Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 17



Sunday several days later.

Kenichi, who participated in the tennis game performed in Tokyo as an advisor, was freed in the evening and finally reached his apartment. The place where an office worker will be the weekend month and a three-day weekend, the teacher cannot also take a rest if there are school and club.

However, tomorrow Monday is the compensatory holiday, the day without school events. Physical fatigue isn’t felt so much after I get the “power” of the succubus; still it may be troublesome in various ways mentally.

“Phew ~”

I am freed from various things and finally breathe out for relief. My confidence also followed all the while more than before even I´m at the club, during class or at school recently. But I miss, when I’m going home, the timid and indecisive character doesn’t still seem to be corrected.


I remember the event that was a shock and feel gloomy.

Kenichi has seen it. No, it would be better to say that I have known.

That handkerchief. The handkerchief which Kenichi borrowed washed and returned it, what it was easy and put in a trash box so that Junko Yoshikawa treated even filth.

Of course Junko is not stupid so as to throw it away in the place where Kenichi stands out. But that Junko avoided public notice and threw away the handkerchief in a trash can in the female restroom intentionally, “Intellect” closed simply because I investigated her action for a super sense out of curiosity.

And Kenichi hates the reason, it is seen through that it was unpleasant to put the one for the hand to have touched in my bag.

The lie and the deception don´t work in a super sense.

(She hates me so much…)

Nonetheless I am in an uproar at the heart that sorrow was tired from than vexation and anger. In that way I chew it well some other time how long I liked her.

(Oh, she helps at least the vice-principal…)

It’s remembered that Usami her immoral partner was made hospital feed in the tennis game, I finally have the wicked smile that became natural recently.

(Its serves him right…)

He is hospitalized with an injury, and the action should be outstanding even if he leaves the hospital because it is a crutch. Therefore, it is not possible for both to date for a while.

(Mr. Yoshikawa’s aura is seen…)

The contract with the succubus is most destructive by “the power”, It is a red wicked tentacle to let you act on a woman uttering the aura and be in heat.

The motion condition from Kenichi within several meters, the woman throwing an aura is exposed to the black wave. When the wave senses a target person, the appearance of the tentacle on the target is automatically caught; Kenichi understood it from past experience.

Therefore if Junko that I long and fall in love with so badly can see the aura, I let her be in heat in no time and make her my one and can put it away. Though feelings said the favor and hatred cannot be manipulated, it’s possible to melt reason and make her hold a muddy desire to me.

Anyway to that Aiko Kawashima who was clean in virgins, because it’s done even to make a virgin tender on the own.

Surprisingly Aiko has won the championship at today’s capital game. She defeated the strong contestant in the single, and the title of the ten and several years after was brought to Ellis all girls high school. Although she was superior in the quality that is how much, it can be said that this is a splendid achievement after starting tennis for one and a half years.

(That is “power” of the devil, too …)

I remember Natsuki Kurosawa´s words, she is another beautiful girl.

According to Natsuki when she bathes in semen in the interior of the womb by sex with Kenichi, her body seems to lighten and to improve very much the physical condition. The injury and fatigue for the athlete of the powerful enemy, It will be better left unsaid how much benefit it brings.

But only once is clogged and it’s only that day by which I played the tennis game with the vice-principal that I had sex with Aiko. Afterwards, the devil who looked like me many times raped Aiko in the dream, one has not actually held. However, the tentacle that I am interesting during the lesson and red is put out, Aiko is made to come into rut all through this though it had played.

(Frustration doesn´t considerably pile up …)

I remember Aiko who saw it on the tennis ground that is a game meeting place today.

When I notice the glance that quietly watches me from a long distance, it was Aiko. The sports girl who is the captain of the tennis club by the second grader, while showing a totally unbecoming indecent expression in a meeting place of the tennis, she often stared hot at me.

(Well, because she wins the victory even if she is in estrus, Aiko that fellow has great spiritual strength …)

Aiko who seems painful is just looking and is doing nothing any more, Natsuki Kurosawa is greedy for desire and the habit is an active and light strange beautiful girl.

I repeat the immoral sexual act from that at school every day with Natsuki, we indulge in the pleasure each other at a science preparation room on the lunch break and after school. Natsuki state is which has no sense of guilt and faithful to desire, the tentacle isn’t used in particular, since she throng while having a red face and having carnal desire every day, thickly serves by her mouth and narrow-minded meat pot.

(Oh well Natsuki today, she said that there was a meeting…)

Natsuki plays an active part as the ace in the cheerleading club, she seems to absorb semen and the condition of the body is in the best condition, I remember that she was enthusiastic when she encroach upon the high rank in a meeting by all means this year.

After I get up with the appearance that went out from a bed, I intend to enter slightly early the bath, but the chime of the entrance sounded.

(Who is it at such a time?)

It is past 8:00 o´clock at night. Kenichi opened the front door simply without the possibility which comes to the home delivery service.

Having stood there was the person who exactly I imagined in my head now.

“Hehe. Teacher, I have come to play…”

Natsuki says so and is carefree, and laughs.


I was surprised at the sudden visit of Natsuki, but I take heart immediately and she enters the house. Drawing the girl who is identified as a high school girl clearly into the home, because there are the neighboring eyes, I must be careful, I can tell that the perception that became sharp is all right now.

“You here have been understood well“

“What I’m saying. Anyone can look at the staff of a school list and can copy it!”

While murmuring when obstructing it, Natsuki who took off her shoes slips through Kenichi’s dumbfounded side, and enters the apartment rudely.

“Oh! It is putting in order isn´t it neatly comparatively…. In addition, I completely understand that there is no feminineness at all…. Well, The science teacher who is gloomy and pessimistic, isn´t usually popular at all….”

Natsuki is checking all rooms while laughing indifferently with a cackle. You are my mother or Kenichi who had going out to a throat, because I don´t understand the intention of her visit, I let her do what she would like first of all.

Today’s Natsuki will be the way back of a game. With a stylish jersey figure, the logo “ELLIS GHS” becomes available at the back and a huge bag. Might the one of the all together made in cheerleading club.

“Heyhey….Teacher, I´m thirsty. Anything, there?”

“Only beer”

“Then, that’s fine. Can I have, can I have!”

When she sits down on the chair in the kitchen without permission, Natsuki cries out while beating the table with both hands straight. When Kenichi take it out from the refrigerator reluctantly, without being also daunted, the hand is increased.

“OK! You wait!!”

It was Kenichi who thought whether it was a joke, Natsuki is also surprised at the course and he just pulls open. The very person does not mind it at all.

“Ah! It is this, low-malt beer! Teacher, what is this drink?”

“Noisy! This is for a minor enough!”

Kenichi who has only that actually opens the tab only with desperateness and is drinking with *glurp* glurp* too.

“Puhiiiaaaa! Intolerable!!”

Natsuki drank *gulp**gulp* and her throat sounded like my father, and she spit out the words of my father. Kenichi feels dizziness like the time when he had a hangover for the reaction of the pre-established harmony.

“Aーa…. To let a minor drink alcohol, if it’s found, you are fired…”

Natsuki who heard that lifts her eyes and objects.

“Ka—tsu!! What are you talking! At the stage that meddled with a student, you are fired! Because it is Tokyo the violation of article 18-6『Ordinance concerning youth’s healthy development』is less than two years in prison or fine of 1 million yen!! “

Kenichi eyes become the point.

Why does this female senior high school student have such wasteful knowledge. If there is space that these kind of things enters, I think a periodic table reflected on the next test to the brains to put it.

“You mean, as for the periodic table, it is good for nothing in my life!”

Natsuki. Are you an Esper?

“It is strange how to remember it.『my ship of sailor Liebe』 says, 『Liebe』 who? Generally, I’m a sailor, but I have a ship, isn’t it strange?”(Tsl note: love is written in german J)

Correction. She is just drunk.

She talked one-sidedly like a machine gun for a while, it was Natsuki who kept talking, but became quiet soon. Her eyes are dyed red all too soon, and she seems to have gotten drunk slightly and is attractive.

“By the way, why did you come?”

When Kenichi asks while being amazed half, while drinking beer, Natsuki is complacently, she laughs and get off from the seat in a kitchen, she goes into the bedroom with the bag over her shoulder.

“You come when I call and sleep~”

Saying so, and without looking back, the door of the bedroom is closed. Kenichi, who doesn’t understand her reason, remained in the kitchen.

When it’s done for a while, I hear the voice of Natsuki calls from the inside of the bedroom. When Kenichi opens the door in response to the voice, Natsuki in the appearance of the cheerleader outfit is dazzling there; she stood with a smile laughingly with the hairstyle made of a ponytail with a red ribbon.


The uniform which was based on dark blue, the part of the chest is white, and the logo is written in red. There are also white and yellow stripes in the hem of the blue top and skirt, it looks very good on fair Natsuki with the very pretty design.


“Hehe. How is it? Teacher? Am I cute?”

She says so and while making a posture, she turns around in the presence and shows it. The skirt opens by the rotating centrifugal force, it is seductive to see the blue outfit with the luster that shined frequently.

Hahaha…. I have come to show this to the teacher. Teacher, i thought you will like it?”

Without even being able to give an answer really even if i say so, I swallow saliva which begins to spring out earnestly. When I steel a glance since I started for my new post and do it, be stuck to retina, because there is that cheerleader who had the goaf material in front.

“Hey… you are silent, it isn’t understood….”

The reaction that Kenichi passes enough though it says so is seen, the mischievous, favorite second year student seems to be glad. Because she has already seen through the pervert disposition of this science teacher, this appearance for this man, it was fully aware to be “the strike that had rather high right in the middle”.

“What do you think? A cheerleader of an active female senior high school student?”

When she says so and sits on the bed to invite me who am still standing.

“It’s not cosplay…. I’m real…”

Her legs are crossed deliberately so that it may be shown off while saying so. She shows her crotch of the blue outfit frequently by doing it so. The small devil laughs as if enjoying that the eyes of the immoral sexual act teacher chase it.

“Also… I come from the game until just now, it´s completely full of sweat…. Therefore, my sweet sweat, there is a lot of it on this outfit, though I think that I soak …”

When one is put on the bed and the long leg is expanded greatly, the 17-year-old beautiful girl exposes it between her crotches while having the smile that triumphed. The outfit, made of the glossy cloth with the luster, is smooth without one wrinkle forever.

I imagine the feel and smell, and my penis expands rapidly.

“Hey? Teacher, what do you do? Do you sniff my smell?”

Natsuki who understands Kenichi’s pervert perfectly, licks her pink tongue in no time while smiling bewitchingly and put it up. The beautiful girl on the side preyed on always inviting and provoking the male licentiously.

(Petit) (tsl note: the French word for small)

At this moment, I heard the sound that a thread of my reason was completely cut for the first time in life. After I can hang the situation which is such favorite in front of my face, I might be abnormal to keep reason.


“Kyaaa! Scaaary! Help meee!”

After Kenichi who is rushing into the bed while raising the buzz of the animal is seen, Natsuki lies on the bed while raising the histrionic squeal. The body odor of the man who permeated a seat wraps itself in the bounce, and like reflecting conditionally, the memory of the pleasure is revived.


“Nooo…. I am attacked…”

Though Kenichi isn´t using the red tentacle for here at all, the lust is accelerated and is in the estrus state unusually Natsuki already, too. Because she has asked a friend before she comes to this apartment and has also done setting up an alibi, sex will be enjoyed much with Kenichi until tomorrow night.

“Ding Dong”

The right moment when two people were going to start a party of the thick nature for a long time, the chime of the entrance resounded again suddenly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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