Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 157

Housewives orgy

Reiko who is wearing a coat has a very long kiss with Saito-san. Her husband who she met 20 years ago and married has never had such a passionate and obscene kiss until now. It’s too luscious and fascinating. She is drunk by this hot kiss with that younger man.

“Hey, stick your tongue out more”

As commanded she stretches out her pink tongue, which is sucked up. It seems that Reiko´s intention and reason are deprived together with it and the front of her eyes becomes white, while the back of her head which is trying to preserve reason gets hotter and hotter.

If Reiko had opened her eyes at this time, she would have been able to see it. Saito´s eyes staring at her are shining red. And soon she would have understood. What the true character of this man who has such eyes is?

Hosts of devils who are enemies have the same appearance as ordinary humans. The only thing that can be distinguished from the outside with the naked eye is when they emit magical power and the color of their pupil changes. Everyone belonging to “SHADO” knows such things.

Saito´s hands crawl around the plump and ripe body of Reiko.

“Muhuuu!! Huuuuu!!”

Reiko can’t believe it, but it just happened. Her body that starved for a month, instant boils the lust after a slight stimulation and she shakes her whole body so that the other women in this room understand it.

The power of her feet is lost as the energy is squeezed and Reiko who spits out nectar liquid inside her panty squat down on the place before long. Her body and mind surrendered to pleasure too easily which is miserable.

“Huhuhu…you´re sensitive, Reiko. Or perhaps you have accumulated?”

Both is correct, but Reiko is so embarrassed that the fire on her face is pointed out again. However, the voice of the younger woman who had escorted her to this room wasnt ridiculed at all, and, if anything, it seemed to sympathize.

“…It’s good. Everyone here is the same. Everyone was taken prisoner by being hurt by this terrible person and although we have husbands, we want his body…”

A beautiful woman sitting at the foot of Saito stands up and kneels on the floor. She removed the belt and lowered Saito´s pants.

Two other pretty women flocking around the upper body, seem to take off the upper clothes. The five beautifully dressed women make Saito completely naked by smooth flowing as if they did so many times.

“Here, what Reiko-san wanted”

When they stripped the underwear at last, one woman raised her voice towards Reiko and Saito´s dick appeared in front of Reiko´s eyes.


It appeared in her dreams many times and it was even bigger and more heinous than Reiko had ever thought of it last month. With her husband’s resilience and ferocious, her female part reacts instantaneously and her voice instinctively comes out with a sigh.

“Huhuhu…what’s wrong? You were also made cry over and over again?”

The beautiful woman who seems to be the oldest among the five women says so and clench the black deadly weapon with her white thin finger. When she squeezes it slowly with skillful movements, the volume increases further in an unbelievable way.

At that time, Reiko noticed. A silver ring shines on the left ring finger of that woman. This beauty also has a wedding ring.

“Ah, you have noticed. Yes, all six of us here today, including you, are married wives with husbands”

Another beauty who had her chest groped and unexpectedly kisses Saito´s upper body strongly raises a laughter when the eldest woman says so. It is a mixture of solidarity, superiority, and sympathy, shown by those who share a secret that nobody can tell.

“Not only Reiko-san, but everyone is crazy because of this person”

“As a woman you know, you will not be able to get away again if you taste his thing”

“I think that it is bad for your husband…but, if we do not have this, we become useless”

These Housewives who speak so accept their work and crime. All of them were fascinated by Saito and had no choice but to betray their husbands and to obey him with resignation and joy.

“Aah again, I will lick it…”

Miki Endo who had brought Reiko from the door here says so and stretches out her tongue, before crawling on the surface of the black meat gun. Reiko understood that this beautiful woman has great skills and sees it with affection and jealousy which has never been made to her husband.


Miki´s pink soft tongue, covered in slime and saliva wets the penis thoroughly. She knows the weakness of this man and only focus on her diligent caress.

“Let me also do it…”

Yoko Aikawa, Chairman of Ellis all girls high school, has a fancy expression and after licking her lips with her long tongue, she makes her tongue crawl from the other side. She slowly licks up the huge meat weapon that reaches the navel from below, while her left hand attached with an wedding ring strokes the root.

The tongue of these two married wives is superior to the technique that Reiko has. They used their tongues to entertain a man’s genitals and it was an evidence that the huge meat weapon was moving happily.

On the upper body of Saito, the other three beautiful women clinging from both sides and the back caress his chest while raising a sweet voice respectively. Kissing him, crawling their tongues in his neck, sucking his ears and licking his bare chest. All five married women who are doing this service in a group to a naked man while beautifully dressed up, have a ring attached to their left ring finger.

Miki and Yoko who synchronized their movement from left and right before long use their tongue to slip as if they blow a harmonica from both sides. In the gap between the two lips, the erected penis is full of saliva. The head of this huge meat pillar is turned like a bow and arrow and aims at Reiko.

(Aaaaa…what should I do if I can do this…)

There were more than one woman who wanted to meet Saito and all of them were beautiful and indecent. They flocked around him, so that they have no sense of resistance to serving in a group and repeated passionate service in front of Reiko.

It was unthinkable until just half an hour ago. Reiko naturally believed that it was necessary for tenderness that a man and woman loves each other alone. It is only a story of the animal world, that multiple female flock around one colt. Reiko has never heard of such an unusual form of affection or sex in her life.

But it was too late to get out of here. Her 39-year-old body, starving in any situation, wants Saito right now and black lust blows up from the back of her body. It was left alone for one month anyway. Its desire is as fierce and as strong as that of a traveler seeking an oasis in the desert.

Reiko was held many times by her husband during the last month. Unusually, her husband has requested her body passionately like a newlywed. It was Reiko who had refused at first, because when she requested to have sex many times, her husband has refused her for a long time.

She didn’t come to dislike her husband. No, she still respects and loves him in her heart. She was afraid therefore she was refusing. She had the feeling that her husband would find out that her body has been completely developed by this man and changed.

Her husband held her with love and passion as he had before. However, that act is hasty, monotonous, and perfunctory, and it has ended in a few minutes when he pushed inside.

Reiko feels sorry for the comparison, but it is not a way to do so by all means. That selfish and one-sided intercourse would still make her happy if it had been as before. However, she has changed and the desire was further developed.

But it is, of course, the seed that she herself sowed. Acting that she feels good and pretended to have gained a climax, Reiko made a show. Her starving body can’t be satisfied by her husband who only let her gain a little pleasure and excitement.

She is betraying, lying and acting like a fool in front of her husband.

Immorality and guilt plagues Reiko. Tormented by the lust to have sex with Saito, which she has been looking forward to with sadness. Her body wanted another man, while her mind didn’t forget the love for her husband.

Now, the glans which shakes in front of her eyes invites Reiko. It is between the lips of two beautiful married woman, while becoming even larger and dropping Reiko to further sin.

It’s not her husband. A man who has no affection for her. However, he will surely lead Reiko to the highest heaven and to taste pleasure which melts to the bones.

(I’m sorry…dear…. I…I am disqualified for being your wife…)

While apologizing to her husband, who should still be absorbed in his studies, Reiko covers her sinful self in doing so, closing her eyes with her long eyelashes and slowly sucking the tip of the huge meat weapon with wide opened red lips.

Lying on the bed, Kenichi has his whole body caressed by six beautiful wives. Reiko Arisawa, the chief in charge of “SHADO” is shaking her head while making good use of her skillful technique.

(Leaving her alone for a month, she is completely drowsy…)

Kenichi who put his face into Reiko’s mini skirt in the sixty-nine position sniffs the rich odor which rises from her crotch and makes his madness more intense.Kenichi who is a pervert who loves an beautiful woman’s embarrassing smell is more exciting with its dense and unique fragrance.

Black stockings and flashy designed panty sticks to her crotch and the color is darkened only because of the honey liquid overflowing from the inside. This underwear that must have been bought in secret are those in which a bright red cloth covers the crotch with a minimum area and a black lace border. Reiko bought it for herself and would wear it for Kenichi who likes such underwear.

(She is totally crazy about that…)

She is the top of “SHADO” who is eager to get her own pleasure and licks the black bruise on Kenichi´s penis which is the mark that Kenichi fused with an Incubus. Of course, for someone who fused with a devil, “SHADO” is a formidable enemy and isnt want to approach originally.

But Kenichi knew it from Arisa. Reiko Arisawa, who is in charge of “SHADO”, has a career without experience of actual battle and there is absolutely no experience of actually fighting devil hosts. Of course she has knowledge of capture and removal methods, but Reiko has no experience or physical strength to practice it. And above all, that woman, Arisa’s aunt, is a beautiful woman with a great body and a married woman with a husband and children.

A few months ago Kenichi commanded Arisa to install a virus on the computer system of “SHADO”, destroying the database and erasing the record of his existence. Then he caught some people of “SHADO” to trim their strength. And when that confusion slowly fell, he approached Reiko with a pseudonym and corrupted her body.

Although Reiko has no practical experience, she is the top of “SHADO”. She is familiar with the magical powers of a devil and she also carries small wave motion detectors on her body. Therefore, Kenichi couldn’t use his magical power and it was necessary to conquer this beautiful wife completely with only his own body and technique.

Fortunately, this married woman who had not been sexually linked with her husband exploded at the first time and went crazy. Later it was good that Kenichi slowly infiltrated the poison of pleasures into Reiko´s brilliant body like a cat catches a rat.

The reason he left Reiko alone last month was to make her frustrated to make the final finish and to fend off the detective hired by Reiko’s husband. Because of Reiko´s strange behavior, Michio Arisawa hired a detective to know if his wife has an affair.


When Kenichi´s face is buried into her crotch which was stuffy without being able to endure it, Reiko received an orgasm, while sucking Kenichi´s erected dick and wiggling her body. The 39-year-old married woman, who is extremely sensitive on her whole body, has been thrust up by countless peaks a little while ago and now with a slight stimulation.

After burying his nose in the crotch of Reiko and enjoying the thick smell, Kenichi helds her black stockings. A flashy red panty covering the shameful part becomes demonstrative and is soaking wet while hanging to the crotch tightly. This thin satin fabric perfectly rubs against the open entrance and the unevenness of the inside is clearly seen.

After having enjoyed it with his eyes, Kenichi raises his tongue and licks the side of her red underwear. The flower honey which overflows from the meat jar is sipped, before his tongue crawls inside.


Her body reacts immediately to this stimulation and Reiko begins to tremble. Her body which became extremely sensitive conveys a sweet pleasure signal to the whole body even with a slight caress.

It was Reiko who had been neglected for a long time, but came to be embraced by this man and began to process it carefully. However, the black pubic hair in the circumference of the open entrance is wet and can be seen through the panty. Kenichi extends his long tongue into the inside from the side of the panty.

“Higuuuuuuuu!!! Aaaaa!!!”

The sensitive hot part is stimulated by his tongue softly and Reiko is not able to endure it, so that she released the dick from her mouth to raise her voice. Kenichi´s tongue moves around the gap between the panty and the secret meat, while carefully licking the part that was aching a little while ago and letting Reiko´s whole body melt and her brain become white.

Kenichi licks the body fluids as if it was syrup and skillfully teases the aroused petal with his tongue. He is a pervert who loves to lick the shameful body fluids and secret parts of beautiful girls to bare the desire.

“Aaahiii!!! Cummmm!!! Cuuummmm!!”

And the moment her most sensitive point was touched by Kenichi´s tongue, everything came like a flash. The 39-year-old wife, who was taught the deepest pleasures, tentatively forget everything at last and drown in her real feeling.

Inside a hotel room, with her lover and five unknown women, Reiko received this momentary and destructive ecstasy.

(There is no drill…)

Although it was Kenichi who licked out the honey that was already in her crotch, he continued since more honey is blown out from the hole. When he extends his long tongue and insert it into the meat hole, he slowly rubs the mucosa of the entrance.


Reiko is falling into ecstasy while letting her whole body receive this unbelievable pleasure. While raising her pecked butt into the air, she is trembling. Reiko who is normally a intellectual and cool beauty exposed her embarrassing figure while suffering from pleasure that can not be thought of from this world.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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