Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 139

The wife who was taken down

His head is heavy. Yamaji woke up with dull consciousness. It takes a few seconds until he realizes that he is naked and that on a unfamiliar bed.

“Ah, did you wake up?”

A seductive beautiful woman sits down on the bed and looks down on him. That look is like something interesting, laughing down at him. At that time, Yamaji finally remembered that he was participating in a swapping party.

“What time is it now?”

“Uhu, you slept well…. It’s 6 o’clock in the morning”


He jumps up reflexively, but his head is still dizzy and is spinning. He tries to stand up again, but he has no strength in his legs.


Hearing a woman’s voice suddenly, there was an unbelievable sight in front of him.

A naked beauty put her hands on the bed board and crawled on all fours while from behind a naked man fucked her hard. Both of them seem to have shining skin because they sweat all over their heads.

“Yu, Yumiko!”

Yamaji calls the name of his wife, but the two on the other side of the window don’t notice and continue their fierce and breathtaking act. Every time that man moves severely, the sound of damp flesh and the crying of a woman reach Yamaji´s ears through the speaker.

“Huhuhu, those two are doing it all the time”

“A, after all!”

Oh, yes…. He seems to like you wife greatly”

While listening carefully to the giggle and laughter of the laughing Emi, Yamaji is surprised again by that fact. He came to this club at ten o’clock in the evening, which means that they have been doing sex for at least 4.5 hours now.

『Aaa…more, more deeply…』

Yumiko with her beautifully curled hair enthusiastically cries to the man who fucked her like a beast from behind, with a hoarse voice. The man grasps her melons and rub them as he wants from behind, while at the same time both entwine their tongues deeply. Doing so, Kenichi´s waist shows a savage movement and pierces the inside of Yamaji´s wife’s womb violently.


Yumiko’s body cramped from the electric shock that appears many times now. Obviously, watching his wife who is drowning in ecstasy, Yamaji receives a shocking shock.

“Yu, Yumiko”

His virtue wife was a passive woman in bed and during sex. But such a shame was also the merit of Yumiko, to the point that Yamaji loved it. And, as far as he knows, Yumiko shouldn’t have felt ecstasy yet with sex.

He can hardly believe that his shy wife is captivated of sex with this young man.

『I will come again…! Aaa!!』

“Amazing, right? Your wife has been so since a while ago. And you didn’t know that your wife can be so lewd?”

That young man pulled out his dick next and a genius of amazing magnitude manifests. It glows wet with love juice and is standing upwards with a terrible aura.


Seeing this exceptional thing that was inside Yumiko until now made Yamaji raise a voice that gets clogged behind his throat.

“That’s amazing, isn’t it? His penis. If you are fucked with such a thing, every woman will go crazy”

Shiho laughingly smiles at Yamaji who is completely overwhelmed by the actions of his wife which is showed next.

『Aah…. Noo, dont pull it out…』

Saying that, his beloved wife looks back at the young man who shows a bothersome expression, before sucking his mouth as it is. From Yamaji´s viewpoint, he can see how her pink tongue moves inside from the gap of the fitted lips. Rather, his wife is more aggressive as she gets absorbed and intertwine her own tongue with that man’s tongue. It seems that she is thirsty and wants to drink the other party’s saliva.

After doing a deep kiss for a while, she expresses a happy expression when something is whispered to that young man and she started to cover the magnificent dick with her graceful lips that advanced from herself.


“Yu, Yumiko…you…”

His wife, who was originally a tuna, should have a resistance to oral sex. Therefore, he can not think that his own wife does a blowjob willingly, even if he saw it with his own eyes.

『Aa…, Amazing…. Strong…』

However, regardless of such husband’s speculation, the chaste Yumiko became a prisoner of Kenichi completely and is doing an obscene act happily. Kenichi´s eyes who meet with the glance of Yamaji through the window distorted his mouth and smiled at Yamaji.

Kenichi lies down as it is and Yumiko gladly straddles her waist over him and pulled the dick with her own hands against her muddy hole and slowly lowered her hips in front of her husband who has blood-running eyes now.

『Ahuuuuuu!! Aaaaa, wonderful…. Good…』

As if she had forgotten who was watching from the next room, Yumiko doesn’t hide her desire and rather unrestrains herself by doing horse riding.

『Aa!! I like it…, I like this…. This is the first time…』

Yamaji´s wife raises a loud voice. The former Miss Japan is in pleasure and wants to shake her whole back.


At this time, Yamaji firstly noticed that he had done something irreparable, but at that time the poisonous fangs of Kenichi had completely bitten into his loving wife’s heart and body.

As it was, he was overwhelmed by the sense of defeat and Yamaji came back home. There was no energy when seeing the appearance of his wife who continued panting and though he was invited by Emi afterwards, he left his wife behind and left the club. He still has an important company where he cant take a day off, so he had to go to the office in the morning.

Then he went to work while scrubbing his sleepy eyes, but he couldn’t forget the naked appearance of his wife even when he had documents before him. The painful memory of his wife having sex with that young man doesnt go out of his head. His beautiful wife was like a longtime girlfriend of that young man and they overlapped their bodies and entwined their limbs and kissed greedily. Yamaji had been watching through the magic mirror all the time, but finally without seeing her husband until the very end, his beloved wife has completely been absorbed in sex.

“Damn it!”

Even if it is frustrating, it is already too late now. The dices were already thrown.

That’s why Yamaji worked in the mood like being on top of a needle till the evening and returned at the regular time home. It was amazing so that his secretaries and employees were surprised, because Yamaji always had something to do or went to some clubs.

But there is no one when he came back home and Yamaji trembles with anger as he gets disappointed. Obviously his wife is still in that club and stay with that man all that time.


When he thinks that his pretty wife is meeting that man, Yamaji becomes crazy of jealousy. He who had made many women cry noticed the importance of Yumiko which was the first time since he met her.

After all, Yumiko came back late that night. In other words, she has been with that man all day. As soon as a noise is heard from the entrance, Yamaji stood up in a hurry.

“Yumiko! You, until this late!”

His wife isn’t surprised at such a threatening and expressionless listens to his violent toned question.

“Oh, but you invited me to that party”

“Ho, However…”

Yamaji is stunned. The modest Yumiko laughs at him.

“That party will continue until each other is satisfied, so you seemed satisfied, but we were…until now…”

His wife who corrected her makeup and looks beautiful enough to make a sigh when you looked at her again. Yamaji regrets now that he has given such a beautiful wife to another man.

Yumiko pass by her stunned husband gracefully. But her gesture and expression is different from usual, so that Yamaji reacts sensitive.

“Yumiko, you…”

“What’s the matter, dear?”

While answering with a sexy voice, Yumiko goes up the stairs to the bedroom. Her voice and gesture aren’t like his old virtuous wife anymore and she has a glossy look like a different person now.

At the time Yamaji caught up and went to the bedroom, Yumiko changes her clothes in front of the mirror and is about to take off her dress. As soon as he saw her body, his fierce jealousy and lust raced through his head.

“Oh, what’s wrong? Am I so excited…”

While laughing at her husband through the mirror, Yumiko lifts her lips with a sense of disdain. The current Yumiko is far away from her modest former self.

“I don’t want it. That person, in such a place… no, no bad person…”

While checking his wife’s body in the mirror, did Yamaji look at the red purple kiss marks. The bottom of her breasts and the base of her thighs are especially carefully attached to the alteration.

Something was broken at the moment when Yumiko smiled in the mirror towards him and he raised a groan and attacked his wife.

“Ah, you’re rough…. What is wrong?”

“Shut up!!”

Yamaji was in a rush like a child who saw a naked woman for the first time and removed the newly brought luxury lingerie and sucked his wife’s gorgeous body. He raises a beast-like voice and covers her tits with his face and playing with it as much as possible to ascertain its existence. However, despite receiving her husbands caress, Yumiko is staring at him with eyes that woke up somehow.


Yamaji who noticed her eyes watching him calmly became angry and pushed his dick inside her vagina without doing any foreplay.



A voice comes out from the surprising luscious pleasure and he quickly reached his limit and was about to cum.

(What! This is!)

The inside of his wife who he should have gotten used to it, is now quite another thing. The folds of the complicated structure are entwining firmly so that the intruder is squeezed strongly and the ejaculation is accelerated.

Despite desperately struggling against the ejaculation, Yamaji still uses his waist hastily to drive away the shadow of that man. However his wife keeps her eyes closed and it is far from the ecstasy that he saw last night.

“Shit! Shit!”

Although he went back to give more pleasure than that guy, it resulted in tightening his neck instead and he ejaculated as quickly as possible.


Yumiko was still at the mercy of her husband who had convulsions. Her eyes are staring at her husband’s abomination while leaving a cold light.


It was Yamaji who was breathtaking for a while, but he felt his wife’s watching eyes and raises a loud and violent voice.

“Yu, Yumiko! Suck!”

He pushed his semen attached dick in front of her face and being ordered Yumiko silently took it in her mouth and begins to depress her cheeks and skillfully sucks.


Yumiko regains the momentum sooner than expected. The young wife who completely suffers licks it with her tongue and drinks the liquid flowing inside her mouth.

(Such…to this guy…)

The hatred for the man who showed wicked techniques to his wife in just one day and his wife who was entrusted to such a man, made Yamaji’s face become red from anger and excitement. The more his wife’s skill is shown, the fierce his hatred for that man becomes.


Raising a beastly cry and forcibly drawing his wife’s body closer, Yamaji holds her head and thrust his dick deep inside. Immediately moving violently, he is also quickly driven up to the limit and stops his movement while inserting it deeply.

“Oh, you’re going to stop?”

Hearing his wife’s words made Yamajis mind snap and let him move his hips without thinking about the future. Instantly a sweet trap is caught and he reached the apex in no time.


The 50 year old Yamaji is going to ejaculate for the second time while suffering from the cramping. If you are young, you don’t know, that the energy quickly falls out of an old body, while at the same time hatred and desire are wilting.

“You’re done? Then I’ll take a shower”

After confirming that her husband’s desire had burned out, Yumiko stood up quickly and left the bedroom behind. Yamaji who fell on the single bed was unable to move indefinitely while suffering from intense regret, self-hatred and defeat.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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