Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 138

Fallen wife

“Yumiko…. What that man…”

Looking at the state behind the glass, Yamaji is stunned. His wife who has never been so in bed so far has been attacked from behind by a different man has become excited by pleasure.

One of that man’s hand crawls over the breasts, Yamaji loves, and the other hand is moving into the skirt. Although the skirt is in the way and details cant be seen, it is clear that his hand has gotten into the panty and stimulates her vagina from Yumiko´s state.


Emi has Yamaji´s penis that ejaculated twice inside her sweet mouth and let Yamaji feel that desire is rising again in his lower body. His jealousy of his wife turns into hatred for that man and that hatred turns into desire for Emi. This is how to enjoy swapping.

“Come here. I´ll get up”

Drinking the canned beer in his hand, Yamaji pulls Emi gently into the bed while breathing out with a smell of liquor and letting her crawl on all fours and raising her whimsy white butt in front of him.

“Aah, what are you doing?”

While giggling a little bit, Emi gently moves her buttocks to invite Yamaji. In her crotch there is a nasty big hole and from the center honey overflows.

Suddenly, Yamaji saw a hole above it and remember what Kusakabe told him at a coffee shop.

『The hole in front also has a nice condition, but if it is the back hole it is a preeminent item』

Remembering that, Yamaji has a evil smile and put his dick slowly into her front gate, stick plenty of honey on it and pull it out again, before pushing the tip against the rear gate.

“Aah, you can’t do that…”

“Shut up!! I’m not going to let him get the pleasure alone, so let me do it!”

Yamaji grasps Emi’s hips and thrust his meat weapon inside at a stretch.


However, that’s the normal way how Yamaji enters inside women. He tries to save up his hot excitement of his first anal sex into his brain. The tightening of her rear gate is stronger than that of the vagina by an whole magnitude and the inner wall is like rubber and wraps around the tip to the root.

(Damn it. What a tightening…)

That man was right. Emi´s asshole is a tremendous pleasure organ and when buried inside Yamaji goes extremely back and forth from the sweetness. The superb meat walls winds around his penis completely and if he moves even a little, it seems to blow off.

“Aah, it moves…”

Emi who was afraid of the moving, despised with a sweet voice while looking back towards Yamaji.

“I’m going to do this…”

While closing her sphincter, Emi moves her hips by herself and swallows the meat spear more into her rectum. To the unbearable stimulation and demonic waist movement, Yamaji quickly reached the height.

“Wa, Wait a moment…”

“Well, no doubt, if he were you he wouldnt cry about it”

The moment Emi says so badly, Yamaji became stiff and was completely red. Did this hurt his pride as a man or what.


“Aah, good…”

With a small devil smile on her face, Emi continues to move her hips. But as soon as the limits arrived for Yamaji, he unleashes his desire while pleasing.

“Noo, still not good!!”


Ignoring Emi’s petition, he poured his stinky semen into her young ass. Although it is the third ejaculation today, the amount is small, but if you think of Yamaji´s age which is in the middle of the 50s, it is amazing how much energy he has.

It seems that Yamaji has a similar amount of energy as a young person, as well as reaching the limit quickly. And as he ran out of all power, he only lies down on the bed.

Breathing roughly for a while, Yamaji started to fall asleep soon after. Everything is sucked up by Emi, and due to the sleeping pills that are secretly placed in his beer, he won’t know what will happen to his wife.

The fallen angel who was looking down at the situation coldly winked to the man over the window and rose from the bed and disappeared into the bathroom.


Looking at the state behind the glass, Yumiko was desperate.

Even though it was not an hour after exchanging partners, her husband came three times and seemed to have fallen asleep satisfied. When her husband always had sex with her in bed he wasn’t so happy, so she couldn’t believe that it would happen with a virgin high school student.

Furthermore, she suspected with her eyes that her husband’s penis is still in an erected state after ejaculating three times, but even though she thought about it, she couldn’t confirm it clearly. But what was shocking for Yumiko was that she noticed the fact that both of them were clamoring more than usual pleasures at such an unclean place.

She cant keep calm from the shock. The young man embracing her from behind and plays with her secret part and breasts as he liked, make her body to become pleasant.

Yumiko kept being caressed all the time, while her husband rushed to heaven three times. Of course there is no such thing as a foreplay experience for such a long time, so after being caressed a lot and carefully many times and drinking countless of saliva, her ripe female body is perfectly in estrus and is seeking a man without dying from the moment.

(Aa…I want this…)

Yumiko still rubs a unknown penis and makes her who was a virtuous wife seeking sex with that man who has no name. It seemed that she was trying to heal the thirst of her body like a traveler looking for water in an oasis ofat a desert.

Now it’s our turn. Let’s make love to each other”


Sex with a guy who she hated that much until a while ago, is the only thought that remained in her mind, because her reason was evaporated. What Yumiko’s body is now seeking isnt her loving husband but that young male behind her.

“Come on, use your mouth first

“Aaaa…this is…”

That man gets naked and lies on the bed, while waiting for Yumiko to come to his side. This beautiful wife who only knows her husband´s dick actually looks at the inhuman penis of that unknown man and gives a surprise voice.

That’s exactly a huge weapon. On the dark surface, a thick vein strikes like an earthworm. You can see that it has the most suitable shape to bring out the pleasure of a woman at first sight as well.

But strangely, when Yumiko saw that big penis three times more than her husband, spit spontaneously comes out of her mouth and she wants to put it in her mouth. Remembering the direct desire she had never felt with her husband, let Yumiko walk on all fours while still wearing her dress.


She took the dick in both hands again and checked its thickness and hardness. She was like a crocodile that hesitated for a while but finally succumbed to the desire and began to lick her tongue. With a keenness and awkwardness that she had never felt for her husband’, Yumiko licked the unknown penis with joy.

(Hard…. Ah, amazing…)

The former Miss Japan moves her tongue like a child that licks a lollipop and crawls along the tip down to the root. At the time Kenichi’s body moves, she started to get crazy and begins to blame the tip strongly to let Kenichi feel it.

Yumiko´s female desire began to show and Kenichi entrusts her the caress of his penis with a grin. Once this happens, this ripe married wife will rise up alone and Kenichi will become more and more lascivious without doing anything.

“Ah, hey…”

Yumiko´s pink dyed eyes try to appeal something. While shaking a bit, she looks up embarrassedly to Kenichi.

“Whats wrong, Yumiko?”

“No…I want to suck…”

This virtues wife loses her inner desires and even talks about such words.

“Even when you said, you don’t want to do it?”

“Yaah, you meany…”

Yumiko who looks at Kenichi with sexy eyes and stimulates his son with her tongue, started to scoop out the overflowing pre-cum and slowly putting her lips on it.

“Oou, good…”

It is an exciting view that such an beauty sucks an ugly dick even if you look at it many times. Moreover, because she is a married woman who is fair and super-friendly, Kenichi´s excitement is also very high.


Paying attention to Kenichi´s reaction, made Yumiko start to suck more intense. Her cheeks and mouth are completely occupied by the meat stick and she doesn’t forget to use her tongue, too.

Thereupon, Yumiko moved her head up and down and a lewd water sound can be heard. In the sex with her husband, she was often only used to satisfy his desire without showing any passion for his wife.


Like other pretty women, Yumiko´s mind is numb from the pleasure created by Kenichi´s magic sword when it rubs inside a woman’s mouth and she is absorbed in oral sex. With a caress that she has never done for her husband, she pulls out Kenichi´s genital.

(Why do I feel…)

A clear pleasure current runs through her body, everytime the meat spear rubs against her cheeks. As a result, Yumiko gives Kenichi a rich blowjob which is unlikely to have ever done to her husband until now. This is due to the Inma magic, which was the source of turning a virtuous woman into a harlot.

Kenichi was purposely letting this married woman like it. Sucking as much as she likes and enjoy the hot sigh of this milf and the sexy gesture with her eyes, while enjoying the sweet feeling of this fellatio.

Yumiko who is still wearing her moss green dress sucks on Kenichi´s penis a good while now. This noble beauty is dyed slightly pink from excitement, which makes her unbearably beautiful and lascivious.


At the time her jaw becomes tired she put it out of her mouth, but she still persistently licks it with her tongue. To show Kenichi her loving and irresistible feeling.

While noticing the desire behind Yumiko´s eyes, Kenichi refused on purpose.


After that Yumiko tried to appeal something and began to speak loudly. She wants to embrace it, but she cannot say it by herself because she is a woman.


Yumiko tries to seduce Kenichi with cute eyes, while still stimulating his penis. Her excited body wants this thing, so that she becomes dizzy from desire.

“What happened?”

“No, that’s nasty…”

Yumiko´s appearance and gesture seems like a veteran prostitute.

“I want this…”

“Well, come over yourself”

“Aah, thats…”

Yumiko who is always leaded by her husband is ashamed of the unnecessary act he asks for, but still do it because she cant beat her inner desire.

“Here, please put it in yourself”

“No, it’s embarrassing …”

On the contrary to her words, Yumiko grabbed Kenichi´s son and stood over it, before pushing the tip against her muddy vagina.


And the moment she put her weight down, did it penetrate into her wetted honey pot. The huge meat weapon pushes through her narrow hole and makes the young wife scream with an overwhelming sense of expansion and pain.

(Good meat…)

From the side of her blue panty, Kenichi’s long penis entered to the root and made him raise a voice in his mind. This 28-year-old fresh meat is ripe with a slight hardness remaining and the combination of the soft inner meat and the fleshy richness is irksome.

“Oh, it’s finally connected…”


Suddenly a voice is heard from behind and Yumiko screams, while being connected in the woman on top position.

“Huhuu, can I join?”

Shiho Emi Fujiwara who should have stayed in the next room until a while ago laughs with a smile and covers Yumiko from behind and starts to rub her breasts.


Yumiko twists her body while screaming and the meat stick she swallowed into her womb rampages and create pleasure like lightning that penetrates her body. At the same time her upper body is brought to Shiho who plays with her breasts and let Yumiko forget about her shyness and let her raise a cry.


“Huhuhu, it is a body that a man seems to be delighted with. It feels nice… ”

While rubbing the big tits the lace bra is pushing up and Shiho shows this melting wife what true sexual sensation is.

“Ahiii!! Ikuuuu!!”

Targeting her G spot from below, Yumiko is attacked by a strong orgasm that has never been felt before and cause her whole body to have convulsions. Squirting out a great amount of air and love juice, Kenichi continues to offer superb pleasure.

Yumiko has no chance because she is seduced by Kenichi who is a Incubus owner and Shiho who is a half-devil because she is the host of a succubus. There is no human that can withstand such pleasures.

“Huhuhu…Yumiko. I will make you feel it fully”

“He will love you enough for the future”


As soon as her lips were deprived by an kiss from Kenichi, Yumiko even more becomes a beautiful sacrifice.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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