Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 166

Red serpen


That unknown person seems to hesitate on the other side of the door a little, before she has entered by sneaking into the room without a sound. A shadow that opened the door without making a sound at all erased all signs. Dressed in a rouge jerseys.

Because there is a sofa in the place where she came in, a tall girl matched her eyes straight with Kenichi. He does not seem to be surprised very much even if the shortcut haired girl with a slender figure and slurry sees the female students on his crotch.

From her rouge-colored jersey, a black aura is visible which represents the inner darkness of this girl. The concentration is clearly not that of an ordinary human and the girl in front clearly shows that she is not a normal existence.


When she compromises without making any footsteps, she stopped at the front of Kenichi without saying anything. Her eyes are brightly burning and she silently sits down on the couch. The mysterious light in her eyes is clearly seen in this dim room.

Intelligent and cool beauty. Slurried body shape. Her hair that she trimmed to a shortcut looks nice with a sharp look. This beautiful appearance that many underclassmen admire is likely to pass as a actress in the future.



The three girls licking the erected meat pillar are trying to lead it desperately to ejaculation while raising sweet voices without changing at all and noticing the girl who came into this room. While shaking their heads with different colored ribbons, they livk the penis from the root to the tip while instinctively have an excitement on their faces.


The tall and beautiful girl who saw the appearance of her three classmates accumulated a sweet light in the back of her eyes.

Seeing such eyes, Kenichi is quite calm. The good looks of Makino Rimi, who is the ace of the athletic club is quietly watched while laughing. The red eyes of Rimi which stare at Kenichi with a piercing glance are calmly staring at his red eyes.

Their eyes scatter sparks in the air. Spreading in the tense and quiet room is a sigh of overpressure and sweet sound of the other girls. Three young girls wearing their club outfits are still sticking to Kenichi’s crotch..

At that time it seemed that this quiet and fierce time would last forever.

However the beautiful girl wearing a jersey, breathed a big breath.

In the next moment, from her pretty body, a black aura swelled explosive. It spreads from Rimi’s body to the full room. It swells like a wave and the black aura grows even more. It is the same black wave that Kenichi is releasing.

Soon after that, something like a reddish jelly appeared. When it rises straight up from the back of Rimi, it turns its tip towards Kenichi like a viper that aims at prey.


It is translucent like jelly, so that Kenichi raises a impressed voice seeing this red shining thing. It is something that isn’t different from what he create. There is no doubt because it’s the same wave that it is a red tentacle which is extending from the back of Rimi.

This red tentacle still aims at Kenichi.


A small breath is vomited from the mouth of Rimi.

The red tentacle which responded to the signal attacks the prey at lightning speed. Natsuki who is sucking and licking the butt hole of Kenichi expose a blue underwear on her crotch.

When the red tentacle twines around her body in a flash, the tip sticks to Natsuki’s crotch immediately.


At that moment, Natsuki makes her whole body look like it was struck by lightning, and she screams in a loud voice by releasing her mouth from the butt hole. The tip of the red tentacle sunk through the underwear into her vagina hole.

“Aaaahiiiii!!! Iiiii!!! Kuuuuuu!!!!”

The 17-year-old cheerleader, who had been in extreme lust through Kenichi’s black wave, receives the red tentacle of Rimi into her womb and raises a scream while thrusting out her buttocks. An explosive pleasure evaporated at a dash. The overwhelming ecstasy makes her brain melt and become muddy.

The red aura which came out of Natsuki’s body swelled up and when it becomes like a white mist, it becomes a thin flow and is absorbed as if it is sucked into a vacuum cleaner. Rimi in her red jersey stands on the lookout ahead of the flow with her red fierce eyes. All the white energy from Natsuki’s body is sucked into her slender body.


As if a shock was received, Natsuki lost all strength in her body and exhaustedly lay on the floor. The pleasure which had become supersaturated suddenly exploded that her body and mind were suddenly melted by magma.

“Na, Natsuki-chan…?”

“What’s wrong? …Hii!!”

Aiko and Midori who were licking the scrotum from right and left absorbedly absorbed finally noticed Natsuki´s condition. And, the appearance of their classmate who stands ahead is seen and a sudden and abnormal small scream was issued.

“Ri, Rimi-chan…”

“…Why? Since when?”

Rimi suddenly appeared nearby, so that Aiko and Midori were surprised. They thought they were the only people in this room and didn’t even hear the door open. Their brains which were dominated by lust couldn’t follow this too sudden and abnormal situation.


However, Rimi does not respond to the question, and only sees Kenichi with her red eyes. She has a calm expression.

In fact, she is actively moving the invisible red tentacle from her body.

The red tentacle, now in its hideous form, gets away from Natsuki’s body and into a new sacrifice.

“Aaa…wh, wh…what!!”

Aiko in her white tennis outfit raises a pant voice to the violent desire which suddenly happened. When the red tentacle clings to her sweaty body, the tip is suddenly thrust into her crotch just like with Natsuki a little while ago.


A intense heat suddenly occurred in her womb. Throbbing since a little while ago, suddenly a hot shock pierces. It’s not as much as when a penis enters, but a good blow to heat up this 17-year-old body.

“Ikuuuuuu!!! Aaahiiiii!!!”

When the tip of the invisible tentacle goes further into the womb, a thunder sprang up from the interior of Aiko´s body and pierces deeply. The tanned girl is pushed up to the climax instantaneously and screams with an pleasant expression.

Aiko who shakes her body and crotch is still on all fours. Her eyes are big, but nothing is reflected there.

After receiving a violent orgasm into her body for a few seconds, Aiko gradually lost her strength and falls down. Like from Natsuki´s body, sex energy is vomited, becomes a thin, white flow and is sucked into Rimi´s body.


When the sex energy is sucked up, Rimi becomes darker and stronger as the black wave strength is applied to match the owner’s breath. However, Rimi is still keeping silent and she continues to look at Kenichi.


In a row, two girls screamed in front of their eyes, were deprived of energy and became exhausted, so that even Midori has finally noticed the unusual situation. She is only confused while seeing Rimi who is staring at Kenichi. Of course, because Midori is an ordinary human who does not have magic eyes and is not possible to understand what the cause of the current situation is.

In this case, the situation might have been good for Midori. If she had a magical red eyes as Kenichi and Rimi, she would see the hideous red tentacle that is about to attack herself.

The red tentacle got away from Aiko’s body and attacks the third victim’s body without a sound.


Natsuki, Aiko and Midori fainted from the deep fierce ecstasy in succession, while Rimi, the ace of the athletic club absorbed the sex energy of those three people by one big breath. After that her body feels wonderful and she feels like she is invincible as usual, but she is trying to control it calmly.

Natsuki who knew the joy of deeper sex vomited out a bigger amount than the other girls and Rimi realized that she gained more energy then from her own pets. Rimi understood that her physical strength and energy increased from the large amount of energy she obtained and the illusion that there is a small power plant in her.

That’s why it’s better to be calm. This beautiful girl with a clear brain among young ladies is judging calmly so while glaring at Kenichi. Rimi, who originally has good cardio, regains composure in just a few deep breaths, and finally opens her mouth.

“Eating female students…. Pervert teacher”

Kenichi is still sitting on the couch with an erection, while Rimi who is standing talks to him. Her tone is calm and suppressed, but her accumulated feelings are black and hot. A black wave is emitted from her body as synchronized with the expression of her emotion and wraps up Kenichi.

However, Kenichi does not change his complexion and silently smiles. Seeing the attitude of her science teacher, the color of Rimi´s aura becomes darker and darker. It is like a towering cloud in summer that hammers a lot of static electricity and thunder to the ground.

“Not only those girls, but also Natsuki…I can’t make a pervert like you left unregulated”

『Those girls』she probably means those three girls.

Rena, Nanako and Eriko who were former lovers and lesbian partners of Rimi. It was a while ago that Rimi boiled with anger when she saw the scene where Kenichi intersected with them in this room. She still remember the strong hate and murderous intent that she felt at that time.

However, the memory of that day is vague and she doesn’t remember much at all after that. She realized that she was sleeping in her bed and had no recollection of what had happened or how she had come home.

“Hmm, so what are you going to do?”

Rimi´s eyes reflects rage and the black aura becomes more and more black. However, Kenichi is still calm with an intelligent expression. On the contrary, he was pleasantly smiling, while looking at Rimi’s face. Meanwhile his penis is still erected between his legs


Rimi who sees that attitude develops more and more hate. Her red eyes are shining with a fierce glare and it seems as if a laser beam will come out of her eyes. The intense black aura that comes out of her body, coupled with her bloodlust, seems to be physically approaching.

“I will destroy you…I will not let you do bad things again…”

When Rimi murmurs so with a chilling, low voice that came from the bottom of hell, a red tentacle appeared again from her back.

But the size is not the ratio of what had attacked Natsuki and the others a little while ago, but the thickness and length of a large python. The red-shiny jelly-like body rises vertically from the back of Rimi, aiming at the giant tip to aim at the prey.

(It’s a big deal…)

Its a third year high school student without a doubt that creates that huge tentacle.

Rimi knows that her opponent indulges in pervert play every day, but even so, Kenichi winds up his tongue by seeing the actual tentacle. The magic which produces this huge tentacle is a huge amount that it is not possible to be done by a normal human and Kenichi can understand that it is the same tentacle as his own.

“You, too…you’re going to get mad…”

Any beautiful girl became a prisoner if they receive such a tentacle. Rimi, who knows its powerful power, declares while looking at the man in front of her. This man’s aura is eroded by her red tentacle and drives the reason to an overwhelming sexual desire and let him be in agony by the pleasure hell and make him ejaculate many times. So that he will never interfere with other women again.

“You have to go crazy and suffer from pleasure…”

She doesn’t know why, but in this science preparation room Rimi realized that her power is getting overwhelming. With it, overwhelming confidence of never losing to this man influence her body.


Spitting out a small breath, Rimi gives directions as usual. The red snake reacts instantaneously. When the tip was divided into eight, it widened its tip as if swallowing the prey and attacked Kenichi.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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