Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 167

Overconfidence and miscalculation

From Rimi´s back a red tentacle appeared and attacked Kenichi sitting on the sofa like a big snake who swallowed a goat when its tip was divided into eight. Kenichi keeps sitting, without being afraid, of being swallowed by the red gigantic snake, while his whole body is covered with something like a translucent jelly.

(I did it!)

Although Natsuki and the other girls are still lying on the floor, they have not woken up from the intense ecstasy yet. In that unusual situation, the red tentacle pulsates like chewing the prey and wrapping completely around his whole body.

The translucent red jelly shines and erodes the aura of Kenichi. It is the same process as when Kenichi makes pretty girls to his own pets, and those that touched this red snake are crazy with lust and cannot think clearly.

(In this way, this one…)

It was Rimi´s first time to use this power against a man, so she couldn’t imagine how it really had the same effect, but that worry seemed to have disappeared. It seems that this magical power that she gained could be used without problems even if the other party was a man.

(Together with a lot of girls…. Even though he did such a terrible thing to me…. There’s a lot more out there like me…)

Dark anger springs up like magma from the bottom of her heart. The anger, hatred and resentment have never ended since that day, when she faced Kenichi everyday.

A few months ago. In the club room of the athletic club after club activities, a video was taken of Rimi and a junior who had lesbian sex and she was blackmailed with that. Kenichi forced her to give him oral service even though she hates it. And for as long as a week he treated her like a masturbation tool and released a lot of fishy body fluids inside her mouth.

That intolerable shame, pain, hatred, despair and fear, just remembering that, let her blood boil with anger.

That is not all. This man released her as if nothing had happened after doing it for a week. He acted as nothing has happened, as if he had abandoned his bored toy carelessly and showed no interest in Rimi abruptly.

On the other hand, he had sex with many beautiful girls and female teachers like today. While treating his desire like that, Rimi remembered the fierce anguish from the bottom of her heart, as he did not care about her at all.

(Ignoring me…. I had never forgotten that…)

It is a humiliation unbearable for Rimi. It is a disgusting thing to be subject to sexuality, but as soon as Kenichi was satisfied with her, he changed his taste quickly and extended his tentacles to her classmates and first year students. That means that Rimi didn’t have the charm as a woman, which is an insult that can not be accepted by Rimi who has high pride.

(I don’t know what to do with the other kids…)

To Eriko who was her lesbian partner, this pervert teacher robbed her of her virginity and had sex with her. Even though Rimi only gave blowjobs.

Of course she did not want to lose her virginity to such a man. But obviously only she was released while he changed quickly to other girls as if she didn’t deserve to be robbed of her virginity. It can not be accepted by all means, which hurts Rimi´s self esteem so much that she cannot tolerate it.

That is why she is angry. That is why hatred rises.

Her true feeling from the depths of her heart. Without noticing it, the straight emotion of the girl is twisted with aversion, jealousy and hatred, and it is released from her whole body as a black wave.

(You’re going to be my slave!)

Becoming an enemy in this narrow science room, the tall and beautiful girl felt pleasure in trampling Kenichi down with her red tentacle.

For more than a minute, the red tentacles, which became her limbs now, continued to restrict Kenichi. Rimi begins to feel a bit tired, because she has never used this power to the fullest.

(Even so, it’s an amazing size…)

A giant red tentacle shines brightly. Rimi is surprised to see this magnitude that is different from its usual size. It was thinner at home and never became like this anaconda.

(The whirlpool of this black energy which gathers in this room. Is this what I did?)

Her magical red eyes are clearly watching the flow of black energy filled in this room clearly. And that something is flowing into her body. Rimi is strongly convinced that there is no grounds that the energy has been combined with her and she completed a huge tentacle like this one.

Suddenly Rimi felt something, therefore she looked at the ceiling and sees the sky above. Of course she did not actually see anything. Her black wave propagating from her body spreads widely and passes through the ceiling and the school building and sends the information to her.

There is something devastating in the sky. Even though it is not even night, she can see that a kind of black rain clouds cover the sky. Since when did this town look like this?


The moment she tried to take a look, a light chill suddenly runs through her whole body. In a hurry, she returned her eyes and looked forward, where she noticed something strange.

(What’s the matter with you? What happened…?)

The red tentacles still exist and wrap around the science teacher. It seems that nothing changed at first glance.

(What? What is amusing? )

Something is strange. But, for the moment, Rimi doesn’t know what it is. An alarm sounds in her head. Rimi is perplexed by a strong sense of incongruity while feeling a cold sweat through her back.


What’s the identity of incompatibility that she did not understand due to immediate concern. But ascertaining what it is, Rimi was unable to understand the reason this time.

(Wh, Why…. It’s not working…)

The red tentacles that grew greedily until a while ago and moved have completely stopped their activities. It is as if the time has stopped and they have freezed while being wrapped around Kenichi.


In a panic, Rimi tries to move them with power, but the red snake doesn’t respond at all. Even if she tries to erase it once, she cannot even do it.

(What? What happened?)

Since gaining this power, there was never such a thing. She was always be able to put it out and move it as she liked. However, the tentacle which was like her limbs continues to be there as solidified against her intention.

(Ho, How…?)

Without knowing what was going on, the red tentacles began to pulsating again. The body is made to be amplitude by a slow rhythm.

(Go, Good…)

Being relieved, Rimi raises the tentacles for the time being. However, the red tentacles don’t move at all. Although not solidified as before, the body of the science teacher has been left motionless while still pulsating.


On the contrary, she noticed that her body did not move and she panicked lightly. Her heart rate jumps suddenly and it beats like crazy.

“W, why…in this way…”

As Rimi murmurs so, she noticed that she cannot move her body or even the tentacles, which let her panic further.

“No! Wh, What…what´s with my body…!”

Rimi strives to move her limbs desperately despite standing in the dimly science preparation room. Sweat flows out like a waterfall from her forehead and travels along her cheeks, but even such a thing is impatient enough not to worry.

The sight in front of her began to change.

The red tentacles wrapped around Kenichi´s body starts moving and when it pulsates several times, it grows slowly. Opening the eight mouths, it releases Kenichi as if to rewind the scene just before the film.


The red tentacles are gone, and the figure of the science teacher sitting on the sofa appears again. Kenichi is staring at Rimi with his red eyes while smiling faintly.

On the other hand, when the red tentacles released Kenichi, they return to their original size. And like earlier they took aim at their prey. But this time it is not Kenichi, but Rimi who is the target.

“Wh, What…no, no way…”

The red gigantic snake is now aiming at her. That huge and grotesque appearance is too disgusting to see in this way and Rimi learns primitive fear from its strange figure.

“N, Nooo…stop…. Don’t come!!”

That horrible thing that she used every day. An unknown demon beyond humanity. A devil’s snake that drives a cowardly beautiful girl crazy. Desperately trying to conform, Rimi still can’t control it at all, so it’s obviously that this terrible tentacle recognizes herself as the prey.

“No!! No, Noo! Dont come!!!”

In addition to knowing its power, understanding what is going to happen from now on, let Rimi raise a scream with fear and disgust. As if it enjoys the scare of such a beauty, the red tentacle approaches slowly.

Having magical eyes was a misery for this beautiful girl.


Fierce fear embraces her whole body in crisis and Rimi is trembling strongly. Although she was excited by getting this magical power, in fact it is unreasonable because she was a ordinary high school student.

The red tentacle that was supposed to be her servant gently approached and wrapped around the body of Rimi who can not move her body at all. It won’t stop moving, despite being out of Rimi´s body.


Something flows into her body from the part touched by the red tentacle. Rimi can see that hot, black, small waves gradually erode her own body.


From the part around her chest, sweet pleasure flows in. And as that, she feels that the lust inside her swells steadily. As the red tentacle was placed in front of her, the world suddenly dyed red.

(Nooo!! This is, I…why…)

She used her magical power that was always exercised on her lesbian partner is feared now. The power of that magical power that releases sexual desire is the fundamental desire of a human, which Rimi knows the best.

(St, stop…don’t make me mad…)

Rimi looks at Kenichi who is still sitting on the sofa with hateful eyes. But the science teacher’s red eyes observe herself as if he is a scientist who is looking at a experimental animal.


A heavy stimulus runs in her lower abdomen. Ripples of pleasure spread from there, closing her long eyelashes, Rimi unexpectedly raises a voice. The red tentacle wraps around her whole body and something hot flows into the body from there. The huge tip enters into her panty that is perfectly adhered to her lower body and moves its head into her womb that has nothing entered so far.


Rimi is standing in the science preparation room and releases her sexual desires. To ordinary humans who can not see the odd appearance of that red snake, it will appear as a strange sight. Because a tall, beautiful girl with a trembling body shows a ashamed expression.


It seems that the black mist has been applied to her head and her visual field becomes extremely narrow. Her breathing is getting shallower and faster, while she is sweating all around her body. Keeping up with the rhythm of her heart, Rimi´s sensitive nipples and clitoris scratch and heat spreads from the bottom of the body to her entire waist.


Her slightly left reason is definitely refused. For Rimi, a man is dirty and hideous. Even looking and touching, not even want to approach. And yet. She keeps an eye on the dark penis which is towering between Kenichi´s crotch.

(Aaa…I want to hold it in my mouth…)

What first came to her mind was such a direct desire. When Rimi looked at the giant meat umbrella, saliva started to drip out of her mouth.

Rimi received the penis of her eccentric teacher every day for a week. The feeling of the meaty flesh raising up in the mouth at that time is remembered as if it was yesterday.

At first Rimi was disgusted and wanted to die. She definitely did not want to do that. But two days passed, three days passed, and on the last day her dissatisfaction faded and she felt pleasure just by holding it. Unbelievably when she licked it, she even felt a definite pleasure.

And that white liquid. It swelled up in her mouth by a large amount. With a deeply fishy smell, ​​but somewhat mysterious taste. Every time she drank it, she seemed to be rebuilt from the inside, and every time she drunk it, she was getting hot.

Right now, the cells of her whole body wanted that semen in her mouth, no doubt regardless of the owner’s will, no doubt to this huge dick.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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