Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 127

Black fog

The daily life of Kenichi as a science teacher at Ellis all girls high school was outstanding with no particular change. Even if it is going well, it is not that of an ordinary person, but as a meaning of a fantasy.

As usual he has sex with highschool girls at school to gain their sex energy. Kenichi invited them even after school and lunch break, as well as when there was no classes and they had sex in the science preparation room, the nurse office and sometimes at the toilets or vacant classrooms.

With his black wave radar, he will know instantly if there is a person coming in, that’s why they are never in a dangerous place. However, the female students who don’t know the situation used to be excited while being shy, in this thrilling situation that someone might find them.

At night, Junko Yoshikawa and the mother-daughter duo Miho and Risa Ito are waiting for him. Kenichi also stays at Noriko’s house or the Asakura mansion sometimes. On weekends or holidays he spend his time at hotels or at home with the wives and girls he can’t meet often.

All of them are captivated by a fantasy-like desire and are drowning in this pleasure. They love this science teacher more than the affection for their husbands or boyfriends.


Time without afternoon lessons. As usual Kenichi has sex with female students in the science preparation room, when he suddenly frowned at a uncomfortable feeling caught on his own wave radar.

(What is this feeling? …Something is strange…)

“Aaaa!!! Cummm!!! Sensei…I´m cummiinngg!!!”

A beautiful girl embrace him at the face-to-face sitting position on the sofa, while wearing her uniform and shaking her body from convulsions. Despite being a virgin until recently, her body has become totally sensitive due to the devil sperm that has been released many times in her womb. She is a lovely sacrifice that provides the Incubus with sex energy by showing her shameful lust, which would embarrass adults, if they know she is only 16 years old.

“Ah…it came out…”

A large amount of honey fluid is spilled out and is overflowing from the joint part of the convulsing Hasegawa Rio and Kenichi. While watching them pleasingly, another pretty girl licks the joint part.

This beautiful girl is also wearing the uniform of Ellis all girls high school and gazes at Kenichi´s groin who is sitting on the sofa, while eagerly licking it. Her face is deep red from excitement and full of lust.

The second-grader Hayama Midori is a member of the rhythmic gymnastic club who extends her tongue to the cute anus of her kouhai Hasegawa.

“Hiiiii!!! Nooo!!! Not there!! Senpai!!”

Rio´s body is skewered by her teacher’s huge penis, while her embarrassing part is licked and let her make a shameful scream, before twisting her body. However, Rio´s movement becomes even more priming and she received a new acme again.

“Aa! Aa!! Aaa!!! Ahiiiiiiii!!!”

Her sensitive vagina is rubbed by Kenichi´s penis, when her unclean hole is grinded like a drill by a tongue and Rio´s body trembles while sitting on her teacher’s waist. At this moment, a large amount of sex energy is released by Rio and absorbed into Kenichi´s body

As soon as that happened, did the usual sense wrap around Kenichi.

As the whole world glitters like a crystal, his perception and mind extends. Power overflows from Kenichi´s body and the black wave spread from his body. It spreads out from the science preparation room on the 5th floor to the top floor of the school building and finished by completely enveloping the school as well as the school building.

Then he felt the same discomfort as before.

(…What? …It seems like fog…)

That was his first sensation.

Kenichi ‘s black aura, which is only bioenergy doesn’t let him have physical damage at all. It goes through walls and floors and sends all the information of all living beings on the school ground. Just sitting here, he can see the teachers and students now in this school.


(What? Only that part is unclear…. And it is moving…)

There is a part that can’t be grasped by Kenichi’s perceptual radar which is a part of the first floor of the school. Sensually speaking, something like black mist is applied. Speaking of the feeling of wave, “The surface is gritty and uncomfortable” and a black silhouette of a human can be sensed, who is moving on the corridor on the first floor.

(It is obviously a human…. But why? If its a human, he cant escape from my wave radar absolutely…)

Thinking that far, Kenichi remembers there were exceptions.

(There was also no sign, when Arisa and Yusuuke Nagato attacked me…)

He used his wave radar at the mansion of Asakura Chizuko too, but he couldn’t feel a sign at all at that time. It was because the wave motion was canceled by the wave canceller machine.

But this case is different.

Obviously the wave of that person should have come out, but it can’t be confirmed clearly as if it was covered by something. Only the feeling which is somewhat “gritty” can be felt from the surface of the black fog. It feels as if something disturbed the wave radar.

(Who is that…)

There must be something I don’t know now at this school. Inside the school where his wave radar has been established is so-called “Kenichi territory”, an absolute territory. Every human in that shouldn’t be able to cheat Kenichi’s eyes.

“Aaah…hey…Sensei…this time I…”

When the scenes rushed to the ecstasy successively, Midori who licked the joint part before got up and hugged Kenichi.


While keeping an excited face, did they exchange deep kisses.

This beautiful girl has been captivated by sex since she was fucked by Kenichi who is her club’s adviser in the nurse office. After finding a leisure time, she came to see Kenichi so that he can enjoy her flexible body as plenty as he wants. This rhythmic gymnastic club member with a very soft body can take any pose and her honey pot that gently scoops the penis with a developed sphincter is an ideal toy and among the best sex organ for Kenichi.

“No. Senpai is sly…. Licking my butt is a foul play…”

Rio raises a cute protest to Kenichi and her Senpai who kisses in front of her. Her teacher’s huge penis is still stuck in her crotch and she moves her waist lewdly.

“…After all. Rio-chan, you won’t get this place for a while”

“That’s not good…. I want to do more…. Aaah…”

Rio seeks pleasure, while riding on the waist of her science teacher. Since becoming seventh in the national rhythmic gymnastic competition, the opportunities to participate in magazines and news are increasing along with her beauty. Thanks to that, there is no one who doesn’t know her among the neighboring high school students.

“Hey, Sensei…. I want more…”

Her body is melting right now by this tremored pleasure and she shakes her waist with her uniform on her body. This first year student is stabbed by a big meat pole from the side of her flashy purple panty.

“Yaaah…. Next is me…it’s my turn…”

Clinging to Kenichi’s neck, Midori raised a protesting voice. The captain of the rhythmic gymnastic club was also poisoned by Kenichi and as the hard buds get loose, her prideful face is seen.

Even during such an threesome with such lovely girls who everyone yearns for, does Kenichi pay attention to the person covered by that black fog downstairs. Even if that person cant be identified, his black wave radar knows the location of that person.

This person went into a certain room on the first floor of the schoolhouse before long.

(Wh, What…)

As far as Kenichi knows there is only one person who can enter that room. He remembers the scene when he saw that person the other day, but it shouldn’t have been covered by a black fog like today.

(What does that mean…this…)

Something has happened to that person. Kenichi is frustrated because he doesn’t understand it. He want to check it with his own eyes right away, but he can’t do it now as long as Rio and Midori cling to him.

Although Kenichi had been thinking for a while, he reached out for his smartphone placed on the back of the sofa soon calls someone and gives some instructions to the other party. After hanging up did his eyes shine red and gazes at the black fog that is wrapping around that person.

“Aaah!! Sensei! Please!! Inside…take it out inside”

Rio who is shaking her waist asked for the ejaculation inside her vagina while being fucked at the woman on top posture. Any man would be enthralled by such a beautiful girl, who won’t respond to anyone. However, while enjoying that pleasure, Kenichi only chase her into paradise.

“Nooo!!! Ag, Again I´m…cummiinngg!!”

And once again did her body had convulsions and she drowns by this height while bending her soft body. Her narrow vagina moves gruelling and her clamping that doesn’t suit her face attacks the penis.

A large amount of sexual energy flows out and activates Kenichi’s body and mind. As a man, he enjoys this exquisite delicacy that will be revealed immediately from this mischievously afford.

“Aah, Sensei…Midori is next…”

The captain of the rhythmic gymnastic club sits on the coffee table placed in front of the sofa and her legs are opened largely to show her crotch. The panty of this cute girl is sticking to the crotch in the back of the red-checked mini skirt. The color of the panty is a mild beige, but because the fabric is thin the middle is wet. Her obscene female genital is surrounded by black pubic hair and the entrance of her vagina is also open already.

“Hey hey…quickly… quickly, naughty Midori…”

Midori who aspires to have sex with this teacher shows a erotic and begging face. She spread out her long legs which have a good shape to expose her crotch and to tempt Kenichi.

Kenichi stands up steadily and presses his son against her secret hole gently, after absorbing Rio´s sex energy.

“Aaaa…Sensei…I´m happy…”

Finally giving the pleasure that she wanted, let this pretty girl shed tears of joy. Seeing the expression of Midori, lead Kenichi to insert his dick inside her.

(I have nothing to do today…)

On that day, at her seat at the “SHADO” branch, Reiko Arisawa opens the cancellation letter that just arrived and removes the meeting schedule from her calendar.

Today is the day of the monthly trilateral meeting. A video conference connecting the headquarters of London with the branches of New York and Tokyo and reporting the situation of each other. But just now, the cancellation mail arrived from the conference organizer.

When she looks at the wristwatch, it is past 8:30 pm. Because of the meeting set for 9 pm in Japan time, Reiko remained until this time. Even if she has overtime work, because of the enormous amount of work, the number of people who are in the headquarters is countable from her hand.

(Now, what should I do…)

Situations that weren’t anticipate successively occurred like disappearance of elite members, destruction of databases or malfunction of wave canceling machine. A total confusion was all this time, but it cleared up gradually. The missing members were exchanged with foreign members and the database was also able to be restored by using the headquarters data. It has been a busy time for the past two months, but it seems that they recovered now.

(Besides, a devil rarely comes out recently)

Humans who merge with evil spiritual energy harm the society using their magical powers. It is the role of “SHADO” to find and deal with that “devil”, but recently a new “devil” hasn’t appeared. It was the number of appearances that originally had waves, but that situation was something the members were missing, and it was also a pleasure for Reiko.

(However…what bothers me is the disappearance of half-devils…)

On the other hand there is also a strange movement.

Several devils without magical power which are called half-devils have been missing in the past month. Even if they’re called devils there is no magical power so there is little harm coming from them and “SHADO” just lists them for just in case situations and did not deal with them.

Such half-devils have disappeared. Four people who are known and all of them are female devil hosts.

It isn’t really rare for a big city like Tokyo that people disappear. But why are only half-devils disappearing successively and all are young women.

(I dont know what is happening right now?)

Reiko who felt something trembled her body in front of the desk that is lighted by LED.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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