Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 123

New enemies

You can hear a regular sound from next door. While listening to that voice, a 39-year-old married woman was holding her mature and ripe body inside a futon.

(Awf…Awful, you…)

Her busy husband has been absorbed in the research of his university for a long time and has less conversation with herself and the children. Reiko was lonely, but she had to endure because she understood that he enjoys his work. She was blessed with two sons and her job was also smooth, so she thought she is happy.

Respect for her gentle husband. Originally Reiko and her husband had a good sex life, but it became different after the first child was born and the nightlife has completely gone. They had no skinship or kissed nor joined hands recently.

But still, there was no problem until now, because she was busy with her work.

However, what has bothered Reiko was the hot feeling inside her body. It is a fundamental desire as a living thing, an indispensable natural providence.

Carnal desire. Lust. Mating greed. The female reproductive instinct of wanting to fuck with a stout male.

Reiko is suffering from sadness, perseverance and lust, next to her husband who is in deep slumber.


Today, after her sons have gone to bed, she visited her husband’s bedroom who came home early and invited him with courage. Wearing the sexiest underwear she has, Reiko embraced her husband by releasing a irresistible fragrance.

Her husband laughed kindly and just hugged her. Although they entered the bed for the first time in a while together, he didn’t even ask for it and just hugged his wife and laid down.

Reiko know that her husband was tired and she also know he need to wake up early in the morning, so he can’t stay up too late. But still, she was hoping for an union for the first time in a while and wanted to give him everything he would ask for. Reiko especially wanted her husband to comfort her painful body and take her to the wonderful height to becoming one.

(Aaa…becoming like this…)

Now she put her hand inside her pink underwear that she had only worn a few times since she bought it and it was already like a honey flood that overflowed with anticipation.


When her fingers that became slimy stroke her clitoris, did a violent stimulation run through her body and a small scream leaked instinctively. Although she hesitated for a while to please herself, she couldn’t endure it and started to masturbate.


This ripe woman who masturbates net to her husband who sleeps soundly shows a pleasant face. She also grabs her voluptuous chest which didn’t crumble even when her childs were born, before she plays with her erected nipples on top of her bra.


In this way, she stimulates her sensitive parts by herself. Reiko hasn’t masturbated for years and now she masturbates every day even at daytime.

(Aaa…I want…a big one…)

She knows the reason for it. Since the day she had sex with another man than her husband, something that was sleeping inside her woke up.

Two weeks ago, she had an affair with a younger man. But Reiko couldn’t confess this fact to my husband and after suffering, she decided to bring this secret to her grave. The mistake of one night, Reiko blamed herself intensely with the guilt of betraying her husband, that she swore firmly in her heart that she would never do such a thing again.

Nevertheless, even if her head and mind denied it, her body still runs wild. Something that was asleep inside her woke up and keeps bothering her day and night.

(Th…Thats what…)

The reason is simple she didn’t receive the penis of her husband for many years and with one mistake her body lusts for a penis again. Reiko is really angry at the young man who made her crazy that night.

(Aaa…it was amazing…again and again…aaaa…)

His devilish meat weapon has captivated her body. It was so long that it reached the navel, erected enough to stick to the belly and the tip was like a joke.

At the moment does Reiko show mercy to such an desire and was perplexed of the various shapes it could take on. Besides, it wasn’t only the normal position, but they also had se in the sitting position and the woman on top posture. There were more postures they had sex in and Reiko was every time pierced from the huge dick that she trembled from shame.

While that young man ejaculates three times, Reiko literally didn’t dare to count the times she came. At first it was rape, but it became somewhat ridiculous and Reiko finally entrusted her legs to that young man’s torso and pleaded for it.


The accumulated desire quickly blew up and she drowned in a initial ecstasy while chewing her lips next to her sleeping husband. However, she is like a traveler in the desert who finally gained water. Instead of calming down her thirst, the craving increased even more.

(You…Reiko…help Reiko…)

This beautiful wife who continues to use her fingers to masturbate is sweating on her forehead already. Her whole body is full of sweet sweat and a disgusting smell arose from inside the futon. The reason is that a large amount of honey liquid overflows from her crotch and made her panty soaking wet.


And the moment she placed two fingers into her secret hole, did a rainbow-colored spark scatter just in front of her eyes. Her greedy hole grips her fingers and sucks like a living thing, before tightening.

Until the other day, this virtuous married woman who knew nothing but her husband was unaware of it, but her vagina was narrow and complicated at the inside and it could be called an exquisite masterpiece. Her pussy was like an independent living being that tries to suck her fingers deep inside.

The reaction of her frustrated body was not good to this violent stimulation.

(No…this isn’t the real thing…I want the real thing…)

But a finger is a finger. There is no need for that overwhelming mass from that young man of that night, but Reiko still can’t stop her fingers. Even if it is a false stimulation, her body is still aching and wants to have the real pleasure.

(Quick…Quickly…violate me…)

To whom is it mentioned?

Reiko played with her secret hole and kneaded her breasts in the bed of her husband at midnight.

“So what did Yamaji-san and Terajima-san do after all…?”

“Yes. From their mails and conversations, a man named Shirato is moving as a staff and hired the Genkai group for the crimes”

Kenichi heard the report, while sitting on the sofa and chewing his teeth. It is a result that he expected, but his anger still didn’t calm down.

Shinomiya Arisa, Noriko Aoyama and Masako Muto, these three former “SHADO” members were secretly investigating the truth of his uncle’s accident.

These three have their own strengths. Arisa has hacking and spying skills, Noriko’s talent is hypnosis and Masako’s weapon is her light body that is mainly use at nighttime infiltration investigation. Masako had gathered the evidence by using her knowledge taught by “SHADO” to sneak into congressman Terashima´s office, Yamaji-san´s company and the Genkai group headquarter.

If you analyze them, then the facts were clear. Shinomiya Arisa explained the details.

“I was able to identify the driver. There seems to be a connection to Yamaji-san…”

It wasn’t a coincidence that his uncle Kawano had a traffic accident and that president Aikawa died. To promote the relocation of Ellis all girls high school, congressman Terashima, executive director Yamaji-san and secretary Shirato cooperated with the Genkai group to fulfill their plan.

The driver of the truck which collided with Kawano’s car is said to be a man who was subcontracted to Yamaji-san´s construction company. The man who had a huge amount of debt from gambling probably assumed it with a huge remuneration. Although there is no clear evidence, but Arisa assumes that President Aikawa was poisoned by someone with a drug such as potassium chloride so that it seems to be a natural death. The performer is the Genkai group. It is possible for anyone of them to sneak into the sick room at midnight.

A water sound and a sweet pant voice of a woman can be heard.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room and listening to Arisa´s explanation, Kenichi´s crotch is licked by Noriko and Masako who are wearing sexy lingerie. The best oral service is relentless and passionate enough so that a amount of saliva hangs on the sofa.

“Aah…I can’t endure it anymore…”

Masako´s baby face is bright red with excitement from sucking on Kenichi´s huge penis. She opens her small mouth all the way to the limit and let her lips suck on his meat rod like stretching over a bread roll.

“No its a tick…”

Noriko brought her face near on the other side and sucks the surface with her red hot mouth. she rigidly is enthusiastic about this steel pole and occasionally lightly bites it, that Kenichi moans.

Two beautiful women have their mouths on Kenichi´s son as if they blow a harmonica and plenty of saliva is put on it from moving their faces up and down. And instead of worrying about each other’s saliva mixed together, they even kiss occasionally. Their technique to stimulate using their tongue is more skillful than a prostitute.

This apartment where those three live together is their hideout and strategy headquarter. After falling into the hands of Kenichi, Arisa moved here using a pseudonym to escape from the eyes of “SHADO” and the police.

Kenichi is usually living together with Miho Ito and Junko Yoshikawa, but spends one evening at this apartment once a week. Those three know the true identity of Kenichi, so they can have a talk and consultation which they couldn’t do usually.


Noriko spreads her tongue and crawls around the black butterfly bruise on top of the surface to the root of this thing that dominates herself and is wrapped with a layer of saliva.

“Hey…can I already hold it in my mouth? …Can I hold it in my mouth?”

Masako begs with hot eyes and she is like a dog who gets a feast and is waiting for her master’s permission. When Kenichi gently nods, she embrace the huge glans and sipped the pre-cum that came out with her small red mouth.



Kenichi´s penis rubs against the inside of her mouth and let Masako tastes an acme from only that stimulation, while Noriko licks around the root and balls. Both panties stuck to their buttocks are soaking wet from the honey juice which was vomited from the inside and a thick female odor is drifting in the air.

While watching the state of her two former colleagues, Arisa still stood in front of the sofa. Her expression is a mix of hatred, sadness and envy mixed and she keeps to look at Kenichi´s crotch sometimes. She is also trying to move her waist slightly to rub her legs against each other, because she tries to endure her desire.

“So, who is that man named Shirota?”

When asked by Kenichi, Arisa returns to it quickly.

“Y, Yes….his usual title is secretary of congressman Terashima, but he is in fact the leader of the Genkai group. It seems that he fulfills the orders of Terashima-san primarily from behind the back. Perhaps this guy ordered the killing of president Aikawa and the attempted murder of director Kawano”

“I think he’s taken a tough way to eliminate two people who oppose the school relocation”

“Yes. It is likely that he wanted to progress the business that had been dragged down for the permission since last year. And if he doesn’t hurry up, then their plans will fail, because Terashima seems to be quite impatient about the progress”

Arisa continued to talk about this information, before taking a small breath.

“…Actually, it is still unconfirmed information, but there is a rumor about Shirato”

“…What’s the rumor?”

Kenichi listens, while enjoying Noriko and Masako’s heavy double fellatio. He rubs Noriko´s big breasts that seem to breakthrough her bra with one hand, while at the same time playing with Masako´s stiff nipples.

“Yes. Actually, Shirato seems to be very popular by women. It’s not unusual. And every woman embraced by Shirato will be captivated of him… ”

Arisa´s eyes shine coldly while she explains. It the remaining piece of her strong ego and strong will, which she showed before. Even now that she is bound by a soul contract with Kenichi, Arisa still have a moral mind.

“In other words, he is…”

“Yes, I think so…”

Kenichi understood everything from that much conversation. His face which remained expressionless while listening to Arisa´s talk lifted up the edge of his mouth before long and he grins. It is an evil and brutal smile that is abnormal for this world.

As soon as he did that, Kenichi ‘s whole body released his black emotions as an explosive aura.


Watching this evil and cruel expression, let Arisa scream. Even her who was a former member of “SHADO” received the black wave of this intermediate leveled Inma by close range and got goosebumps on her whole body.

Kenichi who stood up from the sofa saw Arisa´s fear and widened his brutal smile. Next he jumps at Arisa who is going backwards without thinking and tears off her white blouse.

“Nooooo!!! Stooooppp!! Nooo!!”

Arisa who was attacked screams from the sudden violence. Buttons are flying and her clothes are torn. The former ace of “SHADO” who was overwhelmed by the evil wave in her dreams and reality has completely hidden her usual coolness and strength and returned to a normal woman who just get frightened by this man´s power.

“Yaaaaa!! Go awaayy!! Nooooo!!!!”

Kenichi covers Arisa´s resisting body, rolled up her tight skirt, ripped her pantyhose and exposed her pussy. He is watching this beautiful face which became frightened from this horror, before he pushed his meat stick inside by removing her panty sidewise.

“Higiiiiiii!!!! Ouch!! Ouch!!!”

Arisa was violated several times already, but it is still painful accepting it. In addition, her vagina way which has shrunk by fear is forcibly split open, so that Arisa distorts her face from that pain and screams with tears in her eyes.

But that is what the Inma wanted to see and wanted to hear.

It’s still a devil even if it’s a lewd devil. The pain and fear of a woman is like a spice that is added to the ultimate taste of sexual energy which is the food of an Inma.

“Unfair…only Arisa-chan…”

“Yaaah, I also want to be raped…”

Noriko and Masako left on the sofa are playing with each other’s bottom, while looking at Arisa being raped on the carpet in the living room. When Kenichi doesn’t come, those three play lesbian at night and comfort each other, so they are also familiar with these acts.

“Ahiiiii!!! Noo, cuummm!!!”

The fear of being frowned upon by a brutal man and being raped back and forth caused a violent excitement and lust inside Arisa’s body a. This talented woman who was a genius had concealed severe rape desire in the depths of her heart. It has been found out by Kenichi, thus he is satisfying that dark abnormal desire.

(Look…I will definitely return this debt…)

Kenichi shows a fierce anger and grudge to the presence of new enemies. His eyes were blood red, as if there were still enemies in front of his sight.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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