Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 151

In front of the mistress

“Well, do you recognize this woman?”

When Kenichi said so another woman appeared from the back.

When the woman approached Kenichi while slightly tilting her head, her gaze fell on Terashima. Whether she was 30 years old or not, this was a tremendous beauty who had a Japanese style. Even when this beautiful woman looks at Yuki who is eagerly doing her blowjob, she does not seem to be surprised.

“Do not you know even if you look at her face?”

Kenichi asks so once again interestingly, and e beautiful woman becomes even more embarrassed, she takes off her pink thin blouse and her white tight skirt.


Terashima raised a voice without forgetting his position. The body of that pretty woman was overflowing with overwhelming taste.

She wore a dark brown lace underwear on her body which has pure white skin and dense pheromones are released from her whole body like a God of ecchi or the incarnation of a succubus.

Her huge chest that seems soft is wrapped in the brown lace bra and is stubbornly protruding forward, from which a perfect curve starts downwards to her slender waist. Furthermore, the overhanging hips are tight, imagining the goodness of the vaginal structure and what lies inside. Her elegant long legs are enough to enchant many men. It is easy to imagine the inner narrowness of this marvelous woman.

Terashima unexpectedly swallowed his spit from that overwhelming body and pure white skin. In the meantime, his penis already became hard inside his pants and the hardness is increasing steadily.

“She is a nice woman, right? She looks like a married woman with her whole body and it looks soft”

When you look closely a silver ring can be seen on her left hand.

“Yuki is also the best, but this pussy is also excellent. Inside, there are soft folds growing and it is getting tangled…is it like thousand worms?”

Kenichi is talking while turning his arm to the waist of that newly appeared pretty woman. While doing so, the beautiful woman clings to his neck with a wretched expression and raining kisses on his ear and neck. Terashima ‘s eyes can tell clearly that she is fascinated about this man from the bottom of her heart.

“To tell the truth, this woman was a different man’s slave until recently and she is able to do anything what that man said who isn’t her husband”

“Nooo, forgive me…Kenichi-sama. I will never do anything to other people anymore”

This married woman clings to Kenichi with a spoiled voice.

“You enjoyed it too, didn’t you? Yoko”

“That’s not right. I desperately hated it. It was not good at all”

Rubbing her huge breasts against his chest, this beautiful woman acts different from her words.

“Uhuhuhu…. Lie only. Although I was fucked by a gangster, I was in agony. Saying it is comfortable, using my waist by myself and exchanging hot kisses and as much as I needed until I cummed. You saw it from here, so you know it properly…”

Yuki responses while playing with the giant meat sword rising from Kenichi´s crotch in front of her talk and smiling mischiveously.

“No, Yuki’s mean…. But if you are caressed for such a long time and are seriously impressed everyone would went crazy…”

Looking at Terashima whose eyes started to glitter with jealousy, that pretty married woman tells the truth with a hot sigh before watching at the glaring Kenichi. Her facial expression seems to be so sexy as to be comparable with an AV actress, obviously she remembered the sex and was excited about the memory of that pleasure.

“It was amazing, Yoko-san was overjoyed while crying, because she was fucked by a chewy yakuza in front of her husband…”

“Noo…dont say it, don’t say it”

Talking about that time, Terashima realized who the sexy beauty in front of him was.

“At, at that time…!”

He ordered Shirato, to rape the president of Ellis all girls high school who refused to cooperate in the relocation. At that time, Shirato had fucked this married woman in the other room, while Terashima observed it through the magic mirror.

“It seems that you finally remembered…”

At this moment Kenichi sat down on the sofa in front of Terashima, while Yoko also kneels down before him. Yuki that had been kneeling and licking the pillar stood up so as to switch positions, before she took off her dress by twisting her body and looking at Kenichi´s eyes.

Below that, a bra and panty designed only for pleasing a man and stockings on a garter belt appeared stunningly. Sensual and bold sexy lingerie that Terashima has never seen before.

As her name suggests, Yuki has a body with pure white skin, but as Terashima saw it now after a long time, her sex appeal increased further and even Terashima who saw her naked many times started breathing heavily. Dark gray thin lace underwear bites into her soft flesh, making it easy to imagine that moist and soft melting feeling.

“I hold it in my mouth…. Okay, Kenichi-sama…?”

When she lay herself on the sofa, Yuki who has painted her saliva all over every corner of Kenichi´s penis makes it sweet for her new master. Of course, it is not the purpose to listen to a reply, but the purpose is to make her masochist blood come true, letting her realize that she is dominated.

While sitting in front of Terashima whose face turned red with despair and anger again, she grabbed the meat weapon once again, brought her elegant lips close and swallowed it into her sweet mouth.

Terashima wonders how much time has elapsed since the beginning of this act before his eyes. He was unable to keep an eye on it after all.

Of course his heart was full of anger and jealousy and his desire is growing like it is in proportion to it. When he noticed it he also noticed the sight in front of him.

Today, in front of Terashima, Yuki and Yoko, from both sides, are doing a rich double blowjob. Those two beautiful woman with good sex appeal do their best to satisfy Kenichi and they are licking his huge dick with a gentle expression.

This combination is breath-taking as if they had done this act many times, because the huge meat umbrella constantly submerged in one of the elegant lips while the other one teased and stroked the balls.


“Nooo…I just feel the licking…”

Both of them use their mouths while lying down on the sofa and also completely feeling it, because they are moving their hips. Their huge breasts that are wrapped in bras are pressed against Kenichi´s thighs.

It’s irresistible for the two bright red lips to glow wet from saliva, while wrapping their tongues around the swallowed penis each time. Both women move slowly and make a watery sound because of their excitement. Terashima, whose erectile power has declined several years ago has an erected crotch without being able to move.

This is not the first time for these two people to be called together in this way. At first it was Yuki who was jealous of the existence of a beautiful woman other than herself, but she became obsessed with the suspicious pleasure of harem sex served by a woman who is also a comrade and they began to work together.

A feeling of superiority when you are being fucked and a feeling of frustration when your opponent is being fucked. Both Yuki and Yoko wanted Kenichi´s sturdy thing and opened their crotch wide on the bed and raised their buttocks. Throughout the feasting flesh banquet, these ripe women scrambled for the love of Kenichi and punished the limits of technique and pour full passion into this beloved fantasy.

“Well, the introduction was delayed. I am the science teacher at Ellis all girls high school and I´m called Midou”

When Kenichi said so with a sobering voice, Terashima, who was brought back to reality from the sight in front of him, looks like a demented patient for a moment but finally moves his face as he returned to himself.

“What! …You’re a science teacher!!”

Terashima didn’t think that Kenichi is a man of such a profession. With his power, such a small existence tries to do something against him. That man stole his woman and tied him on a chair.

“Nice joke! Let go! Unleash this rope! What did I do!”

Terashima´s face turns red with agitation.

“Well well…I know everything you did”

Kenichi talked to him in a low voice, explaining what he had done, while being pleased by two beauties from both sides.

Kenichi started from Yamaji who was a director at Ellis all girls high school, the accident in the hospital using the Genkai group and the car accident of his uncle. He also told how Yoko was raped by Shirato as if he was there at that time.

Of course everything Terashima has done is explained in details until it was fine. The relocation with a major real estate company, the huge amount of rental fee, Kenichi also explains it by giving specific names and names of people.

“Th, that’s…I did not know!”

While sweating on his back, Terashima became pale white. The content that this man spoke about was surprisingly accurate and creepy, but since he did not leave any direct evidence, he would not have fallen into a dilemma. Documents about the plan that failed should have been deleted.

However, such an reaction has already been expected by Kenichi.

“Well, I thought you would say so, but how is this information?”

While enjoying the rich double blowjob with two romantic lustful women, Kenichi began to talk about content that is surprising for Terashima.

It was a story of a fraudulent political contribution, a story of a disturbing campaign against rivals in the election, a story of a family company earning in an illegal way. It is a sure scandal that if only one of them is revealed it will have a huge impact on the next election.

“Idiot. Where is the evidence that such a thing…”

Talking about it, Terashima has a bad feeling. The evidence of them wasn’t in his hands, but he remembered that Shirato, his secretary behind the scenes, kept them all. By the way, Terashima couldn’t collect those documents from Shirato’s house. Shirato said that he kept it in a safe deposit box, but Terashima hadn’t found out where the safe is or whether the safe was.

“It is as you guessed…. Shirato-san went missing, but there was a hidden safe in his house…it seems that the Genkai group couldn’t find it…. There I have got those documents inside this empty bag now…”

Before Kenichi was certainly Shirato´s familiar bag.


Just now, Terashima understood the crisis and from the bottom of his heart he knew that his fate was held in the hand of that man. That was enough to give him the illusion that a hole into abyss is opened below his feet as if to show his despair.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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