Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 147

Beautiful girls robbed

Kaori and two other marvelous women are in this room. What they have in common is that they were corrupted by Shirato.

Arisa who is a former member of “SHADO” became one of Kenichi’s women pursued Shirato’s escape. In the investigation, Shirato’s relationship with many women was discovered and found out their existence. Shirato had escaped without anything, so Arisa got his mobile phone in her hands, so the survey itself was easy.

After that, she pretended to be Shirato and invited them here via email. There was no contact for a while, as they were the ones whose bodies were dry and thirsty, they all came according to the invitation.

There are two purposes to inviting them. One is to make them Kenichi’s women and the other reason is to eradicate Shirato’s energy source.


The beautiful woman called by Kenichi and intersecting on the bed has been violated since a while ago and has been made to climax countless times already. She began sweating with her whole body like she got a fever, before she issued a loud voice to show off the pleasure and that she was cheerful and crying without hesitation.

Rina Nishiyama, 22 years old, is a gravure idol who became increasingly popular due to her cuteness. Recently she began to appear on TV, so her face and name came to be known quite well.

It was six months ago that Rina was raped and blackmailed by Shirato.

Rina and her lover who had come to play in Roppongi were caught in a quarrel with thugs by chance, were rescued by Shirato who had happened to be at that place by chance and he saw Rina’s beauty and locked them into his office.

But Shirato, who get a thank you from Rina and her boyfriend at his office, raped Rina in front of her sweetheart. Rina who was violated until morning finally raised a voice of joy in front of her lover and swore to become Shirat’s sex slave. After that she has became an obedient meat doll that will come as soon as she was invoked by Shirato.

This gravure model who was totally poisoned by Shirato showed a lot of sex appeal which can’t even be seen by professional whores. Compared to Kenichi who she is having sex with now, Rina told how childish Shirato was.

Despite the fact that Kenichi is hardly moving, his huge meat weapon swallowed in Rina’s womb continues to exactly attack Rina’s weak points. If Rina wiggles herself and scrubs it to that part, she isn’t able to bear it and succumbs to the pleasure. While Shirato is physically and mechanically pleasant somehow, Kenichi is giving a overwhelming pleasure as if Rina’s head is burned and everything melts from her waist to the bottom.


Rina voluntarily sucks Kenichi’s mouth and even entwines his tongue with her own tongue. Her hands are handcuffed behind her back and she is impatient not to be able to move both hands. If they were free, then she would hug this man right now and tell him the depths of her pleasure heartily.


As Kenichi saw Rina and how eager she is to do so, he resortably hurt her stunning hips, lifted her up slightly and stimulate her vaginal tract with his giant penis. By doing so the G-spot is stimulated and once again a violent pleasure current spreads throughout Rina’s crotch. Although her eyes are closed, the sparks are scattered from the back of her closed eyelids, causing her whole body to cramp and convuls as if struck by lightning.

“I will pour it out soon…”

Kenichi whispered so into Rina’s ear, who couldn’t understand the meaning of these words at first, but the moment she knew the meaning, Rina was nodding strongly.

“Aaa!! Pour it out! Pour it out!!!”

This gravure model was begging for a vaginal ejaculation.

Kenichi uses his hips for the first time while holding Rina ‘s hips with both his hands firmly. Since he knew the weak points of Rina from the reaction so far, he thrust up slowly with his waist and ruthlessly and thoroughly rubs that part.

“Hiiiiiii!! Cuummmiiinnggg!”

Rina is pushed up to the top of heaven and this popular uprising model is leaning down on Kenichi. Tightening up the dick swallowed in her womb, Rina shakes her hips deeply to urge the ejaculation.

“Hey, receive it!”

Pouring the accumulated semen into this pretty idol ‘s vagina, the Incubus also trembles from this sweet pleasure. Increasing the number of women again it gives a satisfying smile. Kenichi can now use this popular gravure model as his own meat toilet whenever he wants.


Aside from Rina, Kenichi’s face is clearly seen by Kaori’s eyes.

(That man…somwhere…)

Kaori remembered a strange feeling as she felt familiar with his face for some reason. When Kenichi saw this, his eyes match with Kaori’s eyes. Just looking at it lets her remember the shudder and cold on her back.



When Kenichi raises his body, an erected thing came out. The huge meat stick is attached with honey liquid and at the same time that beautiful announcer and the other beautiful woman raise their voices. Kenichi’s erected penis reach his navel.

“Huhuhuu. That is amazing for you. It is not an eye for the yakuza guy you liked before. If you taste that, you will never be able to return to normal again, so be prepared for it”

While adding accurate caresses to the secret part and breasts of Kaori, Noriko whispers so. Kenichi’s penis was attached with an suspicious aura and let all women in this room to draw their eyes on it.

“Come over here”

Kaori was somewhat relieved that the voice wasn’t directed at herself.

When Kenichi on the bed speaks, the beautiful woman who is sitting on the floor opposite to Kaori stands up. That woman is also handcuffed and wearing clothes that are perfect and sticking to her body proudly protrudes her big chest.

The face of that pretty woman which seems to be floated with heat is stained with desire and Kaori seems to be able to understand at a glance what she wants from her eyes.

Anri Matsui a gravure idol with big tits was also raped by Shirato and has embarrassing photos taken for blackmailing. Anri awakened to the pleasures of a masochist and was captured by the rich sex with that yakuza despite her cute face.

Anri was dragged onto the bed by Kenichi and is deprived of her lips for a rich deep kiss. A black leather collar is put around her neck, which let her blood of a masochism boil and she sucks the tongue of Kenichi who she met for the first time and then drink his saliva. When Kenichi put his hands on her chest from top of her dress, he began to massage her 89 cm G cup hills and a explosive pleasure like magma overflowed from the back of her vagina which had been aroused for a while and burned through her body in no time.

“Hey, suck it”


While memorizing the pleasant feeling of getting ordered by a man, this big breasted idol is trying to quench her thirst even slightly, by using her mouth because her hands are handcuffed behind her back. Although it was a hasty blowjob with no technique and impatience, it is also a evidence that Anri is tremendously excited, while on the contrary Kenichi breathes a satisfying breath to have his meat stick sucked.

This busty idol with a young face licks the penis which became muddy with semen and love juice absorbedly as if she is a slave. Her tongue licks the male body fluid that has a strong smell and mixes it with her saliva instead. It is a evidence that Anri’s reason is attacked by the magical power of the Incubus and her female desires are exposed. Anri who drank Kenichi’s body fluids will reveal her desire and will desire even more.

In her apartment, Anri was having delusions which can not be said to people during the time she was alone. Imagining being held down by a rough man, she masturbated violently. Since it was so, Anri initially was fucked by Shirato at a girls toilet at a event venue. She threw her butt out by herself when she was caught by an unknown stranger and urged to do oral service, so that she was excited enough to feel dizziness only in that situation.

“Noriko, you also come here…”

Kaori, the beautiful announcer who was vigorously aroused by Noriko to the limit of cumming until now was left alone in a frustrated state. Noriko laughs thinly when she walked towards the bed.

“I gotta be greedy…. Hehehe…”

While worrying about her huge breasts, she looks at the gravure idol who is sucking, then suddenly Noriko hugs Kenichi and gives him a passionate kiss. Those two are pleasing with each other’s skill while also seeking pleasure from each other.

“You are mean as ever…”

Kenichi laughs thinly, while looking at Kaori that has been neglected and left unchanged. Kaori ‘s line of sight has been fixed to his crotch from a little while ago and it is glossy that her mouth is half-opened and her tongue is moving though it may be unconsciously.

“How many more people are coming?”

“Yes. Two more people…. They are both club hostesses”

Noriko whispers in a murky voice while licking Kenichi’s earlobe.

“I wonder if he was dealing with five people at the same time…. With Yoko and Yamaoka Yuki it will be seven people… That Yakuza guy wasn’t bad…”

Although he has dozens of sex slaves, Kenichi says he is impressed. He would have been jealous and drooled himself if it was his past self before he met the Incubus.

“Those two are very beautiful hostesses. That Yakuza guy was quite popular…”

Noriko, who has become unbearably aroused licks the bare chest of Kenichi. She stimulates his nipples which are a erogenous zone for a man skillfully and produces pleasure diligently for her lewd master. The technique of Noriko who excelled in such lewd techniques creates pleasure of another dimension which can’t be gained by Anri, Rina or Kaori.


The glans that erected even further by that pleasure, let the busty gravure idol become very happy. Right now Anri is licking the pre-cum with her tongue while her cheeks are extended by the erecting dick.

“Hey…. Hey…”

She was doing oral service while looking at the flirting between Kenichi and Noriko, before she raised her face as if she couldn’t endure it and issued a cry. Her eyes are wet like pouring oil into fire and her lovely face is completely in estrus.

“I want this…. I want you to violate me with this big one…”

Shirato’s huge penis was also a surprise, but the meat weapon in front of her is out of this world.

It is dark and has a black butterfly-like bruise and it is exactly a stick of black steel. A blood vein was wriggling on the surface, and it seemed to be a relief which was made to be lumpy. Moreover, Anri is only imagining that it enters into her womb with its fierce cobra-like tip so that she is thrilled with the expectation to have amazing sex.

“With this great penis, please violate Anri…. Yes, rape me…”

This restrained beauty wishes with a lonesome spoiled voice. Rubbing her breasts against Kenichi’s thighs, Anri desperately tries to taste pleasure even if its a little.

Ignoring the temptation of this big titted idol who instantly evaporates the reason of an average man, Kenichi buries his face in Noriko’s big tits from the top of her blouse and suffers from a matured fragrance. Kenichi who controls everything, isn’t in panic.

He who sucked up the sexual energy of Rina, all events around him are clearly seen with his super sense that works like a radar.

“It seems that the other two also came…”

His black wave propagating like a radar captured two beautiful women walking towards this room. The two of them walking from the elevator are incredible beauties as Noriko reported. Because they wear feminine dresses, their beauty stand out even more.

Both hostesses are like Rina, Anri and Kaori and are left behind by Shirato in a extremely frustrated state. Shaking their hips during walking, ripe female pheromones rise from them.

“That guy’s energy source was cut off. I’ll keep an eye on how this guy will move from now on”

Noriko whispers into Kenichi’s ear softly so that no one hears it.

Like Kenichi, Shirato also fused with a Inma, but in order to get your energy replenished you have to get along with a woman and gain that energy. So in order to drive him down, you have to cut off his source. For that reason they use the method that ensures that Kenichi makes all these women who were Shirato’s ladies his possession. The women who got rid of their inconvenience as a woman by Shirato were all jealous women who had an excellent beautiful appearance.

And a surprising facts became clear.

The girls who were fucked by Shirato who is also an Inma host are resonating with his wave motion which seem to be a black fog as seen by Kenichi ‘s ‘eyes’. In other words, their auras are visible to Kenichi’s red eyes from the beginning. And the beautiful women who resonated and have their aura developed by Shirato resonates with Kenichi’s wave easily.

The way is simple. By eroding the black fog with his red tentacles, Kenichi can easily make them resonate with his own wave.

A red tentacle bites into Kaori’s body who is sitting on the floor while handcuffed. When it destroys the black fog left by Shirato with an overwhelming power and resonates with Kaori’s original aura, let this beautiful announcer who has a serious expression in the morning news have a fancy expression.

The red tentacle now wraps around the body of Kaori and its tip dives into her honey pot through her panty and erodes its inner aura. This will strengthen the power of that tentacle a little.

“Aaaaahiiii!! Kuuuu!!”

The married woman leaks a voice of pleasure when that suddenly occurs in her womb. She is lying down on the floor of the hotel and constantly moves like a clownfish with her waist.

“She is completely ready already…”

“Huhuhu…. I’m really looking forward to seeing how that popular announcer barks”

Kenichi and his subordinate who whisper in a small voice smile to the fruits of tonight ‘s orgy.

“Aaa…quick…quick, violate Anri…”

“Nooo, me too… I also want it again…”

Rina, who woke up joined Anri and two people licking Kenichi’s huge pillar. While watching such a situation, Kaori is enviously sitting on the floor.

The footsteps stopped in front of the room and after a few seconds the chime of the room rings.

The Inma inside Kenichi laughs at the arrival of new sacrifices, before hammering the penis into the hot and boiled big tits of Anri.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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