seem to solve.

(Alcohol…I want to drink strong sake…)

Reiko´s heart, which is exhausted, is seeking an escape place. The strong, intelligent and cool director’s shell cracks and the inner face of a weak woman overflows.

At that time, her smartphone vibrates again. But it is not a phone call, but a short note to notify her of an incoming mail.

At that moment when she heard it, something strong and red runs through Reiko’s body. At this time there is only one person sending her an email. And for what reason the man sends this email is always clear.


By looking at the sender’s name, a different current runs through her back. Reiko´s body who had no strength until a while ago starts moving by something rising from the inside. Reiko who moves her body ahead of thinking starts to prepare in a hurry.

It is a desire and a escape. That happiness is immersed in a sweet world and her body and mind are filled.

The beautiful director who stood up like a love drunk person wraps her mature body in a thin coat and walked into the darkness at night.

The rooms of this apartment, which have been built years after the construction, are still well decorated to be called luxury, and the spacious floor plans are 3LDK. The owner of this house was still young and around 30 years old.

Even such an upscale mansion that cannot be bought at all by an ordinary office lady has become influenced by the land pattern of Yokohama suburbs and aging and was bought by a pretty woman last year.

“Hiiii!!! Aaa!! There…there, is good!!!”

The beautiful woman who is the owner of this room is fucked by a man from behind on her bed. Her slim white hips is raised at the highest so that the man who is attacking like a big black wolf can pierce easily and her whole body is full of sweet sweat.

When the man grabs her waist, he pierced into her meat pot that is getting wet. Each time an obscene sound of water is made and love juice was released by the woman.

“Hey! Don’t enjoy yourself! Swing your ass more!!!”

“Hiiii!!! Aaa…ye, yes!!!”

The man who slaps the hips plenty pierces with his long penis till the uterus in a rush. His expression is ruthless, especially his eyes are sharp like a razor.

The beautiful woman who is a masochist come to life with that man and desperately shakes her hips. Submissive service of a mindfully servant of that man.

“Hiiii!!! Ikuuuuu!!! Again, cummiinngg!!!”

When the penis touched her uterus, the woman was swallowed by ecstasy which she received a few times today. At the same time, a white fog appears from her body and then sucked into the body of the man.


Afterwards the man’s eyes shine red in the dark bedroom. It is not red eyes like due to reflected light when shot with a camera, but it is brilliant from the back of his eyes.

The back of the man seems to be growing for a moment and along with it a superb rising dragon carved there moves It seems as if it is alive and also seems to come out from there.

Then, a black wave is radiated from his body and slowly spreads.

As usual the wave will disappear in just a few meters, but today it was a bit different. That black wave grows bigger and eventually it gets bigger as it covers the whole apartment.

(Kkuku…. I do not know what it is, but it is quite funny…)

The man is amazed at his power and at the same time he grins firmly.

In any case the wave gives correct information to that when it touched something as if he saw or heard it himself. Although he was confused at the beginning, he soon got accustomed to how to use it.

(Huuh. Is not it a enjoyable power…)

The inhabitants of this condominium are various people. However, only beautiful women are interesting for this man.

By the power of the black wave motion, he can see everything that happens in this huge condominium. Blowjob office ladies. University students having sex. High school girls who masturbates. And a married woman who has sex with a man other than her husband. Among the inhabitants in more than one hundred apartments, there are lots of beautiful women who are targeted by that man.

(Which one will I eat…)

That man is getting tired of the popular number one soap lady that he is fucking right now. He is hiding himself here because of an organization, but it may be good to extend the scope of gradual action soon. As long as he has this power he can attach it to the weaknesses of beautiful girls and he will be able to sense the trend of the organization further in advance.

(It’s so powerful. I’m going to use it gratefully…)

Recently, the power of the wave has become stronger and the man realized the black joy that makes him feel soaked by that power. The man gets drunk with such power, as if he became invincible. Moreover, his long erected penis pushed up the uterus of that luxury soap lady.

“Aaaaaaa!!!!! Gaaaaaa!!!!!”

While releasing great energy from the body all the time, the beautiful woman squeezes energy and lies on the bed in due course after screaming loudly.


When that man carelessly extract his penis, it appeared along with a sound. There are several small veins at the tip.

Wetted by that beauty’s body fluids, it arouses to show off its color and shape in the light. It seems that this thing is seeking prey to be slaughtered from now.

(Which woman do I eaten next…)

In the dark room. While raising his mouth, the man was searching the next prey.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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