Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 124

Lust of a crazy wife

“Aaaaah…forgive me already…”

A beautiful woman is agitated in the center of the bed with her sweaty white body. Her ripe body that has some fat everywhere is completely wrapped by a black rope.

“Al, Already do something!!! It is tough!”

Screaming and shaking her white butt left and right, that beautiful wife tries to invite a man. Her obscene dirty shellfish opens its mouth greatly, while waiting for the meat spear to be inserted.

“Do you want this? …Oku-san…”

The man who is together with her in this room turns around and pushes his surprisingly long pillar against the muddy crotch of that married wife and rubs the sensitive part for stimulation. A big rising dragon is engraved on the back of the man. There are countless wounds on his whole body, short hair and razor-like thin eyes let this man have a vicious atmosphere.

“I want it! I want it!!! That, I want it…”

The married woman craves for that thing, as if she is suffering from a intense hunger that makes her almost crazy. It is a heartfelt shout that seems to thrust despair into her husband if he listens.

“Then, beg for it”

Her thin eyes widen gleamingly, when the guy brutally orders. This man who knows how to treat a woman is controlling this married woman with a professional cruelty and has been playing around with this woman for more than an hour.

“Please! Put it in!!! That sturdy thing, please put it inside me!!”

This married woman who is completely crazy for pleasures cries to the villain, while releasing a rich pheromone from her rope-wrapped body. At this moment, her mind wasn’t filled with her beloved husband, but the penis of this man which is dragging herself into this sexual hell. There is no shame in her words and only lust reigns over her.

The penis is like its owner and has a heinous figure. The huge glans is like a cobra with deadly poison and there are several small veins on it. And it’s completely wet and sticky from this females love juice.

The power of this murderer weapon is clearly visible. Looking at the cold face of this gangster the pretty wife cries and shakes her body.

“Put it in!! Ah…put it in!!!”

“Say please put it inside Eiji-sama. How many times do I need to say that to you?”

“Aaa!! I will say it, I will say it!! Eiji-samaa! Please enter, Eiji-samaaaa!!! Quickly! Get in quickly!!!”

Without any fear she begged for the insertion but the man who took a while finally pushed his thing against the ripe flesh of this married wife. Although he was a man who made a woman of another man fallen for him, he remembered her sex appeal and the taste of a mature woman which was tasted yesterday, so that he couldn’t wait anymore.

When the huge glans is inserted and sucked in, the rest of his dick started to sink inside this hot and muddy pussy slowly.



Both leaked a pleased voice from their mouths. The narrow vagina way resists the intruder, but once it adapts it turns around and wraps tightly around the meat gun. Moreover, the firmly developed folds entangle around the cock too.

“What a lewd pussy…sucking tightly”

Eiji-san is grinning from the tightening. This ripe reproductive organ is outstandingly tight and wrings around the long penis without any gaps. Despite of the plenty dirty soup, it is hard to move with a piston.

Eiji holds the white shaking hips strongly, before he pushed through the last hindrance cruelly.

“Hiiiii!! Cuum! Cuuummm!!”

The rubbing of the huge glans against the sensitive clitoris let a spark appear and let this wife reach an orgasm instantaneously. The sphincter contracts tremendously and squeezes the root to the limit. The folds are getting more and more actively entangled by wrapping the glans to encourage the ejaculation.

“Hiiiii!!! Aaaaaa!!!!”


This female pussy got used to squeeze a man’s semen out. A normal man with the same size would ejaculate quickly, but Eiji hasn’t moved swiftly also to her tightening. He overlooked the tied up female body and tasted its delicacy while licking his tongue.

“No!! I don’t want to be the only one!”

While sticking to this pretty married woman from behind in the animal position, he hits her plump white butt that was thrust out. At that moment the married woman’s muscle contracts and squeeze the glans that rubbed against her sensitive spot again.

“Aa…. I’m sorry…. But, it’s so good…”

It takes a breath for the ecstasy to be given and the mature wife answers shyly. That face is cheerful and unbearably sexy.

“Turn over”

Eiji-san’s excitement is shown to this married woman who is fucked like a dog. Next he grabbed her huge breasts with both hands and kneaded them strongly while stealing her lips with a kiss. Eiji who has made many beautiful women cry rubbed the weak points of this married woman skillfully.


The mass is rubbing strongly against the vagina flesh and let a rainbow-colored spark fly in her sight. The wife is intensely careful while her lips are stolen and a deep kiss is exchanged. It is a very passionate kiss, like loving lovers.

“After all, Keiko is awesome. She is a matured wife who has great experience already”

While sitting on the couch and watching the room through a magic mirror, a sexy beauty embrace by a powerful man laughs thinly. This beautiful woman with magnificent eyes, apparently wears a Kimono and looks like a hostess or mom of a club. Her body which wears a glossy kimono is entrusted to the man and she holds his penis skillfully and rubbing it with her slim fingers.

“Is it exciting to see Eji-san with another woman…”

The old man put one hand inside the kimono and laughs with a muddy voice while playing with a huge chest. The 70 years old man gazes at the married woman with the snow white skin and the tattooed gangster in the other room with glaring eyes. The vigor of that old man reacts a little bit in the hands of that pretty woman and becomes hard, but he can not win over his age and has yet to achieve sufficient hardness for insertion.

“Isn’t she an amateur? Moreover, she is a married woman…in that state, she can’t return to her old life”

『Ahiiii!!! Aaa!! Ama…Amazing!! Aaaa!!!』

The neighbor’s voice is heard through the speaker and that beautiful wife continues to raise a joyful voice from the receiving pleasure.

“Well, that’s the end of it. Shirato-san is a first-class ladykiller. A woman who is being made to cry with his giant thing becomes another victim and woman for him”

“But if I were him, why would he bother with such an old woman? I’m sure she’s beautiful and has a great body, but aren’t there many young girls around?”

“Well, it’s a job. If that woman is made fallen, it is convenient for various things in the future. More than that, can you suck my son, Yuki. Please let me taste your technique, after a long time”

The elderly man who is attracted by this beauty’s body pointed to her sexy mouth.

“Uhuhu…. Okay, I’ll make you feel good, daddy…”

When that pretty lady smiles gently, she grabs the penis of the old man with her white hand that is wearing a costly ring, before crawling her tongue around it. The slow movement gives an unsatisfying stimulation which is endured, because the desire of bullying this old man is felt rather than pleasing him.

“His way of sex is very special…. Once addicted, a woman seems not to be satisfied with another man again. You want to give it a try?”

The old man laughs thinly while raising a muddy groan voice to the feeling of her tongue crawling around the seam.

“Is that okay? Yuki is sharp and tidy. Even if Yuki has an affair and goes crazy, is it still okay?”

“Muu…. Absolutely not. You’re my thing. Nobody’s going to have you!”

“Uhuhu…idiot…. Yuki belonged to daddy…”

Despite saying so, in fact, Yuki who knows tremendous pleasure remembered the otherworldly pleasure from that time and her vagina spits out a lot of honey into her underwear.

(Daddy…I’m sorry…Yuki is already a woman of Eiji-sama…. I´m one of the slaves who serve Eiji-sama…)

Yuki moved her head down again while showing her white scruff because her hair is tied up and swallowed the penis with her red mouth. Her face is grinning and laughing. The light inside her eyes is peculiar to a cunning and greedy nightlife woman.

Yuki Yamaoka, a hired mother of the club “Esprit” is a mistress of Terashima who is a big politician. Yuki with outstanding beauty and style is the mother of this high-class club in Ginza, which Terashima actually founded at the young age of 28 and was entrusted with in exchange for her luscious body. She lives in a luxury condominium and also receives a large amount of money.

However, Yuki who has the body of lady is tortured by Terashima who visits several times a month, because he can’t lead the sex with his declining power and Yuki become so frustrated that she went crazy. Because of such a reason, it was a natural course that she had an affair with Shirato-san who is Terashima´s right hand behind his back.

When she first secretly had an affair behind Terashima´s back, she enjoyed the pleasures that melt up her body received from Shirato-san. Her frustrated and ripe female body became a melody with his skillful caress. This man toyed around with her so that she the begged for the insertion without reason after an unbelievable amount of time having sex and they continued until the morning. His penis was huge, bigger than all her previous men and even her silicon dildo. And after repeatedly being made crazy and having semen ejaculated inside her vagina, Yuki pledged to become Shirato´s sex slave.

(Aaa…I want to be fucked Eiji-sama…)

This beautiful club mama who remembered the extraordinary pleasures brought about by Shirato closed her eyes while holding Terashima´s son and shaking her body. Yuki is able to imagine how great the pleasure that the beautiful wife who is agonizing experience next room because she is already sex addict.

『Aa!! Amaazziing!! …Intolerable! …Eiji-samaa!!』

(…Aaa…I also want to be fucked with that cock…)

From the next room which can be seen through the magic mirror, a loud voice from that married woman is heard greatly. Shirato-san and this married woman who have sex in the missionary posture now on the bed were enthusiastic like lovers who loved each other.

Both of them who completely synchronize the movements of their waist and hips try to further enhance the pleasure of each other are greedy with the fierceness in their hearts. The black cock stabbed the obscure petal of that married woman and this scenery let Terashima´s son fill with blood for the first time in several months.

“Oo!! Open your legs Yuki!”

This big politician hangs to the mistress on the bed and presses his son against her which finally recovered since a long time. He put the tip against Yuki´s pussy after moving the soaked panty away and advanced forcefully at once.



While raising a pleasant groan, he immediately shifts to an fast thrusting.

『Hey, I put it out, Oku-san…』

『Aa! Please!! In…Inside please!! …Eiji-samaa!』

In the next room, Shirato who is an gangster and lady-killer and his victim spurt to the last finish, while intertwining their bodies. It is unbearably obscene that the white legs of this married woman wrapped around Shirato´s waist and is trying to squeeze his semen using her hips from the bottom.

“I will also put it out!”

From the excitement net door, Terashima-san unleashed his desire to the womb of this beautiful mom.

“Aaaa!! Papaaa!”

Yuki raised a loud voice and shake her body with half of it being acted. However this is totally insufficient stimulation for herself. However, the excitement of the other room is transmitted to her like a wave and she is also pushed up to the top of an orgasm.

In the other room the pretty wife trembled and was crazy with unprecedented pleasure. Her white body trembles from having convulsions and drool is dripping down from her mouth.

Her desire radiates from her body to the room and diffuses very slowly. If her sex energy were to be seen, it would spread like a wave and then slowly sucked into Shirato’s body.

“Hiiiiiiii!!! Guuuuuu!!!!”

Plenty of other women also had semen poured into their wombs, so there is no difference to this married woman who wraps her white legs around the Shirato´s dark hips and squeezes her throat by raising a ecstatic voice. That’s why her beautiful appearance is overwhelmed by the pleasure and her glossy sweat-fringed hair stuck to her forehead.

Next the whole power in her body is lost and her legs smash down on the bed. A sweet sweaty smell drifts from her whole body, while she pants with a rough breathing.

This married woman who seems to have been deprived of her soul by a devil is exhausted. Sometimes her body occasionally trembles and sometimes involuntarily. When Shirato pulled out his stout penis it was still erected and white mucus overflowed from the open vagina mouth.

“Hey, do it well! …Lick it and clean it up”

“…Aaa…ye, yes…”

Shirato who gently touches the beer placed on the bedside ordered the married woman who wakes up. Her face which is bright red is drawn to the huge meat sword towering on this man´s crotch.

“Aaaa…sti, still so much…”

The penis is smeared with its semen and her own cum. Even though it ejaculated once, it didn’t wither at all and is more or less more stronger than before. A large amount of two person´s fluid has made it really wet.

Looking at it with her eyes, that pretty older woman opened her elegant lips and put the tip into her mouth and smells a nasty smell.

“I will love you enough today as well…Oku-san”

That man declared so while letting his penis that became muddy be cleaned by this pretty mature woman. He drinks a delicious beer, while watching the white body wrapped in a black rope with his red glowing eyes.

A rising dragon tattoo is spreading on his back. Is it an illusion or does it seem as pulsating as if it were alive? Shirato´s body was filled with sexual energy that was sucked up from this woman and his black wave was spreading silently from his firm muscular body.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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