Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 134

Honey trap

Hirozou Yamaji, the president of a construction company was drunk by an unworldly pleasure in a luxury hotel room. He is older than 50, but you can’t see it from his tanned face and sturdy body.

His front head is slightly bald and half of his hair is already white, but it also seems to emphasize the strength of this man’s pushing strength and intention.

A beautiful woman has her face between his crotch and spread her pink tongue around his erected meat weapon. This beauty is seriously giving oral service by only wearing her underwear and her white manicured fingers crawling around the penis.

Every time the tip of the sensitive penis sinks into the mouth of that pretty woman, does a sharp pleasure that has never been tasted run through Yamaji´s body. Her slender tongue is wrapped around the mass and stimulates the sensitive seams and gills.


This stimulation is so strong and sharp that the battle-hardened Yamaji must raise a voice. His body trembles from the otherworldly pleasure and he groaned like a boy who received fellatio for the first time.

By the way, what Yamaji thought was what kind of experience did this beautiful woman acquired to have such a horrific technique with only 20 years of age? His penis melts away in her mouth and he doesn’t know why the saliva isn’t overflowing from the edge of her mouth.

That girl is only staring at Yamaji with high spirit, as to measure the pleasure. And it seems you get drawn into her, when you look back into her black eyes.

Meanwhile, that girl’s body is also a reason why Yamaji is obsessed with her. Proportional to her slender body does she has a voluptuous chest and her soft waist gives him an unknown stimulation that cannot be described.

“Wa, wait…. It’s going to get out…”

While watching the weakness of Yamaji interestingly, that beauty continues her oral service enthusiastically. Then, the limit came unexpectedly. Within five minutes from the start, Yamaji raises a sound and released his sperm into the mouth of that beautiful woman, who drinks it as it is a matter of course.

“Usually, I’m not so early, but…”

Yamaji makes an excuse while being embarrassed. He isn’t a high school student who just lost his virginity, however he can’t believe what happened right now. Nevertheless, to this point the technique of this beauty is wonderful and Yamaji is grateful for the good luck that he got such a beautiful woman.


Still it is impossible to suppress his desire, because that girl uses her mouth very skillful.

It was about a week ago that he started to embrace this girl who was a part-time worker at a club. The reason that he was able to met this girl at that club was that he couldn’t embrace Yoko Aikawa in the meantime.

(I was so frustrated that I couldn’t have Yoko, but I was lucky)

When he first saw this beautiful girl with her cold and well-ordered face, did Yamaji thought that she isn’t different from the beautiful women he embraced before with the power of money, except of her white skin. But as soon as they entered a bed, that cool female university student turned into a devil and made Yamaji experience a new world of sex.

The moment Yamaji got naked and lay on the bed, he was already completely licked all over his body and all his erogenous zones on his body were stimulated. He was amazed from the tongue skills of that female student that he couldn’t suppress a cry not knowing what happens to him.

That fellatio was exquisite, however he came after a few minutes like today and at the time he entered her vagina, he couldn’t control himself anymore because of that exquisite pleasure instruments and he couldn’t even use his skills, because he was dominated and forced to cum three times. Originally he is a energetic person stronger than usual, but four times a day is abnormal.

Yamaji doesn’t know whether her name is Emi, but he got a female university student who can be said as a natural prostitute, which makes Yamaji ecstatic. Since then, he became crazy with this girl and they met up for lunch every day and after repeatedly going shopping, they started to have sex.

“Emi…. Give me a break…”

Even after he released his semen, Yamaji screams to Emi who still doesn’t stop giving him fellatio. His penis is still swallowed and he is about to cum a second time soon.

“Because the president is a macho, Emi wants to continue more. Hey, you okay?”

When she says so with her pretty face and voice, this female student continues to act obscenely more than before. It seems that the meat spear is absorbed by her soft mouth and melts from the root to the tip.

“No, it will come out again…. Quickly, come near”

With a cluttered voice, Yamaji raises a miserable voice. This middle-aged man who has made many women cry so far has been mocked by the skills of this little girl.

“Uhuhu, I didn’t know that the president was such a naughty kid. But it’s okay. I’ll let you cum”

Emi laughed after saying so and stood up, before inviting this meat weapon inside her vagina. Her lewd entrance is already open and slimy from love juice, before swallowing Yamaji´s son.


To that extra pleasure, Yamaji raises a voice resembling a scream.

After all Emi’s place is narrow like a virgin and although it is wet enough, her tightening produces an incredible pleasure. In addition, her fine folds percolate and retract the invasion of the glans to the depth. Yoko who was tasted the other day was amazing, but with this complexity and refinement Emi is much greater.

“Hey, massage my breasts…”

Emi licks her lips with her tongue while giving this order and moving her waist as soon as possible. And as told, Yamaji reaches out his hand to the breasts swaying in front of him and rubs this fascinating hills. In response to that Emi´s vagina contracted and Yamaji was pulled deeper down into the pleasure.

“Hey, give up”


Emi uses her waist very skillfully and fast, so that the limit comes unexpectedly and Yamaji grasps Emi´s melons strongly, while thrusting into her vagina.

“Aah, it already came out…however I’ll let cum a few more times”

Emi laughs again by saying so and tightens the root of the swallowed penis. Thanks to that the second ejaculation was released and Yamaji remains stiff.

Emi smiles grinningly in her mind while observing the state of the pedestrianized Yamaji calmly. This middle-aged man has become a prisoner of her and she is supposed to do anything to gain pleasure.

(I wonder, if tomorrow is good?)

It seems time has come for the trap to activate. The thing Emi had to do in order to reliably trap the targeted prey was to completely embrace this man with pleasure, but that is already nearing its end.

To absorb this man’s energy that was spit out into her body and make it her own energy, is the aim of this pretty devil. Laughing at that irrational old man was the succubus living inside Emi.

The man who appeared in the meeting cafe was different from ordinary people somewhere in the atmosphere. His appearance is that of an extremely ordinary salaryman, but the aura released from his body made Yamaji feel something ominous. A warning bell sounded through Yamaji sixth sense, which he cultivated for many years in business, but a man poisoned by five senses doesn’t exist.

“Yamaji-san. I´m Kasukabe”

Since coffee was brought, the man named Kasukabe slowly issued his matter.

“Well, you may heard it from Emi, but she is my girl…”

The man turns his face looking upwards from a little below and starts talking slowly but straight away. That tone and voice irritates Yamaji every time.

“Recently, when I thought that her appearance was strange, she told me about her relationship with you”

After saying so far, Kasukabe paused. His eyes seem to observe the inside of Yamaji´s heart.

“Well, what am I supposed to do?”

If Yamaji is bearish here, he will only be plugged in. Because his opponent is a salaryman named Kasukabe, he knows how to negotiate in these cases. Yamaji showed a strong image by talking to the man who is in his thirties. Besides, Yamaji has acquaintances in the Yakuza, so there is no problem.

“She is a good girl? Her technique and body are great”

While drinking coffee, the young man laughs and smiles from the back of his throat. Without knowing the real intention of this man named Kasukabe, Yamaji lit a cigarette and remained calm.

“If Yamaji-san wishes, I may hand over Emi”

“Eeeh!! Ho, However, you!!”

Kasukabe doesn’t panic and doesn’t make any sound while drinking his coffee and keeps observing Yamaji´s face after whispering so.

“Well, she is a really good woman, but it’s a pity to let go of her, especially her exquisite blowjob…. If you leave her alone, she would suck you for hours”


“Did Yamaji-san fuck her anus?”

Being asked that, Yamaji only shook his head in disagreement.

“What a waste…. Her front hole is nice, but her back hole is really great”

The moment Yamaji heard Kasukabe´s words, did he remembered Emi´s cute white butt and swallowed his saliva unintentionally.

“I also played with quite a lot of girls, but her ass is really great”

Looking at Yamaji who swallowed his saliva down his throat, Kasukabe laughs and secretly grins. The prey seems to be completely hanging on the hook.

“When I questioned Emi, she seems to have fallen in love with Yamaji-san…”

While listening to it and being delighted with it, Yamaji only rubbed his face nervously.

“Well, what about it…”

“Well, even if I also have such a woman at hand, I am hungry and I wonder if I can cut it at that time”

Talking to that point, Yamaji put an hand on the desk and Kasukabe heard Yamaji´s reaction calmly.

“How’s it going? Do you want Emi?”

In an abnormal tone, Kasukabe whispers to Yamaji.

“Well, what is the condition? Money?”

While being overwhelmed by the aura of that young man sitting in front of himself, Yamaji strengthened himself to not show any weakness. Actually he is absorbed with Emi´s body and want to accept Kasukabe´s offer soon, but it is easier to see the fire if you show such a swag well.

“No no, what I want isn’t such a thing”

With a grin, that youngster tells Yamaji so who did not predict this.

“Yamaji-san’s wife seems to be very beautiful, anyway she was a ex-Miss Japan”

“Naa…!!! …You, you mean I should replace Yumiko!”

Kasukabe was excited unexpectedly and his voice became rough. Surprised by that tone, the salary workers and young business ladies who were around stared at them at once.

“Well well, calm down. What I want to say is I give you my woman and you give your woman”


“Besides, I’m not saying to give me your wife completely, I only want to embrace your wife once and you can get Emi for you alone”

“Muu…. Bu, But…”

The story of Kasukabe is stinky somewhere, but Yamaji is too excited of Emi’s body to dismiss it. Until now he has held a lot of women, but that body, technique and nymphosis are definitely number one among all his women so far.

“If you don’t like it, please never come close to Emi again”


Yamaji opens his mouth, but cannot issue a word.

Five years have passed since his previous wife died and Yamaji remarried two years ago. It was on the seat of an industry party that he got acquainted with Yumiko, who will be 28 this year and Yamaji who fell in love with that beauty at first sighted married her mid-way.

With her beautiful face was she a ex-Miss Japan and many friends and enemies of Yamaji has envied him which gave him a great boast. With such a woman, he has a great time. That’s why he can’t give such a gem to a man in front of his eyes.

However Yamaji has many complaints about her. His beautiful new wife was not interested in sex and was like a tuna in bed. This extremely shy woman was almost sexually intriguing and Yamaji was secretly doubtful that she was insensible.

(Yumiko…. She isnt interesting in bed at all, but…)

Therefore it may not be a bad deal. He can get a beautiful woman who can be called a prodigy of sex, while his wife is only embraced once. To that charming proposal, his heart beats greatly. Sweat drips down his cheeks.

(What do I do? What do I do?)

However, it is impossible to tolerate, that Yumiko will be embraced by another man.

“Not good Not good! Yumiko is useless!”

Yamaji shouted so. And as if he had anticipated it, Kasukabe made a conclusion.

“So today you will leave Emi alone for all time. You sure?”

Kasukabe talks coldly and tries to get up from his chair.

“Wa, wait a moment…”

In that instant Kasukabe is restrained by a hand and Yamaji tries to pull him back. He can’t imagine that he can never taste Emi´s wonderful body again. At this moment the fate of Yamaji and his beautiful wife was decided.

“Ho, how…”

“I have a good idea about that…”

When Kasukabe sits down again, does he gazes at Yamaji and whispers something. Yamaji was completely involved in the pace of this man, and that couple rolled down the slope continuing to hell.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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