Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 129

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A hot lump rampages inside her mouth. Each time it rubs the inside of her mouth, her head gets numb from the stimulation. She crawls her tongue around it, while swallowing the saliva that gushes out suddenly. Rolling over the overgrown glans with her tongue, does Reiko become frightened by the thickness, when she put it in and out.


The occasional intense stimulation drives her whole body crazy and she really wants to scream out of her blocked mouth. Saito who was sucking Reiko´s secret hole has overrun it with his savage tongue.

On the bed of this love hotel room, Arisawa Reiko is addicted to that thick mutual caress with Saito-san while wearing a business suit. She resisted at first, but after all, she faced down and does an fellatio in the sixty-nine position without taking a shower, that’s why her crotch was full of sweat. Saito ripped her stockings and buried his face into her crotch, by enjoying the taste of her ripe secret fruit as much as he wants.


Again her clitoris was teased by his tongue and sparks scattered in front of her eyes. Even so, Reiko has an erected penis in her mouth and sucks the tip with her lips and tongue.

(Aaa…amazing…I feel it…it feels good…)

Having sex with her husband has never been so good. Her husband didn’t like fellatio so much and he didn’t ask for it because he was embarrassed. So since the last time she was licking Saito´s groin, that memory of real crazy pleasure remained and was carved inside her body.

(Aaa…noo…I feel it too much…)

While sucking her crotch, does Saito also stroke her hips. It is an attractive part that her plump and ripe buttocks make a man go crazy. Occasionally he grabs her hips strongly or softly which gives a unknown sensation. Coupled with the stimulation from her crotch, her legs tremble from this ferocious pleasure.

(Aaa…I want it…I want it…)

The director of SHADO who defends the human race against devils normally will be violated by a stout colt now. Her desire of sex seems to be overflowing like a hot torrent into her ripe body.

Reiko had been troubled by the dryness of her vagina for one month now and the desire has accumulated all this time. And as soon as she saw this man’s face, she became as if something was off the deterrent and when she got drunk with alcohol, she was already in estrus.

You could think she is really miserable. The other party isnt her husband but only a man acquainted in a bar. He won’t be gentle like her intellect husband. For such a man to do such an obscene thing, it is a crime not permitted morally and legally. It is a feeling of guilt to her husband, that let Reiko feel pain in her chest.

(…But…aaa…you…your fault…)

A complaint is vomited to her husband who leaves her alone involuntarily. Reiko knows he is busy and that he is tired. But that day. Her husband didn’t hold her though she showed some courage and tried to seduce him. He hadn’t accepted her invitation and sadness overrun Reiko who wanted to show her sex appeal.

“Aaaaa!! Hiiiiiii!!!”

Saito’s incredibly long tongue crept into her vagina. A high voice is released from her mouth from the too intense stimulation. Her female body easily succumbed to the stimulation and a cry of reaching the top came.

“Aaa!! Cuuummm!! Cummmiinnggg!!”

He stimulated her clitoris while sucking her secret part and Reiko reacted by shoving her hips into his face. A large amount of nectar is overflowing and it is drunk as much as Saito-san wants. However, the greedy married woman goes out to tease the caress further while the waist is trembling.

(Already…I want it already…)

Reiko´s body want it for a while now. The hot meat stick of Saito who she would dying for to get it. This shameful thing is right in front of her, so she showed her desire for it.

(Hurry up, I’ll do something about it…. Now…this is what I’m doing…)

Although Reiko occasionally receives an height, it is endurable pleasure to the last. Compared to the pleasure of authentic meat that melts her body to the bones, it seems like an appetizer before the main dish. Far from being filled by it, her desires are deep.


It is only temporary though Reiko reached a light climax now again. Her body is aching from the back of her waist again to the stimulation that became more violently than a little while ago.


However, Reiko still can’t speak clearly, from clenching and rubbing his dick. She wants to put this stubborn flesh right now inside her empty body.

She stretches out her tongue to the limit to lick its root, while confirming the hardness. However, Saito ignores her attitude and only tasted her crotch as usual.


Her plump hips wiggle left and right, while this beautiful mother begs another man than her husband with a seductive voice. Even though Reiko remembers the embarrassment of getting a deep red face, she still urges to go crazy from her inner desire.

“Please…quickly…I can’t endure anymore…”

This invitation is from her utmost feelings. Reiko was never so direct to her husband. However, she can utter this direct words because it is a person who she has no love feelings for. And because he is a normal man, his desire are obediently the same.

Saito-san finally releases his mouth and turns around after Reiko got on all fours. He took off his clothes and became naked, before he held Reiko´s hips who was still wearing a suit. At that moment, a slight warning was left by her reason. Reiko who noticed it turns around and stares at that younger man.

“No, without change…please…. That…with that one…”

Last time Saito ejaculated without contraception after all. Fortunately it was good because her menstruation came soon, but she didn’t forget the taste of regret and fear at that time. Her crying face that turned around and begged this young man.

“Please…use a condom…”

Of course, cheating is an unacceptable act. However, if she gets pregnant, she can’t show her face to her husband or children again. It is absolutely necessary to avoid it. Reiko was so embarrassed that her face was bright red and she desperately appeals.

“No. I don’t like rubber. Raw is better…”

Saito declares casually. Rather than listening to Reiko’s words at all, he pushes his son as it is to her muddy crotch. Her beige panty is set aside and his male part is pressed against Reiko´s wet vagina. It is obscenely that Reiko´s lower part is moving in order to get this thing quickly.

“Hii! St,Stopp!! That…no. noo!! Please, Please do it with condom…”

Even so, Reiko desperately begs and she pushed her hips up to dodge the tip of the penis.

“Ehh? E, Ehh?”

Suddenly, Saito removed his body and got off the bed in front of the surprised Reiko. And while she was stunned, he started to dress up quickly.

“Wh, Why…Why…”

Reiko, who is taken aback, remains frozen on the bed. The young man is asseverate cold while looking down at Reiko.

“If you don’t want to fuck raw, I’ll go home. You want me to be your husband?”

“Th, That´s…”

Her body has heated up after releasing all her accumulated desire. Reiko has been enduring for a month and now he is running away in front of her eyes. If she miss this time, she won’t know when will be the next time. That impatience and fear influenced her whole body.

“Wa, wait! Wait…please!!”

Saito who was really going out of the room wearing his coat was grabbed by this married woman without shame. Her pride and appearance are thrown away in order to have sex with this young man.

“Then, can I do it raw?”


Still, she can’t allow it and she can’t say she dislikes it. Her body and throat who experienced great pleasure before ask for it like a drug patient with withdrawal symptoms.

When Saito took off his coat and put down his trousers, did he push Reiko’s body against the wall and removed her skirt before pushing through at a dash.

“Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Aaaaa!! Guuuuuuu!!!!”

Reiko screams without a doubt and reached the climax while her whole body is frightened to the thrust of this dick who it waited for. The abnormal position where she is violated from the back while standing, let Reiko raises a voice of ecstasy while putting her hands against the hotel room wall.

(Aaaa…I’m sorry… I’m sorry, you…)

After all, the lust for this young colt let her accept the condition of this man without any worries. However, there was still a bit of her reason left. And when Saito begins to move into her womb, all restrictions issued from her reason are melted away and she drowns from this unbelievable pleasure wave.

“Aaah there! There, that’s it!! Aaaa, hiiii!!!”

(I…I´m useless…)

Reiko was staring at the destination of her fate which was thrown away while being tossed by the furious pleasure storm as early as her hollow eyes.

“Makino, your sucking has improved successfully”


Kenichi said so and this young girl who has his huge penis in her mouth tries to protest with a muffled voice. He used his waist even a little and pierced to the back of her throat, while Rimi seems to stop her breath.

Being angry, she indents her cheeks, while sucking. Although being forced again, her intense resistance from the beginning is gone and she still feels disgust. This is nothing other than humiliation, by licking the penis which is a symbol of arrogance and nothing more than an object of disgust.

Thus she buried her face into the crotch of her science teacher in the science preparation room and does an lewd mouth service. The despicable teacher threatens her with an video of her and a younger student doing a lewd act. It is necessary for Rimi to do as Kenichi wants because he would inform her parents and would put his hands on her kouhai.

(Quickly…finish quickly…)

It ends when Kenichi ejaculates. It was always so. Therefore, Rimi desperately tries to end it by shaking her neck faster. Her small mouth and cheeks can’t accept everything and her jaw is also hurting. But still, her tongue sucks desperately and her neck moves up and down to make him ejaculate.

The sound of obscene water spread through this narrow room and can be heard clearly. Makino Rimi who belongs to the athletics club was providing oral service to her science teacher as a daily routine. Since the first threat she has down fellatio and has drunk the fishy body fluids of the science teacher many times.

The act which was awkward at first was able to be done now smoothly. Rimi learned to give the other party pleasure as much as possible to make him ejaculate as soon as she was forced again and again every time. In other words, it’s a way to put out her anger towards Kenichi.

But that’s not the only reason.

(Aaa…aga, again…)

Rimi understood that feeling. Her body is getting hot already.


A hot and burning feeling is felt as when she was embracing her friend Eriko. It is obviously the pleasure of her body, which comes only from this blowjob to the hateful science teacher, that she feels clearly.

“If you don’t hurry up, then break time will be over, right? Or does Makino want to suck me more?”


Rimi still moves her mouth strongly while staring hateful at Kenichi. Sitting on the floor of the science preparation room is this young girl who is treated as if she is a slave.

Break time is only 20 minutes long. The next class will start without her if she doesn’t do as Kenichi says. The science teacher who is calm might not have a class now. But of course, Rimi is a student who has school all day long.

(Quickly…put it out quickly…)

She uses her tongue, lips, both hands as well as her mouth to lead Kenichi to ejaculate somehow. Her face is red from movement, shyness and anger.

(Sucking hard…. Thats cute)

Kenichi distorts his cheeks to the thrilling dark joy while sitting on the sofa calmly and enjoying the mouth of this pretty girl.

Rimi is an second year student and one of the most beautiful girls who does oral service in her school uniform, while Kenichi doesn’t need to do anything. Fellatio is done to a man who she doesnt like every day and the bodily fluids are also drunk. It is unbearably amusing to drive this poor girl to such an unreasonable situation.

(Besides…she feels it)

Although she may not have noticed, but her 17-year-old’s young body has already heated up completely and has released pheromones that invite men from her whole body. Her body is full of sweat and spreads the smell of a rich maiden, which Rimi seems to feel from the moving of her hips.

(Is it about time to eat?)

Kenichi knows that it might be time soon though it was pleasant for him to make this strong-willed girl drink his semen. Every day, the magic of the Inma is ingested with plenty of semen and this virgin is gradually changed from the inside. Even if Rimi´s mind refuses, her body should already be in heat.

But there’s one more left. Thinking about that beautiful girl over there, he will look forward to it a bit longer. Rimi is a prisoner of pleasure while hating Kenichi. She is drowned by her carnal desires, while following Kenichi´s order. Kenichi wants to see this strong girl struggle between her mind and body.

“Hey, look. We’re almost out of time. If you don’t hurry up, you will be late for next class”

Rimi´s grudgeful eyes glare at Kenichi, while she still continue to serve firmly. Kenichi grabs her short-cut hair, before slowly standing up. Then, he pushed his hips forward.


The throat is pierced and the breath is stopped, and the poor girl tears the tear. However, it is not possible to run away because the head is held tightly, and the done is left for an unreasonable teacher’s doing.

“Guu!!! Guuuu!! Guguu!!”

Seeing her painful expression and hearing her voice, let Kenichi also rises rapidly.

“Here, take it”

He pushed his dick deep into her throat, before ejaculating fully. It’s a joy for Kenichi to release his lust inside the mouth of a lovely girl without any sin. He looks at Rimi´s sad face and licked his lips from satisfying his Incubus.

“Guguuuu!! Guuuuuuu!!”

He poured his semen into Rimi who needed to swallow it desperately while being conscious. And her body reacts to that and she falls into a ecstasy. With the Incubus´s magic did Rimi´s body changed and the change can be seen clearly.

(Ahiii!! Cuuummm! Cummmiiingg!!!!)

Rimi is overwhelmed from this strong ecstasy wave. It was clearly reflected in Kenichi´s red eyes that a pink aura arises which wasn’t seen on her body one month ago.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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