Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 149

Yuki?s fall

chapter 149: Yuki´s fall

After having tasted the first pleasure in a while, Yuki starts to sway her face slowly again and again to continue her fellatio. Denting her cheeks, using her tongue, sucking up the glans. This club mama is so beautiful and sexy with her perfect makeup and dress.

She should be accustomed to such sexual skills towards a man, but she is absorbed in the pleasure spreading through her mouth and she gives a rich blowjob that is abnormal. Sometimes she closes her eyes by leaving a sweet breath and an evidence that she has reached the top is her trembling body. Even if Kenichi does nothing, Yuki makes use of her soft and sweet mouth.

After continuing for a while, Kenichi encourages Yuki to get into the sixty-nine position. Completely obedient, she spread her legs in front of Kenichi’s face.

“What is this…isnt this completely dripping”


Kenichi can see her embarrassing crotch through her skirt straight, while Yuki continues to serve his penis shyly.

It is no wonder she is embarrassed. Her black silk panty that covers her crotch becomes drenched from a large amount of honeydew. This french made underwear originally exists to please men with its gaudy design, but because it is wet and stuck to the crotch, the entrance of her vagina is visible. Black pubic hair grows abundantly around it, which is like an carnivorous plant that catches insects.

Yuki who is still giving a fellatio trembles with her whole body by the occasional small acme. Each time her vaginal hole contracts, you can see new juice overflowing from the inside. Then the juice that cannot be absorbed by her silk panty anymore drips down her thighs like small strings.

(Well…how will it taste?)

No matter how many times Kenichi embraces a new woman, the first tasting excites him every time.

As he sucks on her pure white thighs that appear to have never received sunshine for years, he can easily leave red and black marks on her sensitive skin. Kenichi narrowed his eyes to the comfort of his glans inside this woman’s mouth. Sucking up the female pheromone that makes him excited, Kenichi leaves possession marks on Yuki. He loves to affix a possession to a woman who he made his own, especially on the inner side of the thigh which always leaves traces of countless things behind.

“Hiiiii!! Aaaaaaaa!!”

Suddenly being sucked on her secret part, Yuki can’t withhold herself and lets out a loud voice. When she listens carefully she can hear Kenichi´s sucking which is so embarrassing and pleasant that her waist and bottom starts to melt.

Next Kenichi´s long tongue comes in from the side of her black silk panty and a spark runs through her eyes while she is licking his penis. And the moment his tongue reached inside her vagina, Yuki was overrun by a fierce stimulation which she can’t escape from.

“Aaa!! Not good!! Th, that kind of place…hiiii!!”

She squeezes her throat when she releases a joyful cry.

(Why…why do I feel this way…)

The skillful taste of Kenichi gives an unimaginable pleasure and during that time Yuki reached heaven many times. Yuki was about to go crazy from the pleasure and she can’t escape with her hips from Kenichi.

When Kenichi was finally satisfied and released his mouth, Yuki had become paralyzed from the strong pleasure.

The appetizer has just finished. The fun is about to start.

Kenichi got up and raised his body, he grabbed Yuki´s waist and lift her up before rolling up her gorgeous dress. When he put her black underwear aside, he applies his dick against her secret hole and rubs. He pushes the tip against the already opened vagina entrance, but didn’t continue further.

“Aaaa…. Hurry up…”

To this mean man who stopped at this point, Yuki invited him with sexy eyes by turning backwards. Her dark black eyes are overwhelmed by lust and want a hot blow as soon as possible.

Anyway, if you change the angle a bit, it will soon get into her vagina. Yuki wants to shake her back and try to gain that intrusion, but every time she screams.

All men, she met so far went upside down when they saw Yuki ‘s amazing body without exception and hurriedly inserted their dicks. This man is similar to Shirato and always used to pull out a foreplay a bit solely to calm the passion and then enjoy slow sex.

However, this ordinary-looking man doesn’t seem to have lost his reason, even if he received Yuki’s enthusiastic caressing or oral service, he is so calm that it is hatefully. Also, his penis is different from ordinary people and Yuki is beginning to feel a slight disturbance that she is about to become a prey for this ridiculous man.

“Why…aaa…nasty…. Hurry up…”

However, she won’t be stopped by such worries because her burning bottom take the control and primitive desire overruns Yuki.

“That…. That extraordinary thing, please put it inside Yuki…. Quickly…”

Swinging her white butt this beautiful mama gently and sweetly begs Kenichi. Seeing that figure, even if it is a saintly girl he probably will attack and his gentleman-like mask will break apart.

Yuki who is crawling on all fours and raising her buttocks herself waits for his dick while releasing pheromones and dripping new juice from her crotch.

“Then, will you become my woman?”

Pushing his glans against the entrance of this incense hole, Kenichi only gives a slight stimulation, before speaking with a cold voice.

“Aa…you’re cruel…”

Suddenly a number of men flashes through Yuki´s mind who couldn’t resist her great body and even overlooked their prides.

By no means is she a slave voluntarily when she became Terashima´s mistress as compensation for power and money. However, on the other hand, witnessing the overwhelming power of this man, it is the first time for her to be so thrilled with the pleasures of a masochist.

“Aah…. I will…. Yuki will become your woman from today onwards…”

Feeling incredibly pleasant, Yuki swears to become Kenichi`s woman and swings her hips further. Her whole body trembles for the pleasure that will come so she entrusts herself to the presence of this overwhelming male and to devote everything to him.

“You won’t be satisfied with other men, alright?”

Questioned again Yuki couldn’t raise a voice now. But that is only for a moment.

“It’s alright! Come on…. Hurry up and make a mess of me!”

What Yuki doesnt know is that her heart and reason were eroded by the Inma magic.

Kenichi who is satisfied with that figure intrudes into the inside slowly while trying to taste its deliciousness.

“Hiiiiiiiiiii!! Aaaa!! Guuuuuuuu!”

The beautiful club mama reached her orgasm instantaneously while screaming without being able to say anything. Her ripe flesh that continued to be impatient ended the pleasure signals as if it had exploded in the first moment and brought her brain to melt. When her entire vagina swallowed his huge meat weapon, the innermost part is mercilessly touched and a large amount of endorphin is secreted from her brain.

“Aaaaahuuuuuuuu!!! Uuuguuuuuu!!!”

It is the worst and the best combination blow which a penis can give because of the Inma magic and Kenichi´s skills. To that much pleasure, Yuki raises a beast-like voice. Every time the penis rubs against the inside, Yuki squeezes her throat and continues to scream joyfully.

(She is also a great woman…)

On the other hand, Kenichi has a fresh expression on his face from tasting a new woman.

After all, the vagina of this club mama is used to squeeze a man’s penis completely and the whole thing is entangled. Moreover, the whole meat pole is bent to a “S” a little and starts to resist. It is definitely a superb first-class instruments heaven gave to this beautiful woman.

(But from today, she is mine…)

There is no word of satisfaction for the greedy Inma. Every time Kenichi gets a new girl or woman, it’s desires grows deeper and bigger. The object of desire that was only in the school at the beginning is now spreading beyond the school.

“Hiiii!! Aaaa…th, there…there’s a weakness…”

Everytime Kenichi´s son touched the inside, Yuki experiences great pleasure. This club mama whose weak points were seen through by Kenichi is violated ruthlessly. Yuki who still wears her dress raised her tight hips and took a position to let Kenichi pierce her easier.

In this position a female has the highest chance to receive a child. A woman who has slaughtered her body and mind instinctively wants that gene that is the highest and strongest for humanity.

Kenichi stops moving at a place where she slowly pushes the pillar and enjoys the full friction of the mucous and then pierces it up to the deepest part with a big thrust. Meanwhile Yuki came many times and continued to raise the pleasurable voice while trembling with her whole body. Goosebumps firmly stood on her white skin, and the fingers clenching the sheets are whitening due to the power put in them.

Yuki is impatient with Kenichi, therefore she starts to swing her white butt on her own greedily.


Yuki that pays attention response with a sweet voice. Meanwhile, countless folds entangled the gigantic pillar swallowed inside the womb.

“Please…please…. I want you…to fuck me even more!”

Yuki who turns backward with a spectacular sexy look pleads with a semi crying expression.

Kenichi who confirmed that the prey is ready starts a rhythm slowly by holding her butt with both hands and pouring his black wave inside. Eight red tentacles get caught up in Yuki´s white body and without hesitating erode her aura.

“Aaaaaaa!! Hiiiiiiii!!”

Sparks of pleasure run through her whole body right now. Next an intense stimulation runs up her spine from her entire vagina, burns the cerebrum and eventually makes the whole body numb. The ecstasy pushed up instantaneously is an explosive pleasure that has never been experienced before.

That pleasure is so overwhelming that Shirato looks like a pussy and Yuki screams.

Moreover, Kenichi´s penis rubs against the G spot which is the key point with subtle movement, and further stimulates her whole vagina. It is an intense and catastrophic combination that will captivate any woman instantly.

“Ohooooo!!! Hoooooooo!!”

Penetrating in a normal position, Yuki´s words no longer make sense. Her vagina that is overrun to every corner from a powerful piston seems to have been thrown into an ecstasy storm.

At first Yuki reached an orgasm after ten pistons, then after five pistons and now after three times. And lastly with every piston she reaches an orgasm and this 28 year old beautiful woman feels awake while her whole body convuls.

(I can’t go back anymore….)

Yuki can’t be satisfied with other men anymore. She tasted such a terrible pleasure which she can’t oppose. Yuki instinctively understood it, and shed tears from her sweet and surprising new fate.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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