Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 172

Sweet immorality

『I’m sorry for you. I will be late today. Eat ahead. Curry is in the pan and salad is in the refrigerator』

His wife is apologizing to him over the phone. Michio Arisawa, who heard it, was uneasy by chance, but immediately calmed his mind.

“Well, what about the case?”

『…Yes. As the criminal’s sight arrives, there will be big movements in a few days, so we prepare for that…』

“Hmm, that’s tough, is not it?”

The voice of his wife is always the same tone, there is no sense of discomfort or anything suspicious. It is a calm voice as usual without any disturbance of breathing or panting heard through the telephone at that day before. It must be from within her workplace, there is a faint speech in the back.

『I am sorry…dear. Let’s go to a hot spring if this matter is settled. The children are kept by my mother and we have time for us』

“Ah, that’s good…”

『…Ah, it’s time to start the meeting again. I love you, dear』

“Ah, you have to be careful too. I love you too”

Somewhat embarrassed to say this, Michio answers his beloved wife. When the call is hung up and he puts the cell phone on the table in the living room, the watch on the wall is seen. The time is past 9 pm and it is a little late to have dinner.

(Her work became busy more and more since Reiko became a director. Well, because it seems to be a special division, I don’t know what the contents are…)

Reiko, his beloved wife, is an elite member of the Tokyo Police Department, and seems to have an important role. It seems that she belongs to a special department and the content of the work seems to be top secret and isn’t even known to Michio.

Even now he is in love with his wife who got married when they were students. His wife was his first partner and he had no other relationship. A beauty that everyone looks back and has proportions that don’t let you imagine that she beared two children.

Or rather, recently Michio feels that Reiko’s beauty has become more and more polished.

After their second son was born they had no sex anymore but recently they have sex once a week to deepen their relationship as married couple. His wife in bed is as chastically as ever, but her naked body is so sexy even for Michio who should be familiar with it.

(No… First, I have to eat…)

Michio, who remembered his wife’s nudity and remembered a dull desire in his crotch, rushed up from the couch and headed to the kitchen. Even though Reiko has been remarkably to her forties, she still has the beauty and the body to inspire Michio to do so. When they went to a party together, his research colleagues were jealous.

(I’m a lucky man…)

Happily having such a beautiful woman who everyone envies, Michio a master of medicine and an associate professor is a smart person who is alone at home. His chasty and cool wife is not interested in another guy other than himself.

“Now, do I eat Reiko’s homemade curry?”

Michio, who muttered to himself, put a light on the stove in the dimly lit kitchen.

Reiko who hung off her cell phone gave a little sigh and put it aside, before she clings to the man who was near her and started to kiss deeply. She has done this in this hotel for the first time a couple of months ago. Every time that man’s hand crawls in her white blouse and rubs her big breasts through her bra, Reiko raises a sweet voice. Closing her eyelids framed by her long eyelashes, Reiko is charmed by kissing this young man who is not her husband.

“Put your tongue out”

Even when she is ordered by this younger man, Reiko who has high pride honestly gave her long pink tongue.


When that man sucks it, it is only inconvenient and Reiko receives a light acme. Hot waves spread from her chest that is being massaged slowly to her whole body and her body that has been totally sensitized reacts to this sweet pleasure. The feeling of a married woman in his arms, let the man laugh happily.

“You´re lying to your beloved husband. You´re full of motivation, Reiko”

“Aaa…that, don’t say such a thing…”

“Are you going to a hot spring together? Shall I go with you and we have sex in front of your husband?”

“…That, that is a horrible thing…”

On a love hotel bed. Reiko was brought here on her way home from work and she directly was dragged into the bed with her clothes on as usual. In the form of a suit that is also a proof of hard occupation, she twists her body in the arms of a man different from her husband.

“If he knows that his wife is cheating with another man in such a place, what kind of face will he have while eating curry alone?”

“Stop it, dont talk about my husband…please…”

Reiko has an expression of distress while being massaged from behind on her huge chest that has been developed recently. However, such an embarrassed facial expression further ignites the beast inside Kenichi, but the ripe married woman doesn’t realize. Although she raised a loud voice she shows know resistance against the chest massage.

“Let’s have plenty of fun today, because there is no other woman like usual, I will love you enough”


Her body is melting already, when this young man blows into her earlobe after whispering something. It seems that a white haze has hit her head, everything got better and Reiko is drowning in the pleasure brought by Kenichi’s caress.

(Again…I failed…)

She wonders how many times she had an affair with him. Despite being a married wife with a husband, Reiko has completely ceased to act sweetly, like a slut.

She has to stop now. She has to go back. Even at this moment, even though Reiko thinks so, the red-black flame that covers her whole body doesn’t disappear, but rather increases its momentum and burns her sinful body.

Until now, she has enjoyed living correctly with her beloved husband and her two lovely children. She is a police officer who places emphasis on justice and order, a virtuous and sincere wife. That Reiko has been crazy so far, by betraying her husband and forgetting her children after drowning in sex with her lover. It was impossible to think in her current life, because her reason has been paralyzed.

“Because I invited Reiko today, I will make you feel crazy enough until tomorrow morning”

“Aaaa…th, that’s not good…”

This man really can do it. Reiko who has had the experience of being fucked with many beautiful women until now realizes it and shivers. At the same time, her reason is melted into mud and now she wants to be penetrated by his sturdy penis. Even though her expression and words are full of fear, her body and mind are full of joy.

After all, she had no skinship with this young man for two weeks, and her dry body waited for this moment many days now. That is why when she got a mail that he wanted to see her after work, she couldn’t bear it anymore.

She hesitated many times if she should send a mail back. If it becomes like this, there is no excuse for her husband anymore. Reiko betrayed her husband and children and wanted to have sex with a younger man.


A dark-like sense of darkness and jet black guilt. Ironically, however, these emotions that can tighten owns chest become spices that deepen the pleasure.

Michio, her husband, has sex with her almost every week. Her husband is asking for herself with an intensity that she only experienced on their honeymoon. Reiko is supposed to be happy as a wife originally, but now it is only painful.

After all, when her husband enters inside her vagina, he doesn’t have any presence. His white, thin penis covering her vagina is voluntarily expelled in just a few minutes and poures its body fluid into a rubber. Moreover, when he swings his waist pretty much without any foreplay or when he was satisfied with herself, he used to sleep quickly. Rather than feeling love and relief in such an act, it would be unavoidable for Reiko to feel dissatisfaction and pain.

“You also became totally sexy…. If you spend such a sense of mind in the workplace, men will also be bothered by seeing you”

“No, that’s embarrassing…”

Reiko becomes red from these words. The younger man who rubs her chest, also licks her neck from top to bottom.

Reiko is famous for her beautiful appearance in the Tokyo Police Department, but recently there have been many men who glared at her with hot eyes in particular. Reiko finally realized that its cause is the rich sex she has now. Even when she is walking in the city as well as in her workplace, she feels the gazes of those greedy men.

In the past, such muddy desire, was refused . But this guy’s poisonous tooth has infected her bone’s mind with the pleasure of a woman and completely changed it. Every time Reiko feels the hot glaring eyes of a man, her body is getting wet and hot.

“It became so muddy…. You really have a sensitive body”

“Aaaa!! That place…not good…aaa!!”

When the back of her tight skirt is touched, a pleasure current runs through her whole body. A married woman’s praised meat got overwhelmed at the back of her panty, responded shallowly to the movement of this man’s fingers and causing a huge amount of hot gravy from her womb. Compared to this unreasonable pleasure the acts with her husband are totally useless.

“With such erotic underwear…you work as a police officer…?”

“Even…even, you…aaa…”

Reiko is ridiculed for wearing sexy purple underwear whose front is completely open, so that she is so embarrassed that her ears become red. She bought it to the liking of this man, a wife’s game underwear. A secret that should never be known by her husband.

“Don’t just enjoy it by yourself, I rely on you”


The young man who released his hand is grinning. Reiko who guessed his intention reaches for his crotch while showing a hot face.

(This is so…aaa….)

You can see its huge mass even from a thin bulge. Reiko´s body reacts instantaneously like Pavlov’s dog with conditional reflex and burns with flames of passion.

The young man sitting on the edge of the love hotel bed took off the front of his pants and removed his shorts. The hand of the married woman that is wearing her wedding ring on her ring finger begins to grasp the penis.


The huge spear appeared in front of Reiko with a momentum that shakes the air around her. The cobra like tip is already releasing some juice. This huge thing already erected and aims at Reiko.

(I…I want it…)

No matter how many times she looks at it, it is a very frightening creature. It is a reproductive organ that is completely different from her husband. Reiko barks in agony and was captivated by this the penis instantly.

(This…I wanted this…)

Getting drunk by its overwhelming powerfulness, she is holding it again with sweaty hands.

It is so thick that it cannot be gripped with one hand. Just holding it let her feel its heat on her palms and burns her own hot body. A rich odor rises, and every time Reiko inhales it, her head gets cramped with enough excitement that she feels dizzy.

The word fascinated was perfect and the ripe married woman is nailed to the dick of her lover. The cells of her whole body are in awe of its existence and cannot be stopped from being enslaved.


Reiko mutters so with a grin. From that point on, her husband who is alone at home and her two children who were entrusted to her parents have also disappeared. Even being a wife and mother and being a police officer is drowned out of her mind and what remains behind is the instinct of a woman who is just a slave to a real man. A married woman with a beautiful appearance and physical body lis becoming a prisoner of a demon-like man thousands times more attractive than her husband.

A large amount of spit is boiled in her mouth, swallowed repeatedly, it rings, and she swallows it again. She is like a starving human who is on the search of food.

“Hold it in your mouth”

When being ordered short and clearly, Reiko spread her beautiful lips and sucked the harpoon which made her fall slowly as if waiting for it.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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