Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 137

Imma trap


That was a terrible sight.

Her beloved husband is naked and his penis is standing up at such a steep angle that Yumiko has never saw it before. And at the end of it there is a young girl sucking and moving her head every time, so that the whole meat stick disappear into her red mouth.

Amazingly, the young lady occasionally sucks it deep into her throat and swallowed the whole thing. Yumiko can see that the pleasure that is spun out from her husband is tremendous.

“What a deep throat, it’s awesome that she can do that”

The man next to Yumiko confirmed her appearance and smiled and grinned, before pushing a switch at the bed’s pillow.


Suddenly, a voice came from the speaker. It was undoubtedly the pleasured roar of her husband.


The young wife screamed with a loud voice. Occasionally mixed within her husband’s voice, is a water sound. The edge of that female students mouth is full with saliva, that has already overflowed.

『Huhu, do you feel good?』

The young girl who is serving Yumiko´s husband licks his son from below and looks up with sexy eyes so that even a woman like Yumiko is aroused. At the same time one of her hands wraps around the root and rubs it obscenely, while the other hand wanders around the back hole and stimulates Yamaji´s sexuality accurately.

『Do you still want it in my mouth? Or maybe you want to put it in?』

While licking the tip with her tongue, the female university student listens to Yamaji´s pleased voice, before she puts the tip into her mouth again.

『Aaa…amazing…until that point…』

『If you want to put it out, say anytime. I will drink all of it…』

That lovely girl says so and enthusiastically invites Yamaji with a spoiled voice. From her husband’s downfall, Yumiko can see that the moment when his lust is boiling is close.

For Yumiko seeing such a thing through the glass, it was unbelievable. She had little sexual experience until her marriage with Yamaji who was so to speak a master of sex. Her husband who is supposed to be a sex veteran is at the mercy of a young lady and is crying like a teen boy.


Hearing the cry of her husband, her body trembles. He ejaculated. The young girl who sucks on the tip of the penis receives a large amount of semen into her mouth.


Looking at the situation, Yumiko screams further.

Originally Yumiko is resistant even to blowjobs. Even more like accepting a man’s body fluid in her mouth, she cant imagine it. But even more surprisingly, the beautiful woman over the glass smiled and drank the semen of her husband exhaled into her clean mouth.

“Huhuhu. Your husband already came and it was only just a blowjob”

Yumiko noticed that the young man who had been sitting beside her unnoticed already had his hand on her chest.


She is trying to resist but because she has no strength in her body, it shows the opposite effect exactly and only makes her body twist in the arms of that young man. Meanwhile, that man’s hands covered her bust over her thin fabric and starts to massage the tenderness.

“You´ve a very nice body, is the size 90F?”


Hearing this embarrassing size, this beautiful young wife is confused. While being embraced by a young man from behind and having her breasts played with as that guy wants, Yumiko can’t resist because she has no strength in her body.

“Hey, look at the front. Your husband still continues”

As she is told to look beyond the glass, the hips of her husband who sat face down on the bed and looks at the other side are staggeringly stubbornly drawn. Although he released once, the angle and size of his penis haven’t changed at all.

And that pretty girl still keeps her face on his penis and continues serving him lewdly. Occasionally she still put the whole thing in her mouth and let her husband mouth issue his feeling.

“I’ll let you do that too a lot, later”

“No, it’s useless…such a thing…”

Yumiko can’t do such a thing to an unknown man, when she hasn’t even done it to her husband.

“Stupid, wife…. It’s not swapping…look at that, isnt your husband pleased over the mirror?”

“…Th, That…”

Even though she knew that it was the rule to do so, she could hardly believe that Yamaji would do such a thing by actually doing it. She thinks that her dear husband isn’t an ordinary human, when he wants her to show him an act where she is holding the penis of another man.

“Hey, give me your mouth”

“I can’t…aguuuu…”

Although Yumiko is against it, she was caught quickly and was kissed. Although she has kissed a couple of times already, but when that man’s tongue and saliva enter her mouth, did her head got drowsy and she couldn’t think of anything gradually.

Meanwhile, from her breasts that are struggling with the movement of that obscene hand, a constant stimulation is sent and that stimulation echoes through her body is transmitted to her lower body. The size of that pleasant feeling is something that can’t be obtained by the usual act with her husband.

(Wh, Why…)

Yumiko is really puzzled, because she doesn’t understand why her body reacts so intense.

It is not a sense of insensitivity, but a strong desire. Of course she doesn’t like sexual activities with her dear husband, but rather than getting pleasure, it is due to the pleasure of her husband.

Yumiko feels her husband caresses enthusiastically, but that is also due to mental joy and satisfaction. In other words, as for acts with husbands, she doesn’t feel it so much that there is no reason and she performs those acts to please her husband.

It is unbelievably great just by having her breast massaged by that young man who she doesnt know. The moment he rubs her nipples, sparks come out of her eyes and her tongue is absorbed into his mouth.

Her underwear that is covering her crotch is full of honey because her vagina mouth started to open. For Yumiko who isn’t so wet everyday, it was a truly amazing change.

(Why do I feel so…)

Without noticing the fact that she was already a sacrifice of a fantasy, this beautiful and tasteful married woman repeatedly did not answer questions.

Kenichi moves his neck to relax his muscles while rubbing the voluptuous hills of Yamaji’s wife from behind and smiles to her reaction.

(However, Yamaji is a foolish man…. How can he exchange such a woman with such a delicious body and pick up another woman)

Yamaji-san is embracing Shiho Fujiwara who is one of Kenichi’s sex slave and enjoys the ripe feel of her body while his super beautiful wife who was a former Miss Japan is held by Kenichi who murmured so in his heart.

(Look at that. You’ll taste the living hell out of this world.)

While inserting his hands from the neck of her one piece, Kenichi smiles with an evil expression while kneading her rich breasts. Yumiko ignores Kenichi’s smile and being struck by a pleasure wave that is poured into her body, she is staring at the sexual activity of her husband and that young girl.

Kenichi is determined to take revenge on all men who are involved in his uncle’s accident.

At this point, Yamaji and Kenichi never met before so he didn’t realize that the man named Kasukabe is the science teacher of Ellis all girls high school.

(I thought she would gave uo her foolish husband)

Kenichi licks his tongue in his mind. It is easy to kill an enemy who tried to kill his uncle, but he chose to take revenge in a unique manner.

“I’m going to do something that you can’t taste with your husband”


Having these words whispered into her ear and pleasure running through her body, Yumiko changed from a virtue married woman to a single female. When her nipples are rubbed, a sharp current strikes her uterus and her cold and hard body becomes flexible, as if it awoke in a flash. The pleasure comes from her two melons that is rubbed and played with skillfully as much as Kenichi wants.

“Hey, give me your mouth again.”


The next moment she wanted to speak, her mouth was snatched away and her tongue was tied with Kenichi’s tongue. Desperately trying to deal with it, Yumiko quickly succumbs to the skillful tongue and ties up her own tongue willingly.

“Hey, look at the front”

When being told so, Yumiko looked at the front with a slender look and she sees her husband connected with that young girl in a normal position and releasing his second ejaculation. From his appearance and voice, she can hear that he feels it more than when he is with herself.


Feeling jealous and lonely, Yumiko felt that invisible chains that had restrained herself gradually loosened. She doesn’t know whether it is her reason or morality, but something of her broke when she show the affair of her husband.


Yumiko with a beautiful appearance closed her dazzling eyes and drowns into the technique of Kenichi. She snoozed and asked for the saliva of Kenichi while exchanging dep kisses.

“Hey, look at me”

Kenichi took Yumiko’s hand and turned it behind to let her grasp his hot male genitalia that appeared unnoticed.

(Oh…. What a size…hardness…)

She grasp it from behind without seeing it with her own eyes, but the thickness and hardness is understood clearly and it is a different dimension from her husband.

“How do you like it?”


After touching it many times and ascertained its size and hardness, Yumiko seemed to be dizzy with that incredible size. Such an hot mass is in her in palm and let her body burn with an unknown sensation.

“Yumiko, your pussy will be skewered a lot with this”


Just imagine that this huge mass would invade into her made Yumiko reach a light acme. Even though sexual activity with her husband is rarely obtained, why does it feel so wonderful when it comes to this man?

(Huhu, excellent sensitivity)

While smiling at the sensitive reactions of this married woman, Kenichi reaches for her skirt.

“Yumiko, it seems that this place here is completely prepared already”


“I don’t tell a lie. You can see it for yourself”

As being told, Yumiko confirmed herself, that her silk panty got soaked wet as if she was incontinent and it was to the point that love juice dripped down her thighs.

“Ahiii!! Noo!! Th, There is no good!!”

At this moment, Kenichi put a finger inside from the side of her panty and let Yumiko raise a cry. His sticky finger strokes over her secret place and stimulates the sensitive part skillfully.


When the finger slides into her vaginal hole, a sharp pleasure runs through her back and it instantly led to ecstasy. Yumiko tightens Kenichi’s fingers with her developed sphincter and shows deep pleasure towards Kenichi.

“Hey, your husband is watching us?

As she was told, Yumiko opened her eyes and saw her husband staring at herself with glaring eyes while sitting on the bed and entrusting his crotch to the mouth of that young female university student.

(Dear…dont look…)

However, such an embarrassment and sadness become spices and Yumiko is pushed further to a high dimensional height. It is a level that has never been tasted from the sex with her husband and real pleasure is tasted for the first time and her ripe body trembles greedily.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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