Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 128

Second infidelity

It is the first time in a long time that Reiko heads to that bar.

Previously, she dropped by at that night with a tasteful atmosphere, alcohol and a lively conversation, because she was unwilling to work hard and to relieve her tired body and nerves.

But since that night were she had the affair with that young man, did Reiko not go to that bar. She had decided that she would never go to that bar to make mistakes again.

It is a coincidence now as if something aimed at the gap in Reiko’s heart, when she has a vacant night.

Reiko remembered the last night she had a free evening. As soon as her thought ceased, did she realized that she was heading for that place. Her husband is at an academic society today and not at home. While her two sons are deposited at her parents house. A night where only she is at home.

(Just…Just a little…)

Thinking so, she approaches that bar and will arrive by turning at the next corner.

(Besides that…it isn’t always the case that he is here. That’s right. I’m not going to meet by chance every time…)

Reiko makes an excuse for herself while remembering that man’s face and the affair. She is fearing that man, so she hasn’t been to that bar. No, that is not accurate. In truth, she was afraid of herself who met him and is about to embrace him again.

Reiko remembers his face only vaguely, but the memories of that night is still vividly engraved on her ripe body.

The huge and steel-like penis made such an impact that her whole body tears when it gets inside her womb. This man’s ability to bend her body freely was amazing. And she has been tasting many incredible sexual heights.

(Aaaa…why…why are you still so…)

Just recalling some sort of rhythm, Reiko had become excited. Still walking in the early evening, her body is getting hot and her heartbeat is getting faster.

Reiko wondered how many times she had consoled herself. Sometimes she used her fingers to masturbate in the workplace toilet or in her bedroom to sleep well. The fruit of the highest forbiddance for this fully mature woman who became aware of her age. If she didn’t know that she was happy, she would knew it. Sweet and dark pleasure.

(However, I’m just going for a little drink today. If I should meet him, I wont do anything like that again…)

Reiko who tells herself so much tries to control herself. She is the chief of “SHADO” and is the young ace of the Tokyo Police Department, therefore she can’t indulge in a affair with that younger man.

(I can control my weak heart)

Reiko is an elite policeman and a chosen existence. She cannot lose to her primitive pleasure desire, that’s why she has confidence that she can fully control her reason.

However, her vagina inside her beige panty is full of heat now as if she desires this man, while releasing sweet honey.

“Welcome…. Ah, it’s been a long time”

That’s why the owner and the atmosphere of the shop haven’t changed at all.

Reiko quickly looks around the narrow store. Not here. That man doesn’t seem to have come today. It is after ten o’clock when she sees the clock. In the past, he should have already come at this time. When Reiko confirms it, she feels regretful as well as relieve.

“As always, right?”


Sitting down at the counter, she checks the interior again. Today there is no regular customer, there are only a few young men and women at the other side of the box. It will be so because it is a night on weekdays.

At that time, a new customer came into the shop and Reiko stiffened her body as she looks timidly at the door.


It’s not that man. The customers who entered were two salaried workers sitting on the other side of the counter. The middle aged man and young man seem to be boss and subordinate of a company apparently. They already have drunk quite a bit and began talking loudly with a drunken voice about their boss and company.

(What…what do you expect from me…)

Reiko was disappointed that it wasn’t the man named Saito when the door opened. Despite being scared of meeting me, is she disappointed of not being able to meet him.

“…Such a thing…such a thing, shouldn’t happen…”

The glass of Gimlet that she had in her hand is drunk at once with a little voice. As she ordered a second glass, did she realize that the alcohol started slowly moving around her whole body.

(Well, I didn’t eat dinner…)

Just snapping a snack in the office, Reiko is idle because she was working until now. It is commonplace that if you drink alcohol, it will be absorbed faster. But even now she didn’t have the energy to eat dinner by herself.

Reiko tilted her newly picked up glass. With fresh Gimlet, she moistens her dry throat.

When she looks at her watch, it is close to 12 o’clock. During that time, Reiko had many cups at the counter. In the meantime, some guests came but eventually that man didn’t come.

A drunk office worker talked to her on the way, but the shop owner took over the trade well. The greasy face of that middle-aged man who reddened his face poked at Reiko´s reluctance and only advanced to get a new glass.

(Already this late…. I have to go home…)

Time to take the last train. When Reiko started thinking about returning home in her drunken state, did someone came in again after making a noise.

“Welcome. Ah, you’re late today”

“Yeah, I’ve been through a lot…”

The moment Reiko heard this voice, did her drunken head began to be bathed in cold water. As she gazed, the man stood at the entrance while taking off his coat. Immediately noticing Reiko’s line of sight, a cheerful and refreshing smile floats on his face.

“Hello, Reiko-san! Long time not seen! You didn’t come here for a long time, what happened?”

The cram school teacher named Saito sits down beside Reiko while talking brightly with a tone that isn’t different from before. Reiko remembers that event once again when she saw his face, especially his featureless face.

“What’s wrong? How are you?”

“…Ye, Yes…I’m fine…”

Obviously Reiko is reluctant to this younger man. However, Saito-san doesn’t look particularly strange even if he saw Reiko behaving like nothing. His natural and unattractive appearance motivates Reiko´s anxiety and frustration for some reason.


Why is this man okay? How can he be so ordinary while doing such a thing to a married woman who has a husband and children? This man behaves as if there was nothing though Reiko is suffering since that day. That is irritating for this genius pretty wife.

“Now, let’s celebrate our reunion after a long time, toast!”

“…Ye, Yes…”

When Saito raises his glass of Laphroaig as usual, he toasts with Reiko. Reiko recommended him her Gimlet, but he switched back to his Laphroaig.

(Ah…this smell…)

A strong fragrance drifts and Reiko becomes taoranting to the smell. The smell of Saito-san´s saliva that she has swallowed many times that day. The feeling of his lips and tongue creeping around her whole body. The impact of his strong penis which pushed up Reiko´s womb many times. These memories unite with this peculiar fragrance wrap around her body.


She can’t believe it, it just get lightly. Fortunately, the man beside her is obsessed with the story of the owner and hasnt payed any attention to her appearance.

However, such a thing doesn’t become a consolation either. Her body has already begun to run recklessly because it has lightened lightly. The inside of her tight skirt has already started to heat up.

(Aaa…whats going on…)

This married woman began to dissolve her reason with alcohol and let her lust run wild at the counter of this gloomy bar.


Why did this happen?

When she noticed, she already exchange deep kisses with Saito in that love hotel. She was hugged while standing in the room and accepted his lips with a Laphroaig fragrance.

(Aaa…it feels good…)

Saito´s tongue enters her mouth, while her mind is paralyzed. Reiko who stiffened her body for a moment, when his hand touched her buttocks on top of her tight skirt, let her body melts softly with a sweet stimulation at once.

(No…I’ll just…again, I’ll betray that person…)

It becomes like a muddy stream and the sensuality of this married woman whose reason started to melt becomes desperate and a warning sounds. She tries to think desperately with her drunken head, but it doesn’t work because of the sweet stimulation on from her mouth and hips.

Reiko was in an enduring state all the time for the past month. Like a traveler looking for an oasis in the desert, her ripe body had been suffering from hunger all the while.

(Its hitting…amazing, this is…aaah…)

Saito´s stout penis can be felt through his trousers and her skirt. This colt that she saw in her dreams often has touched her bottom for a while. This thing is full of desire for her because it aims at Reiko.

(I…I want it…aah…)

It is a painful reality for Reiko that she is already lost with the dick of another person than her gentle husband. Even when she wore sexy lingerie, her husband only hugged her gently and she needed to handle her desire herself.

But this young man is different. His object of desire is obviously lust. In the past not knowing another man than her husband, Reiko should run away. However, she feels sweet pleasure for some reason now.

(Aaa…it’s hard…hot and big)

Reiko is fascinated by the hardness and size of Saito´s penis that touches her lower part, while she put her hands around his neck and kissed him deeply. His meat stick touches strongly every time he grabs her hips and make her absorbed in drinking his saliva from his tongue.

Both are embracing each other on the bed now. Saito started to rub Reiko’s huge melons on top of her blouse while continuing to kiss and made her raise a high-pitched voice of pleasure.

“Here, touch it”

Unlike the time at the bar, does Saito use bad-mannered words. However, Reiko extends the left hand and dug the crotch of the man while being massaged to the chest without going against.

(Big…aaa!! This is…this is it! This is it!)

Remembering its enormity and strength many times, Reiko indulged in masturbation. She can sees it bursting inside his pants and beating hot in her hands. Reiko was stroking it in turns until now and releases the hot, strong penis now as Saito urged her.


Next she raised a sweet, hot voice, while her eyes are moist and she is completely dominated by lust. She grabbed the long black mass with her white hand that is wearing her wedding ring and rubs slowly up and down.

“Aaa!!! Muhuuuu!!!!”

Reiko´s tongue is deeply sucked in the meantime and her rich chest is massaged. The important parts of her body are teased and both her head and body melts from the heavy hot pleasure. This sensation cant be gained from her husband, which is to fulfill her desire as a female completely.

“Hey, lick it”

“…Aaa…su, such a thing…”

Reiko tried to argue, however, she hesitated as if she gravitates to the power of something.

(Aaa…great…so great…)

The next moment when Reiko looked in front of her, a rich odor is smelled by her nose and her body gets wet from that scent. It finally shows its vigorous appearance.

The huge meat weapon is once again seen close. The heat is transmitted through her hand. The hardness is verified by her soft fingers. Its bizarre erection is fericous to conquer a female.

Everything in her presence is too different from that of her husband.

(It is completely different from that person…)

For a married woman who had never allowed skinship with another man than her husband, she realized the huge different between Saito and her husband. Her husband´s son was small and thin and it was pretty enough that it fits comfortably into her hand. She thought that was normal and never asked for anything else.

But now it is different. She knew it. The power of this violent oyster. A terrible pleasure storm. Hot passion that melts flesh to bone.

“…Aaa…that…that is…”

Her mind warned her, when Reiko swallowed Saito´s son, but this beautiful wife was crazy about her lust and willingly opened her graceful lips for the huge tip.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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