Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 130

Fallen chief director

Knocking on the hotel room door. Although there was no reply, turning the knob, the door open. As usual she doesn’t know why the auto lock door will open, but such things don’t matter now.

A 43-year-old wife sets foot in a luxury hotel suite and looks for her partner. The room where the lights fell is dark and the light from the window is the only light source.

He was here.

In front of the window where the night view of the city spread, a shirtless man with a glass of whiskey looked at the sea of neon. His back is dark, but a bright rising dragon is clearly visible.

The married woman becomes cheerful.

There is no trace of her usual intelligent and gorgeous facial expressions and she is like a girl in love. With her black eyed eyeglasses she tries to seduce this lovely and splendid man. Even if anyone sees her, it is clear that this beautiful woman fell in love with that yakuza guy at first sight.

The beauty takes off her coat that she was wearing and put it on the sofa. The smell of her sweet body odor and the high-grade perfume mix together and rises up from her entire body.

The black and sexy dress that came out from below is a perfect fit for her body. The design is too daring to wear for a married wife, because it openly demonstrated her mature body line.

A huge chest protrudes forward by pushing up the fabric with a small area from the inside. After passing the narrow waist at a sharp angle from there, her rich hips pushes up the mini skirt to give an marvelous appearance. Anybody who drinks this man’s saliva will have a superb body that makes you want to touch. That woman’s ripe body is just ripe now and is like sweet fruit juice.

As soon as that yakuza man sees that beautiful woman with his sharp razor-like eyes, did he throw his empty glass away and hugs that woman. Immediately covering her from the back, he rubs her voluptuous breasts with his hands that turned forward.


While calling the man’s name, the mature woman writhes in his arms. Her body is massaged from the dress which stuck to her body and she becomes embarrassed when her white scruff is licked and made her raise a voice.


A sweet melting voice. It isn’t a refusal, but a whisper of a female inviting a man. The man’s hand entered the chest are of her sexy dress without reserve and is playing with it as he wants. That beautiful woman who hugs the semi-naked man is wiggling according to the movement of his hands.

“Noo…don’t massage so much…”

She is caressed across her breasts, which is a part of her own pride and a weak point that let this marvelous married woman give a lustful and vivacious voice in a blink of an eye. If someone sees them they would misunderstand that she dislikes being in the arms of this man, but it’s a invitation of this woman that is controlled by her desires.

The evidence is that she shakes her hips and rubs the crotch of the yakuza guy.

“What kind of excuse did you tell your husband this time?”

That mischievous man plays with her huge breasts, while licking her white, long scruff and whispering so. His right hand was touching her thighs for a while, before gradually crawling into her skirt.

“My, my husband…will be late because of a council meeting…. Ah, no, there is no good…”

The married wife raise a low voice, while a hand is crawling between her crotch. And when her neck is bitten lightly, a pleasure spark spreads throughout her body.

“…You can enjoy it until midnight”

“Aaa…it’s so late…my husband…my husband will find out”

“Please cheat with me”

“That’s…not good…. Aah, I feel it…”

Even if it’s an unreasonable request, she can’t go against this guy anymore. Yoko Aikawa, who became the new president of Ellis all girls high school was totally deprived of not only her body but also of her heart to this hateful yakuza guy.

It was at the end of last year that this 43-year-old married woman was raped by the man named Shirato. When she attended a party of an economic group in place of her father who was hospitalized, Yoko was skillfully intoxicated by Shirato, who approached her and she was brought into a hotel room where she had sex with this person.

Yoko resisted violently at first but after ten minutes her body stopped its resistance to the stimulation that was forced on her. Her ripe body that had low sexual contact with her husband was dry and quickly succumbed to the violent piston of Shirato, before completely fallen in the first hour. Afterwards, the pleasure of a different dimension was driven into her great body by rape which continued until the morning endlessly and let Yoko become completely addicted.

Afterwards she was called again and again and violated by this man like a beast. She couldn’t even told her husband about this secret because she was threatened by Shirato who took pictures from the first and second time. Yoko often returned home late, because of the newly appointed principal position. Guilt is smoldering in her heart, but every time she sees this man, the joy of that night deepens and she becomes drunk.

Now she is used wearing sexy underwear and clothes and lying to her husband where she goes.

“What is it, won’t it be muddy already?”

“Aaa…there…not this place…no… don’t move your fingers…”

In the large glass window of the luxury hotel, Yoko can see herself being attacked by Shirato.

(What…What a nasty face am I doing…)

Two thick arms are embracing her body which is wearing a black dress. A hand crawled into her chest, while the other hand sneaked inside from her skirt and every movement is seen in the window. Shirato’s mouth sticks to her neck and repeatedly licks and sucks on it. In such a state, her eyes become moist very soon and even her mouth wearing lipstick is breathing roughly, then she is already in estrus.

“Hey, come here and serve”

After enjoying the soft feeling of Yoko, did Shirato abruptly release her body and sit on the sofa, before ordering her in a careless tone. He pour reddish amber liquid into a glass from the bottle of McCarran on the table and drinks it. While enjoying the rich female smell on his fingers.

“…Ye, Yes…”

Yoko moved next to Shirato and makes her tongue crawl on the dark skin with a charmed look. She raised a spoiled voice and licked with her tongue his nipples. His body is muscular and athletic and there a several wound attached in various parts.

“Aaa…nice…and sturdy…”

Yoko´s husband is a obese and ugly man. The man in front of her is sey and slim at all. Only by licking and touching a bunch of these steel-like muscles and the remembered pleasure let her body become wet.

The first time she was raped at the hotel bed, let Yoko got crazy by the savage and rough thrusting while fearing an excess shock. And every time this masochist pushed through her uterus did she raised a animal like roar.

(Sturdy…ah, its unbearable…)

Her tongue is moving along his chest and she especially licks his abdominal muscles carefully. It is so thick that hasn’t been seen from anyone yet. Yoko worked persistently, while sometimes staring at the cold and icy expression of Shirato.

After a while, she took of his trousers and starts licking the lower part.

Next she licks carefully along his knee and shin from his strong thighs. Yoko really enjoys doing this service. After licking from the ankle to the back, does she put his toes into her mouth and make them wet with her saliva.

Meanwhile, Shirato only gaze at Yoko´s caress, while tilting his whisky glass. He seems really excited from seeing the bulge of his boxer pants.

Yoko who did such a caress many times swallowed her saliva before finally removing the last remaining cloth.


Then a huge and stout meat stick appeared. The tip is like a giant Viper’s head and was surrounded by a small mass. Yoko remembers the intense pleasure when it entered her womb only by seeing its shape and her expression is full of ecstasy.

(Amazing…really amazing…)

This demon-like dick is driving her crazy and is a powerful symbol. Yoko extended her long tongue, before slowly licking it with an entranced face.

Its resilience and fiercer than her husband, smells strongly and let her reason and body melt.

(I can’t hold it…)

She entwined this thing with her thin fingers and made her tongue crawl on the lumpy surface to spread her thick saliva. This penis made her succumb to its pleasure many times already.

(This…this drives me crazy…)

Other than licking the tip and mass, she also licks the root to make sure of the whole shape.

(If such a thing is put in, I will go crazy…)

Yoko is totally familiar with this bizarre and grotesque penis. That reminds her of the feeling of being stirred inside and makes her feel excited. Every time it rubbed inside her mouth, does her body start to melt and the joy of a woman is experienced.

This mature woman licks another meat weapon than her husband with a dedicated attitude and expression. After a short while, did this long pole became sticky with saliva and is further applied with saliva. His balls are also stroked by her fingers skillfully. This awfully skilled and lewd oral service is only done to Shirato.

Yoko suddenly raised a voice that she can’t endure anymore, while staring at Shirato at the same time.

“…Pl, please let me suck…”

Looking up at Shirato who is sitting on the sofa, make this pretty new principal plead with a sweet voice. It is a rule to always ask Shirato for permission when she wants to suck his penis. Even though she was forced to be raped, she is totally captivated by the pleasure that this man brings, and thus she rejoiced in serving him as commanded.

“Aaa…hey…hey hey…I want to suck…”

Yoko is begging Shirato while still dedicatedly serving him with her mouth, tongue and both hands. Does who know Yoko´s usual intellectual and quiet appearance would doubt their eyes seeing her now.

“Oku-san, do you really want that?”

“Ye, Yes…please…”

Even though he is a villain she let him call her Oku-san as her loving husband, which makes Shirato excited and let him release some pre-cum from the tip of his son. Yoko licks it slowly and scoop up everything until the last drop.

“Good. Hold it in your mouth”


After getting the permission, she quickly opens her red lips and put the bold and hot tip in her mouth that was full of saliva already. The odor and taste spreads all the way into her mouth at once.

(Aaa…this…this is what I wanted…)

Yoko is already drunk for having this dick. Her body starts to tremble from receiving the pleasure. She was craving for Shirato´s penis all this time, when she was at home with her husband or when she was working as the principal at school.

This lovely and pretty wife finally closed her eyes to the joy that was obtained and started to move her head slowly, while kneeling on the carpet.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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