Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 142

Black emotion

As Rimi enters through the door, she smells a peculiar smell inside this room.

A strange smell like mixing medicines, coffee and body odor of a man, with a musty odor. Such a smell that wasn’t there before was felt for some reason now and why is the room filled with orange light.

The orange light is launched from a rare old light which is now placed on the science teacher’s office desk. Contrasting with the light in the corridor, its warm color light spreads in the dimly lit room, but its power is weak, so black darkness is crowded like a living being in the corner of this room.

Two pretty girls are sitting on the sofa in front of Rimi and exchange intense kisses peculiar to lesbians. Second year Rina Esashima and first year Naoko Shiomi suck each other’s mouth and tongue and are making some noise.

It’s a breath-taking scene, but it’s not the only thing that surprised Rimi. Both girls sit on top of the science teachers legs and exchanging intense kissed in front of that man’s face.


“Uuh…ah…aaa, not good…”

Both female students wearing their school uniforms begin to leak voices like panting as if it was unbearable. Looking closely, that man’s arms were holding the bodies of the students and might even fingering their crotches. Every time the hands move, both girls start to move like a clownfish and sweet pant voices spread out.

“Aah, sensei…. I want to kiss…”

As Naoko pretends to be unbearable, she begins to match her mouth with that of Kenichi. From Rimi´s viewpoint who stands at the entrance, it can’t be seen clearly, but it is no doubt that it is a rich deep kiss just as it was from the movement.

“Sly, Naoko…”

While Rina looks at them with a sad face does she start to kiss and lick the neck of Kenichi. Both are acting like a whore while letting this middle-aged man enjoying this service.

And after a few minutes, Kenichi once turned his face to the other side. Suddenly Rina sucks on his lips and gives intense kisses. While raising a voice of protests, Naoko sucks on the neck like Rina a while ago and waits until her turn comes.

Rimi is just standing there watching the spectacle. At that time, Kenichi´s eyes opens and matches with Rimi´s eyes.


In the orange light, the red eyes shine suspiciously.

That color that is so creepy and beautiful, let Rimi’s sleeping sixth sense react and made her scream out of fear. However, her voice is too low and weak, that it doesn’t leak out from this room.

Next Eriko releases her warm hand from Rimi and walks towards the science teacher sitting on the sofa. Then she opened his legs and remove the belt while making a rustling sound. As soon as that work finishes, Eriko moved aside. For that reason, Rimi glance at the huge pillar appearing between her teacher´s legs.


Rimi wonders how many times she screamed when she came to this room. This meat weapon what is shown to her now wasn’t so fearful last week.

“Naoko, move aside for a minute”

“Yaah, Eriko…”

Naoko, sitting on one of Kenichi´s legs kneeled on the narrow sofa and continued to suck on the teachers neck. Eriko came close with her face from the side so that everything is still visible to Rimi who watches from the front.

“Aaa…today is also amazing…”

Eriko who was known as a beautiful girl since elementary school with a lovely smile was popular by men. She who was like a pretty flower was admired by many men in her surroundings. Such a beautiful girl stretches out her pink small tongue on a ugly penis to lick it with a fancy expression.


Rimi who is only watching leaked a small cry, while Eriko moves her small hand slowly to feel the hardness of the dick. Then, the surface of the towering black skin is licked from the bottom and her saliva is smeared on it.

Kenichi´s neck is now licked by Rina and Naoko kissed Kenichi crazily as to show him her affection for him.

Either way, three innocent beautiful girls caress Kenichi who still wears his suit. Of course, all three aren’t AV actresses, but active female high school students. Moreover, all three are happily serving from the bottom of their hearts.

“I’m going to suck again…”

Eriko who stood out with spitting her saliva on top of the meat stick said so while laughing thinly. Her eyes have a sense of superiority, ridicule and a little pity. And before Rimi could say something against it, did Eriko spread her cute little mouth slowly over the penis.

How much time has passed since then?

Even though she stood there for quite some time, Rimi never felt fatigue and was just looking at the sight in front of her. At first, Eriko was only doing fellatio, but then she switched with Rina and Naoko and exchanged intense kisses with the science teacher. It was a shocking sight just looking at it, but these beautiful girls were disgustingly naughty and repeatedly move up and down.

All three changed the places from time to time and lick Kenichi’s face, neck, upper body and crotch. And now they returned to the starting position after 2 complete laps.


Eriko who had a fascinating expression of lust already inflated her cheeks with that giant glans and fully caress with her mouth and tongue. It seems that she feels good doing fellatio, because her cheeks become red. Another evidence is that she shakes her waist since a while now.

(I, I am the same…)

Rimi understood that Eriko was feeling good from her own experience.

A doubtful sense spreads through your whole mouth when this thing rubs against your mouth and your body becomes hot at the end until you reach the acme when you suck with force. Rimi was always disgust of herself because she thought she was abnormal, but now she knows that she isn’t the only one.

At the same time, she realizes that her body is getting hotter and that her breathing becomes rough. Without knowing that this sweet feeling spread across her body, the core of her head becomes numb.

(Aaa…I, I too…)

It is obviously sexual pleasure and the desire to want it too. When she swallowed her saliva it sounds like a heartbreaking sound or a backache in her ears.

Eriko who keeps sucking this abnormal penis with her mouth starts to grin with her eyes as if she anticipates such a change in Rimi. It is a feeling of superiority and despise of her Senpai who cant be obedient to her desires.

“Muhuuuu!! Huguuuuuuu!!”

At that time Eriko´s body started to have convulsions and her breathing becomes rough. Obviously it is a orgasm and from that aspect it is really deep. Eriko who closes her eyes shakes her body, while still having the dick in her mouth.

“I, I´m the next one…”

On behalf of Eriko who freely released her mouth, Rina bought her face close to Kenichi´s son. Her face which was clear as a western doll made her receive many job offers as a model in the city. This lovely girl with a beautiful appearance that is well-organized enough to make it too tidy turned her face towards the meat stick and slowly entangled it with her tongue.

Kenichi sits on the old brown sofa in the science preparation room that is his own paradise, watching a tall short haired girl standing in front of me.

His huge penis that erected firmly between his legs receives a double blowjb from two sweet female students who repeatedly put it in their mouths. Another beautiful girl hugged his neck from the left and licks Kenichi ‘s neck while raising a sweet voice.

(Huhu…quite aggressive…)

It was only a few days ago when Kenichi robbed the virginities of these three beautiful and innocent high school girls in this dark room. While ruling with his red tentacles moderately, he raped them in a row.

Since then they have sex like this every day and became sex slaves who completely enjoy it. Recently, the magical powers of the Inma powered up so much that the girls become violent like a whore so that even Kenichi himself use techniques to please a woman.

Rina and Naoko sucked Kenichi´s penis from left and right without being tired of this ugly meat spear and their white small faces were burning with desire and excitement. They apply a lot of saliva on the dark surface from their continuously sucking and licking.


“Aaah…on your behalf…”

Inside the room a water sound mixed with sweet female voices spread.

Naoko who still seemed to be a junior high school student waves her neck swiftly and sucks the tip with her mouth, which pours oil into the animal desire of Kenichi. Rina spreads her pink tongue around the root at the same time and distributes her saliva. The whole meat pole is made muddy with saliva and glows obscenely in that orange light.

While doing so, it seems that they are all in estrus. All three girls shake their hips as if they can’t endure it anymore and want to receive a reward immediately.

“Hey…sensei…again, I…”

Eriko begs by herself while biting into Kenichi´s ear. She has totally been aroused and this time even if she twists her body, she wants to have sex.

“Hey…Eriko is naughty…Sensei…”

Kenichi observes Rimi who stands still and only watches at Eriko. His red glowing eyes can see a purple aura rising from Rimi´s whole body. It was the result of continuously drinking his semen over a week.

(Huhuu, it looks like we’re all ready…)

His magic that entered a woman´s body keeps on emitting waves itself and when a woman is influenced by it for a long time it will become a aura. Although there are individual differences among women, their waves will eventually resonate with Kenichi´s wave and as a result a perfect resonance will occur and an aura appears like in Rimi´s case.

After this it will be easy. The fact that Kenichi can see her aura shows that the Inma magic is corrupting her. If he erodes the aura with his red tentacles, then this beautiful girl should also be in estrus in an instant.

Rimi has a steep face that is watching the scene. This pretty girl is stunned by the obscene act of her stupid science teacher and her former partners.

The feelings inside her are anger, jealousy and disgust. When the first shock hit, a black emotion occupied Rimi´s heart.

(Are you mad at me for stealing these guys?)

Kenichi’s guess is half correct.

To put it exactly, the cause of the black emotion in Rimi is jealousy of having her lovers stolen and that Kenichi is enjoying other girls. Rimi´s wave motion resonates with Kenichi´s wave and she is unconsciously aware that her body and mind call for the science teacher.

That’s the reason a purple aura is rising from her tall and slender body. It has never been seen by any woman and somehow had a eerie and poisonous color.

“Good, extend over me”

Looking at the staring glimmer and grinning of Eriko, Kenichi allowed it and this lustful first grader straddled over his waist joyfully.

“No, sly…Eriko-chan…”

“Me too…I can’t endure it anymore…”

Because of Eriko who tries to connect at the woman on top posture, Rina and Naoko who were left out raised a cute protesting voice. However, Eriko who was violated by Kenichi and was deprived of her virginity first among these three people and has already her body corrupted by Kenichi´s poisonous fangs doesn’t bother with those complaints.

“Aah, Sensei…I love you…”

As if to show her affection with her cute face, she quickly grasps Kenichi´s head and exchange kisses with him. It is an unbelievably passionate and deep kiss that is somehow nasty. She even intertwines her tongue with Kenichi´s tongue and exchange saliva.

While doing so, her lower body covered by pink panty rubs against Kenichi´s meat spear. Eriko is like a prostitute who is accustomed to this service and likes to do this.

After doing so for a while, Eriko raises her waist slightly. Rina and Naoko who look at the penis that appeared again started to make it muddy again with their saliva. It was a necessary task so that this giant penis can enter the narrow vagina hole.

“Aaa…please…please let me do it…Sensei…”

Eriko who is full of lust can’t wait anymore and hangs on Kenichi´s neck while desiring the blow of hot meat.


Rena who stimulated the meat stick with her mouth put the pink underwear aside and pushes the tip against the opened mouth swiftly.

When Eriko licks her tongue, she slowly sits down.


Her narrow meat hole is even more tight from the muscles trained through athletics. Kenichi´s penis rubs against the inside and tears it apart. If there is no honey juice overflowing from the inside and saliva attached before, Eriko would have severe lacerations.

But for this high school girl, this stimulation was unbearable.

“Greaattt!!! Aaaa…my body will tearrr apparrtt”

This 16-year-old former virgin screams when Kenichi´s penis reached deep into her vagina. However, while fearing the illusion that her body is splitting in half, she is pushed up into paradise by this extraordinary pleasure.

“Hiiii!!! Guuuuuu!!!! Hahiiiiii!!!”

Her body started to have convulsions and she sticks to Kenichi´s face. At the same time, does Eriko tightens so strongly that she might bite up the penis from the tip to the root. Because her sphincter is also developed due to being trained from athletic training, Kenichi felt that his dick is in a choke hold of a snake

Eriko´s body released a great amount of sex energy that formed a ball and was absorbed by Kenichi´s penis, because it is nourishment for the Incubus.


“Huuuu!! Nkuuu!!”

Rina and Naoko who are left and right from Eriko are also having a small acme. Those three who have been together so far have their waves partially resonating, so they also synchronize their ecstasy.

And like Eriko, the other two girls also spit out their sex energy which was absorbed by Kenichi.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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