Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 145

Yamaji?s end

chapter 145: Yamaji´s end

“Damn it! Da, damn it!!!”

Yamaji wonders how often he has said that on a daily basis now. Still, the conflict in his mind isn’t healed, but rather is increasing more and more every day.

That day. The day when he went on a swapping party with his beloved wife. The days after that were hell for Yamaji.

His wife stayed with that other guy all day and came back home physically exhausted. That is not all. It was only one day, but since then his wife changed completely.

Originally Yumiko, a former Miss Japan was prideful and chaste in contrast to her flashy backgrounds and most men wouldn’t believe she is such a woman. After marrying such a beauty, Yamaji felt like as if he obtained a treasure.

But since her affair with that guy, did she become a wild and nympho woman. It was something he hoped it would happen, but there are limits to what Yamaji wants.

Yumiko comes to prefer clothes that expose her skin even in daytime and her makeup is also showy and bewitching. Pheromones that invites a man are released from her whole body continuously and even if she went outside, all men will take a look at her. However, Yumiko doesn’t ignore such glances and is even enjoying it.

She is no tuna anymore in bed. Until now she didn’t do it in a place where there was absolutely light, but now she doesn’t mind the act in spite of glittering lights. She also does oral sex actively and is greedily seeking pleasure. Yumiko who wears sexy designer underwear is beautiful and nasty like a luxury prostitute.

And what is decisive is that Yamaji cannot satisfy Yumiko.

Desperately shaking his hips to the limits of his skills, his beloved wife doesn’t seem to have reached an orgasm. At least she doesn’t show her pleased expression what he saw through the magic mirror that day. That crushed his pride.

Yamaji who had leaded the sex so far is completely reversed now. Even if he pushes quickly, he can’t withstand the complexity and tightening of Yumiko’s vagina and even if his wife is unsatisfied, he will spit out semen into thin rubber in a few minutes.

In such a case, even after the action ended, Yamaji who was confident about everything so far would fall into the polarity of misery.

He is not doing well in terms of work. The most damaging thing was that the board of directors refused the relocation of Ellis All Girls High School and was unable to receive orders for the construction that he was relying on. As he spent a lot of money to prepare, the losses generated by the materials ordered and surplus labor costs were huge.

Of course Terashima-san was furious. It was only a salvation for Yamaji that it was Shirato who set up the failed plan and furthermore he had an affair with Terashima’s mistress, so that Terashima only points half of his anger towards Yamaji.

Incidentally, since then, Shirato’s whereabouts are unknown. It seems that he is also pursued by the Genkai group, but he completely disappeared.

(Why…Why did this happen…)

Sitting on the chair in his office, Yamaji suffers. Sweat drips down from his bald head and tells his inner conflict. Although he has a energetic and pushy strong appearance, it is completely hidden behind due to his inner change.

The management of the company is bad. Having a large amount of debt, furthermore the orders also decreased and the achievements have fallen. Although it is a building company built by one generation, it is in it’s greatest crisis since its founding.

However, the majority of Yamaji’s anguish isn’t his company’s performance, but his own matter. Suspicions against his beloved wife darkens his mind.

On the next day after the swapping party, there was a telephone call from the man claiming to be Kasukabe, but Yamaji clearly refused to replace his wife.

“I am saying that I don’t feel like going out with her anymore”

『Is that true? Please leave your wife』

“That’s not necessary!”

『…I understand. Well, you won’t see Emi anymore. Is that correct?』

“I will give you that woman, so never come close to Yumiko, okay!”

Yamaji shouted loudly and hung up the phone.

Yumiko was silently listening to that interaction, but she didn’t say anything. That silence is rather eerie and Yamaji suspects whether there is something between Yumiko and that man.

Then while Yamaji was at home, there was no call to come, but that worried him. May be that guy comes over while he is at the company and his wife may already have taught him her mobile number and email.

Thinking that, he can’t concentrate on his work and company and his life is like a soap opera. Yamaji is going mad because of jealousy of the thought that his wife is meeting that man while he is at work.

Yumiko has white, fine skin. Her breasts are big and she has perfect curves, because of her slim waist that let you make sigh and her big butt. What if her body is the capital of a formative beauty and other men are charmed by her. If she grabs a huge penis with that delicate lips she always shows a relaxed face. And during sex her body is like a snake and she raises a sexy voice.


Yamaji is shouting in his office full of anger. Looking at the strange behavior of their president, the employees are rumored to frown their brows.

Since that day he embraced his wife everyday, but his worries don’t disappear. It is a daily routine to observe every corner of Yumiko´s body and to lick and check whether there is any trace of infidelity.

Even then, as usual, it has always been unilaterally over. He wanted to drive his wife crazy like that man at that night, but Yumiko is calm when having sex with Yamaji. It seems that incompetence is incomprehensible for Yamaji and it seems to be showing his own helplessness, that he always falls into self hate when he finishes.

He can’t endure it anymore and presses the button of his smartphone placed on the desk. Yamaji waits for his wife to answer his call. His eyes are bloodshot, unhealthy sweat is blowing out from his bald head and even his face has an unhealthy color.


”Hello…it’s me”

『Did you…call again?』

He cant stop checking and keeps calls his wife’s cell phone several times a day. It is likely to get caught up with jealousy and anxiety and being obsessed that that man and his wife are secretly meeting.

“Nobody is with you!”

『I hate you…. You’re going to be alone. I’m cooking at home now.』

If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound like a television in the distance. The other side of the phone is everyday life without anything fancy. Yamaji finally felt that he calmed down and intentionally used a rough tone without intention to realize his anxiety like a little animal.

“Understood. I will end the call! Bye”

A bit of anxiety was removed when he hung up, but he will call back after a couple of hours. Because it is as such everyday, Yamaji will neglect his work, which will ruin his company.

(Aaa…somebody help me…)

The sun shines inside Yamaji´s office. He felt like he heard the sound of a life’s sailing squeaking, therefore he prayed for something for the first time when he felt chills in his whole body since he was born.

“Was that a call from your husband?”

“Yes. Just persistent, nothing more…”

Lying down on the bed in her bedroom, Yumiko puts her cell phone on the desk next to the bed. While doing that, she doesn’t forget to caress the huge meat weapon by moving her fingers. Her ring finger is wearing a platinum ring and it shines gleaming with the light entering through the window of the room.

“Huhuhu…he is going to hire a detective, right?”

Another beauty who clung to the neck of a young man says so with a smile.

“If he were that person, he could do it”

“Don’t worry, I’ll come and meet you like today”

The man who laughed is stroking the hair of Yumiko, while massaging her plump breasts with his outstretched hand. Of course, when you have magic powers, such an act is normal.

“Aah, I´m happy…. Kenichi-samaa…”

While looking at the face of Kenichi who is staring at herself, Yamaji Yumiko has a dazzling look. Such a facial expression has never been shown to her husband and it is directed only to the beloved man who took away her mind and body.

“Ah, I will continue…”

That said, a married woman who starts again acts that had been ongoing until the phone from her husband arrived. Former Miss Japan beauty wife spreads her graceful lips and gets a huge glans head that cannot compare with her husband.


Her mouth crowded when she swallowed the tip, before her tongue crawls around it. Yumiko just recently improved her technique to show her love for Kenichi. While sucking the huge glans does she licks up the white syrup. Everything was taught by Kenichi.

“Shiho sucks it, too”

“Ah, great…. Madam, please give me half as well”

During the time Yumiko sucks, Shiho starts to move beside her after laughing slightly and then both suck similar on Kenichi´s penis. She extended her tongue and licks the root. On the surface of the erected penis, the shape of a black bat is clearly emerging.

Both pretty ladies crawl their tongues to paint saliva carefully from the root to the tip of the dick. It is a double blowjob done by two fast breathing women. Yumiko and Shiho continued to suck on Kenichi´s dick for an hour until the whole meat spear is muddy and wet from their saliva.

While her husband goes to his company, Kenichi often visits this house with Shiho and embraces Yumiko. Sometimes they stay in the couple’s bedroom from morning till evening and sometimes continue to have sex until someone collapses. Yumiko who has received pleasure every morning since that day and has semen poured into her womb has been captivated.

Therefore, she isn’t telling her husband about her secret meetings and even if she keeps silent from her husband, it only becomes a thrill and spice of sex. Wearing the sexy lingerie that she bought for Kenichi, Yumiko seduces him on her couple’s bed and she was no longer the chasteful wife that Yamaji knows.

Since the Inma magic entered her body did Yumiko only felt pleasure from Kenichi and just throws away all her loyalty, ethics and her love for her husband. This is the horrifying result of a pretty woman who was caught by Kenichi´s poisonous fangs.

“Hey, why don’t you take me away from Yamaji?”

These are the words Yumiko always says after violently plucking pleasure.

“I want to see you more freely, like Shiho-san. I don’t want to wait at home like this…”

Two hours later, Yumiko appeals with plenty of emotions while gazing at Kenichi with bewitching eyes. She reached an orgasm each time she cummed and lightly fainted, so that her whole body is sweet and sweaty now and releasing deep body smell and odor.


Kenichi´s huge dick that didn’t wither even once entered Shiho´s pussy. She slowly grinds her waist to taste the pleasures and to get drunk by it while giving off a cool face.

“I don’t want to be put on water like today…”

Yumiko distorts her beautiful expression and swallow her saliva. Before she met Kenichi she hated having sex with her husband or even thinking about it and now she is seeking it. Kenichi only looks at her with his red eyes while playing with her chest and starting to murmur something.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be free soon”

“It is true? But how?”

Yumiko responses with a sweet voice to Kenichi saying such a predictable thing. Even with such lines, it is strange that this guy is really going to make it happen when he says.

And the day came when these words became true.

On that day, Yamaji received a big envelope in a letter sent to him which his secretary brought. Although he didn’t recognize the envelope sender, he remembered his uneasiness and opened that envelope, where there was a DVD.

Yamaji drove out his secretary and started to lock his office, before he felt despair, astonishment and hatred again. The sight that was there was undoubtedly the union of his wife and that man and the place would be the living room at his home.

“He, after all!!!”

On the sofa of the living room, his wife straddled another man wearing a kimono and was stiffly using her waist. A huge penis which pierced Yumiko´s crotch from the bottom is covered with honey and is repeatedly coming in and out from the side of her purple panty.

『How is it compared with your husband?』

『Aaa…no comparison…this is better…』

In the screen, Yumiko is having that man´s penis in her vagina and continues to raise a voice of joy. The expression and voice is one that was never shown to Yamaji. Seeing this pushes Yamaji into despair and his eyes becoming red.

『Huhu. Is that okay to say such a thing?』

『It’s good. Such a selfish person. It’s over soon…. And, it is not possible to be satisfied with his small thing…. I love this big and strong…. Yumiko is crazy about it…. I love your big….』

When that man moves his waist further from underneath, did Yumiko begin to become more crazy in the video.

『You like this place, right?』

『Aaa!!! Th, there!! Push it more!!』

『Do you like it deep inside?』

『Deep…I like it deep inside…. That person´s small dick wont reach it! Please push it inside until it reach the end!! Ahhh, haaarrrrdddd!!!』

Yamaji suffers a shock like beating his head with a hammer. His pride as a man is crushed and as a man with strong victory and losing vigor, his ego collapses at that moment. But still his wife continues to put salt into the wound.

『So why do you contact me…』

『Yes. I wanted to see you, my body was aching…. I don’t want another man other than you…. Ah, lets have more sex! Make a mess of meee!!』

『Huhuhu…for a married woman, you´re so lewd』

『Yaah. You made me such a woman…. Yumiko is your slave…. Please love me fully, when we meet behind his back. I will be a cheating wife for my whole life…』


Yamaji hears a noise in his ear. Everything was too late to realize that it was the sound of violent flow of blood. In the next moment, his consciousness gets cut off and the front of his eyes turns black. His body falls down to the floor.

On the screen his beloved wife reached an orgasm.

A few hours later, when his secretary felt suspicious after getting no reply, did he enter the room using a key and finding the collapsed Yamaji who is in a dangerous condition because of a cerebral hemorrhage. He was carried to the hospital by the ambulance and after a examination, did the doctors know that his cerebrovascular was damaged by overwork and stress and the loss of his brain function during that period was enough to make Yamaji mentally disabled.

A few days later in the morning.

Two pretty females are licking Kenichi´s body who is leaning on the headboard naked and reading the newspaper. One was a beautiful woman with an outstanding body and the other was a beautiful girl who still had a young face.

“Papa…. What are you reading eagerly?”

Risa Ito, who finally became a junior high school student this spring, asks Kenichi when he stops caressing. She is delighted to be Kenichi’s partner for the first time in a while and is already aroused to serve her new dad and already released honey from her crotch. Risa is extraordinarily cute even when she gets up and it seems that her skin is brilliant even without any makeup.

However, Kenichi was reading a article without listening to Risa. The article is about a truck driver who was shot dead by a handgun.

It was the man who worked for Yamaji´s company and drove his truck into Kenichi´s uncle´s car. Kenichi knew about that and ordered Noriko, to hypnotize a man from the Genkai group to attack that man.

Incidentally, the man from the Genkai group is also the man who has killed Diretor Aikawa, the former president of Ellis all girls high school. The man was arrested on the scene of shooting a truck driver and he will get a heavy punishment from now on.

In addition to this incident the investigators also enter the Genkai group, where various evidence were found. It is probably due to this matter that the Genkai group which was the largest organization in the Kanto area was annihilated, thanks to Arisa´s great work.

(This was settled now…)

There are two more people left. Thinking about pushing those targets, Kenichi grins.

“I bet you are planning to do bad things again”

Junko Yoshikawa who is the english teacher of Ellis all girls high school say that and kisses Kenichi´s huge dick, while her huge breasts rubbed against Kenichi´s thighs. Junko wears thin purple lingerie on her outstanding body which stands out from her sexy and plump body. Although it is morning, only that room is filled with dense air and the body odor of a sweet woman, making it a great residence for perverts.

Kenichi doesn’t respond to Junko’s teasing, but shuts down her body silently by piercing her vagina casually.

“Aaaa…. Gooodd, Kenichi-samaa…”

Junko who was hit by a light acme as early as possible, squeezes the penis with her superb pleasure organ. The interior that was completely remodeled by the Inma magic has become the best meat pot to squeeze a man.

Her flesh folds up and down entangling all over the big penis that urges her to cum again. The sex energy that Junko spits out was absorbed by Kenichi who was enjoying his dark desires.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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