Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 176

Cosplay play

They had been doing it for a while, but Risa was so exhausted that she started to squeeze all the energy out. Mistakenly moving her body aside, the penis comes out from the joint. The surprisingly long brown meat stick is muddy from her body fluid and Kenichi´s semen.

“Rough, Risa-chan is so pitiful…. She was bullied by her das so much…”

It was the owner of this house that appeared and said so, Miho Ito, the mother of Risa. When she embraced the tired Risa, she wiped the sweat away from her lovely face.

“So much was released…. If she gets pregnant, you’ll have to take responsibility”

The mother who is smiling and looking happy from the sorrowful side, looks at the open crotch of her cute daughter. White juice flows out from the muddy vagina which opened its mouth.

“Mama is going to clean it up neatly…”

Saying this, after licking her tongue, Miho brings her mouth against the crotch of her daughter and sips and licks the overflowing semen with her long tongue. Her face is filled with delight and seems to have been enjoying the heavenly sweetness.

“Then, I’ll take this one…”

An amazing beauty who wore silver-rimmed glasses gets close from the other side and sits beside Kenichi who is sitting on the sofa. She brought her face near the penis and licks its surface with her long tongue.

“Aah…mixed with the juice of a junior high school girl, the semen of Kenichi is more delicious than usual…. The taste is so thick and sticky…”

Junko Yoshikawa said it in a loud voice and with a delightful expression. Without worrying about the body fluid of Risa that was spitted out, she carefully licks the black surface that glows wet with her red tongue.

“You cummed so much, uhuhu…. Even if I suck it when it suddenly comes out, there is no end to it…”

Miho, who sips the semen coming out of her daughter´s pussy, talks about the condition of her daughter’s secret part, as though she was amazed, but is happy to report it. Every time she sucks, the sperm is drunk and she talks with an ecstatic expression.

All beautiful girls who were captured by Kenichi like Miho or Junko are addicted to his body fluids without exception. According to them, Kenichi’s sweat and saliva, as well as semen is sweet and they would become useless if they don’t taste it after three days. Although Miho had never drunk semen when she was together with her divorced husband, she likes to drink the semen of Kenichi.

“Look…so much…”

Miho shows the semen collected in her mouth. As the words say, the white liquid that overflowed is collected in her pink mouth.

Joyfully laughing with a smile and closing her mouth, Miho plays with the smelling body fluid in her mouth for a while. This sperm has a unique taste and aroma, it will even show an addiction like a drug while taking it over and over again. That is why Miho enjoys this way.

Miho swallows all semen in the mouth by gulping it down her throat.

“Huhuhu…this will make my skin shine tomorrow…”

Miho who sucked the remaining liquid and released her face from the crotch of her daughter mutters in a small voice. Her plump thick lips are enormously sexy.

According to Miho’s words, a woman who takes semen filled with magic power into the body resonates with the wave from the inside and gain a shining beauty. Even though it is effective in a short term, its effect becomes even more noticeable if it is ingested over and over again for a long period like Miho or Junko. Miho, who will be 36 years old this year, can not be seen as a mother of a middle school student, because her skin is young and fresh. She is also often misunderstood as Risa´s sister instead of her mother.

Junko who is getting angry now is the same and looks 4 or 5 years younger than her age. Those who knew that Kenichi’s body fluids show such an effect are becoming a prisoner of that magical power as well as the pleasure and delicacy.

“Huhuhu…. This thing is also targeting Risa ‘s friends…. Bad child…. Even though you´re a teacher, you would eat middle school students and elementary students…. I don’t know if you will be caught because of your obscenity…”

Junko glares sweetly with her eyes while emitting a fierce sex appeal. When the surface of Kenichi´s penis is completely cleaned with her thick tongue, she opens her lipstick wearing red lips and swallows the huge glans.


Kenichi raises a groan because his penis has become sensitive and receives a fellatio now. It was Junko who has rich sexual experience that uses her tongue skillfully.

While stimulating the sensitive part with her tongue, Junko dents her cheeks and suck strongly. Junko knows that it can recover quickly by sucking out the remaining liquid left in the urethra after ejaculation.

“Even so, when you thought that I don’t have time to eat you, you were dressing up like that…”

While watching the appearance of Miho standing in front of him, Kenichi laughs like being amazed. Miho, who heard his words rotates on the spot. Her checked mini skirt jumped up and the black stockings wrapped around her sexy thighs are seen.

“Well…. Unusually Kenichi comes back here everyday, so I consulted with Junko and tried to wear it…so that Kenichi-sama will not get bored…”

“Huhuhu…. Miho-san even after graduation can still wear her school uniform…”

Junko laughs while crawling her tongue around Kenichi´s penis.

According to her words, Miho wears the uniform of Ellis all girls high school. A white blouse in a beige blazer, a red check patterned skirt, a red ribbon around her neck, it is a pretty popular design among the students.

It is said that Miho Ito, a former student of Ellis all girls high school wears her old school uniform. However, that was 20 years ago.

“Noo…my panty is seen…”

Miho takes a pose while carefully worrying about the hem of her short skirt. In front of a man looking at herself with hot eyes, it’s a cute gesture as if she was really a teenager.

However, although she is wearing a school uniform, her appearance is far from a high school student.

Miho is a 36-year-old married woman who has a child. This ripe milf who is releasing female pheromones of female from her whole body is wearing a uniform that sticks to her body, so that gaps are terrible. The front button of the blouse seems to be torn because of her busty tits that pushed inwards.

“Yaah…. I wonder if it was a bit small”


Seeing her sexy body wrapped in the pretty uniform of Ellis all girls high school and Miho´s smile that invites Kenichi, he is surprised by the erosion made by that gap and at the same time he was excited. His penis that is in Junko’s mouth erects further. The female english teacher who tangled her thin fingers around the root gently lightly squirts and turns and licks the glans with her pink tongue.

After having sex with an 13-year-old idol in her stage costume, Kenichi now will have sex with her mother in a schoolgirl cosplay. It’s the best mother-daughter bowl which he has enjoyed countless times, but the taste is getting deeper rather than getting tired of them.

“What do you think? Do I look nice?”

The former married woman asks Kenichi this question while showing him her wonderful uniform. She wears thick eyeshadow and red lipstick like a high-class woman. Although the sex slaves Natsuki and Aiko have recently become more sexy,Kenichi still feels that they are still children compared with such a mature woman like Miho.

Kenichi has been going straight home without leaving the school anywhere this past week. He knew that his actions were watched by “SHADO” because of Masato Muto’s report, so he is quiet outside the school.

Because of that, Miho, Risa and unko are hugging Kenichi every night here. Despite the fact that the magic power increased, the number of sex slaves expands further so recently it was frequent whether or not to stay at this house once a week.

Miho considers this form of dress today to try to convince Kenichi to come home every day, so she was planning this cosplay play now.

“Midou-sensei…. That girl may do illicit sexual relations, I think that it would be better for you to do physical exams carefully over there”

While watching Miho wearing her school uniform, Junko advances according to her cosplay and her female teacher’s tone. Because it is a tough business suits she wore at school today, her lines are perfect as well.

“Th, That…. Yoshikawa-sensei…I have not done that”

“Ito-san, we will find out as soon as we examine you, so go over to the bed and let Midou-sensei check it”

Junko declares so to the elderly female student with a severe tone. In front of Kenichi she normally is a submissive masochistic pervert, but for the same sxe she becomes a strict and cruel mistress.

“Huhuhu. Be prepared because Midou-sensei examines all your secret places with his big inspection stick. The physical examination of Midou-sensei is very strict”

The female teacher who proclaims ruthlessly crawls her tongue on the huge dark dick.

“Both Midou-sensei and I are going to examine every corner of your body, both front and back holes, all the way to the deepest part…”

Her eyes behind a silver-rimmed glasses glare at Miho who has an uneasy expression.

Miho and Junko satisfy their desires with lesbian play when Kenichi isn’t home. Junko always became the leading role, always having a dildo attached to her crotch and waiting for Miho and Risa to satisfy their desires. The giant imitation penis may also be used when Kenichi is home, but at that time that mother-daughter duo will use it together.

“Aaa…stop…such a thing”

The masochist milf that shakes her body from a shivering fear and excitement, understands the meaning of Junko’s words. She imagined that she would be teased by both teachers at the same time, so she is holding her hips while standing still.

“Now. Then, let’s do the physical examination of a lewd female student here”

Miho that crouched down on the spot is dragged to the bedroom by Kenichi as if he wants to eat her soft body. The whole body of the milf is attached with sweet sweat and the smell of a female envelops Kenichi just from hugging.

“Do not do bad things, Sensei…”

To be bullied by two sadists, Miho raises a gentle voice like a young girl. But her face is contrary to her words and is burning with excitement to be tormented. She is stimulated by masochism which is her own pervert desire and she can’t cover the sexual excitement burning from inside her body.

“Nooo…. Don’t bully Miho…”

The pretty school uniform sticks to her ripe plump body. Her thighs lying on top of the bed are wrapped in black stockings and look very delicious. The 36-year-old milf shows the true nature of an M with her whole body.

Her vagina inside the silk panty already open its mouth and is releasing a lot of flower honey from the inside. Miho is waiting for being fucked by a stout strike. She opens her mouth and licks it with her tongue.

In front of a fine woman who he never gets tired of holding, Kenichi gulps down his spit.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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