Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 175

Junior High School Idol

Risa has officially joined the idol group “CGX” just the other day. In the audition she applied by recommendation from the production, she successfully suppressed her competing rivals. Most notably, the beauty of Risa is outstanding and furthermore her performance was overwhelming the other girls, coupled with a slender and supple body unfitty for a junior high school student and a dance with an outstanding rhythmic sense, the judges had no objections.

The first television appearance that Risa had was that song program that they are watching in the living room. Risa who came home after finishing the live broadcasting appearance, watches her own dance in the recording.


Risa clings to Kenichi as if it is amenable, while resting from a intense acme. The 13-year-old who is still growing is wearing the costume of her new song that is reflected on the TV as it is with her thin body and long limbs.

The yellow underskirt on her crotch is moved to the side and a huge meat pillar is put inside. Her small hole is spread out unreasonable, and the dick let Risa show a miserable face.

However, Risa seems to enjoy even this chilly pain as the spice of pleasure. Her pretty face melts to the pleasure as evidence, it is entranced, and a large amount of the love fluid overflows from her vagina, which is sticky.

“Huhuhu…so erotic…. You’re a lewd middle school student…”

“Yaah…papaa…. Don’t say such a thing…”

Being teased, Risa with a embarrassed face denies the fact while depending on Kenichi too much. Her expression that is adorable like an angel usually is full of lust and so sexy that you don’t think she is a teenager.

“Huhu…. A pretty face, if everyone finds out that you loves sex with such a lewd expression, you might have to stop being a young idol”

“Noo, such a thing…. It’s only in front of papa that Risa becomes like that…”

While the new song is sung to the background music, Risa turny her hands around Kenichi´s head and fawns. In the screen, young girls bounce and jump around by moving their healthy and young limbs. Flared mini skirts soar every time those girls rotate and it is troublesome to see the different colored underskirts which the young girls wear underneath.

(They look so delicious…)

Beautiful girls who sing and dance while sweating faintly. They are only the chosen idols and their beauty are all high and any face shines beautifully under the dazzling lighting of the television station.

Risa, Kenichi´s pleasure doll, joined such a famous idol group. If Risa deepens her friendship personally with the group members, there will be opportunities for Kenichi to come into contact with them from now on. If so, it is not a dream to catch them with the Inma magic and to fuck their bodies as he likes.

(It would be interesting if all of them lined up their asses so that I can fuck them in order)

Imagining that time, erected black blood begins to gather. His son which expands further and rubs strongly against Risa´s womb.

“Hiiiii!!! Aaaa!!!! A, Again…that place!!!”

The tip of the penis pressed with its own weight ruthlessly the young womb, and his daughter raises a loud shout. The young vagina flesh which had been relaxed until a while agitated again and entangled with Kenichi´s meat pole. Even such a narrow 13-year-old meat jar will squeeze his swallowed penis.


Even though it has been tasted many times, Kenichi has an expression of having drool hanging down his mouth by tasting this young and small vagina. It is tighter than usual and the tightening is even stronger. The penis is squeezed by power enough to worry that it makes a bruise and it is likely to tear it apart by accident if you´re careless.

Risa in front of him is a genuine idol and the costume she is wearing is the real one when she appeared on TV. The white sailor-apparel styled costume made of enamel fabric is very suited to Risa’s slender body coupled with pink line.

“Hey, Risa…. What happened to the two of them?”

Grabbing her small hips with both hands and enjoying the tightly closed fruit, Kenichi asks as it came up.

“Hu, two people? Two people, do you mean Ema and Naomi-chan. Yes, they said they are coming to play again…”

Risa tends to be interrupted in response to the stimulation, so that she is shaking with her hips while being penetrated from underneath by a violent penis. As she tightens, the clamping increases its presence by remembering the pleasure.

Two beautiful girls belonging to the same entertainment office as Risa and attend the same dance school came to visit last week. Both of them aim for being an idol and both of them were outstanding cute, that Kenichi desperately need to suppress his animal desire to run wild.

These two stayed close together for as long as they were at the house, so that they bathed a lot in Kenichi´s wave, so it will not be strange that either one will resonate when coming next time. If they do so, Kenichi can interfere with that aura and make those young and pretty girls who dont know sex lustful. It is probably not a problem to rape them without using the magic of the Incubus, but Kenichi doesn’t have to take risks to come here.

The prudence of this cowardice can be said to be a definite difference to other devil hosts. When you get the magic of on an devil, a normal human will drown in this power and run amok, as a result he will be found by “SHADO” and will be removed. However, Kenichi has a morbid cowardice and prudence, so that his actions are surprisingly self-contained.

“Papa, do you want to do ecchi things with Ema and Naomi-chan?”

Risa is slowly moving her waist while tightening Kenichi´s meat sword with her vagina meat. As quickly as sexual feeling is rising towards the next acme, her breathing becomes hot and she adjusts her waist to rub the point were Kenichi can feel it.

“Don’t you want me to be with those girls?”

Kenichi recall the faces and bodies of Risa´s 12 and 14 year old friends, before licking his mouth. Next he rubs her small pussy without mercy.

“Uuh…not really. But…both of them are so cute, so I just worry about whether papa will forget Risa as soon as they get charmed…”

Her 13-year-old vagina meat squeezes the dick that enters from the side of her yellow underskirt.

“What…were you worried about that?”

“Yes…because both Ema and Naomi-chan are so cute, papa will definitely love them…. If that happens you will get tired of me…”

Risa who says a bombshell is a genuinely worried girl and stares at her dear papa with her black eyes. Her sad expression is so adorable that any man in the world would kneel down at once.

“Because I make it more comfortable…. Please love Risa forever…”

In addition to saying that she will not lose to those two, she winds her pussy so that Kenichi will feel even better. Her sphincter contracts like a vise, tightening up Kenichi´s son so that he starts to groan.


Every man would be envies to enjoy this incredibly narrow vagina of Risa and would start to moan.

“Papa, Papa…papa…kiss me…”

Small red lips with a small white face. As Risa asks for a kiss, she immediately opens her mouth and extends her small tongue. When lightly moving her waist while sucking the saliva which tastes of mint, she further contracts Kenichi´s meat weapon.

(Although she is in middle school, she has such a lewd body…)

While being skewered by his penis, Risa feels her whole body jumping up to a new climax. Kenichi laughs with a grin while watching the TV screen with his red eyes.

(I will get my hands on all of them…)

Seeing the sweaty bodies wrapped in lovely cute costumes, Kenichi thoroughly wants to rape each one of those girls. While watching the beautiful girls jumping around in the screen, Kenichi imagines a scene where all the national idol groups become his sex slaves, so that his bottomless desire glows black and gushes up.

(Well, before that, there are those two girls…)

Ema and Naomi are as cute and as innocent as Risa who also aim for being an idol. They will soon come to visit again.

Like Risa, neither of them has any extra meat, their chests are thin, their hips are small and the waist is thin enough to hold them with both hands. Coupled with their long thin limbs, their delicate bodies seems to break if you use some strength. Although they wear a bra which is hardly useful, perhaps their pubic hair didn’t grow yet.

Imagine that his huge dick penetrates into their young and unexplored flowers before they ripened, let his penis become bigger inside Risa´s pussy.

“Ahiii!! Aaa…there…guguu…aaa….great…”

A little before the deepest part. When this part is pierced, Risa raises a voice of pleasure like an mature woman. Risa was a child who did not know anything a year ago, but since she became the daughter of Kenichi, she was taught thoroughly for sexual pleasure and ascended to the most ecstasy today with greediness.

“Higiiiiii!!! Aaaaaikuuuuuuuu!!!!”

Risa raises a voice of pleasure with a loud voice while cramping her whole body. If this was not a completely soundproof super luxury condominium, that voice surely would leak to the neighborhood.

This junior high school student’s vagina scoops up the swallowed penis. It has no technique and it is a mere pushing of force. However, it is a superb stimulation and pleasant excitement for anything other than elementary school students and junior high school students who are sexual targets.


The ejaculation valve is released while applying the tip to the uterine hole. The white mucus which is accumulated at once becomes a bullet and is shot into Risa like a machine gun.

“Iiii!!! Hiiiiiiiiii!!!”

Clinging with both hands to Kenichi’s neck, Risa bounced off her body and got drunk by the impact of the white bullet while bending her head greatly behind. Because Kenichi holds Risa´s buttocks with both hands, the whole amount of semen is driven to the immature uterus without mercy and Risa in her stage costume shakes her body as if she was really shot.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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