Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 148

Pretty club Mama

Yuki Yamaoka felt somewhat frustrated in her heart since she saw that man for the first time.

At first glance he seems like an ordinary salaried worker, but he seems too young to come to this “Esprit” which is a super high class club in Ginza. After all in this store only the seating is 100,000 yen, so the customer base is directors of a large company or company managers. Naturally the age range is 50 and above.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Yuki and I´m the club mama”

Yuki talks while holding out her business card, the other party receives it after seeing the business card.


When his finger touched her hand, she received an electrical stimulation and she was about to raise a voice, but she could tolerate it. At that time she felt that something came into her body unexpectedly.

But it is not unpleasant, rather it is something her body wants. Something she knows well and what she was longing for a long time now.

“I’m called Midou. I´m a girls high school teacher”

Yuki was drawn into his red eyes when he says so and looks straight at Yuki’s eyes, that even caused her heart to skip a beat. Yuki who is a popular hostess of this club is astonished of this man’s behavior. It is like twisting a baby’s hand to twist a man of this age.

She cannot believe that her heart is pulsating like a innocent girl for some reason.

“Well, you’re a girls high school teacher…. No wonder I thought you had a intelligent face…”

For some reason Yuki’s face gets red and she feels more embarrassed while she is talking. She is like a junior high school student who felt her first love.

Yuki feels strange, but her heart won’t stop pulsating. At the same time her nipples start to become hard and rub against her sexy lace bra and even her vaginal entrance starts to open. She understands that her whole body is seeking this guy.

“You have beautiful fingers…. Are you married?”

Pretending to be casual and grasping the hand of Kenichi, Yuki received an electric stimulation again. At that moment, her nipples are completely erect and rub strongly against the bra so that a pleasant feeling that makes Yuki want to cry is created and even her lower body started to heat up.

(Aaa…no way…my body is aching…)

It is the first time for Yuki to be so lustful towards a man she met for the first time. For a short time there was silence. However, Yuki’s ripe 28-year-old body melts in front of this man.

“Mama…it’s about time…”

It was time to go to greet the next guest. Because Yuki was urged by the man wearing black clothes that she stood up from her seat easily. In the meantime, the yearning inside her body increased so much that even nectar overflowed and was sucked up by her panty.

Yuki feared that her dress will be stained in this way, so she moved away.

“I will come back later. So, definitely do not go home, please…”

She whispers so into Kenichi’s ear and leaves her seat. Kenichi laughed thinly while seeing Yuki’s appearance and started to drink while observing the men and women who enter this club.

“Amuuuuu…. Muhuuuu…”

As soon as they enter the bedroom, Yuki exchanges deep kiss with her hands around Kenichi’s neck to release the desire she had endured so far. Her ferocious tongue invades Kenichi’s mouth and she aggressively drinks his saliva as if its a sweet syrup. Yuki is completely enchanted because Kenichi has his strong hands on her waist and hugs her.

“Let me drink…, ahh…”

When Kenichi gives his saliva to respond to Yuki’s request, Yuki drinks it gladly like heaven’s sweet dew. Through the Inma’s magic it became an aphrodisiac with tremendous efficacy for the opposite sex, so just by doing deep kisses like this, this beautiful club mama gets more and more in estrus.

Every time saliva is poured into Yuki’s mouth, she gradually rebounds in Kenichi’s hand and becomes hotter and sexier. Her 28-year-old body is ripe and right to eat now like a tropical fruit. The sweet pulp and juice overflows from inside as. Especially recently she had no skinship with a sturdy man, therefore her whole body releases pheromones to seduce Kenichi.

When Kenichi turns his hands from her waist to her fat buttocks from the top of her dress, her body writhes in his arms. At the same time as being tempted by her great breasts, her nipples started to create pleasure by rubbing against her bra.

“Already…already not good…. Hurry…Hurrryyy!!”

Feeling Kenichi’s sturdy body through her dress, Yuki intensely craves it like a traveler who discovered an oasis in the desert. Her body is burning hot and her lower part begins to have intense heat.

“Hey…. Let’s go to bed…. Let’s go to bed…. Lets go to bed and have fun with Yuki…”

It is a habit of her. Suddenly Yuki’s tone changes and it become like a young girl.

While licking Kenichi’s face, she appeals with a commanding voice. Chairmans of large companies who are attracted to such a preeminent beauty and body pay a lot of money to go to “esprit” briefly because they heard that Yuki has a pretty voice and a gesture that is regrettable with stepping down on someone.

“Muhuuuu!!! Aaa!!! Fantastic…”

Putting his legs between her thighs that and scratching the crotch over the dress, Yuki reached the top lightly from that alone and raises a small scream. But it is only a trigger for new desires and more and more greedily she demands further pleasure.

“I want this…. Give me this. This big thing, Yuki wants it quickly…”

Yuki shouted with a panting voice while stroking Kenichi’s hot lump that started to break out of his pants. Her hand with polished nails and a shining diamond ring rubs strongly.

Falling onto the bed while still being entangled with each other, they again exchange fierce deep kisses. Yuki thought that if he is a girls high school teacher he would take the initiative, but the desire that overflows from her womb burns off her reason and let her become a lewd beast.

“Aah…. Yuki…, Yuki will do everything…”

When her greedy lips, tongue and saliva are consumed, the wonderful club mama takes off Kenichi’s shirt with a completely lusty expression. After licking her tongue for a while Yuki starts to lick around Kenichi’s naked chest.

“Is it comfortable here?”

While trying to ascertain the reaction of Kenichi, Yuki stimulates his nipples, which is also a man’s erogenous zone, with her tongue and fingers. Licking it as if she wants to please him.

The rich caress of a hungry beautiful woman. Kenichi is thinking while being entrusted with the pleasures and surrounded by the smell of a ripe woman. This beautiful club mama had a cold impression at first, but in fact she is a type that enthusiastically serves a man who she fell in love with deep emotions and even without saying anything, she will be happy to lick his butt’s hole.

When Kenichi first met her at the club, he used a red tentacle at the moment their fingers touched. And blowing away the black wave left by Shirato, he eroded the hidden aura in Yuki in a matter of seconds. This hungry beauty loosened her guard and for Kenichi who has accumulated power, it is like a duck carrying onions to make a pot. (TL note: I don’t know if this verse is right.)(ED: probably means getting urself ready to be used or smth)

“You have a big chest…”

Yuki serves Kenichi who is lying down by covering him. Her huge chest presses down by gravity and it feels good that it hit Kenichi’s crotch.

“No, it’s embarrassing…. I have 98 centimeters. Do you dislike big boobs?”

While having confidence that no man exists who hates large breasts, she inquires intentionally with a fascinating expression. Instead of answering her, Kenichi puts his hands inside her dress and grabs her tits from top of the black lace bra and plays with it as much as possible in his palms.

“Aa…. Don’t massaged it so much…”

Yuki who is proud of this part of her body receives a incredibly sharp pleasure running through her whole body. It is a magical chest that fascinates countless men and were fiddled by them, but when it comes to this man it became a pleasant organ and Yuki who is the owner gave a surprisingly intense joy.

(Ah, this is…. Why do I feel…it so much. It wont end…)

The beautiful club mom who appeals for pleasure with a sweet voice raises her eyebrows and wiggles her whole body. Yuki attempted to take the initiative several times, but she gets drunk from the sweet stimulation and cannot do anything against it. Yuki thought that this man had little experience with women, but she gradually began to understand that Kenichi is an extraordinary sex master.

Yuki is resorting to raising her hips high because she covers Kenichi who is lying down on the bed, so she is responding to the caress while shaking her body. Her vagina with nothing inside collapsed from too much pleasure and the fruit juice overflowing from the inside spilled out into her thin panty. Her silk panty that is completely wet is no longer usable and the overflowing juice drips down her thighs.

“Don’t just enjoy yourself and let me entertain you.”

“Aaa…. I´m sorry…”

The moment Kenichi released his hands from her chest, Yuki finally could take off her dress. She is like a beloved wife who takes care of her beloved husband as she puts her hands on his belt to remove his trousers.

“Aaaa…. I wanted this…”

Yuki feels shivering and intense desire towards the penis that appeared when the pants were removed. Kenichi ‘s dick is so huge that it can be seen even from his underwear and it can be said that it pulsates with pulling force. The size was bigger than anything Yuki has seen so far and it was even bigger than that of Shirato who was mad at her.

“Awesome smell…. I get dizzy…”

A heavy smell rises richly and hits the nose of this beautiful club mama. It is a smell that arouses her primitive libido and a sensitive lady would just learn what ecstasy is.

“Hiii! Am, amazing…. Such a thing, aaa…is…incredible…”

Witnessing this evil and huge meat gun that revealed its appearance, Yuki gave a mixed voice of fear and admiration. It is the size and shape that is most suitable for pleasing a woman and can’t be compared with all men Yuki had so far. Unexpectedly saliva drips down her mouth and even her vagina starts to shrink.

When she takes off the underwear carefully, She tried to clench it with her slender fingers.


It looks like a mass of fevery black steel that will soon enter her body. In response to the stimulation given by Yuki when she gripped it again and again to ascertain the hardness, it incredibly further erected.

“Wh…what’s this! Aaa…amazing…”

This penis gave Yuki the feeling that as soon as it will enter her vagina she will reach an orgasm. Just by looking at the blood vessels you would go crazy.


While raising a voice that is not even a voice, Yuki reacts like a shrine maiden serving god. With a fascinating look she presses her lustrous lips on the surface of the black meat lump and a more rich odor is smelled so that Yuki’s eyes become blank for a moment.

“I’ll lick it…”

She uses her long tongue to lick the meat sword. With a passion more than being lovers, she services Kenichi who she met for the first time today. Unbelievably her lips that are in contact with this thing are like a erogenous zone and she feels great pleasure.

“Aaaa…. Amazing…amazing…. Unbearable…”

Muttering so, Yuki continues to caress the penis with her tongue and both hands while expressing it. Even if she grasps it with both hands, she devoted herself to licking it carefully as if it is a sacred thing and she imagined how it feels when it enters inside her vagina.

Anyway, this murderous thing has the best shape to make a woman go crazy and Yuki who has a lot of experience knows that. Just imagining what kind of pleasure it will brings when entering into her womb is exciting enough to make her become dizzy and a lot of saliva drips down from the edge of her mouth.

“Hamuuuu!! Ahaaaaa!!”

She repeatedly sucks and licks the dick as if it was a lollipop.

As soon as she was satisfied with licking the meat weapon and applying her saliva on it, she started to lick Kenichi´s balls. While doing that, she involves her slender white fingers and strokes the penis like a professional whore.

This marvellous club mom provides superb oral sex which is inevitable even for luxury health and it is not a mandatory but passionate love between lovers.

“Hey…can I suck it? Can I suck this child with my mouth?”

Yuki asks thoughtlessly, but she certainly did not ask for an answer. After she finished licking her tongue, she didn’t wait for Kenichi’s reply and opens her elegant lips to swallow the tip.


The head which is sensitive to an impatient feeling is stimulated inside this soft mouth, that even Kenichi feels satisfied. Yuki´s technique is completely different from the service of the high school girls Kenichi experiences every day.

Yuki swallowed it until her cheeks dents and she starts to stimulate the glans with her tongue. As her clean mouth is full, she gladly licks it with her elongated tongue and drinks the overflowing liquid.

Kenichi isn’t the only one who has enjoyed a exquisite pleasure.

Yuki is drunk with astonishment of the pleasure gained from the inside of her mouth. When the penis rubs her cheeks, it becomes a sensitive erogenous zone and when it rubs against her upper jaw, it will result in a acme that will make her want to cry. In search of overwhelming pleasures such as this her whole mouth fell into the illusion that it became a second pleasure organ and Yuki eagerly services lewdly as if she was hypnotised.


Only this unbelievable blowjob let her reach the top, causing her whole body to cramp while vigorously sucking. It was an ecstasy that was steeper than the pleasure of sex with any man who Yuki had crossed so far.

(Ah, this is incredible I cant believe it. What’s going on…)

Moreover, it is still only foreplay. The fact that more unprecedented pleasure is waiting ahead can be easily understood by Yuki who loosened her reason because of the Inma’s magic and shaking her whole body as if she can’t wait anymore.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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