Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 126

Oral ejaculation

Although it was Rimi who hesitated for a while, there are no alternative options other than this.

As soon as she was inspired, she reached out her hands for Midou-sensei´s huge pillar. After hesitating a couple of times, she finally grasp it with her white fingers.

(I have a bad feeling…)

It is the first time to see a male’s penis and it is also the first time to touch it. To that horrible feeling, hatred and fear run through her whole body and let her have goosebumps.

Ironically, being touched by the smooth hands of this high school girl, let Kenichi ‘s son erupt suddenly. It was bulging rapidly when Rimi thought it was huge and it got bigger and bigger inside her hand.


The penis grew bigger and bigger in her hands. The 17 years old Rimi showed a reaction to the physiological phenomenon of this teacher. To Rimi who has no sex experience with a man, it can be seen as a weapon that slaughters a female and makes her frightened by the instinctive fear of a virgin.

“Here, try to rub it”

Hearing that she moves her hands back and forth. Becoming her teacher’s partner, as she continues with this obscene act, Rimi seems to be hypnotized and her sense of reality gradually becomes numb.

This is still a school day and as soon as she leave this reception room, she is in the corridor. Although they are in this room, it isn’t strange that no one enters. Rimi is dragged from such daily school life to the unreal world and her real feelings becomes scarce like a event in her dream, so that she can not think like usual.

(Hot…and hard…)

Something seems to flow into her body from the dick she is holding. The more she rubs, the harder it gets and more heat is generated in her hands. Her hands are drenched in sweat, so Rimi feels uncomfortable as they cling to the black meat stick.

She also hasn’t noticed it, but her breathing is quick and shallow, when she breathed out a while ago. Her face and body is glowing hot and her head is gradually roasted.

“Oo…good, Makino…”

When Kenichi said so, this young girl moved her hands more. The inside of her mouth is dry and she swallows many times, while moistening her lips with her tongue.

(This…becoming like this…)

It’s the influence of the hot lump in her hands that feels harder than steel and which is aiming at her body. The size, hardness and heat is overwhelming.

As the first fear and disgust gradually diminish, something hot seems to spread from her lower body. Her head gets numb from the rich odor and Rimi is gradually dyed by Kenichi’s magic power.

(Amazing…this is a man´s penis)

She knew the difference between male and female structures from her knowledge, but of course it is her first time to see a penis. Rimi knows nothing but she noticed that it is a non-standard monster size.

“Hey, you should stop and look closer”


Being told so, she gradually approached. Rimi sits back on the sofa and looks again at the dick that strikes in front of her eyes.

(Filthy…. It has a disgusting form…but…)

For lesbians, a male genital is a symbol of a creature called grotesque and greedy and it is only an object of hatred. In that form like an ugly otherworldly being, Rimi should feel fear and disgust only.

But something like crushing the reason and emotion of such a beautiful girl flows into her body from her hand holding this black meat weapon. Hot excitement like grinding cute younger girls burns her brain and fills Rimi’s body.


Even when she is ordered so in a low voice, Rimi doesn’t know the meaning at once. It took a couple of seconds to reach her ear as a sound that was muffled like sound heard in the water and its meaning entered into her head.


“Hold it in your mouth”

She understands what is being requested for the first time, but this lovely girl is still amazed.

“I don’t want that! That’s impossible!!”

Rimi retorts firmly. However, Midou-sensei looks down at her coldly with his red glowing eyes and it is as if she is drawn into his glance, but Rimi quickly looked down.

(I…I dont like to lick…its dirty…)

Things such as the place where urine comes out to put in her mouth, is unthinkable. Even Kenichi wouldn’t put such an ugly part with such an offensive smell in his mouth.

After silence for a while, the science teacher murmured like a boss.

“Well then, would you like Hanai to do it for you?”

“…Th, That!”

Rimi is shocked by this sudden words.

What a mean savage man. Threatening to tell her parents and even trying to hand out her favorite kouhai Eriko.

“You know a man if you are a senior in high school, right? He wants to satisfy his desires only. If you say that you can’t do it, just call Hanai and make her your substitute”

Kenichi grins, while exposing his underlying nature.


“Hanai is cute, I wonder if I get her virginity before being broken by you”

Kenichi smiles evilly. His face is smiling but his reddish eyes aren’t and Rimi is instantly convinced that this crazy science teacher really will do it.

That may of course be perfect. But when she sees this wicked and crafty smile, this pervert teacher will really take action on Eriko. Originally it was because of her lesbian nature that she started a relation with her cute kouhai. Nonetheless she can’t let Kenichi give him this desire.

“…It’s just my mouth…”

Rimi finally squeezes out this words.

“Instead…instead, don’t do anything to that girl! Promise me that much!”

This 17-year-old girl raises her face while trying to gloat. Her intelligent and unyielding expression is red with anger and humiliation.

“Yeah, I promise”


Kenichi who is popular among female students smiles fully. Rimi who swallows her emotions looks at his face and chewed on her back teeth gently.

(Aaaa…wh, what shall I do…)

And as she said before, the thing in front of her was completely grotesque. It is an ugly, bizarre and evil shape, unlike the same human body. Transparent liquid is overflowing from the tip and an unusual odor drifts from there.

(This is impossible…)

This lovely girl didn’t want to see it again, but can’t escape to that dishonesty. She can not move her body without any power and if she escapes than Eriko’s body will be at stake.

After dozens of trips and hesitation, Rimi still keeps her face close.


The closer she goes, the more that disgusting smell increase, which desperately depresses her instincts. Rimi feels the illusion that her body and hair are being contaminated with this animalic body odor.

How long did she hesitate? But at last this beautiful girl opens her lips and grips the tip of the huge meat pole.


The hideous feeling of touching the inside of her mouth and tongue alongside that dirty odor, Rimi desperately tried to endure it. It was a thin salty taste that spread into her mouth, but the slimy and disgusting liquid melted into her saliva.

“Don’t sit still, move your mouth”

Rimi moves her mouth up and down as it is said. The huge glans inside her small mouth is endured firmly. Her normally beautiful white face is dyed red with humiliation and disgust and from her eyes large grain of tears are scattered.

(I guess it is frustrating…. I’m controlled by a man who I dont like)

While looking down at the other school idol who is sucking his penis while shedding regretful tears, Kenichi feels a dark excitement. Of course there is no skill and it’s just awkward. Occasionally she use her teeth to let Kenichi feel pain, but this only increase his desire.

“Do it more neatly! I don’t feel it at all”

It is said that it is unreasonable, but Rimi follows it while crying. This brave girl shakes her head while her cheeks extend and she endures the bad fragrance. The huge glans occupies her mouth and a large amount of saliva is swallowed.

“Move your hands”

Saying so, the job is obediently done. There is no room for the desperate Rimi to swallow the large amount of saliva so some of it drips on her hands. Her mouth and hands are moved desperately so that this lewd act ends as soon as possible.

(Quickly…Quickly, finish…)

Her jaw already becomes numb by the size of this fishy colt and fatigue attacks this 17 years 8ld girl gradually. Even though she has a trained body, her energy is depressed by mental shock and her weak work is raised to the extreme.

No one knows exactly what is going to happen in the end. However, it is clear that this penance continues as long as Kenichi doesn’t ejaculate. What is important for Rimi now is to be freed from this suffering as soon as possible.

Kenichi who knows about the state of this lovely second year student enjoys the pleasure calmly while seeing her effort trying to sucks his son and let him cum. It gives a feeling of elation and conquest seeing this crying virgin serve him.

(She shook her neck so hard…to desperately protect her kouhai)

The Inma inside Kenichi is satisfied.

Anyway, this cute girl and her kouhai Eriko are destined for Kenichi’s poison fang and have their virginities deprived. Usually they would go crazy by using his magic, but this time it is a taste of trying to threaten these two young ladies with the video that he got by chance. A black excitement runs through his body by trampling on the blunt heart of Rimi who tries to help her lovely kouhai.

“Ou…it’s coming out”

Of course, it isn’t like usual that this much stimulation would drive Kenichi to ejaculation. In the six months since his transformation has he gone through the experience with a lot of pretty women and even endured the transcendence fellatio skills of Fujiwara Shiho and Eto Sayaka who are half-demons.

However, it’s always the case to satisfy the desire of the Incubus.

Rimi makes a frantic cry, while her forehead is full of sweat. Her black hair is swaying every time she shakes her head. The sweet smell rising from this prey only fuels Kenichi’s desire.

Kenichi grasped the swaying head and slowly used his hips. He ruthlessly goes deep inside her throat.


Rimi is surprised from her head being fixed suddenly and the penis going in and out of her mouth. However, Kenichi firmly gripped her head to violate her clean mouth.


Kenichi is enjoying to use the mouth of this beautiful girl who is a yearning of the younger students as an outlet of his own wickedness. A sense of conquest fills Kenichi’s body, while looking at the beauty that is crying tears. It is a pleasure to use this school idol for his black desire.


With a constant rhythm, he ruthlessly drives his waist.

(Nooooo!! It is painful!! Ouch!! I can’t breathe!!!)

Occasionally he thrusts deeply inside her throat to violate her. A large amount of saliva comes out from her mouth and is dripping down like a thread. Rimi’s face is full of tears and distorted by pain, while she is afraid of stroking because her throat can’t withstand the pressure from the penis.


Even if her jaw is numb and her sense is lost, the science teacher continues to violate her mouth without forgiving at all. Rimi is threatened with an unreasonable violence.

But the torture, which seemed to last forever, abruptly ends.

“I put it out”

A large amount of semen came out suddenly in her mouth, when her mouth was extended to the limit.


Hot liquid is flowing down her throat and Rimi attempts to escape desperately because of its heat and fishy smell, but she cannot move because her head is grasped strongly. Her mouth is fixed by the huge meat spear and cum is still pouring inside. The fishy taste spreads inside her mouth and Rimi continues to cry tears from this bitter-sweet smell.


But what happened afterwards was unbelievable. Something in the back of her body explodes as tempted by Kenichi’s sudden intraejaculation and Rimi reaches an deep ecstasy.

(Iiii!!! Aaa!! Iikyuuuu!!!)

Ironically, the top of this pleasure is of a magnitude that is gained from lesbian play.

(Hiiiiiii!!!! Aaaaaaa!!!)

Her mind becomes pure white and her body has convulsions. A huge pleasure current runs through the spine and let her body become numb with sweet pleasure.

Every time Rimi swallows semen that was brought out into her throat, a stimulating stimulation runs through her body. Kenichi´s ejaculation is amazingly long, while his semen that is launched like a white bullet expose a incredible pleasure to Rimi after a long time.


Finally when her pervert teacher finished putting out his sperm he throw Rimi back to the sofa. And the semen that couldn’t been swallowed overflows from her mouth and is dripping from her chin onto her uniform.

“Well then, let’s not do this anymore”

Kenichi cleaned his sticky penis with Rimi´s hair, before he mended his pants and went out of the drawing room.

Rimi was left behind stunned.

“…U, u, u…uguu…”

Her sobbing echoes in the drawing room. This beautiful girl is sitting down on the sofa without being able to do anything, while her hair, blouse and mouth are muddy. Moreover her pure body, mind and spirit were completely tattered during only 30 minutes.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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