Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 141

Beautiful girl falling into a trap

Inhaling a big breath and after a few seconds to make sure the air is in the lungs, she swings her long legs and runs lightly. A light but certain rhythm that kicks the ground. The rhythm draws the trajectory as it is calculated and it comes to the point.


When she bends her left leg gently, she extend it gently. Converting kinetic energy is decided without hesitation. Her body which was going in the horizontal direction is suddenly pulled up. Her trained body change the vector suddenly and flew to the sky with the momentum as it is. Her whole body lightly dances in the sky as the goal is at the end of her extended arm.

A pale blue winter sky expand in front of her. She liked the scenery that was different from the scenery she had been seeing.


But she understands her situation instantly. The energy going up is lost without her body being sufficiently lifted, because the speed was less than she expected. Touching the bar with her back, the feeling that she failed turns into confidence.

Her body falls and is sucked into the mat. The smell of dust and mold is encountered immediately. It feels like punishment for herself who dropped the bar.

“What’s the matter, Rimi? You seem to be unwell all day recently”

“…Ah, yes, I still have a heavy body”

She was helped up by a friend who watched from the side and got a bit of trouble. The tall beautiful girl who was angry about her failure was Rimi Makino and she left the mat with waving her short hair.

Second year student Rimi Makino is the runner high jumper, ace of the athletic club. Because Ellis Gakuen is a girls school, they particularly collect students with excellent skills. Even in a disadvantaged environment compared to such a strong school, Rimi was the owner of excellent athletic skills that compete in the national tournament.

But now she is out of control. The height that had been lightly crossed before is failed many times now.

“You were so good lately, that I thought that you could be number one of the whole country, but now…”

“Yeah…that’s right…”

Riki goes down while answering.

“Emm…is there something on your mind?”

“Ah, no. Nothing in particular”

Despite saying that, Rimi sometimes felt bad. But she cannot tell the reason to other people.

(Such a thing, I cant tell a person…)

Just remembering that is horrible. She doesn’t want to believe it even herself that such a thing is the reason.

But she agreed. There was a period during which she was made to act like a nightmare and a time when her body got lighter as feathers grew and updated her own records more and more.

At first Rimu thought it was a strange coincidence. However, after the disgusting act with the science teacher, she remembered the illusion that her body was filled with energy all the time and her whole body became light, no matter when she felt heavy. When it comes to club activities she strangely made good records. She could easily exceed the height that she has never practice before. It is as if her teacher ‘s fluid became a powerful energy source for her.

However it is a decisive one.

Rimi has stopped doing such a horrible act a week ago, but after that her record doesn’t improve at all. She doesn’t feel that her body is heavy, but it is frustrating if she compare it to her previous state by all means. Now that she know from her condition a week ago, it isn’t unreasonable to mistake herself as being bad.

(No way…that’s a coincidence…)

It isn’t thought that it is possible to increase your motor skills by drinking the body fluids of her science teacher. But reality is reality. The height which failed now compared with last week is 15 centimeters.

At that time, a cheering voice can be heard.

“Amazing! Eriko, you made a new record again”

When the record keepers with the stopwatch says so, everyone gathers around them at once. Eriko Hanai who was breathing out, heard that and had a full smile on her lovely face.

“What’s the matter with you lately?”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

This first year student in the center of the circle is praised by her Senpais and looks happy. She noticed the gaze of Rimi seen from a distance away, but when she laughs with her eyes only for a moment, she immediately removed her gaze and continue chatting with everyone. She doesn’t seem to be the kouhai who said that she likes Rimi from before, because of her blunt and unsympathetic attitude.

Her casual gesture and expression shown are mixed with a appeal which cannot be said. Eriko who was a junior high school student until this time seem to be quite mature.

(Eriko…you…no way…)

Intelligent Rimi understood it immediately. That the insight of herself is true. And thinking of what happened to her, she know what would have happened to this pretty kouhai’s life now.

An invisible blue aura was rising from Rimi’s body that was standing alone in the mid-winter training ground, stunned by the confidence that she herself drew up, so as to express the disturbance and conflict of her heart.

After the club activities are over, Rimi went back to the schoolhouse. After changing clothes in the club room, she usually goes home while talking with her friends. So there is no need to return to the school building when class has ended. But on this day she said that she had forgotten something and declined her friend’s invitation and thus returned to the school building.

Of course she hasn’t forgotten. In order to ascertain whether her suspicion was right, she came to the fifth floor of the schoolhouse which is almost unpopular now.

It is already dark. From the window fitted in the wall of the corridor you can see the world with its creepy light spread out. Rimi who saw it, felt as if she had peeped at the bottomless abyss of darkness and her eyes were distracted in panic.

On the other hand, the interior is bright because the fluorescent lamp on the corridor is shining, but somehow the light looks dull as well. The floor of linoleum reflects the light with a cold hardness and has a peculiar smell of wax painted on the surface.

Whenever Rimi comes to this dark, damp and dull place, she doesn’t like it. Something evil seems to lurk in the corner of this corridor, which cannot be felt at daytime.

(Ridiculous…. There is no ghost here)

However, Rimi, who originally hates men will make use of herself who is likely to be drunk in such atmosphere, so as not to make a sound to the aiming room. As expected, the lights are leaking from the door of the room, indicating that someone is inside.

(After all, he hasn’t come back yet…)

Rimi is sure that he should be the vice advisor of the tennis, but she’s heard that he rarely comes to the club. He is also a little in the staff room and it is rumored that he is exclusively in this science preparation room other than in class.

Rimi came here now, but didn’t thought about her next move.

The science teacher who she had an affair with stopped that lewd act suddenly one day. Everyday he released his fishy drool and body fluids throughout her mouth and made her drink it. There should be a reason for a middle-aged teacher with such bottomless pervert sex to stop that act.

For example, if he found another person to do that act instead of herself. And if it was Eriko who was a lower-class student and reflected in that video too….

(I know it, thats why Eriko’s record is growing…)

If that teacher’s body fluid has such power, it is enough as circumstantial evidence. Instead of Rimi, Eriko became the victim of the science teacher’s metaphysical desire now.

(I’m sure. She was threatened by that video!)

The lesbian act of Rimi and Eriko in that clubroom. As long as that blackmail video exists, she can’t go against that pervert teacher. Probably Eriko is also threatened with that video and forced to act obscene as her substitute.

(I told him not to put his hand on Eriko!)

A furious anger comes up against the teacher who broke the promise. But before that, she must meet Eriko. It was her responsibility to speak of what has happened. Anyway she should save Eriko.

At that time, Rimi heard small footsteps coming up the stairs. There is no noise of the classroom in the corridor where there is no one and in such a surprisingly clear way it naturally conveys such small echo sounds.

Rimi hides hurriedly. Although there is no suitable place, she can only hide by hiding behind a pillar in the corridor finally. The stairs and the innermost of the science preparation room are clearly visible from here.

When the footsteps eventually approached, the owner appeared. Rimi knows that figure and stops her breath while opening her big eyes.

(A, after all…)

Whether it should be said as expected, it was first grader Eriko Hanai. This lovely beautiful girl was sweating because of the club activities till a while ago.


But it was her expression that Rimi surprised. Eriko who changed her clothes to her uniform was truly happy and smiling. Just like the moment you meet the boy you love.


The short distance runner which got up the stairs lightly went down the corridor without hesitating to the front of the science preparation room. Then she knocked on the door and asked something to the other side of the door, before she opened the door and disappeared into it.

(Why? Why?)

Rimi had witnessed it with a bad feeling, but she expected it in that situation. However, it is surprising and shocking that Eriko didn’t dislikes it at all. She should be forced to this act, so why is she looking forward seeing that pervert science teacher?

Rimi who is surprised and disappointed will be relieved the next moment. She heard footsteps coming up the stairs again. This time multiple.

Shrinking her body tightly just like before, she hides behind the pillar and gently stares at who will appear.


Rimi desperately suppresses her voice that seems to leak unexpectedly and she is stunned by the sight in front of her.

(Wh…why are they here?)

It was two of her kouhais which she dated before. These beautiful girls who aren’t inferior to Eriko were also carefully invited to lesbian play. The two of them are together and are happily laughing.

(Why … are those two together?)

Rimi who was a popular high school student, especially for younger students, dragged her classmates to the world of lesbian play when she was in first year. Eriko and those two girls were met when Rimi became a second year student. However, since each partner was dating separately, although there is something in common that they were Rimi’s playmates, there is no point that they have mutual contact and much more cannot be thought of as having such a good relationship.

Together with Eriko, her old lovers are about to join the science preparation room together. Obviously a combination that isn’t a coincidence and a shock for Rimi.

As they laughed happily in the corridor with a light footstep like Eriko, they went into the science preparation room.

Rimi came back from her thoughts quickly with the sound that the door closed.

(Why? Why…?)

Standing in the middle of the corridor, walking out from behind the pillar. There are no signs of people anymore around and the cold light of the fluorescent light dyes this world pale. Even with the illusion that something is covering the entire school, a beautiful tall girl with long hair stands in the corridor of the dark school building and is surrounded by darkness.

How many minutes, no, how long has it been now

Suddenly there was a sound and the door of the science preparation room opened. Rimi tried to escape but her legs didn’t move and her eyes met with the person who came out into the corridor. The beautiful girl walked towards her with straight eyes as if she knew beforehand that Rimi was there.

“…Senpai. Don’t stay here like this, come with me”

Eriko who is a junior in the athletic club grabs her hands and pulls her when she says so with a pretty and carefree smile. Her hands are somehow very warm and Rimi who walks was moved by that heat. The scenery around her feels like something out of a dream world, but its reality.

Eventually, when Rimi stood in front of that room, a warning appeared in her mind.

“… No, Noo! Release me!”

However, contrary to her mouth, her body did not care about what is said. Just like when Eriko grasped her, Rimi couldn’t move.

“Come on, senpai. Let’s play with us.”

Eriko smiles with her pretty look that hasn’t been seen yet. She is illuminated by the orange light leaking through the gap of the slightly opened door so that her face is unbelievable evil at the same time.


The moment when she saw that face, Rimi understood her hopelessness, fear and jealousy and that her destiny had already been taken up by something dark black.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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