Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 14


Overwhelming pleasure.

No. It is too severe for pleasure, the torrent of the stimulation that blows hard in the inside of the body by violence.


When the impact as *zun* raises the internal organs, the body nearly becomes dispersive, the beautiful girl clings to the man bending over it. Including the implacable piercing, the lethal weapon of the meat that has invaded in the vagina now goes out straight of the mouth; the trick made spitting is even remembered and feared.

“Hiiiiii!! Aaaaguuuuuu!!”

However, the next moment, the current of pleasure that is late runs through in the spinal cord, the cell of the whole body is boiled and the brain is burnt in white. It is pushed up in this way many times since a little while ago to the physical back depths, the uterus which fell down for the sperm is rubbed without mercy, it is making the body which was just only deprived of the virgin yesterday learn sexual joy.

“Ihiiii!! kuuuuuu!!”

While tightening the very thick penis that is accepted in the interior of the womb tightly, Aiko Kawashima indulges in ecstasy not to know how many times it is since a little while ago. The muscle strengthened by tennis shrinks, intolerable joy is being given to the intruder and herself.


Aiko who intensely does the nature and lost the energy of the body, finally relax from the top of the acme and droops. However, reverberations still remain deeply in 17-year-old body; it’s now and then twitching timidly so that its intense may be indicated.

The huge penis that I put in the interior of the womb and was crowded, without going off accidentally for the intense clamping of such a beautiful girl, I break narrow vagina meat and continue staying with the possession face although seeming to be wide. In that way the sunburn trace doesn´t mind details even if the dazzling naked beautiful girl gasping for breath, I reopen pelvic thrust in strong waist sending mercilessly again.

“Nooo… Again… Already, Forgive me already…”

When I think whether I pushed up again by that too intense severe pleasure, Aiko shakes her face in right and left and shakes my head. However, the sexual feeling that has begun to melt undermines the body indulgently, I flare up in greed for the next ecstasy.

“Ahaaaaaa!! Hooooooo!!”

The opened mucous membrane is rubbed with the penis over and over again so as to be unreasonable. It be said that finish getting wet how much; that of unusual size, it was a spear of meat and a mortal weapon. However, I convert even such a strong stimulation into unbearable pleasure; I made my body with only a one-day sexual intercourse and have been changed. Since I took the body fluid of the teacher first in the interior of the womb if I said exactly, my body seems to have taken charge.

(Again … again, it is pleasant… unbearable…)

The big wave of the pleasure flocks to the whole body again, and it becomes the huge whirlpool before long. While being violated by the man she like, the female senior high school student doesn´t run away from such pleasure.

“… Aaa… It is pleasant…”

The silhouette of the face of the man floats in backlight when I open the eyelids which sweated slightly. It isn’t certain to facial details, but that should be someone I knows.

I fix veiled eyes somehow and am going to confirm the face of the man whom rape me vigorously and lead to the pleasure. But the body shakes with looseness in the top and the bottom by intense piston movement, and the head can’t be dissolved in the pleasure and concentrate no matter what as baud above all.

(…ga, who… who is that…)

I am going to confirm the face of the man who bends over me, and uses the waist intensely, but the important part never becomes dim and is seen. I agonize over the pleasure which goes, but I try to put forth the willpower to see the face.

Then the image was tied suddenly, and the face of one person was surfaced.

“Hiiiii!! Noooooo!”

More pleasures in the body swell up at the moment, and immediateness becomes snow-white. When I say so that the throat is split, I jump and wake up *gabaa* and the upper part of the body at the moment and become absentminded.

(…Dre, Dream …?)

Here is my room after I do it for several seconds; I confirm that I slept on the bed until just now. The sheet and cover of the design based on the pink like the girl, the space of my experience to be familiar is surely shown, I am finally freed from the shock of the scene which I saw until a while ago and sigh.

(Aaa… but, but …)

However, might a very real dream.

The interior of the womb still has the foreign-body sensation that pierces by the penis of a man and has stuck, to sucked lips and tongue; man’s feeling remains playing with the bulge of the chest. It is pushed up many times above all in the top of the ecstasy until a while ago, It’s left so that a residual of the pleasure the body will be dispersively may be asleep to the point of a finger.

Thought even goes around there, and it’s remembered finally.

(…Now I remember, I, I have had sex with Mr.Midou yesterday…)

I am shocked to remember it.

He isn´t the favorite man at all. No, in fact, he is the type which isn’t rather liked. Movement is gloomy and timid and doesn’t seem done at all, he lets his eyes which became muddy always glare to see the waist and the chest of the member of tennis club.

(However…I, I gave my virgin to him…)

There wasn’t a specific favorite man, still to be cool sometime and be formed with gentle him, I dreamed vaguely by a heart with the virgin color. However, I go to the science preparation room while being commanded yesterday, therefore I make passion to the science teacher suddenly without understanding the reason myself, the virgin was willingly presented.

Although I remember the momentary tough pain and fear of the virgin loss, it seemed to be lost by the pleasure that the later body and head were enraptured by. The science teacher is surprisingly tough, he played with my body which was full of the top, and floundered slowly and carefully until night.

(Aaa… This kind of…)

The body seems to still have heat; sensitive parts are congested and have a tingling ache. In the dream of seeing a little while ago salaciously, I who came off of the restraint have coveted pleasure more intensely than last night.


I moved the body, and the sharp nipple only touched the pajamas, a sharp pleasure runs through the whole body with *zukin*. When I put my hand in the pants fearfully and grope it in shorts by hand, it was muddy by the honey liquid which overflowed in quantities there.

(Nooo… I’m embarrassed…)

The organ that is congested when I touched the clitoris and is enlarged, I give a pleasant feeling as I can´t believe it. For stimulation of several times when I performed masturbation by myself, the spark seems to come out in front.

“Aaa… feels good… feels good…”

I pursue pleasure by the practiced way of using hands while playing with the chest and the nipple.

“Aah! Cuum! Cuuumming!!”

I raise a scathing voice and I let my body have convulsions fearfully and covet it. The air in the morning that must be fresh, the 17-year-old healthy beautiful girl is awakened to gloomy greed and is drowned. The face is already different from it pure until yesterday, avariciously in shameless salaciously, however, it was very beautiful.

“Good morning!”

“Good morning, Ai-chan!”

“..A.., yes… Good morning…”

When i enter the classroom of Class 1 of the second year, some close friends talk. It should be daily life not to change all the time; it seems that all are different for today’s Aiko. Don´t let the lens with different color be put in the presence suddenly about it, such a strange sense.

“Is it done? Was there anything?”

It is the friend of the tennis club, the schoolgirl with the best relations sensitively notices the appearance, it talks to a little anxiously. Anyway Aiko is always active with a smile brightly, because she is a cheerful girl loving typical sports, such a face of low-spirited had not been seen in the morning.

“… Yes, a little…”


For a tough answer, I get a solution by myself abruptly after the best friend thinks a little.

“Ah! Is it so! I see… is it about yesterday?”

It is said and Aiko´s heart is pounding. For an instant, I wait for the next words in the thought that heart cowers at whether what happen in the science preparations room has been known. However, it was an imaginary fear.

“It’s that…. after all you are shocked…. Aiko, it is the thing which happened to Usami…”

The swarthy best friend scolds the reason that Aiko fell in a pimple face. There is the accident of the vice-principal yesterday and will call an ambulance, because the club was canceled at that time, It seems to have been unremarkable though left a message that Aiko went to the school nurse’s office and disappeared.

The close friend who was mislead into thinking that I was shy when I remained silent, I keep talking that it’s fluent selfishly.

Because of that…Usami, seemed to be hospitalized…. After all when the operation is necessary…. How many days will it take?”

Such word is also slipping through Aiko’s ears like the noise which doesn’t make the sense at all. She understood the meaning as words, but interest wasn´t heated at all, and Aiko was surprised at being unconcerned a little.

It was fact that I longed for Usami, but when looking back now once more, I didn’t like it so much. I also think he´s injured and pitiful, that’s also general and I’m not very interested in particular, the reach of the interest I generally have to an acquaintance isn’t exceeded.

Anyway because even how well does that such a thing become occurred to my body yesterday.

“Oh hey… this time, let’s go visit him…”

“… U, Uh-huh… sounds nice…”

“Then, let’s do so…. It’s a secret for everyone, going one after another quietly!”

The best friend shows a smile without the worry without usually changing. It was me who laughed to match it with the smile; it is the kind of pure innocent earlier rather, I am stained with poison of the Succubus and gradually change in quality.

The third lesson. The time for biology.

Time to meet the teacher comes, I understood ahead. However, Aiko let her chest throb all the time since a little while ago.

The man who took my virgin, who continued raping me all the time until night, and who was emancipating energy in the interior of the womb many times without hesitation.

The female senior high school student, who was raped by the teacher, should hate him.

No, I don’t meet. I surely hated it on the way, when it visited and it was necessary to hold the room first, it was I that pestered, I coveted pleasure positively halfway, too. Whenever I am pushed up many times by ecstasy, I said and waved the waist and sucked the mouth and exchanged feeling like lovers.

When the situation at that time is recalled and my face is reddened, the teacher entered the classroom suddenly. He doesn’t seem different from usual seemingly, feeling something like dignity different before to be from the body in some way, because yesterday’s terrific tennis was closely seen.

“Hey Hey…. Do any bid and confidence last, please?”

The best friend who sits on the next, It is reported that it whispers so. I don´t seem to be the only one to have felt something different from usual, the air in which the whole classroom is wrapped is understood. After all yesterday is widely known to all, everybody pays attention to the science teacher who showed the superhuman play.

Only a few days ago, it came to stop it in everyone and the nature.

“Then, the class is started”

But the atmosphere is just different from usual for the essential teacher, It was usual and the tone which doesn’t change and the attitude. Students who keep quiet first also, begin to be noisy as whispered little by little.

But while it starts, and also not doing for 5 minutes, the teacher has stopped to speak suddenly. He becomes silent and he turns ahead, he watches like looking about the student in the classroom from corner to corner.

Then students who talked in a low voice as always stopped the whisper as having startled.

The science teacher merely stares at the schoolgirls in the classroom without saying anything. For 1 minute, Even if it passes for 2 minutes, nothing is talked; he thought closely evaluating everyone freely. The Students don´t raise a single word from delicate feeling of strain of the meantime and watch the reaction of the teacher breathlessly.

When 3 minutes had also passed since I did that, that he was silent resumed the class by abruptness of the same place. The same way of talking as usual and usual this doesn’t change.

However, it was a student that changed.

The face is watched for a long time for as much as three minutes, as for certain one stiffens to the tension, the certain one even trembled with fear. If the teacher didn´t issue any words, I didn´t show an expression of the anger. But I looked around in silence in the classroom. With that alone different air entirely flows through the classroom a while ago, there was no one that started opening the mouth again any longer.

There was only one girl who is in the state to which she has no relation for fear and tension in such classroom.

It is Aiko.

(Aaa… again … again, the body becomes hot…)

When Mido Kenichi who is the science teacher came into the classroom, I was attacked by the desire like yesterday from the moment when the face was seen. Only that I have begun to remember joy of meat actually, but today may say that the greed is deeper.

(… Noo… Unbearable … Teacheer…)

While Kenichi looked around the classroom silently, I came to must keep an eye on the face. And whenever eyes match eyes, and the eyes mix in the air, black desire to boil up from the interior of the body spouts, my 17-year-old body which I cheered up by a masturbation act so much before going to school begins to melt in greed.

No matter how I think, I never like it. It is the feature that is totally different from one’s preference, who doesn´t feel kindly toward a gloomy man including oneself in gloomy people. However, I certainly have intense sexual desire towards such a middle-age science teacher who is not clear now.

(Aaa… again … again, I want to do it!!)

The whole body remembers the science preparation room at night, yesterday and last night’s indecent dream, and wants the pleasure again. It isn’t being thought that it was an addict of a drug any more gradually for anything but that at all.

The nipple in the pretty bra cup has sharp stiffening; I convey a sad ache in lining. The leg which puts on black socks, that I hesitate, when it’s moved, stimulate between groins seeming to rub slightly and to speak sharp burns the brain. Worn panties probably become muddy by the floral honey which overflowed already.

The beautiful girl who fell in the magic of the Succubus, while putting hot breath out puffing and blowing in during class of a quiet creature, she became desperate for enjoying herself, and suppressing the voice.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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