Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 170

Red future

“Hayama, go down on all fours”

“…Ah, yes…Sensei…”

Midori the captain of the rythmic gymnastic club stands up from the sofa and crawled on all fours as commanded by Kenichi.

Opening her slurred legs and raising her hips, Midori shows her panty that sticks closely to her crotch that has love juice flowing down till her thighs to Kenichi who is sitting on the sofa.

“Sensei…is this good…?”

Feeling a hot gaze that full of desire, Midori takes a pose while inquiring if this is good. It is a posture to entrust everything to a man and making it easier to have sex.

“Ah, Sensei…eat…. Hurry…hurry, eat me…”

This pretty girl starts to protrude her buttocks and crawl on all fours. Her big eyes are one of her charm point and she waits now to have sex while wearing a pink leotard.

When Kenichi stood up quietly with licking his tongue, he brought his face closer to Midori´s crotch. The odor of this maiden is great and welcomes Kenichi. The fragrance of a beautiful girl is smelled happily.

“It smells great…Hayama”

“Nooo…it’s embarrassing…”

With a lot sweat from intense practice, Midori came without taking a shower and from her crotch a unique scent mixed with sweat and love juice is smelled. Because Midori is still in her puberty, her crotch which was wearing the same panty since the morning has a strong stench. But the rythmic gymnastic captain knows the hobby of this perverted teacher who loves sniffing such an embarrassing smell, so she continued by shaking her buttocks sideways.

(Aa…the best…)

Midori´s crotch which is covered with a pink panty is only several centimeters away from his eyes. From the surface of her leotard that reflected the subtle inside, a strong scent is rising. Inside, her small petal opens its mouth, like a carnivorous plant that invites insects and captures them by locking them on with body fluid.

The perverted Kenichi inhales many times by bringing his nose closer. Each time new blood flows into his penis and jumps around in Natsuki´s mouth.

“You should also line up, Kawashima”

Kenichi who became excited, ordered so and Aiko in her white tennis uniform came besides Midori by crawling on all fours.

“Aah…. Sensei is ecchi…”

She sticks out her hips and turns her crotch to her loving teacher and having a red and embarrassed face. Aiko is wearing a cute white design of underwear with frills, however her crotch is more stained than Midori and the white underwear is completely soaked wet with love juice.

“Yes. Please, Sensei…”

Aiko raised her buttocks to the utmost. This posture stimulates Kenichi´s pervert hobby and let him become very excited. Aiko´s face has already become that of a lustful female because of her black desire.


Kenichi approached with his face again and sniffs Aiko´s embarrassing smell. The smell of each person is subtly different, sucking in that embarrassing odor let the smell become more dense as his head gets cramped.

“Nooo…Sensei…. Your breath is hot…”

Aiko amuses with a spontaneous voice. She feels the desire of her beloved man in her crotch and dreaming of being attacked by this stubborn beast that aims at her body, this beautiful girl with a pervert habit increases her excitement more and more. Aiko who was loved by many people turned into a great female who remembers the pleasure of her incredible first time.

“Nooo…Sensei…. Also suck Natsuki’s pussy…”

Natsuki who felt left out immediately raised a complaint before she stands up and goes down on all fours on the right side of Natsuki. Her blue satin panty also got muddy and already changed its color, while the body fluid still drips down her thighs.

Beginning with Aiko, Midori, Natsuki from left, three lovely girls are crawling on the floor. Three ripe peaches. All three are exposing their wet crotches with outrageous dresses, raising their buttocks in a posture that absolutely obeys Kenichi´s orders and waiting for Kenichi to start eating.

Kenichi licked his tongue before he pushed his face against Natsuki’s blue panty, enjoyed that dense fragrance and starts licking the sensitive part from above the fabric.

His long tongue crawls over the wet satin fabric. His tongue moves lewdly around the wet surface of this blue panty.

“Aaaa!!! Iiii!!”

Natsuki raises a voice of joy, because she was deeply impressed by that stimulation and raises her ass so as to seek even stronger stimulation. The fabric is heavy and damp due to the large amount of nectar, and it seems that it seeps out if it is pushed for a while. After tracing that part over and over with his tongue, he starts to suck from the top of the fabric with his mouth.


The impressed Natsuki reaches the critical point abruptly.

“Noo…me too…me too…”

“Sensei…suck my pussy!!”

Aiko and Midori who knew what is done from the sound and the voice raised by Natsuki, raise voices of dissatisfaction. Their whole bodies want a strong stimulation like that, so the begin to swing their asses to invite Kenichi without any shame.

“Hiii…Sensei…more…lick it more…”

However, Kenichi neglected those two and sucks Natsuki ‘s shameful pussy from the satin fabric. Love juice is overflowing from behind like a fountain and is an inexhaustible aphrodisiac that is superior to anything and a stimulant for Kenichi.

After a long absence. Of course the hungry Kenichi is still hungry, so he slides his long tongue pass the panty.

“Hiuuuu!!! Aaaa!!!!”

It crawls in between the shorts and the secret part. It is like a huge leecher, stealing a march in the morning and further stepping into the crotch which became covered with sweat from doing club activities. Natsuki who has her sensitive place stimulated directly climbs up to the top. It is unlikely that this beautiful girl who was familiar with her own body will be like this from this pleasure, but she was already very impatient.

Kenichi invaded Natsuki´s crotch on purpose with his tongue without removing her wet panty. The thick and distinctive love juice is high in viscosity, like a syrup, so it sticks to his tongue and he can drink it happily.

It is a too abnormal and dirty sight to be done in a school. However a beautiful girl wearing a cheerleader uniform and crawling on all fours is licked by her teacher and let her raise a small cry.


Sitting on the floor a little away, just one person is left out of that abnormal situation and mutters with a refusing voice. Rimi´s eyes are still drawn to the sight in front of her, so she cannot stop her body from becoming completely sensitive. Her aura eroded by the red tentacle still remains dyed red, but rather makes the color stronger and stronger than before.

(Noo…it feels good…)

Her right hand already enters from the top of her jersey pants and is fingering her crotch on top of her sport underwear. This cool beauty which was not interested in such sexual activity normally was unable to stop this nasty act while watching her classmates being pleased by her science teacher.

Kenichi licked Natsuki’s crotch and drunk the embarrassing honey, before he also enjoyed the crotch of Aiko and Midori in the same way. Each girl squeezed her throat when their shameful part was touched by the tongue that slipped through the panties.

“Sensei…lick me…more…”

“Noo! Me…. Lick me more…”

Serving their shameful parts to this beast, Rimi´s classmates shows their joy to compete and desperately hopes of even more violent acts.

This is an man’s dreamlike situation. Three lovely high school girls crawl on all fours in their uniforms and they are pleading to have their crotches licked.

It was impossible for Kenichi to endure.

He stares a moment ago, before he shifts Midori´s panty away and making the tip of his penis wet with the overflowing liquid. There was an excitement in Midori´s vagina so it already opened its mouth, waiting for the intruder and sending inviting love honey.

“Aaaaa!! Sensei!! Hurry!! Huuurrryyy uppp!!”

Midori looks back at Kenichi, raises a crying voice halfway and gives him the sign that he can start immediately. This beautiful girl who was keenly impatient had no shame of maiden and despised her flesh like a widow who slept alone.

“You have something to say before that, Hayama?”

If it is an average man he would have attacked without a thought. Such a beautiful girl’s excitement is exciting and arouses the desire for conquest and dominance of a man. However, Kenichi still rubs his huge meat gun against her vagina..

“…Aaa…I say…I will say it…. Midori…Midori is Sensei´s sex slave…. I’m a slave who will serve Sensei´s penis…”

This vow is always said when they begin to have sex. At first there was hesitation, but being compelled to compete with other women, it is compelled, like a mouth reflex or resistance reflex.

“Therefore…quick…quickly, ravish me…”

In hopes that her beloved pervert teacher will attack from behind, Midori changes her tone to an great excitement, spinning out words as if it was awkward. Because her lust is extremely elevated, her whole body is filled like chicken skin.

“From behind…insert it from behind…. Into my pussy…”

Midori blurt out lines that could be a graffiti in a toilet. While being satisfied with this innocent beautiful girl so far, Kenichi holds her thin waist wrapped in a pink leotard and split her 17-year-old narrow meat road with his huge dick.


A mass of hot iron invades to destroy the back of her body. To that burning stimulation that she has been waiting for, Midori squeezes her throat and gives off a voice of pleasure. The supersaturated pleasure energy reaches the critical point, causing a chain reaction like a nuclear explosion and burning her whole body cells with destructive fever.

It is a supreme pleasure that is possible only by the existence of a whore. All the pleasure nerves in her brain respond to the electrical signal and release maximum concentrated enkephalin in the end.

Shivering her thin body, Midori´s ecstasy is pushed down by that catastrophic ecstasy in no time. A rainbow-colored spark of extreme colors appears in front of her eyes and she feels as vigorous as possible to keep her consciousness.


At the same time Kenichi also raises a satisfying groan to the taste of her pussy.

After all, the inside of Midori with a sphincter exercised by rhythmic gymnastics is originally extremely narrow and tightly filled with meat. Because his huge penis invaded there, its tightening is like a dull pain. Besides, because the ecstasy further contracts the muscles of Midori´s whole body, it has become so tight that his son cant proceed easily even in such a vagina.

It is not a metaphor, but the tightening is so strong that it will bite of the dick. It is like a carnivorous beast without a tooth, that seeks the sperm from this huge and had invader. But still Kenichi didn’t reach his limit yet and while enjoying this superb pleasure, he slowly enters the inside of the womb.

“Ooooooo!!! So, Sokoooooooo!!!”

Slowly, very slowly entering while enjoying the resistance of the muscle, filling in the last gap with a ruthless thrust, Midori raised a scream. A very pleasant feeling was developed and female students accustomed to getting it deep inside in this way are getting drunk by that pleasure, let alone releasing pain.

“Aaaa!!! Ikuuuu!!!”

“Me, Me too!!! Hiiiii!!!”

A pleasure lightning attacks Aiko and Natsuki who lined up next to each other and both of them have an orgasm. An intermediate Incubus has the ability to let multiple females cum at the same time to exploit sex energy more efficiently.


Even Rimi, who is a little away and left alone reaches ecstasy. The beautiful girl who was masturbating by herself is pushed up to the top of the pleasure and is caught in a white whirlpool swirling in front of her eyes.

Sexual energy rises also from her body and combines with that of her three classmates to become a large whirlpool. The white fog that was turning slowly is sucked into the body of Kenichi who is having sex with Midori in doggy style of course.


At that time, it appeared clearly in Rimi´s eyes. The real figure of that science teacher. That terrible form is fierce, it is reflected clearly in her red eyes.

(Devil…the devil came out of my dreams…)

Black hole-like eyes and sharp ears. A crimson mouth and eerily long fangs.

That variant that usually sinks to the bottom of memory. That reminded Rimi for the first time seeing this. She has seen this devil everyday in her dreams.


She sucked the penis of this devil in her dreams everyday. She is licking that for a long time with an gigantic, ugly and smelly smell. Actively with a delightful expression.


Finally she remembered everything. Rimi continues to hold this demonic genital like a slave and finally it became her daily routine to drink this white semen while being entranced.

“Ahiiiiiii!!! Ikuuuu!!! Iiiiii!!!!”

Midori received an orgasm again. Her trembling body wrapped in a leotard sways while still being on all fours. Her pussy tangles tightly inside and the sphincter jumps up and pushes the root.

“Hiiiii!! Kuuuuu!!”

“Aaaa!!! Hiiiii!!!”

In response to this, Aiko, Natsuki and Rimi also reached an orgasm again as it caused a chain reaction. And once their sex energy turns into a white whirlpool again it is sucked into the body of Kenichi again.

(Th, This…is the true purpose of the devil…)

His power increases further through this supply of energy. As if it is flooded from the inside, a black wave spreads around Kenichi. Everything it touches is dyed black.

(Th, That…)

While feeling that as physical pressure, Rimi realizes the meaning of this abnormal situation and shudders. The purpose of this devil is to collect women through this science teacher, to increase its power of their sexual energy. And as he increases his power, the more beautiful girls will be sacrificed. It will continue to be enormous exponentially.

(So then…in the end…)

The answer was found. It is an insight into the true purpose of the devil, and at the same time, a feeling of despair that darkens the front of her eyes.

(Aaaaa…like this…it comes like this…)

A slightly left reason remained in the melting brain, while her heart is filled with despair from the dark future forecast. The world seen by Rimi with her red eyes was the hell picture itself imagined by ancient people, which shows Kenichi dominating and prefiling all women.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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