Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 153


The TV in the room shows the night news program in a dark room. Whenever the news scene changes, the color of the light in the room changes accordingly.

Its top news is the politician’s sex scandal. It was taken up in a big way because the general election which had been near was talked about.

According to it, a member of the active district association, who was a leading candidate in the next election had sex with a high school student at a love hotel. The report says lawmakers are desperately trying to deny it, but high school students have already acknowledged that fact and authorities have seized a video that recorded that situation.

It is a big scandal that will appear in tomorrow’s morning newspapers anyway.

“I think that Terashima-san know the horror of Kenichi now”

Aoyama Noriko who was a former member of SHADO laughs thinly though she wad eating luxurious sweets in a love hotel, while she snuggles up to Kenichi’s side who sits on the sofa and starts to lick his neck with her long, thick tongue.

It was not a coincidence that Honomiya-san, who was a powerful candidate for Terashima’s electoral district, came in the room next to that where Terashima and Kenichi were. Honomiya-san who had raped and sexual harassed a girl had been hitting that misery of his customs until then, but it was one of Kenichi’s women, Eto Sayaka who has tempted him covered as a high school student and lead him to this trap.

As to deliberately fuel that animal desire, Sayaka wore a super mini skirt and let Honomiya-san screw his excitement into her vaginal hole, while the police rushed in, because they were informed in advance that Honomiya-san attacked a high school student.

“Well, every man is a leecher…. If a favorite woman is in front of them, they will attack at once…”

By the way, it’s cute enough to say that Sayaka played a big part in today’s big scandal and as a reward has sex with Kenichi now. Sayaka is a high school student and even though she is a half-devil she clearly can hide her evil spirit. She wrapped her thin limbs around Kenichi’s body and greatly absorbs the pleasure greedily.

For Kenichi, the taste of this succubus host is exceptional.

In order to squeeze the sexual energy of a man, she has the optimum structure and tightening. When entering inside her vagina, the folds surprisingly wrapped without a certain gap from the tip to the root, and every time it moves even a little with its intense friction, it pours out tremendous pleasure. When piercing her uterus, she tries to twist the intruder with a vise like tightening that make many men cry and cramp on the bed.

Her two best friends who had been brought together were delicious because Sayaka had been told to bring some playmates with her beforehand. Both of them were bad girls playing in the downtown area like Sayaka, and they had flashy makeup and black skin, because their real faces were surprisingly pretty innocent.

The beautiful girls were shaking trembling when Sayaka was roughly fucked by Kenichi and watching her raising a voice of joy which cannot be thought of a high school girl. After Kenichi deeply caressed Sayaka, he still was hungry like a beast.

He put his face in front of the two short skirts of the black gals and enjoyed the sweet flower nectar dropping from their crotch as much as possible, then handcuffed them and left them so in their ruptured uniform appearance.

While listening to the painful screams of those two friends, Kenichi pierced their narrow pussies which had no pubic hair with his huge dick that makes even married woman tremendously excited.

Although it was pain at first, Sayaka´s black gal friends who had experience only sex with a man of the same age went crazy from the pleasure brought by Kenichi´s huge penis that crowded inside their pussies seriously. The second time having se they moved their hips from alone and on the third round they put Kenichi´s dick inside their vaginas after being commanded.

Plucking in pleasure and playing around with those three play dolls Kenichi is thrilled with a feeling of extraordinary tales, while Sayaka and her two gal friends are completely satisfied. By the time they left the hotel, the two lovely high school girls ask when will be the next time.

Not only high school students at school, Kenichi’s desire is increasing greatly and spreads. Through Sayaka´s influence, he will do all the girls in the Shibuya area.

“You had plenty of stiff inexperienced sex during the daytime and palate at night with a plump and greasy wife…”

Noriko laughs thinly while rubbing her huge breasts which is thrusting up her blouse.

“She’s not palate. She still has a youthful pussy. Right, Kaori”

Kenichi speaks to Kaori, a married news announcer who straddles herself on top of himself in a dirty manner, while still wearing a suit.

“Ahh…. Amazingg…it’s irresistible…. Pleasant…”

Although Kaori was asked that, her head is whitening due to the overwhelming pleasure she is tasting right now and therefore she can not answer straight.

“Iiiii!! Again, I´m cumming! A large amount is cummingg!!”

Kaori’s pussy that swallowed Kenichi´s meat pole is absolutely inexperienced for her age although she had a relation with Shirato. For that reason she is strongly tied to Kenichi now because she experience her youthfulness. Even now it is a superb pleasure organism, but it will get better and better from now as the wave of Kenichi´s Inma will be poured inside her womb many times more.

“Whoa… she is absolutely crazy about it…. Well, no wonder…”

Masako Muto also a former member of SHADO says this from the other side of Noriko to make fun of Kaori while stimulating the chest of Kenichi with her fingers. Masako who looks like a minor at first glance has a flushed expression now because of lust and desire.

“It’s her first sex with Kenichi-sama since a long time…. I guess she was anguish because she couldn’t be satisfied by her husband, so she has no other choice”

“It’s too much, but she was really serious, so that’s the rebound…. Such a person, if she learns about such a pleasant thing as a married woman, she would drown thoroughly and forget her husband”

Masako and Noriko are saying selfish things while deepening Kenichi’s pleasure.

Kaori still wear the beige tight mini skirt that she was wearing at a variety show and she straight came to this hotel room to see Kenichi. Her body was hungry for a long time, therefore you could see from her face that she eagerly wants it, before she put it inside herself.

“Inside is better!!! Deeperr! Push it inside!!”

This pretty announcer becomes crazy from the pleasures given by the Incubus. When Kaori’s husband or a fan sees this situation, what kind of face would they make?

“The taste has improved greatly”

Her hips that still have that tight skirt attached are hold by both hands and Kenichi also licks his mouth from the taste of this popular announcer. The butterfly bikini panty with an extreme sexy design that you wouldn’t think she would wore has a small window to invite a man from which Kenichi´s big penis entered inside her secret hole.

Of course, it is something Kaori bought only to please Kenichi without telling her husband. The viewers who are watching the program won’t be able to imagine that this beautiful announcer who reads the news with a neat face in the screen is wearing such a shameless underwear under her suit.

This is the second time for Kaori to have sex with Kenichi and she has already gone mad with the pleasures brought by that bad guy. Although she had several times sex with her husband as newlyweds, she was stunned every time to this extraordinary taste. The sex with her husband who is selfish and premature is not enough in length and volume, as a result Kaori’s frustration doubled.

“Aaaa! Again, cuum!! Again, I´m cuummmiinngg!!!”

Although Kaori was pierced many times when she was fucked in this room for the first time and she completely became accustomed to him, the pleasure brought by Kenichi´s murderous weapon let this married woman who was chaste a while ago reach orgasm very easily. Along with that, the muscles surrounding her vagina shrink violently and squeeze out the intruder that is expanding her womb. A large amount of love juice is poured inside her vagina and the white serious juice overflows from it. Of course Kenichi didn’t use any condom. Kaori went crazy with raw sex with another guy than her husband.


“Being that way…do it quickly…”

Next to Kenichi and Kaori who are sitting on a sofa, Anri Matsui and Rina Nishiyama sat down on a huge double bed and are enviously staring at those two.

Anri and Rina were caught by Kenichi the last time he brought them to this room to become prey for the Incubus. Because it was Kenichi who had treated the dark desires of these gravure models, it was excited to see these two and devour their luscious bodies until midnight with pretty club hostesses. Both of them also had a large amount of magic sperm poured inside their wombs and they became captivated in one night as well as the hostesses and Kaori.

The sound of heavy sex fills the room. Anri and Rina who were left alone in a excited state are exchanging deep kisses, while groping each others secret part. This lesbian play is a luxury show only to love dirty.

After this, Rena Kurosawa and Miki Endo also participate in tonights orgy. Miki who polished her beauty and proportions in addition to Rena who is a popular gravure idol has returned as an active model disregarding her husband. Four beautiful gravure models, including the other women entertain Kenichi with their bodies as if they worship a God.

In addition, these four will bring their own model friends in the future. They willing present their friends as a source of their black desire solely to please Kenichi.

This way, this chain reaction of meat will spread, with Kenichi at the top.

“Aaaa! Cum! Cum, Cum, Cuummmiiinnnggg!!”

“Oo…, this tightening. It is like the high school students who were raped during the daytime…”

Kenichi moans while enjoying the shrinking of Kaori who has convulsions and reaching paradise. From the superb pleasure that is better than the pleasure from the gangster Shirato se energy is released and absorbed by the black bruise on Kenichi´s penis.

“What happened to the contract?”

“Yes. The procedure will be over by tomorrow. Terashima’s lawyer is going to come tomorrow night”

Masako smiles and laughs. The contract is about the finest club in Ginza. The sales will be in the pocket of the owner and of course you can eat all the beautiful flowers in this club.

“Aaa…pleasant…. I love it…”

Kaori who received an big orgasm is sucking on Kenichi with her lovely lips. Soon it becomes a fierce deep kiss and the two intertwine each other’s tongue. While doing so, the waist of Kaori is moving greedily in search of the next pleasure.

“Kaori. I want you to introduce someone…the announcer that is reflecting now…”

On the screen a pretty announcer who is highly praised of her beauty is explaining social news with a serious face. You can see the proportion of her good body even from her firm suit and imagining that her serious look is distorted by pleasure due to his own penis, let Kenichi become more excited.

“Aaaa! I will bring her!! Absolutely! Aaa…iii! Fantastic!!”

Her vagina interior is stimulated by that and Kaori ran toward a higher pleasure again. Her husband who is waiting for her return at home isn’t worth a thought.

At that moment the perception of Kenichi which spread like a radar by magical power caught that Miki Endo and Rena Kurosawa got into the entrance of this hotel with wearing sexy clothes. Both of them were of course beautiful enough to be called supernatural, but recently they have been further exposed to the wave of the Incubus from the inside and their beauty and style are increasingly refined. Since these two people appeared at the same time, Kenichi knows from his radar that the men in the lobby are looking at them all at once.

The two of them ignore the gazes mixed with envy and desire of such men, while waiting for the elevator in the hall and giggling to each other. Whether they are already expecting Kenichi´s penis, their crotches already spit out plenty of honey fluid and stain their flashy underwear.

A little later tonight, Yuki will also come with some hostesses here after the club closed. As Kenichi went to ‘Esprit’ several times, he released his wave, and many people, including Megumi and Shoko were influenced so that he can see their aura clearly.

It’s going to be a long, dense night with more than ten beautiful women tonight. (TL note: Orgy time:) )

(You’ll soon be my slave, too)

When Kenichi murmurs so seeing the beautiful announcer in the screen, that announcer who is live suddenly distorts her face and gets caught in her words for a moment.

While looking at the scene, Kenichi begins to think about which excellent meat pot he should made the first insemination of tonight, before laughing and grinning.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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