Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 154

New semester

“The balance is beginning to collapse…”

“Oh yeah…”

There is a voice. It sounds high like a woman and low like a man, a strange voice that can be heard by the listener.

“The cause seems to be a devil…”

“Yes, it looks like so…”

White Room. In a room with nothing but white, two people are talking so.

No. Two people are not accurate. Not everyone is a human because the voice which was emitted was strange. There are two different things that exchange each other’s opinions.

In addition, the two of them are not communicating with voices, as they mediate through air vibrations. It is true that they are talking about such content, but those two can clearly understand each other’s words even if it doesn’t become a word.

“Maybe it’s a little troubling existence”

“Yes, that’s right…. A evolved devil, it is too good to be a coincidence…”

In the room where there is nothing, everything is shining white. Both bodies and faces are covered with dazzling white light. If humans look at these two people with naked eyes, they will probably perceive nothing but a mere lump of dazzling light.

“What happened to the human organization?”

“It does not appear to be working very well…”

When one asks, one will answer promptly. But of course they don’t need to ask, because both of them know the answer. Just to tell the other party and to confirm the fact.

“So what about the power of our children?”

“Hmm. If it is destiny…”

A little silence. It is like a moment, but it seems like a eternity.

“I must return the balance…”

“You’re right…”

Two people, or two consciousness say so and the white room disappeared. Only emptiness spreads from there. But that word becomes a piece, it becomes a grain of light, and eventually it falls like the shower of light to the ground.

It is a white thread that can never be seen in human science. Rain of light shining on the silver went from the sky to a point on the ground and was sucked in so as to be attracted.

April. The season when everything becomes new. When the activity of life becomes active, its energy melts into the air and its density increases.

Even at the prestigious Ellis all girls high school in Tokyo, freshmen entered with a deliberate pleasure in their new life while having some anxiety. Ellis all girls high school has a good position as a prestigious school in producing small numbers of excellent graduates who are proud of their long traditions, academic achievements and sports, and only accepts a small number of freshmen, which is 30 girls this year.

Today is the entrance ceremony. New students dressed in brand new uniforms gathered together with their guardians in the morning. However, the ceremony done in the gymnasium ends safely and mothers and daughters are taking commemoration fotos until the people gradually begin to disappear.

While watching the roster of new freshmen, a man is sitting in a heavy chair. The room is overflowing with calm furniture, even if you look at the carpet it can be said that it uses super high class materials. The room located at the center of the first floor of the school is a special place that no one normally enters.

The room is the chairman’s room and sitting on the chair now in place of the chairman who seldom comes to school is the science teacher of this school.

In the afternoon when the entrance ceremony was over and the new student returned, Kenichi was looking intently at the photos of the roster and the profiles that were written there in the chairman room, because he used it as his room recently. The information of the parents of the female students are also described there with the names. There are many prestigious private schools in the city, and the parents’ occupations are often politicians and executives of big companies, which means that the students grew up in the wealthy upper class.

At that time, a knocking sound and the door of the president’s office was opened and three beautiful women who arouse someone’s eyes came in. All of them are outstanding in proportions and are in perfect fit because they attended the entrance ceremony in the morning. Make-up is also well-balanced, which further highlights their beauties.

“Do you like a girl?”

The voice somewhere whiff in softness came from the the oldest woman among the three smiling with a grin and talks to Kenichi who is eagerly looking at the list of freshmen. Her outstanding proportions from the top of the clothes are clearly seen and her bewitching atmosphere isn’t concealed even if she wears her metal-framed glasses.

“Midou-sensei is aiming for a lovely freshman”

“What would you do if those mothers knew that there was such a animal in this prestigious girls high school of their daughters?”

Two young beauties entering later laugh with giggle while watching Kenichi. Both of them just graduated from university this spring and became a teacher and dressed in clothes that are so sexy as to give a mature impression over their actual age.

“This year is particularly high quality, so it’s not a problem to choose?”

The pretty woman wearing glasses stands behind Kenichi sitting in a chair and also looks into the roster. Sweet body odor of that mature woman wraps Kenichi like perfume and the beast inside Kenichi swiftly raises its body to that pessimistic smell.

“This girl is pretty, just like a doll…”

While pointing at a picture of a single female student, the english teacher, Junko Yoshikawa, whispered mischievously into Kenichi ‘s ear. Junko’s 96 centimeter G cup breasts inevitably pushed around the neck of Kenichi because they cover him from behind.

“Is Junko’s type like this girl…do you like to bully such a cute thing?”

As soon as Kenichi smiles at Junko who is lustful and leaks hot sighs into his ear, he asks so teasingly.

“I don’t like it, Midou-sensei…. Sensei is the one who likes to take away the virginity of a girl while watching her crying … But really this year the level is high, I would be distracted… ”

As Junko pointed out, all freshmen in the roster are full-bodied marvelous girls.

It is also natural that they intentionally gathered high-level beautiful girls who compete for numbers 1 and 2 in regular schools if they are in ordinary schools. Of course that was what Kenichi intentionally made using the board of directors and vice principal Yamada now.

“Well, I will take care of it, I will accept all of this year’s new students.”

Picking up Junko ‘s arms and drawing her chewy body close, Kenichi robs her red lips. Immediately their tongues entangle and they exchange thick saliva.

“Aah…bad guy…. In daytime, in such a place…. Nooo…”

When putting his hands in the thin peach spencer suit and rubbing the breasts through the blouse, Junko begins to raise a cry quickly. It seems that Junko herself has accumulated quite a bit because Kenichi didn’t caress Junko for a while. Although resisting the evidence with her mouth, she responds sensitively to his caress and her whole body wants more.

“Awesome…. You want to eat all 120 new students”

“Huhuhuhu. However, I´m afraid he really will do it”

After graduating from university in March, Ayumi Momoi and Shiho Fujiwara became teachers at Ellis all girls high schooö during this spring and are kneeling left and right of Kenichi who is sitting in a chair right now while giggling.

“This guy is aiming for 120 virgin high school girls”

“Nooo, it’s getting bigger now…”

The crotch which swells from the top of his trousers is caught and the new female teachers laughs happily. Their hands are used for caress and it can be said that those two have done these kinds of acts many times so far.

Last year when I came to this school as an educational internship, the two people who were tasted pleasantly melting into bone by being honored by Kenichi, were made to be meat slaves of this villain as it was, and regretted their limbs that have been blown all the time since then It is offering without it. Before graduation, I was held in a condominium or hotel, but from today I will steal the eyes of students and other teachers, and even at schools where I work at the same way as Junko.

“Can I already take your trousers off?”

“Because it is so big, I will make it easier…”

The belt is removed and the two new female teachers expose the crotch of the science teacher in the chairman room at school. At the same time Kenichi and Junko deeply intertwine their tongues and are deeply involved in deep kissing.

“Aah, great…”


Ayumi and Shiho sigh at the glance with a glittering appearance in this lighted room. Just watching this overwhelming genital makes them go crazy and obey, their bodies get hot and their heads get hazy. It is conditional reflection indicated by a female imprinted with memories of pleasure by a devil.

Even if they look at it many times it is huge with an overwhelming size and it has the most suitable shape to make women go crazy. On the surface of the thick dark root, thick blood vessels are clearly visible and the tip protrudes strongly.



Shiho and Ayumi are reminded of the feeling when it comes into them, so that they need to swallow and gulp their saliva. The mass of his huge meat weapon is as big as a child ‘s arm and can never be tasted with other men.

When it is pulled further out, their folds spread all the way in their vaginas scratching up the sensitive mucous membrane. Both of them are going to go crazy until they will faint at the end of this pleasure.

Both swallowed their spit, as they are looking at each others face and bring their mouths closer from left and right and begin to press their pretty lips on the surface of the rugged meat stem. Both Shiho and Amu were celebrities because of their beautiful appearance when they were students, there was no one who didn’t know them on each campus, but when the guys who admire those girls see them now, they would regret by falling on the ground.

“Ah, let me have plenty of this pacifier”

“Today I’ll enjoy it slowly…”

As soon as the entrance ceremony was over, there were no plans for today. While biting the pleasure encountered by Kenichi for the first time in a long while, Ayumi and Shiho extend their long tongues and apply their sweet salivas on Kenichi´s penis.

“Hard…aah, it’s so hard…”

“Large, I will lick it…I love this…”

Two pink tongues dance and are caressing the sensitive parts. Both tongues goes back and forth to altered things around the whole meat pillar. Shiho and Ayumi who extensively spread their tongues on which saliva is on to lick carefully. Both of them are totally estranged, keeping their tongues crawling on the surface again and again with a sexy look in their eyes.

Receiving a double fellatio, Kenichi still exchanges fierce kisses with Junko. This beautiful teacher disliked the science teacher just a few months ago, but now this woman with an outstanding beautiful appearance and proportions loved this man from the bottom of her heart.

“Kenichi-samaa…. More…please give me more…”

Once Junko who was doing fierce deep kissing releases her lips, did she says so and sucks Kenichi´s lips again. Her tongue moved again and entangled with Kenichi´s tongue, before she started to drink his saliva. At that moment Kenichi intensely sucked her tongue.


Junko is immersed in fierce kissing as if she forgot to breathe while hugging Kenichi’s neck in the chair. Occasionally she raise her eyebrows because Kenichi´s hands inside her blouse are massaging her aroused big tits with her bra.

“Shiho. Can I put it in my mouth first?”

Ayumi says so after not be able to endure it anymore after licking the armpits and without waiting for a response she put the huge penis into her mouth. Once in her mouth, Ayumi closed her eyes and moved her thin white neck by slowly beginning to shake up and down.

“Ah…I also like this mark”

Shiho who is a half-devil loves oral service after becoming Kenichi’s slave and crawls with her tongue on the surface of Kenichi´s meat pillar. The butterfly spreading wings like bruise on the surface, becomes wet with saliva and its eerie blackness stands out even more now.

While watching these girls who changed their fates dramatically, Kenichi rubbed and pounded Junko’s big tits using his power and that beautiful female teacher, who is a longing for many male teachers, makes her whole body tremble from climbing up to a light acme.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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