Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 174

Emily’s Melancholy

Exhaustingly breathing out and throwing away the documents she was reading on her desk, Emily Terasawa leaned against her chair and looked up at the ceiling. Even though she is tired from working all day, her body is heavy and fatigue covers her whole body.

That is reasonable. She is analyzing the enormous raw data that is gathered from time to time by being packed in “SHADO” headquarters, which is her work place at the weekend.

Emily suddenly turns her face to the side and looks at the wall. The clock which hung on the white wall is past ten o’clock in the afternoon. There are few people in this office at this time truly.

(I see…today is friday…)

She remembered that today was TGIF, the feeling sunk by fatigue is getting heavier. The face of her lover who is left in the UK appears in her head and she eagerly wants to meet him.

Just a few seconds. She got lost as she wanted to make a phone call and stretched out her hand to her smartphone, but her hand hangs down without strength on the way.


When Emily stands up to inspire herself, she goes to the hot water machine in the corner of the office to make tea. The fragrance of the Darjeeling brought from Britain spread to the small room and she finally felt refreshed and relieved.

(Even so…why wont you get caught…)

Returning to her seat and drinking gemstone-like liquid, Emily starts thinking again and again dozens of times. With a handwritten document in her hand, she investigates hardly what she overlooked.

Rimi Makino. A third year high school student attending Ellis all girls high school. It was only a coincidence that it turned out that she had a demonic wave. And it took less time before Emily realized that this girl was not a devil host, but a special constitution called capacitor that accumulates a devil’s magical power.

But the investigation has not advanced from there at all. It was completely over the reef.

That girl is not a devil host, she cant produce magical powers by herself. Nevertheless, she is still exercising magical powers and enslaving girls because she constantly supplies her magical power from the devil. In other words, she must meet with that existence almost every day.

Yet, Emily couldn’t find that person at all.

Emily looked at the most doubtful places in that school and examined all the male employees working there, but none of this men currently is strange. There are 13 man, so it is hard to find out with the members of “SHADO” which are few, but there were no evidence.

(I thought he was that fellow…)

At the top of the staff document, the information of the science teacher who works at this school is provided.

That man’s name is Kenichi Midou. He is living in a super high class condominium together with his colleague the english teacher Junko Yoshikawa. That is not all. Miho Ito, the owner of that apartment and her daughter, a junior high school student, live there too.

Junko and Miho are very beautiful and are admired by Emily who is looking at the photographs taken secretly. They have beautiful appearances that everyone would look back, although their types are different, their proportions are outstanding. According to the members of the survey team who saw the real ones, they seem to be spreading pheromones from their whole bodies.

If it is an intermediate Inma with power enough to be called demon king, he will already have captivated many beautiful women. Therefore, although that science teacher is living together with several beauties, it is likely that he is the target, so Emily puts a star on his name.

However, no matter how much you observe him, there is no suspicious point in his actions. He has been observed last weekend, but he just went back and forth between his house and the school without any doubts anywhere and no contact with women. One time he went to a place other than the school on his way home, but it was to visit his uncle who was hospitalized after a traffic accident. All investigators were disappointed.

There is also a definite point. The wave pattern of the wave motion is different.

The wave pattern of the Inma acquired through surveillance by Rimi Makino and the biological energy of Midou-sensei, that is the wave pattern are quite different. The survey team approached him in the train and measured the wave, which was revealed by comparison with that data.

The wave pattern is unique for each person and each person is different like a fingerprint. Therefore, the fact that the wave is different means that it is a different person. Even new members of “SHADO” know such a thing.

(Then, some of the remaining 12 people…)

Ellis girls high school has officially twelve male teachers besides Midou. In this way, it will be necessary to examine each person´s wave motion.

(It’s so hard to have only a few people…)

The survey of a devil host is done very carefully, taking into account the possibility that the opponent uses unknown magic. While carrying a wave measuring instrument and a wave cancelling machine, when approaching further, you need to take measures such as applying hypnosis beforehand and make sure they don’t understand the purpose of this. Therefore, monitoring and trailing are not performed by ordinary police officers but by members who have received special training.

However, the database of “SHADO” Tokyo branch was destroyed by someone, six members disappeared and then seven further members were made non recoverable by the devil’s counterattack. Since it is a small elite unit, the number of members inherently isn’t large and further reinforcement hasn’t come. Therefore, in this current situation it will take time to investigate so many subjects.

(Still there is no other choice…)

The amber-like liquid is poured into her mouth and the fragrance is considered while enjoying it with her nose. Emily´s calm mind is putting out the answer when there seems to be no other road which should be taken because there is no other powerful clue.

However. Something is caught. Surely something is wrong.

(What? What is being caught…)

Her sixth sense tells her that. The identity of the bad guy is this guy called Midou. However, without knowing the cause, Emily who is a elite member of London´s SHADO headquarter thinks what it is again looking through the documents.

(Tomorrow, we’re going to the apartment building, so I think we should know something…)

The assault team will finally swoop into the condominium where Shinomiya Arisa and Noriko Aoyama who are former SHADO members live tomorrow night. It is likely they already became the slaves of that evil man and his minions. They probably won’t surrender quietly and will resist in some way.

Predicting this, Emily heard that the assault team is supposed to head for it. In any case, the opponent are trained “SHADO” members and carry even weapons.

(Arisa…why are you…)

Employees belonging to “SHADO” are educated and trained in London headquarters without exception, so Emily, who originally worked at the headquarters in London, knows Arisa well.

Arisa is a genius with an IQ of 180, and there is nothing in the headquarters that showed no fault in her aptitude test even notified in the headquarters. She is definitely the next director of Tokyo´s branch, and in fact it isn’t impossible to prosper in London headquarters. Emily who was in charge of education also understands that enough.

Hate evil, respect order, honor justice and discipline. Although her age is young, her sublime and noble spirit was even the view of a policeman who everyone should take as an example. Emily still can’t believe that that Arisa is maddened by a devil’s magicand is completely dressed in evil.

(I hope your spirit is not badly contaminated…)

Damage is also different depending on the degree of humans who are corrupted by demons. In many cases, victims who became victims often become irreversible because they suddenly immerse bastards and squeeze out bioenergy in a blink of an eye. In that respect, it is unfortunate that the deceit of this time will not be made to be scrapped, and there is no such victim.

Tomorrow’s assault is to capture the enemy and to recapture the members who were caught by the Inma. Therefore, the assault squad is more fired up than usual and preparations are thorough for days. They will not fail and come back safely.

(God, please protect us…)

Still, Emily wishes so in this case.

To a god invisible to humans, Emily was just praying with her hands together in front of her chest in a room where no one was left.

On the big screen television set in the living room, a music program which has become far less is reflected. The program that gathers idols and popular bands, progressing with the host ‘s exquisite talk, is a longevity program that gathers so-called audience ratings.

Introduced by a moderator who wears sunglasses, a group of girls who are popular now appear on the screen. In the average age of 17, they made their debut a few years ago, but they gradually became popular with a talented producer’s skillful strategy and climbed up to the Super Idol dance group that everyone now knows.

The expressions of the girls appearing on the screen are joy and pride as super popular idols, everyone is shining and beautiful. Several people in the center of the group are famous for their name and face and even Kenichi sitting in the living room looking at the screen knows them.

All of them are dressed in a shiny white enamel cloth motif with a sailor suit for their new song and it’s pretty with pink, yellow and blue lines. And, the flared mini skirt is extremely short and attracts a man’s sexual desire.

“Ooo! Risa is reflected!”

Rather than the popular members of the center interacting with the moderator, the camera reflects the girls sitting behind them. There is a beautiful girl reflected, the cameraman was probably charmed by her beauty or face, because he purposely zoomed closer.

The 13-year-old cute girl who appeared on the screen seems to be nervous with her first television appearance, because her expression is hard and there is no smile. However, the beauty of this extraordinary lovely girl stand out instead and the cameraman is also showing her beauty for plenty of seconds before showing a couple of talks with the host and the main members again.

Her tightly closed lips are pink and are a part of a small white face of an elliptical shape coupled with a high nose. Her eyes are patchy and big, there is no need for eyelashes or makeup at all, because her big eyes shine like obsidian. Having a slightly troubled expression makes her beautiful appearance more elegant and neat.

It is a story that was known later, idol geeks nationwide who were watching this image became turbulent and a newcomer just entering this group became a celebrity at this moment. This program was the trigger that Risa was called the “Beautiful girl once in 10 years” and “The angel who came down from heaven” on the net at once, to join the popular idol at once in a while.

“Aaaa…papaa…Risa…Risa is cumming again!!!”

In response to Kenichi’s call, Risa Ito, who straddled her waist, and accepted Kenichi´s big penis inside her small pussy reached her climax. It is dark pleasure of a female which is unexpected from a 13 years old girl and clearly shows that Risa with an exquisite beauty is developing a sexuality as a mature wife.

A huge sofa in the living room. While sitting there, Kenichi is watching TV and having sex with Risa in the face-to-face position. That program that was broadcasted this evening was a live broadcast, but while they were going home he stopped Risa so that he can fuck her in this way and watching Risa ‘s appearing scene with a recorded video.

“Ikuuuuuu!!! Papaaa!! Again, cummiinnnggg!!!”

In TV, the popular dance group “CGX: Cuty Girls Xtream” to which Risa belongs presents songs and dances according to the songs of up tempo. The girls whose main members are mainly around the center, harden aside and dance a complex choreography dance. It is glossy that their miniskirts flutter by their intense movements and the underskirt with frills looks glittery.

“Risa, you are totally an idol…”

Risa wearing a stage costume with a pink line on a white background skillfully dances with other members. Although Risa originally had good reflexes, her ability is polished by the magic sperm and although it is a few months since she started practicing, her progress is so fast that the coach is stunned.

Her thin body enveloped by a enamel shiny cloth moves, it moves so that her long hands and feet flow rhythmically. A smile is emerging on her small white face, her black hair flows and is very pretty and beautiful. The camera also takes time to catch Risa’s exceptional beauty and skill of dancing, as much as the center members and reflects the situation.


Risa suddenly caught up with a disturbing feeling, with an adult’s face seemingly sexy, its unable to imagine from the expression in the screen, that she dedicated her body and mind to Kenichi. She is sweating because she is doing it for a while now and a sweet and sour smell rises from her body wrapped in her stage costume.

“Hey, don’t rest”

“Ahi!! …Ah…papa…”

When Kenichi slaps her small hips wrapped in a yellow underskirt, Risa begins to move her waist again while responding. In the narrow vagina that is still under development, a huge dragon penis is stabbed and she shakes her ass with the skill of married woman while squeezing it.

Of course, such a huge thing cant fit totally in the vagina of a junior high school student. More than half of it protrudes, but its tip still pitilessly pierces the young womb which was still small and crispy.

However, Risa who developed a masochistically attitude can endure a dull pain that let a adult woman cry and she has become drunk with a sharp pleasure that springs up from it. Her white small face is red and it is hot and her black eyes glitter so sexy that she seems to be 17 years old.

“Aaah…it feels good…”

Risa squeezes the penis with her small flower while moving her hips lewdly. Like her mother, this beautiful girl has a rich sense of sex and she is completely blossoming from countless unions with Kenichi. She was an normal junior high school student few months ago. It is frightening how fast she became a pretty girl by growing up in this way.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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