Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 16


The “power” of the contract that the devil brought is gloomy, and a gloomy science teacher of the girls’ high school is changed to one indecent beast, besides, the high school girl who is pure and innocent who was implanted in pleasure by succubus, it was making them transform itself into a licentious and fascinating small devil.

After school in the science preparations room, sound of water called the slurp continues. The teacher in a worn-out suit sits down on the sofa, the lower part of the body becomes really bare, the sexual organs between the ferocious crotch tower there.

“Ah… It’s good…”

After I sit in the old sofa in the dim science preparation room, I tasted the service due to the sweet oral mucosa of the beautiful girl to the full.

The beautiful girl of childish features still holds the ugly, huge male organ in her mouth, it can become hollow and breathes it skillfully and puts up the cheeks which dyed into, pinkness. Passionate, Natsuki Kurosawa who placed herself between crotches of Kenichi also stimulates the penis of the man obstinately. Though it was poor in the technique, It is ardent as it is not possible to think and the girl is salaciously in the act.

(Aaa… Wow… It’s the best…)

Sexual feeling spreads at a dash if held in the hot intraoral, swell with it so that power in me is terrible, I seem to be totally the world King who can do anything.

“Aah, my mouth is getting tired. Well, teacher´s thing is too large…”

When the beautiful girl says so while putting the huge penis out of the mouth once and laughing, around the seams and sensitiveness, narrow of its sharpened and it’s irritated by the tongue made stiff. I grasp the penis which became slimy with saliva which I spitted out while doing it so, I rub it slowly but steadily as having attached a lotion. The movement and expression are like an expert prostitute at all.

Then liquid of the going too far ahead done muddily from the boundary between public and private space of the penis overflowed.

When he seems happy and smiles, Natsuki will skim the body fluid which has the hard smell by her pretty tongue immediately. After doing that and tasting in the mouth a little, she is dissolving in saliva and swallows it.

“More and more, I make it comfortable…”

While saying such a terrible thing, the 17-year-old lewd woman twists the tongue which the penis was able to sharpen with a hard lump. Kenichi groans for the strong stimulation unintentionally, too and pushes out the waist.

Natsuki will feel herself while doing the fellatio. While waving the waist windingly, I changed color in the vaginal secretions which I wiped the crotch of spats with the black luster from the inside and spilled.

Sexual feeling rise up steadily, while tasting the finest pleasant feeling that the beautiful woman high school girl offers, On the other hand, Kenichi felt that there was a calm part in him. That seems to be measuring Natsuki’s excitement, while tasting the pleasure that the crotch seems to dissolve in for the oral intercourse of the beautiful girl, it was satisfied with that sufficiently without drowning perfectly.

If it is I until the other day, I already exploded in the mouth of the beautiful girl; I should spit out white pleasure liquid. That also stands up to the thick and sticky fellatio which is Natsuki in now, in addition, I rise for the next pleasure.

(This is also favor of “the power”….)

While Kenichi enjoys the pleasant feeling to one’s heart’s content, the degree of excitement of the beautiful girl is analyzed objectively at the same time; furthermore, he grasped the surrounding by “the power” that spread. Thus, even if the person who is going to break into here suddenly appears, Kenichi may far always perceive it.

(Let’s see…)

Kenichi opens the perception radar while tasting unbearable pleasure at the high density to his vital part of the meat, another beautiful girl who makes it to the outlet of the lust is searched out.

There was it!

Aiko Kawashima who lost her virgin yesterday comes to the school today without taking a rest, she participated in the tennis club properly. I blame and don’t tease until physical strength is exhausted like Natsuki’s time, while I control, and there is still reserve capacity, it would be better to have resulted in a house.

Aiko seems going to forget yesterday and throws herself into practice, her whole body is full of sweat and she chases the ball. The situation of such a distantly remote tennis court, Kenichi now “understands” so that he may take in his hand from the 5th floor of this schoolhouse.

However, to see the figure becoming desperate of Aiko, Kenichi grins. In doing so and being absorbed in tennis, she is starting forgetting something assumes clearly.

(Well, that much desire being able to point and…)

Kenichi remembers the daytime class, and grins.

During today’s class, Aiko who was in front of the classroom, I let a redder tentacle cling. It excited Aiko in heat inward in a moment, Stew the meat with *clink**clink* by a low flame, the young sexual feeling was gloomily deliberately stimulated.

When the school ends, she has a deep red face and throws rough breath up puffing and blowing; she had hot eyes and stared at one all the time. That state that drew near so as to seem to just jump at it if there was nobody.

(How long she can endure…)

After violated by the man who does not like it at all, the pleasure in which even the bone melts, the beautiful girl by whom the taste was added. If it is night, it is violated again in lewd dream and is made to do passion during class in the daytime.

The pleasure abyss that isn´t helped by nobody without being able to talk to anyone. The road that survives from the suffering, she becomes the victim of the succubus again, only to drive the poison fang to the interior of the womb.

(It’s pleasant for that case…….)

The situation to which the beautiful girl tenders the sweet meat personally is imagined, Kenichi is savoring blanched and engorgement. Natsuki smiles gladly, her tongue is rubbed like fondling it.

“Aah, Teacher…. I think that is dirty? How do you want to do it? Are you cuming in my mouth? Or, is Natsuki eaten by this child?”

While grinding some huge pedicels into a white cheek so much as the face, Natsuki asks with the expression she has fascinated. The 17-year-old girl is being infringed by Kenichi’s poison and dyed increasingly licentious.

“Then, Let me lick your pussy”

“Nooo…. Teacher’s dirty! It isn’t being washed, it is sweaty, would you like to taste?”

“It’s good…just, sit astride…”

“Whoo! Teacher is pervert!!”

The beautiful girl chuckle while saying so and extends over the opposite direction of the teacher lying at full length in the sofa. The over swelling between Kenichi’s groins rise bulkily, gets wet with saliva from the act until just now and is flashing increasingly.

“Aaah… When it is this appearance, it is big and is hard to lick it…”

When Natsuki says so by a low voice, still her tongue is increased and clamminess and that is ground into the mortal weapon of meat strenuously. Even if I put the emphasis, taste and thresh, its dark surface becomes firm like iron and repels that readily.

“Aaa! Useleeess!! It really …smells of sweat!!”

It is stuck between crotches from spats with the luster suddenly; the face is made deep red, and protests against its embarrassed. The abnormal teacher who can’t also write such one on teeth and tusks of course is sucking the beautiful girl’s body fluid which came out up while making *sip* *sip* noise. The hot, violent breath use becomes heat; it is inhaled between groins of Natsuki.

“Yaaaa… I’m embarrassed…”

I breathed straight in her genitals over the cloth; Natsuki in a shameful act raises the writhe scream hatefully. But still it’s never done to run away, and in fact decides to press the part on my own and bite into a meat trunk lightly only with change.

When an obscene activity teacher will do that, and is satisfied with a delicacy of the sweaty female capacity of the beautiful girl from the top of spats sound, it was unclothed and was stuck to again this time. From the side of the design which is slightly radical for a high school girl and the panties of the color, Kenichi long tongue slips by invading it.

“Aahiiii! No! It is dirty, such a place, don’t lick it!! “

However, the abnormal teacher loving it licks the shameful extract of the beautiful girl willingly and takes it. The face is buried in beautiful girl’s sensitive intimate place just as it is and he licks it to his heart’s content and sucks it.

The resilient meat fold is sucked and the meat pearl which congested and became stiff is tasted around. It was Natsuki each time that he almost lived in, he stops caressing it when unkind succubus comes to seem to be smart, he irritate it many times on purpose.

“Aaa… Noo…”

However, null tongue gets into the small vagina hole, when he rose windingly at the inside; Natsuki was the limit, too.

Al…already,no…. Can’t endure it anymore…. Hey, Teacher… I want you to put it in!!”

While I lick it between crotches with slurp slurp and am breathed in, the female senior high school student screams and asks for sex. The desire drives recklessly to the sharp pleasure poured between groins; the hot penis is dying to be received in the interior of the womb as soon as possible.

“Then, because you asked for it, sit astride from me”

Kenichi with the confidence completely gives the beautiful girl an order to start it for a woman impudently.

When the girl has saliva which she thrust around lips with her pink tongue in no time, she takes it, and sits on the knee of Kenichi cheerfully.

When she waves her waist and it is slimy and puts it on the hot soaring between wet crotches, she asks for a kiss as having become dying to cling to the neck of Kenichi. When Kenichi opens the mouth, the beautiful woman high school girl opens her lip like the petal from herself; the deep kiss is being prepared furiously.


After rubbing mouths, tongues, and genitals together for a while, we have made sure of each other’s excitement for each other, Kenichi and Natsuki breathed out and got away. The string of saliva expands from our mouths; the lips are put together as it became intolerable again when that broke.

When Kenichi sucks up Natsuki´s sweet tongue to his heart’s content, he rubs his hambone on the slimy secret meat of the beautiful girl.

“Aa, it is already ….Already… Good, Teacher… gives it to me…”

Natsuki whispers Kenichi to have become intolerable, bites into the scruff and chew at his earlobe superficially. The petal which opened is being ground into over swelling and her small waist is being shaken. Kenichi saw the failure state of such female senior high school student, and became intolerable, too. But still calmness is served and more are ordered Natsuki.

“Then Natsuki put it in by you.”

“Nooo… “

Natsuki hesitated for a while, while shaking her waist windingly, she half rise to my feet a little before long and make a gap, she raise it slowly when she grasp Kenichi´s penis by her hand. She just put the tip on her secret spot, when she hunt out the hollow before long, the waist is slowly dropped by her.

“Ahiii!! Big!! Aaa, unbearable!!”

The penis is going through beautiful girl’s vagina hole vertically while making *zubu**zubu* noise.

The vagina hole is enlarged by the unreasonable huge male weapon, the 17-year-old high school girl screams for a shame ache of the mucous membrane opened to the limit. However, an awful pleasant feeling wells up at the same time from the crotch, it runs through the back and even the parietal region is a break out.


She tighten the intruder who squeezes her sphincter without standing, and entered the interior of the womb to the middle, the penis extends her vagina way by force with a possession face and insults the interior of the womb of the girl. It put up a *zubububu* sound, and soaring was swallowed, and the penis of the middle-aged teacher just occupied it at last to the vagina depths of the girl.

“Aah it enters to the depths! It’s painful, painful, but…. it is feeling good! Aa!”

The young uterus is pierced by the tip of long and large penis, though she is frightened by the pain of the bolt sex, Natsuki is becoming simultaneous for a captive of a doubtful stimulus.

The mucous membrane by which the hardness is left is still blue, and shrinks with *kyuu*, and Kenichi’s hambone is squeezed tight. That delights a man rather than, might a physiological phenomenon to the foreign body swallowed to the interior of the womb. But still an intolerable pleasure is being given to the genitals of a rape person as a result.

“Haha, it completely fitted in”

Kenichi who came to have become quite another person was made spitting completely, and even whispered the tone to Natsuki who can’t move. He feels the slimy mucous membrane of the beautiful girl in the whole penis; he is satisfied with the violence of beautiful girl’s fastening everyone dreams. While tasting the blue mucous membrane of the girl who occasionally has convulsions twitchily, both hands were turned to the hip which moved rapidly and it was stroked.

“Hiiiii! Cum!”

Natsuki reaches the height by only that enough stimulus, she climbs widely different height with the pleasure that can be received from the boyfriend up to now. While tasting the feeling of Natsuki’s smooth bottom, the licking the lips is made the feeling of the crispy vagina off which the hardness has not come yet.

“I move”

When I tell so absently, I ask for the help of girl’s waist and raise the penis slowly from the bottom.

“Hiiii! Haaaaguuu!”

While the beautiful girl gives an animal scream, the body wrapped in T-shirt is wriggled; she writhes to the pleasure that cannot be thought with the one of this world. The penis is being held in vaginal mouth tight so that a mucous membrane isn’t believed though love liquid should go out much, the friction which is to the extent I also have trouble moving it.

However, I put my penis in and out in merciless strong-wilderness without minding such a thing. Since ramming to the inside, the crispy womb mouth is chafed and built with a hard lump at a point. After it spreads over one serving when the huge penis will do that, and goes out oppositely, I stimulate the sensitive mucous membrane to one’s heart’s content, I have begun to roast Natsuki’s brain and spin the pleasant sensation by which immediateness twinkles.

“Aaaa! Kuaaaa!”

The girl performs an indecent dance on my knee without being able to say Iku, I stick to the sum that the beautiful hair which grew to a shoulder becomes frayed, and the sweat floated stickily. The height is too intense; it is not possible to faint.

Kenichi grasped the excitement of the girl by calm eyes and “the power” of the wave exactly while tasting the sweet vagina mucous membrane of the beautiful girl to the full.

“Haha, I only have begun”

While acquiring the skillful strength from the bottom, and sending the penis to the interior of the womb of the girl, Kenichi raises the white T-shirt which is sweaty, and girl’s chest is exposed. When I find panties and the bra of the matching pretty purple race, I’m grinning, and am rubbing Natsuki’s small chest from the top of underwear and am crushing.

“Ahaa! Hiii!”

For Natsuki the whole body was already in a sexual sense area, Even such a stimulation is amplified in the interior of the womb, the pleasure nerve in her brain is overheated. A large amount of morphine in the brain is secreted, any things except pleasure are not thought at this moment.

While Kenichi pushing up the waist cruelly, and raping this girl, he lowers the bra cup of the race a little and pointed the pink nipple in the mouth. Natsuki raise an animal scream, while finding the vagina mucous membrane shrink by fear, I lick it with my tongue and roll it and stimulate it with stiffness.

“Haha, do you like it?”

When I’m satisfied with the state of Natsuki who can no longer answer, i did to do last holding. While containing the nipple by my mouth, the hand is moved to hips and Natsuki´s anus is groped. The girl who trembles is ignored and the index finger is stuffed into her anus, I chew the nipple which I took in my mouth at the same time by a tooth lightly.


While the girl lets her whole body be good enough shudderingly, it’s even pressed up by the height of the different dimension which can’t be tasted by ordinary sex. For temptation of the meat tightening the penis in the interior of the womb by terrible power at the same time, Kenichi groans, too and while uttering a cry; he drove his semen that had finished piling up into the interior of the womb of the girl.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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