Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 168

Cat figh


Kenichi gets up from the sofa and approaches Rimi who cannot move in front of his eyes. The whole body of this tall short haired pretty girl is wrapped by red tentacles shimmering with their semi-transparent bodies so tightly that there are no gaps.


Rimi screams small. However, since her biological aura is eroded, she is an extreme estrus condition and keeps standing without fail. The color of her aura is red like blood.

The aura that comes out of her body is the biological wave that Rimi originally has and which is the barrier that protects her ego and spirit from external interferences. However, it was made to resonate with the powerful wave of Kenichi and therefore her spirit and body who should be defended are driven mad.


Rimi who was strongly in estrus through magic, can only make a groaning voice which does not become words any longer. Rimi was a bullish and strong 17-year-old girl, but if you break the barrier of her heart like this, the inside is a weak girl. The sexual feeling matched disproportionately with her age is burning up easily besides her intention.

(I cannot use the tentacle…. It is likely that it is a special owner…)

As usual she was listening to the analytical results derived by Arisa who can also be said as the brain of Kenichi and again revealed the insight of this genius while clicking with her tongue.

Kenichi had previously studied the cause of the phenomenon that Rimi made in this science preparation room before. Why this ordinary beautiful girl suddenly became able to use the same ability as himself and analyzed the mechanism.

According to Arisa’s speculation, Rimi resonates at a high altitude with the wave of the Incubus and she seems to be able to temporarily store that wave. Like a capacitor that temporarily stores electricity, she can temporarily hold the wave of the Inma in her body.

Probably the factor is that Rimi’s sexual desire is very strong, that she has a high affinity with evil energy and that she is a lesbian who likes beautiful girls.

In other words, this kind of phenomenon is occurring because this beautiful girl who is cool and intelligent is a metaphysical libido whose sexual desire is comparable to Kenichi. Of course, it is also important that Kenichi himself is a devil, with strong resonance power with others.

And it is also related to the enormous amount of evil energy flowing in the sky above the school reinforcing the wave of Rimi. By accidentally overlapping these factors, Rimi is able to exercise magical power.

However, it is still a temporary power. She cannot beat a real devil’s magical power. Even if she absorbs Natsuki’s energy, her power is nothing compared to Kenichi. The moon is shining like just being reflected by the sunlight.

“Knee on the floor”

When Kenichi orders so briefly, Rimi who lost her strength in her feet with a stunning look kneels on the spot. As a result, the huge penis of Kenichi was in front of her sight.


The meat weapon that had been licked up by her three classmates a little while ago is standing almost vertically against the force of gravity in spite of the huge mass and exposed its appearance under the light of that weak fluorescent lamp. Black surface that is glowing and glittering from the body liquid and sperm.


The hateful memory of that time is revived and Rimi desperately denys that sweet feeling.

That black meat is an alter ego of that evil devil obtaining a woman. A corrupt iron horse that invades a virgin and make her fall to hell. A strong male´s fang conquering not only Rimi, but also her classmates, lower class students and school teachers. No women can resist it and will become a slave of Kenichi.

(Different, I…I don’t think that…)

The masochistic pleasure of wanting to be conquered by a brave and savage man runs through her body, but the victim Rimi desperately denies it with a few reason. Even though the cells in her body are seeking primitive pleasure from a male and to become his possession.

But the resistance of Rimi is useless before the power of Kenichi.

The sight that she saw in her dreams revives in her mind. It was three beautiful girls who were her former lesbian partners and were violated by this guy and raised a joyful voice. They kept crawling all the time in pleasure and were robbed of their minds and bodies by Kenichi like a wild beast.

The face of Eriko who is being fucked suddenly becomes her own.

(Different, different, different! I…ah, I…)

Imagine herself being violated in the same way, Rimi desperately denies it at the next moment. Imagining a scene where the science teacher forcibly take away her virginity is driven out from her mind.


Rimi who is kneeling on the floor shakes her head. Sweat starts to flow from her forehead with a burning power and her eyes are shaking between lust and reason and can’t focus.

As if he is enjoying the conflict of Rimi´s mind, Kenichi was silent and looked at her with his red shining eyes, but after a short while he makes a order with a low voice.

“Open your mouth”

When Rimi´s eyes gather their focus and she finally returns to sanity, the meaning of those words finally reaches her brain.

“…Aaaa…N, Noo…”

Rimi who realizes what a beast is in front of her raises a voice of refusal while raising a small scream. But there is no confidence and strength as usual in her voice and it is delicate and weak. Noticing such a weakness, the huge meat stick in front of her is swelling up even more and it is increasing its ferocity further.

(Noo…receiving that, absolutely unpleasant…)

Kenichi who treats Rimi´s mouth as a onahole let her feel like a toilet bowl. There is no part of affection in that act, only humiliation as being treated as a tool of carnal desire. But just by imagining the situation, a stimulation runs on the back, and the back of her body gets hot as if it burns.

“Open your mouth wide, I will use it like before”

(No…su, such a thing…absolutely unpleasant…)

Rimi´s reason reject strongly. However, a lot of saliva gushes out of her mouth and her expression already fell into pleasure.

“Hey, please do not hold back. You wanted this?”

“…Di, Different…I, such…”

But Rimi’s eyes are drawn to the penis.

It has become darker and wet after fucking other girls many times and it asks for the next sacrifice. From the meat weapon a magnetic force attracting women is coming out and the beautiful girl cannot keep her eyes away from it while waving her neck to the left and right.

“Were you frustrated that I didn’t call you? Don’t be shy, dont be shy”

“…Aaa…th, that…”

Rimi finally noticed the desire hidden in her heart and is stunned.

“There’s no hiding, you were jealous, are not you?”

That’s right. She always wanted this sturdy penis of this pervert teacher.

Even if desperately denying it with her head, her body has already been familiar with it. Despite the short period of one week, her soul was totally taken away by it. That is why she saw the scene with other girls and she felt that way.

That is not love, of course. But in the sense that she wants its existence, she was craving for it and was envying other women, just like a girl who fell in love. Attachment and jealousy is being taught by pleasure.

“Open your mouth”

Rimi gradually opens her mouth when instructed again. Her whole body aura attacked by the red tentacles is shining red more than before.

“From today on, your mouth is a dedicated semen lavatory, I will use it until it gets tired, so please entertain me”

(Aaa…. That…but…)

In a kneeling posture on the floor of the science preparation room, a pretty girl who was cool and vulnerable widens her mouth greatly. You can see her dark pink oral mucosa exposed and plenty of saliva on it. Her thin long tongue trembles and wants to greet the intruder.

When Kenichi grasps his dick, he gradually sinks the head of that giant cobra into the wide opened mouth of Rimi who was waiting with an delighted expression.



Rimi breaths through her nose because her mouth is blocked. Kenichi thrusts into the mouth of this beautiful girl who finally submitted and raises a voice from the stimulation obtained from it.


Rimi who closes her eyes cramps because of the convulsions in her body. It clearly shows that she has reached ecstasy and its evidence spreads the aura that enveloped her body and it becomes sex energy.

It eventually becomes like a whirlpool and is absorbed into the body of Kenichi. A large amount of energy turns into a shining ball and eventually disappears as if it is sucked into the black bruise in the middle of Kenichi´s penis.

(This fellow…was pretty tendencies…)

Rimi with the ability as a capacitor seems to have stored the sex energy which she sucked up from lesbian play so far. From the body of Kenichi who gained a tremendous amount of energy just now, a black wave overflows explosively.


Rimi who reached ecstasy just from being touched inside her mouth started to swing her head slowly. She is not obsessive like before, but does an aggressive blowjob by herself. Tightening her lips to rub the penis, Rimi makes her tongue crawl and stimulate the seams. She is desperately sucking with a large amount of saliva to stimulate Kenichi’s penis.


Rimi was shaking her head, but she reached the second blowjob acme with a cramp of bubbles and cramping her eyes again. Even though she is not having sex, she cums only from oral sex.

That is an abnormal situation. But she is not alone. Every beautiful woman who resonates with the wave of the Inms will reached the climax by oral service just like Rimi.

Too much energy for one girl again flows into Kenichi’s body. He absorbed it as a source of bad luck and made it a source of his magical power.

“Aaa! Sensei! Wh, what are you doing…”

Natsuki has finally woken up from fainting. She who had fallen on the floor got up and came close to Kenichi who was standing in the middle of the room.



“Wh, What? …Makino…san?”

Three people who turned to the front raised a surprised voice when seeing Rimi holding Kenichi’s meat gun.

In front of her classmate’s eyes, Rimi is sucking a penis suddenly while facing a somewhat confused face. The bangs of her shortcut hair are stuck with sweat and her hands are turned to the science teacher’s ass as if she is saying that she will not hand him over to anyone.

“Cho…what do you want to do? This is mine!”

Although she was staggering for a while, when Natsuki noticed, she thrusts Rimi away and quickly put the wet penis into her mouth. Natsuki who is burned with a rivalry heart sucks her beloved teacher’s pillar which is thicker than before.

Anyway, Natsuki had kept hold of this thing until a while ago. Since another girl who unexpectedly appeared was sucking it, it is no wonder Natsuki reacted so.


However, Rimi who is originally victorious is not defeated. She was glancing with fiery eyes, before she quickly pushed Natsuki away and sucked again instead.

“Don’t bother me because I’m first!”

“What! Come back later, do not take it from the side!”

“I told you I was hungry!”

“I always serve him!”

Two people who assert rights to each other don’t yield to each other. Usually Natsuki and Rimi don’t have exchanges, but are arguing over a penis now.

“You don’t usually like it”

“That’s my line! Flashy, frivolous!”

“You do not stop being high! Does your body look like a match rod!”

“What! This small child!”

Two people are fiercely cursing. Their body aura isn’t red anymore, but it’s purple and it rises like a flame.



Natsuki and Rimi exchanging eyes like piercing so that sparks fly violently in the air. A cute pretty girl like an idol and a cool short haired beauty glare at Kenichi´s dick and stare at each other. The guess is that they were conscious of each other. In the end, they are exposed to hostility and abusive.

Facing each other, they´re just starting to fight.

If this was a classroom, then a crowd of people will surround them. Unfortunately, however, no one here pays attention to the cat fight of those two beautiful girls.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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