Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 159

Back home in the morning

Holding the smartphone in the living room, Michio Arisawa has been stunned. The time is past twelve o’clock in the evening. He is all alone in the apartment and thus sits in a chair.

(What is that…Reiko is cheating after all…)

Terminated call. He tried calling over and over again, but it never connected again.

His wife across the phone was raising a voice like a beast. An unusual situation, an unusual voice, obviously not an ordinary situation. As Reiko says, if she really is working overtime, there is no way she would raise such a voice.

(An affair…Reiko is with another man…)

The only thing Michio can think of is that he has called in the middle of an affair. However is Reiko really talking to him while she is interacting with someone else.

(Even so, such a voice…)

That animalic vulgar voice was unlikely that of his modest intelligent wife. Such a beast-like voice isn’t heard even by the AV seen several times.

(Was that really Reiko…)

She was never so disturbed in sex with him. His wife who made the breath bounce and told pleasure did not always lose her elegance and chaste. It is not thought that Reiko produces such a barbaric and vulgar voice.

It is a defense reaction that Michio doesn’t want to admit the fact as a husband and the desire to believe his wife somehow. But on the other hand his reason is calmly telling. Before that, he had a short conversation and confirmed that it was a Reiko.

“Aaaa…wh…why, why…”

Michio is holding his head. He was blessed with two boys and should have had a cheerful married life. They were busy with work, but they were also filled with compassion for each other. The poor were the children who were not usually able to be at home, but they were raised in a gentle and strict hands by the grandparents and they always went to play somewhere on weekends.

And yet. Why does Reiko flirt with other men? Michio has embraced her once a week recently and his wife should be happy too. So why is that?

He finds no answer even if he thinks many times and he continues to think about the same thing for a little while. Michio would rather have drunk alcohol, but he is extremely down unlike Reiko. Sitting on the sofa in the living room, there is only one way to scratch his head.

Taking out his smartphone he tries to call Reiko again. The ringer stops in the middle and is immediately connected to the answering machine. Michio has been sending mails for a while now, but there’s no answer at all.


No matter how many times he repeat the same words, nothing will change and no answer given. His body is supposed to be exhausted, but only time is slag with no sign of becoming sleepy at all. When he thinks that the beautiful body of his wife is caressed by other men while he is sitting here now, Michio become crazy by jealousy and impatience.

The longest night in the life of Michio Arisawa, who should have walked the elite course as a medical researcher, but clings to his body densely like a bottomless swamp.

Reiko was on a bed when she noticed. When she opens her eyes in a harboring posture, Reiko tried to remember for a moment, without knowing where she was.

The first thing she perceived were her powerless limbs. Her whole body becomes lazy numb and energy has been exhausted. The rest of the detail is a sense of incongruity and the moment she understands what happened, she suddenly remembered everything.

(What time is it…?)

The first thing Reiko checked was that. The digital clock, which was next to the bed, shows 5:28. She was appalled by the fact and immediately raised her body on the bed.


Looking around it was terrible. Bed sheets are disarrayed by stinkiness and some stains are attached in some places. A lot of female hair has fallen and it is filled with a strong sexual smell. That’s quite a obvious situation what was done here until a while ago. Clothes are lying on the floor.

But there are no signs of people anywhere. Everyone seems to have gone home while she was sleeping. At the same time as making that fact relaxation, she feels a sense of anxiety and loneliness.

(Aaa…what shall I do…)

Reiko is frightened by the fact that she remembers the orgy and at the same time that it’s morning already. That is a problem. After all she is married woman who has children.

She went to the bathroom first when she stood up. She showered in hot water and cleaned her whole body with it. After a little time, she washes herself carefully with soap. Because her body was muddy with body fluids of men and women, she smelled strongly.


Finally her head became clear and Reiko remembered the facts accurately.

She came to this hotel to see Saito, but first she was surprised at five other married women. But while serving with the beautiful other women, she gradually blended out her reason and didn’t notice the unusual act of multiple women and one man.

When she got caught in the end, she felt like going crazy and she accepted the blow she was waiting for in her womb. At that time she feels that there was something serious but she dont remember it well now.

As an alternative to being fucked, Reiko squeezed her throat every time. Having her hands and feet tied up together, she was hooked by a violent rhythm and just drowned in a strong act of mortality and obedience.

Saito who has inexhaustible physical strength and energy is the king who dominates all the beautiful women. His penis is a tool to provide pleasure. Reiko was crying on the bed, pleased while being in the bathroom, and she continued to let Saito feel good with her hands, mouth and lower part.

All 6 females were crying together by being caught to that incredible pleasure. They often kissed and caressed each other, licked the sensitive parts and waited for Saito´s order to comfort each other.

When the outside of the window begins to whiten slightly, she felt like she wanted that man’s child while being penetrating in a normal position at last. Telling her desire while asking for love, she cried for pregnancy and wanted a cum shot in her vagina.

A massive amount of semen was poured into her uterus and in the bliss she lost her consciousness.


A white thick liquid comes out of her vagina and drips down her thighs. This is the body fluid left behind by Saito. Unlike that of her husband, it is dense and somewhat drossy. Reiko scooped it out with her fingers in the shower. The taste of semen other than her friendly husband spreads through her mouth.


Believe it or not, Reiko cares only about that. In the hotel suite where the morning light gradually increased, she who took a shower went to the dressing room to put on her clothes.

Reiko returned home by taxi and gently opened the door of the entrance. She opened the steel door so as not to make a noise as much as possible. But as someone was waiting for that sound, someone comes out from the living room to the entrance. Of course it can only be that person. Reiko becomes stiff and makes her body hard.

“Reiko! You, where have you been, until this time!!”

Her husband who is usually mild-natured is enraged with bloodshot eyes. He has been waiting for a long time. His hair is unkempt and he has dark circles around his eyes. Reiko has never seen her husband like this with long, brutal eyes.

“I, I´m sorry…it became late because of work…”

“Don’t lie!!! You didnt work!! Putting out such a voice!!!”

Michio became indignant with a demon-like appearance. From his whole body it seems that the flame of anger is rising.


At that moment, Reiko remembered. She had a phone call with her husband when she had sex and he heard all the shameless voices.

“Ah, ah…that is…different…that’s not the case…”

“What’s the difference! Isn’t it the voice of a woman who has sex with another man!!”

Her husband shouting at her with bloodshot eyes. Michio has completely forgotten himself by hearing his wife’s joy over the phone.

No! No, no!! That’s not true! It wasn’t such a thing!!”

Desperately denying it, the theory is no longer stable. If you are working, there is no need to speak like that. Reiko´s head panicked and turned white.

However, Reiko is desperate, too. The truth cannot be known to her husband here. It is necessary to keep telling a lie so as not to make it painful for her loving husband. Her head which does not turn because of sleep deprivation is frantically rotated and she tries to match the sense somehow.

“That’s different! A, a suspect who was investigated at the station rampaged and struck me, who was near him! When I turned behind and hold my phone, I issued such a funny voice…. I picked up the suspect from that and calmed him down and cleaned up everything so that’s why it became so late…. Be, believe me!”

“Then why didn’t you answer your phone? Or Mails!!”

Of course Michio isn’t convinced. That is also understood by Reiko. But still she need to be strong, until her husband forgives her.

“I, I’m sorry. It was really hectic and busy. It involved even the people on top. I was called afterwards and a team meeting was held. I’m sorry…I’m really sorry.

Tearfully Reiko. The last apology came from heart. Of course the real reason cannot be told.

It was her husband who was staring with glaring eyes for a while, but Reiko noticed that they were still at the entrance.

“I’m sorry…. I´m, sorry…”

Reiko who took off her coat in the living room in the early morning is still desperately apologizing. Her husband is still angry with a suspicious expression, but does not yell like a little while ago, just keeps pouring a cold stare.

I’m sorry, dear…. I will definitely contact you when it gets late again…”

She sat down beside her husband, and laid his hand on her knee softly. A casual gesture between married couples. Michio is staring at Reiko with his glistening eyes. And suddenly, when he grabbed her hand, Reiko was pushed towards him.

“Kyaaaa!! Wh, what! Dear!! Stopp!!”

“Shut up!! I’m your husband! What’s wrong with embracing my wife!”


She tries to resist, but Reiko is at the mercy of her guilty. Her husband who embraced her body vomited a rough breath and removed the suit which she wore.

“Aaa…noo, dear…. Stop this violence…”

Reiko resists. Her true feelings are full of surprise, embarrassment and horror. It is the first time her husband´s eyes are glistening with the desire. However, the part of the female who blossomed completely to the harshness that her husband shows for the first time is boil the reaction though it is sarcastic at such time.

At the same time Reiko is afraid. She wonders if her husband can accept the change of her body that has been developed by that man. Her body whose skills, aggressiveness and sensitivity have been tune-up is not what her husband knows.

When she took a shower before she should have erased the traces carefully, and the underwear which she wore is also changed beforehand. A flashy lingerie in a locked box is one that should never be known to her husband.

“Ho, Hold it in your mouth! Reiko!!”

Michio who took down his sweaty pants has his erected penis exposed. But it has a huge difference to the thing of Saito she was serving until two hours ago.

It was white, slender and covered with leather, it looks like a pencil as if its narrow. However, looking at the face of her excited husband with a rough breath, Reiko silently accepts it. She feels nauseated by the smell of perspiration and shamefulness which pierce her nose immediately.

After 15 minutes. When her husband pushed into her womb, he only moved a few times and spit out his accumulated sperm disappointedly. Reiko wanted to take contraceptive devices but she was silent because she didn’t want to stimulate her angry husband.

After ejaculation, Michio became gentle and refreshed again, becoming her usual mild husband. being embarrassed, he rush into the bathroom quickly. While looking at the back of her husband, Reiko scooped the semen out with her fingers while lying down on the sofa and gently sticking it in her mouth.

The moment she ate it, it was a clear aversion and a feeling of nausea. The liquid with a bitter smell is even like a pathogen which undermines her body.

Reiko took a few tissues in a hurry and carefully wiped it off. She wants to wash this hideous liquid away with a hot shower as soon as possible.

(Come out qucikly…. Putting out selfishly…)

The unfaithful wife who was full of guilt until a little while ago felt a cold anger for her husband who did not seem to come out of the shower at all.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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