Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 173

Vaginal ejaculation

Kenichi is drunk with pleasure and conquest while watching a beautiful woman waving her head on his crotch while making an obscene sound of water. In any case, his partner is a pretty beautiful woman who is the highest responsible person of “SHADO” who is his enemy.

(To fall here….)

Kenichi himself is somewhat surprised at the result while Arisawa Reiko is a prisoner of his sex. In any case this time almost without using the magical powers of the Incubus, he ruined Reiko with his penis and technique.

You can say that it is perfect as soon as he has contacted her. Kenichi thought it would take a little more time, but she called her husband from the love hotel and lied silently to him.

Her neat and thick tongue creeps around the tip and spins out the finest pleasure with tightening her lips. When a groan leaked from Kenichi’s mouth to the rich oral service that has completely improved, Reiko who heard it reluctantly draws her cheeks. In the meanwhile, with a thin finger, he slowly and obscenely treats her shameful place.


Reiko was tired of sucking his huge meat pillar and then breathed a sigh as if she had stargazing his face away. Then, the soft surface is rubbed, when her tongue is extended.

A rich and persistent oral sex that Reiko will never do when she is with her husband. She doesn’t care about exercise and sweat flowing from her forehead due to the steam in the narrow bathroom, Reiko serves Kenichi with an enthralled expression.

“Can you do it like a soap lady?”

Reiko is painting saliva on the floating surface without responding to Kenichi. Her hair that stretched to her shoulder sucked the steam and was swaying slowly in accordance with the movement of her head.

Kenichi and Reiko are in the bathroom of a love hotel. While laying an air mat on the tiled floor, they smeared lotion on their bodies and were richly intersecting with each other until a while ago.

As soon as Reiko came to this love hotel she made a phone call to her husband and gave a blowjob while wearing her clothes. After having licked it all the way and enjoying the taste of her married crotch in the sixty-nine position, they fucked in doggy style.

Reiko´s pussy which melted when it entered, became a superb pleasure organ, and grew rigid. It’s stiff meat, which was stiff a few months ago, is now completely soft and it gets twisted while plucking the juice every time the penis goes in and out. The folds grown inside are entertaining Kenichi with a cramped narrowness even with a single finger, and the sphincter muscles are further developed by the Inma sperm, so that the tightening is as strong as a rhythmic gymnastic student.

While tasting such a murderer’s instrument, Kenichi hugged Reiko by ruthlessly holding her 39-year-old ass. Endlessly being fucked by his meat, the pathetic policewoman clasped the sheet and literally hit the pleasure with pleasure.

After being solemned and being fucked in her suit, her clothes were stripped off and Reiko was brought into the bathroom. Reiko was embarrassed at playing la soap lady at the beginning, but when she was rubbing her lotion attached body against Kenichi, she soon got caught up with a fierce pleasure. At the time Kenichi was lying on the mat, she was shaking her hips obscenely with the woman on top position a while ago.

“Do it with your chest”

“…Ye, Yes…”

While giving a lustful glare, Reiko lifts her face while the bangs are stuck to her elegant forehead with sweat. As Reiko holds her two breasts with both hands and sandwich Kenichi´s meat sword with an embarrassment between them, she rubs them up and down slowly attached with saliva and lotion like a lover.

“Aaah…it turned out like this…”

The bust which was F cup has become bigger recently and is an G cup now. Only the head of Kenichi´s penis can be seen between these huge and soft melons. The glans in front of her eyes is overhanging to the extent that there is no space.


Reiko became irresistible while rubbing obscenely with loosely in his breasts and putting his lips on the meat umbrella. Like honing a wholesome little child, I hospitable with a soft mouth and hot mouth with a stiff rudder in my chest.

There is no transcendental technique like Maids but there is affection from the heart to rejoice the dear man. It has already become maddened today to die, It asserts at all without decay and promises further pleasure.

(This…this is…)

A real penis with everything different from her husband. Reiko who feels it all the way she wanted and is entangled with his tongue with his mouth like crazy. In its stubbornness that it tastes for the first time in two weeks, the primitive lust as an animal is shaken, and the married woman has become one female with all his chastity lost.

(I’m greedy, well…)

While enjoying refining the intellectual Reiko’s crazy eyes, Kenichi smiles and smiles and enjoys the pleasure while lying down.

A bell-shaped breast sticks forward, seems to be a married woman, a strong colored nipple will rest on its tip, and Reiko will rub it against the lower abdomen while erecting it from a little while ago. I’ve never caught it for years in the past The skin is as white as it goes out, so that a thick blue vein can be seen through.

(Well, it was quite soft….)

Kenichi, a female conspirator, is satisfied, making the chief executive of the nemesis “SHADO” meat slave.

It was Reiko who cautioned carefully not to use magical powers as much as possible, but as a result it fell as easily as possible. Although I thought that I would resist more, the 39 – year – old girlfriend was more hungry for meat than I thought, and if I made that inflatable, I abandoned reason and ethics and drowned.

If this was an ordinary woman, magical power makes reason and perseverance everything and it can be corrupted in a flash. I thought I was going to have more trouble as I could not do it, but it seems that it was a total fray.


Beautiful wife watching here with his upper eyes while stimulating with a huge tip cuffed all over his mouth and a black bow in a breast. Moreover, I want to get the rigidity inside my womb, I am desperate with my eyes full of desire.

(This is the top of “SHADO”…)

It seems that this is the same as the female university student who were eager to be eaten last night and who were desperate to be fucked.

He ordered Ruriko Asakura who became a female university student to bring four female university students of her young lady university into a suite room of a super luxury hotel, which is a fixed-distance hotel to fuck those 20 year old virgins. At first they were beautiful female university students who were crying at the huge amount of surplus, but while being fucked many times, they were sickening with a pleasure from a different dimension, before they finally made a competition by exposing their crotches themselves.

These young ladies are greedy for the unknown pleasure, as well as Reiko now, so their reasons were burned by primitive desires and Kenichi and Ruriko had sex in different obscene poses and received words of amazement.

“Hey, extend over it again”

Being told so, Reiko raises her body when she releases his penis. When straddling her body over Kenichi, she holds the pillar and put it against her crotch with the other hand. After confirming the position, she slowly sit down.


Even though Reiko has already welcomed it many times today, its height and length are different dimensions. Reiko raises a cry while the penis spread the inside of her pussy open. Even if it is attached with love juice, saliva and lotion, its frictional feeling and extended feeling are of a different magnitude than her husband and as the stimulation rubbed without a gap in the interior, she is quickly drowning in ecstasy.

It is absolutely impossible to experience this with an ordinary human, because this is a joyful act that will make mind and body become muddy.


Reiko raises a beast-like roar, because of the electric current that runs through her body. When the huge cobra head pushed further inside, shocks as if her cells will fall apart arise and rainbow-colored sparks scatter in front of her eyes.

That is exactly a murderous spear. A policeman who is a guardian goddess of the order, is corrupted by an devil who let her become a cheating wife.

(This!! Th, Thissss!!)

Kenichi raised his body, applied strength to his waist and thrusts up with his meat sword into the womb. To that extraordinary shock, Reiko is rewarded with a soul-melting pleasure. This married woman who has long waited for being penetrating deep inside her womb is already crazy.

“Aaa…insi…inside…, it feels good inside…”

Reiko who feels wonderful from being pierced deep inside, opened her mouth. Due to the buttering heat, her brain melts and only the pleasures that run around her lower bottom are considered. Every time the dick rubs against the inside, her whole body trembles and let her have an orgasm, while every time her vagina shrinks and squeezes the big invader.

Her vagina meat that is already accustomed to squeeze Kenichi´s dick flirts with it by demanding an ejaculation. Even with rubber, her husband cant endure for a few minutes, because Reiko´s pussy became a superb pleasure organ that will eat every dick like a carnivorous beast.

(Ah, I’ve exposed a Ahegao face…)

Keep lying on the silver rubber mat and laughing while shaking his waist, Kenichi enjoyed the nice expression Reiko showed on her face. This police officer who is usually intelligent and feared by her subordinates is forgetting herself by having sex in a bathroom of a love hotel. In fact, the fact that this strong beauty has fallen so far and the gap between her usual fierceness and usual behavior made Kenichi enjoy it very much.

Her outstanding body glows wet with lotion and every time Reiko moves her waist, her huge breasts shakes too. Kenichi who stretches out his hands and grasp them, plays with her nipples while enjoying the sex.

“Ahiiiii!!! Guuuuuuu!!!”

The pleasure that had reached an unbelievable dimension with its sharp stimulation becomes a spark that penetrates the backbone, runs through the whole body and burns the brain. The 39-year-old beautiful wife releases some honey juice again and squeezed her sphincter to the maximum.

After doing such a terrible thing and enjoying this soap play in the bathroom, Reiko is dragged by Kenichi to the bed again and fucked in a normal position. While enjoying the touch of each other naked skin they act like sweethearts.

“Aaa…this, excellent…”

Reiko who tasted orgasmus many times seeks for the pleasure and stimulation greedily on her own.

“Aah, there…there…please…”

Kenichi uses his waist slowly with a tranquil movement while skewering the ripe wife with his big dick. While glowing wet from the honey juice, it gets in and out of her pussy that opened its entrance completely. When sinking and submerging, it rubs the G spot on the back of the clitoris and let Reiko raise a more sweet and sexy voice as it can’t be endured anymore.

It is not a technique for a quicky. For slowly growing girls, this very slow sex is effective. Especially since Kenichi ‘s penis is really large, Reiko has her soul melted from the pleasure where her vagina is stimulated to every corner by slow strokes.

“Muhuuuuu!!! Huuuuuu!!!”

This beautiful wife who responds with severity like a favorite lover kisses Kenichi in such a situation. Opening her lips by herself, she invites his tongue and make her own tongue intertwining it. Both of her hands are wrapped around Kenichi´s neck and her body is pressed against his body very tightly.

From the perspective of an outsider, it is a passionate sex between lovers. It is the greatest expression of affection for a woman, to show off during sex as her mind and body are engraved by Kenichi. From her expression, gestures and voice, you can understand at a glance that she is loving it.

“Is it pleasant?”

“…Aaaa…pleasant…. It is good…. It is really good…”

It takes a total of 5 seconds for one stroke, and with the slow piston stimulation, Reiko is quite melancholic. Her 39-year-old body who knew only monotonous and stale stimulation with her husband is blooming by the richness of potential sensuality and the skillful technique of Kenichi that her body will hurt during work time.

“This is good, right?”

“Th, there! There, there! I can’t endure!! More! More, more!!”

Occasionally rubbing her sensitive parts, the married women greedily wants it and shakes her waist. However, the mean devil is smiling thinly and laughs at Reiko ‘s reaction, while moving his waist.

Persistently Polynesian sex. Yearning, impatience and expectation, Reiko has become a meat puppet that shows her reaction to her partner.

“Here, you can use your back”

“…Aa, like this?”

Reiko moves her waist as said. When she is trying to make a move, her movement gradually becomes fierce.


She wants a stronger stimulation, so Reiko asks with a crying face. Every time the penis and the inside of her vagina are rubbing against each other, is Reiko pushed up to the climax and shaking her body. It became almost like a plateau of pleasure and it felt incredibly long since then.

“Ahiiiiiii!!! Aaaaaaweesssoommeee!!!”

When Kenichi pierces the back powerfully at a whim with a intense blow, the internal organs are pushed up by the uterus and Reiko raises a joyful voice like screaming. Tears drip down from the outer corner of her eyes and drool comes out from the edge of her opened mouth, but still the married woman with two children doesn’t care about it and squeeze only the huge dick of Kenichi.

(What will happen if I show this face to my husband or children?)

While looking at Reiko who distorts her face and raises a roar of pleasure, Kenichi laughs while enjoying the complex delicacy of Reiko´s pussy.

The pleasure of separating a virtuous married woman with her warm and happy family is pleasant and pleasurable to anything for an evil man like Kenichi. Imagining the scene where this beloved wife is crazy, looking at her husband’s face which is in despair and releasing his semen let his blood boil.

“Aaaa! Again!! Again, cumming!!”

Reiko is pushed up to the top again. She doesn’t know how many times today she reached this ecstasy, but this greedy 39-year old female continues seeking further stimulation and reaction.

Meanwhile, Kenichi has not ejaculated yet. The pleasure isnt weak. Reiko’s womb continues to provide exquisite pleasure to him with surprising tightening and complexity. Still he doesn’t lose his composure because Kenichi has been trained through countless times of sex after fusing with the Incubus.

But he is also at the limit. It is time to spit out the magma accumulated in his body and he wants to settle around here once. The sex party still continues ahead of this because there is no end by ejaculation only once.

“I will put it out slowly…Reiko”


Even now, Kenichi moves his waist slowly and declare so to Reiko, who was wandering around heaven untils he understands its meaning and finally answers. However, when the light revives to her big eyes, she shakes her body and begins to resist.

“No, No! It’s not good. Today…today is absolutely not good!!!”

Because Reiko knows her regular sexual cycle, it can be predicted that tomorrow is her ovulation day. In other words, if a vaginal ejaculation is done today, she will definitely get pregnant. Reiko desperately strikes back from remembering it.

“Stop! Today is absolutely not good!! Please!!!”

However, she is strongly embraced by Kenichi. There is no power in her limbs, so her resistance is too low. Still trying to get away somehow, it is sarcastic to feel that her movement also causes friction in her womb.

“Please! Only today…not good!! Outside…cum outside…”

A married woman who realized that it is impossible to escape desperately pleads. Brightness returns to her eyes and appeals while looking up with a sad expression.

“What, is it a dangerous day?”

“Ye, yes! Today is definitely a bad day…please!!”

When Kenichi stops moving and looks over from above, Reiko who wiped his face tries to persuade Kenichi desperately. Her swollen eyes are like fawn targeted by hunters, and they are very beautiful with tears.

“Well, it’s good isn’t it…? Because you are my lady now…”

“…That, that!!! That, not good!!”

Lifting the edge of his lips with a small laugh, Kenichi starts to slowly move again. This time it is obviously a movement to raise sexual sensation and finishing his ejaculation with powerful and strong piston movement.

“Stop! Please! Inside…don’t put it out inside!!!!!”

Every time he pushes inside the womb, a large current runs through the back, and Reiko feels like sinking into the pleasure by letting go of her reason again. She tries to clench the sheets and try to remove them by moving her waist while enduring the temptation, but that movement will rather increase each other’s sexual feeling.

“I will put it out now”


Kenichi began to prepare to spit out his venom and the married woman who has experienced such a movement many times so she realized that the moment is near and she screams. The glans catches the cervix since a little while ago,and it is clear that the sperm will invade there if it is released. If it is so, they will make a child.

“Become pregnant with my child, Reiko”

“Nooooo!!!! Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Whispering into the ear with a dazzling dark voice that seems to resonate from the bottom of hell, Reiko´s whole body muscles cramped with fear and despair and goose bumps appear on her skin. However, the uterus that gave in to the pleasure is descending in search of excellent male genes irrespective of her intention, so that its mouth sucks itself to the glans.


“Nooooooo!!!! Aaaaaaaaaa!!!”

The discharged semen becomes a muddy flow and is struck to the back of the vagina. Reiko who falls to the greatest ecstasy on this day has her brain burned by the despair and the feeling of Kenichi´s waist that entered to the maximum.

(Not good…not good…)

Kenichi continues to exhale a surprisingly large amount of body fluid. Obviously deeper than before and desperate, sweet pleasure is received. It is impossible to escape from this once you have tasted.

Reiko leaned on Kenichi´s chest and is embrace by his strong arms. The primitive pleasure as a female who accepted excellent genes attacked Reiko´s mind.


When Kenichi takes her lips, she intensely intertwines his tongue. Both hands are turned firmly on the back of Kenichi unquestionably, and her thin and elegant legs are wrapped around his sturdy waist.

(I´m sorry…dear…forgive me…. I…I’ve become a bad woman…)

Reiko, the police officer who is the chief executive of “SHADO” and should protect humanity from devils is deprived of her body and mind by the destructive pleasures brought by Kenichi, while being wholly unbalanced by the stimulation which is brought by the vaginal ejaculation.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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