Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 150

Angry congressman

Terashima-san was angry. No, it is better to say that he was furious.

The relocation of Ellis all girls high school didn’t go well, so he was putting pressure through the director of the school, but in the end the board had rejected. He commanded Shirato his right hand to do a smooth work as a middle-man.

The result is, the redevelopment plan itself was out of time due to the time limit. With this it was impossible to get huge payment fee for this matter. Even though the next general election is approaching before the second election, it seems that it is a time when campaign funds are needed the most.

The upcoming election was a crucial point for Terashima, once the winner is elected, the voice of the Minister will be taken again. But on the other hand, rival political parties are exclusively rumored in the same constituency that they hold younger and more popular candidates compared to his party. There is nothing worth it unless he is re-elected.

(That idiot…. It’s a failure…)

The president of the building company Yamaji which he had handed down this case became a scrapped person due to a cerebral hemorrhage and is now a vegetable. Even if Terashima abuses him here, it’s useless.

(He too! Laying a hand on Yuki…moreover such a failure, what have they done!!)

Shirato his right hand who did the dirty work for Terashima also went missing. The reason for that is that he had an affair with Yuki Yamaoka who is Terashima’s woman, and he escapes the Genkai group who were commanded by Terashima to catch him alive. Even now no one knows his whereabouts and Terashima can’t let out his anger.


Even though he drank a cup of water, he didn’t feel good sitting on a sofa in the “Esprit” club. Yuki his mistress and the club mama of this club is sitting besides him and observes Terashima-san with enchanted eyes and it seems she doesn’t know anything about it.

(How did this happen…damn…)

Even though Terashima thought about it many times he always comes to the same result.

If this redevelopment did go well, perhaps billions of money was supposed to come in. All of the premise to survive the election that is coming up has completely collapsed. That is still a big shock. He has been thinking about the same thing since a while and no new idea comes to his mind.

(If he didnt do such a thing…)

Recalling the image of Yuki and Shirato having sex, he bit his teeth.

Terashima doesn’t know who sent it, but it was mixed within his mail in his office. Shirato and Yuki having sex was filmed by a hidden camera set in Yuki’s room at an unprecedented time. Yuki seemed to be more excited then always, as she was fucked by that yakuza and repeatedly saying “I love you” “I love you”.

Terashima, whose head was boiling with jealousy looked at the images and immediately ordered the Genkai group to try to catch Shirato. But during that day Shirato escaped and as a result, the plan failed. At that time, he waited until the end of the board meeting but nothing happened.

At the time Shirato disappeared, all the gears went crazy. But at that time his head was getting hot with anger and jealousy and he acted to punish Shirato too soon without thinking about the future.

Looking at the sneaky Yuki in the screen, he just felt sad.

(From that point on, I think that Yuki wont be approached…)

Thinking about it, Terashima looks at Yuki sitting next to him. He had not been able to meet her recently because he had been busy these days, but Yuki for the first time in a while today was different somehow.

“Yuki, you…”

“What is it?”

Terashima suddenly felt amazing desire when he saw Yuki who smiled slowly. It is the craving for a female like a junior high school student.

The cause is obviously Yuki.

Of course, she is a prideful mistress who has a beautiful face and embellished with a preeminent body, but to describe her in a word she is extremely sexy. Originally she had a face and expression that is loved by men, but it is further polished and is shining more while pheromones are emitted from her whole body.

Her face with her gorgeous eyes are extremely beautiful and her lips that are soft would make a man yearn for her. Her chest protrudes from her slender neck proudly and in the valley there are pale-white blood vessels running. Her waist is somewhat nasty, letting you imagine what kind of structure her secret part has. Her thighs are so soft that a finger can be absorbed in it and the grace of her elongated legs let you sigh.

She is a woman who Terashima found and brought up himself. He should known every corner of her body, but her beauty and body as he sees after a long time was enough to surprise Terashima. To tell the change of Yuki, she is like a large rose that started to bloom fully.

“What is it, looking so jealous…. It’s embarrassing…”

Looking at Terashima who drinks his saliva, Yuki smiles happily. That smile is somewhat decadent, wearing the smell of tranquility and sensation. Terashima was attacked by a violent urge to want to penetrate his penis inside her lipstick wearing glossy lips.

“Hey…. Let’s go to your room…”

“Oh, now? I wonder if it is not a bit too early”

Time is still 9 o’clock. The night in Ginza is coming. But Terashima has already stood up. Rushing like a junior high school student, Yuki laughs.

“Good! Let’s go now!”

Terashima enters into his company car, before Yuki also seats gracefully. While Terashima issues something to a boy and prepare to return home, Yuki send a short sentence with her smartphone taken out of her bag. Her face that laughs and grin is evil and nasty like an succubus.

(Aah…. Finally I can see you…)

Yuki was enthralled and felt a lot of love nectar inside her thin panty while looking forward to the orgy that will occur today.

(This is…where is this place…?)

Terashima wakes up and his head is still dull. He shakes his head to make his consciousness clear, trying to remember where he was.

He definitely took a car from Ginza ‘s prestigious club “Esprit” and remembered until he was heading towards Yuki’s apartment. Suddenly a strong odor triggered and he felt that his body would get hot for the first time in the evening and so he leaves the store in early afternoon and thought about having plenty of sex with Yuki. He was supposed to have been enjoying the sensation when he got in the car and pulled Yuki’s body towards himself.

But apparently he became unaware of his way and fell asleep.

“Did you notice?”

When Terashima heard that voice, a woman wearing a wonderful dress was sitting opposite to him. Her appearance is beautiful enough to be blessed and is unbearably sexy.

However, trying to approach Yuki he finally realized that his body was fixed to a chair with a rope and he couldn’t move.

“What is this? Hey, don’t prank me! Undo this quickly!!”

Desperately moving his limbs, his body doesn’t move at all, therefore Terashima orders Yuki to release him full of anger and impatience. Yuki, however, doesn’t do anything at all even when viewing Terashima and looks down on him with a thin laugh.

“Hey! Don’t do that! Don’t joke! Hurry up and release me!”

Terashima who thought about this scene several times so far shout out with a powerful and impudent voice. However, there is no indication that Yuki will move at all by his intimidation.

“Hey, daddy…do you know where here is?”


Being told, Terashima looks around.

Obviously this place is not Yuki´s apartment. However, it is a familiar room and Terashima who thought for a while realized that this is the room where he was peeking through the magic mirror when Shirato deprived that director.

“Here, here…is a secret club! Why are we in a place like this!!”

When he shouted so, a man appeared abruptly from the darkness. The man who appeared like a ghost stood behind Yuki and grope her plump body over the dress without saying anything.

“Yah. Nooo…, ecchi…”

Yuki looks pleased from such a caress and is enjoying the stimulation that her body receives from those hands. That man is Kenichi.

“Good evening, Terashima-san…”

Kenichi talks to Terashima with a low voice, but that voice contained a scorching hatred somewhere. While doing that, both hands have entered into Yuki´s dress and he started to play with her rich bust that is protruding forward with both hands. Far from disliking this male wolf, Yuki is happy to accept him.

“Nooo…. I feel it…”

“Who are you!!”

Without replying, Kenichi exchanged a deep kiss. Yuki gladly accepts and she aligned their lips and drank the saliva so that Terashima can clearly see it as well.

“Hey! Stop it! Yuki! What are you doing!!”

Terashima screams with jealousy and frustration while grinding his teeth to the act Yuki plays in front of him. It is clearly a kiss that is much more enthusiastic than when Yuki kisses Terashima as if those two were real lovers.

“Let me go quickly! Who do you think I am! You will soon find out the power I have!”

“Great…. It’s like a drama”

This line is specific for powerful people and Kenichi starts to laugh happily.

“Aaaa! Awesome…!! Cumm!!”

Shouting so in the arms of Kenichi, Yuki would have reached the top lightly only by having her chest caressed. Terashima could clearly understand from her voice and gesture that it was real instead of acting. Moreover, her voice tone is sweet and nasty as if she cannot wait to have sex with him.

“I know who you are. You are a congressman and Yuki´s patron”

Next Kenichi sniffs her neck and desires a kiss, before he talks to Terashima in a awkward tone. While doing so, he boldly grasps Yuki’s huge breasts that Terashima loves and could clearly see even from above the dress. Yuki´s preeminent body responds to that caress joyfully.

“Who are you…. What grudge do you have?”

While enjoying those big tits with both hands and licking Yuki´s neck, Kenichi was asked a question by Terashima.

“Oh well, you will gradually understand…”

While enjoying the feeling of this great beautiful woman who is agitated in his arms, Kenichi answered. Every time his hands moved under her dress, Yuki´s ripe body bends sexily.

“Even so, this woman has a good body. Terashima-san not only has experience of ministering but also experience getting the best women”

Kenichi continued to rub those huge breasts which is covered by a thin lace bra and enjoys that feeling.


Yuki is overwhelmed with a sexy looking expression. Her body which is devoid of any excess fat is thin and sweaty, pheromones which instantaneously turn a man into a beast is delicately released from her whole body.

“The tightness of her pussy is outstanding, I thought that I could eat it a lot…”

Kenichi tells it casually.

“Noo, it’s embarrassing…. Because your cock is huge and thick…. If you insert such an awesome thing inside, then Yuki´s pussy will seem too small…”

Recalling the huge penis of Kenichi which she tasted enough to melt her waist the other day, Yuki moans with a pleasant voice.

Since being fucked by this guy for the first time, she was taken prey on by that animal’s desire three more times. Every time she gets fucked she faints, because she is totally captivated by the sex and now she is an easy woman who is willing to rush by a single email.


Terashima´s face is bright red from jealousy and despair when he hears Yuki’s infidelity directly from her mouth.

This man who Terashima doesnt know stole his best woman so thats why Terashima feels a huge grudge against Kenichi. If he seriously use his own power, it would be easy to erase such a man etc, but it is miserable that he can not move freely because he is tied up with a rope.

However, as if to sneak out of such feelings of Terashima, Yuki raises a sweet voice and let Kenichi play with her proud chest as much as he wants. It is as if Terashima isn’t there, because this sexy club mama shakes her waist and appeals to Kenichi. She started to stimulate Kenichi´s penis with her hips through her skirt, so that she gets excited more and more from its size and hardness.

“Hey…. I can’t stand it anymore. I want this. Let’s go to bed. Let’s go and have a lot of sex…”

Although it was Yuki who reached a light orgasm, it was not satisfactory, but while deforming her good look from the pleasure spreading from her chest, she gently strokes Kenichi´s penis from the top of his pants because she became increasingly greedy and asked Kenichi for sex with a sweet voice.

Kenichi who pulls out his hand from Yuki’s dress faced towards her face in front of Terashima started to kiss her like a loving couple.

“Hey, use your tongue”


Ordered by Kenichi, the cold and cool Yuki seems like a little girl and gave her lovely tongue gladly to him. The 28-year-old Yuki mainly depended on Terashima after she became a club mama, but these times are over.

After having enjoyed this deep kiss and Kenichi whispers something to Yuki, Yuki nods while shyly kneeling at his feet and pulling down his pants. A high hissing voice came up from Yuki’s mouth, and then she quickly changed to sighing sweetly, Terashima’s eyes also saw the huge meat pillar that appeared from Kenichi´s crotch.


It has enough thickness and length to break the pride of Terashima. It is like a stupid trick, a genital too big for humans.

“Let me see where you lick it. Serve”

“Noo..its embarrassing…”

Ordered by Kenichi again, Yuki sneaks up sweetly, still watching Terashima glaring, before she brings her mouth near the dark thing. Terashima looked this way, but he did not see anything and as to pour oil in his fire, Yuki started to say what she want.

“Ah…terrible. It’s…so big and sturdy…”

Yuki keeps kneeling on the floor, before she stretches out her tongue with a gentle expression and slowly starts to lick from below. It is a mixture of passion, affection and respect that is reflected from her gesture and expression that had never been seen by Terashima. That’s the face of a female who submits to a male of overwhelming power. Looking at such a Yuki, Terashima felt a strong desire of anger and jealousy coupled with chest pain for some reason.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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