Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 160

Holy ligh


“Why is this negative energy rising?”

A meeting is held at the headquarters of “SHADO” while looking at the graph of the changing display. The good-looking director who had shown a expression of lack of sleep at first also confirmed the unnatural figure and stares at it seriously as if her drowsiness is blown away.

The numbers say it’s an anomaly. Although it has been more than ten years since the founding of “SHADO” in Tokyo, it is three times as strong as the highest value recorded in the meantime.

Negative energies, in other words, evil wave, are now covering the skies of Tokyo. It is not visible like air pollution, but it is poison stronger than air pollution and it is renewing its highest record day by day.

There are two kinds of wave energy, holy and evil. White and black. Angels and Devils. Holy Power and evil power. It is originally opposed and should be equal to the sum of the world.

Of course there may be bias in some areas, such as Tokyo and New York, where the devils become stronger, but Angels dominate in the mountains and in the countryside. It is because the energy of the desire that humans produce is overwhelmingly strong in the ecosystem.

Still, the current situation is abnormal.

(If it lacks considerable balance, it means destruction…)

If one of them becomes stronger, energy will eventually generate a reaction to counter it. It is the first event in history that the city of ancient Sodom was destroyed by the Angels. Evil energies of desires crumbled the balance and counteracting it, the ground once turned into scorched earth. Even a few sacred people, animals and plants in it are burned to the flame of that atonement.

“There seems to be a powerful devil host. Definitely more than intermediate. Maybe it’s advanced. The devil is the key to this, and it seems like a huge energy is starting to gather”

If it is a advanced devil, this is the first time in this Tokyo branch. The analysis chief mutters so and quickly freezes the air in the meeting room.

“…Wh, why can not you find such a powerful devil?”

“…In fact… we have dispatched staff members to points where it seems suspicious many times, but has not been able to confirm the effective target person at present…”

The leaders of the investigation and the raid team groan like throwing away with a bitter face. They have dispatched members who have been trained with the latest equipment, but they have not received any spectacular results for now.

Nevertheless, they have found some new devil hosts and are dealing with them as much as necessary. However, most of them are harmless, so called half-devils who are weak in strength and low-class devils who are too weak. Strong devils as seen as the cause of this event have not been found yet.

The meeting room calmed down. When something huge and evil is approaching them, they feel an unfathomable fear that it cannot be identified. The worst expectation is that the technology that they have relied on may appear to be an unknown enemy, crossing the minds of all members.

In the room that had been quiet for a while, one young woman stood up.

“Umm, actually…I’m confirming a strange phenomenon…”

She was the vice-leader of the investigation group, Terasawa Emily. In the crisis of Tokyo Branch, she was transferred here though she who is half english has originally piled up study in the headquarters of Britain. When only her face is seen, then you would see a beautiful european, american woman.


Reiko Arisawa, who is the department director, urges with such a murmur instead of a sigh.

Reiko is not alone. Everyone among the “SHADO” executives in this meeting was in the same mind, that Emily’s story seemed initially uninterested. But as Emily continues to explain, they listen gradually and get pulled into that content.

“…If, If that’s true, then there’s a devil king!”

Devil king. It is a type of devil that amplifies one’s power by causing an advanced wave resonance phenomenon with others. It is an existence only in the legend of the past, and has not appeared in modern times, and of course has not been confirmed in Japan. But what if Emily’s report is true?

“You can monitor that female high school student. If you want, you can use all the supervisors!”

Each leader begins to move in response to Reiko’s voice.

“Well, let’s direct the investigation to Terasawa and continue telling the necessary personnel later”

“Okay. Let’s also turn around three teams to this field survey so we’ll somehow cover another group!”

“There are lots of wave measurement instruments and wave cancellation machines!”

Blossoming executive member without any time. Looking at the situation, Reiko was convinced why. Her intuition whispered into her head which had been cleared without any time. Around the schoolgirl, the culprit of this is lurking.

As usual, Shinomiya Arisa is caught in a private room of a Internet cafe and connects to the net with a PC taken out of her bag. Of course, security is applied to wireless LAN, but there is no feature to break through such a thing.

Investigating the screen in the usual procedure and start hacking to the target system. It is a special system in the Tokyo Police Department, and the security level is also extremely strict. However, since she already embedded her key there, she opens it as usual and goes inside. Because the key is a special camouflage, it is absolutely impossible for other people to understand the key.

(This is good…)

When she connects to the system, a screen appears on the screen. It is the interface of the main database of “SHADO” and list all information.

Arisa chases that data with her eyes. The figure of an intellectual beauty seriously staring in a narrow, dark net café and a strange sense of non-reality drifts in the gap with this situation.

(Well, there’s nothing particularly noticeable…)

The data shows the results of the activities of the “SHADO” members, a new list of recently discovered devil hosts and a list of actions to these people are already discovered. It has hardly changed since the last time Arisa looked at both and there is no especially big movement.

Nothing is fixed, which indicates that the existence of Midou Kenichi isn’t found in the headquarters.

Arisa destroyed the database and erased everything, in order to erase all the traces of Kenichi Midou all along with the record. Nevertheless, because Kenichi’s research was an independent action of Noriko Aoyama, the headquarters had little information left.

(There is no big movement this time. They are very quiet lately…)

After the usual work in a few minutes, Arisa drinks her coffee on the desk. That black liquid that has been boiled down and stinky has no advantage other than being warm.

(I wonder if it’s time for a devil not to appear now…? Or…)

Reaching for the cup of coffee, she holds it to her mouth again.

At that time, Arisa missed something. It’s just a short while, but her PC’s HD operating lamp is shining. Is it a prank of chance? This slight change isn’t missed by the usual Arisa, but because she had sex with Kenichi this morning, her sharp, concentrated power was diminished by tiredness.

When she checks the data again, she closes the PC quickly. Although no one should found out, it is safer to finish in a short time.


Arisa finally breathes a sigh of relief when she sinks herself in a luxurious, comfortable chair. To protect the safety of Kenichi, she betrayed her former organization to check the action. The act of denying and trampling her sense of justice squarely. However, the act which should be such abomination dominates the present Arisa.

(Aaa…already…it has become so much…)

She has been wearing a mini skirt recently. It is one of Kenichi´s preferences. Arisa who has an IQ of 180 is wearing a red mini flare skirt in order to seduce Kenichi who she should normally hate. When her right hand moved into her crotch, the internal collapse is felt from the top of her underwear and pantyhose.


The moment Arisa presses her female part with two slender fingers, a sharp sweet stimulation simultaneously runs through her hip bones. Her vagina opens her obscene mouth greatly and hot fruit honey is overflowing from the inside.

From midnight yesterday until dawn, Arisa had sex until she was exhausted. When she was called to a hotel, there were seven or eight beautiful girls, and fellatio was done together with them and she licked his whole body.

(It was amazing…such…such a thing, is unknown…)

She was hugged many times by Kenichi. However, it seems that pleasure is getting deeper every time and she feels that her spirit becomes cold to the bottomless pleasure that is given.

Last night she hugged with a lovely beautiful girl who just became a senior high school student and was fucked alternately while doing lesbian acts with females. The other party was cute and got crazy about that impatience feeling, until she forced the insertion. When it invaded, she was at the mercy of his tremendous thing, narrowing her throat down and telling her joy.

All the women begged Kenichi for a vaginal ejaculation by inviting him in a competition by raised their legs. These beautiful women and girls are no less than the beautiful and indecent Arisa, but there were also celebrities that have been seen on TV mixed in this gathering. In that room full of women who lusts for Kenichi, Arisa showed a silliness that would let her blush even if she recalls it now, because she was appealing desperately to receive the favor of Kenichi

(I…I´m ashamed to death…)

The impatient Arisa came out of her mind due to too much frustration, opened her large crotch on her own, dropped her underwear aside and further opened her petal with her finger to receive that penis. She exposed the inside under the light, so that the pink shrine filled with muddy and transparent nectar was displayed with a finger opened in a V letter.

Of course, she has never done such a thing before. But if she didn’t do so, that nasty monster wont give her pleasure. All beautiful women in that room were rushed, ruled and were made crazy with an appearance not shown to their lovers or husbands.


A sharp pleasure rises from her pubic area which is pushed with two fingers, and Arisa gently climbs up lightly on the sofa in that Net cafe. Even though she was hugged just a little while ago, her body knew about the forbidden pleasures like drugs and is longing for the next time.

(Inma…frightening…frightening Inma…)

Now she can affirm. “SHADO” mustn’t be afraid of this guy. He doesn’t kill or harm a person like a devil that uses fear or hatred as energy. But still Kenichi dominates women and ultimately dominates their reasons to their hearts. Arisa knows about it the best.

(What’s going to happen if I keep going…)

Kenichi Midou is now an intermediate Incubus, but only she knows that he is an evolutionary type. If he further increases his amount of pretty women and gain more food, he may become a advanced Incubus. Moreover, since Arisa also knows that he is a devil who can strengthen his magical powers via the opponent who resonated with his wave, his danger is immeasurable.


The image that the black wave of Kenichi covers the whole of Tokyo appears in her head and she instantly is pushed to the next ecstasy by that.

(What shall I do…ah, what should I do…)

Arisa sucks on the sofa. Her panty has already gone, the honey that overflowed from the inside, also sticks to her pantyhose. The morning sperm from Kenichi which was poured into her vagina this morning has been releasing the wave all the time and keeping Arisa constantly in estrus.

(As it is, this world is…)

Arisa who became helpless without inadvertently attacking the human race against the invisible epidemic that strikes humans had only to paint her heart in despair while imagining a world where the black wind of desire was blown.

Sister Maria Clara is praying as usual.

In the chapel of the dark church where the book of the night came down completely. Being flattened while kneeling on the floor her beautiful appearance is whitish as it escapes from the moonlight that is slightly whitish, pale white. With her long eyelashes down and praying all the time, poison and malice in the world can not be dropped in the shadow at all, the glow from the quiet and pure inside gently and quietly resonates.

A small light lit the dark ceiling of the chapel. It’s a small little light. But a light with strength and heat that keeps the darkness away.

The light isn’t visible. However, Clara felt the light on her head with her eyes closed and listened to its voice at the same time.

『Believe me. And become one』

There should be nothing there of course to Clara. Her mind and body know. That the light is warm, straight, and pure. And that it has enormous power to dispel all the evils of this world.

“Yes, I will do as you say…”

When Clara murmurs so small, the little sphere of light eventually comes down slowly and turns on the head of the nun. It disappeared so that it sucked into the body of the nun when it became a big sphere momentarily and wrapped up Clara’s body after it had been made to confirm something.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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