Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 121

New chief director

The new school year has begun. The two-week winter vacation was quite busy with christmas and new year.

Ellis private and prestigious young lady high school has a slightly different atmosphere than last year. The third graders finally take their exams and exude a tense atmosphere, which influence the first and second graders who also have a stiff expression on their faces.

During the opening ceremony of the new term, Midou Kenichi had a much more glum face.

The cause is clear. Kohei Kawano, his uncle and executive director of this school is still unconscious after encountering a traffic accident at the end of the year.

His uncle has raised him. When Kenichi remembers the coma state of his uncle, his chest tightened up. Also the dumbstruck face of his aunt who is his immediate family is showing up in his head. For his uncle and aunt, Kenichi was like a son for them, because they had no own child.

Kenichi was poor and timid, before merging with the Incubus. It was his aunt and uncle who understood and supported him who was almost socially isolated. The accident of his uncle affected Kenichi who was wrapped with an evil wave a lot and a deep sadness covered his slightly remaining human heart.

Junko Yoshikawa tried to share the worry with Kenichi. Junko, of course, knows the circumstances, so her mood is also not good. Junko who continuously have the magic semen poured into her has polished her beauty more and more than a few months ago.

Her huge bust has been further increased in size and protrudes forward proudly as if it shows off its perfect shape and pushes up her thin blouse. Her butt also became fuller while her waist became more slim than before, that the fabric of her tight mini skirt seems to break up.

No, she is not the only one whose face is gloomy. Looking at Kenichi’s depressed face, there are many girls who are worried. Although they vary from 1st grade to 3rd grade, they share in common that all are super beautiful girls. Even at this girls high school student of about 400 students, all of them are like models or idols, so to speak, top class girls.

It goes without saying that all of them were touched by this science teacher and became sex slaves who are drowning in pleasure. Their bodies are devoured at school almost every day and sometimes they are called at free days, which is an outlet of their abnormal libidos. All these pretty girls are constantly bathed by Kenichi´s magic sperm and their beauty is further refined.

Such girls are also sensitive to the state of their beloved teacher and their lovely faces remained dark. As if their hearts are spreading and resonating through the wave motion.

“There is a sad news for everyone”

When the principal cut out at the end of the greeting, Kenichi had a bad feeling. Although he missed the greeting for a while while he thought about his uncle, he thinks that he should not bother to say such a thing.

“The grandson of the school founder, Dr. Aikawa, who was the director of this Academy died in the hospital the day before yesterday…”

Kenichi thought about something for a moment, before he was shocked about this news.

“Although the director was in the hospital because he was sick for a long time, I’m sorry that he passed away. As you all know, he was a very virtuous person…”

(Who becomes the new president…what about the Board of directors…?)

President Aikawa and his uncle Kawano are old friends and the two of them have been part of the Board of Directors. Even if a new director with various speculations comes, it was great that Aikawa and Kono were able to keep the board functioning properly, while keeping that tradition.

However, now that president Aikawa died and the executive director Kawano is in a critical condition of unconsciousness, then the initiative inevitably moves to the executive director of the anti-director party Yamaji-san.

Yamaji-san is an energetic man who runs an construction industry and for a long time he had done various works at the absence of the president. But now he lost some of his power due to Usami-san´s incident, but there is no doubt that he will resurrect again now.

(If Yamaji-san revitalizes, that story will resurrect…)

“That story” is the relocation of this school. According to the information Kenichi gathered, there is a powerful force that wants this school ‘s relocation and the road is laid by Yamaji-san. It is said that a certain member of the government is advancing this business which involves a huge profit. However, Kenichi wasn’t able to identify that person.

(But is this a coincidence…?)

Aikawa ‘s death and his uncle’ s traffic accident. It doesn’t link together easily, but too many things overlap this time. The purpose is the collapse of the Board of directors…

(Speaking of which, its said the driver was a mysterious man…)

An independent driver who doesn’t belong to any transportation company drove the truck that rammed into the Benz his uncle rode and he was arrested on the spot. Without knowing the clear background, there was no apology from the other party.

(If someone planned it, then they want to move forward…)

Thinking that far, let Kenichi´s dark feelings dissipated into dark anger. There is a conviction that his idea is true, so that his hatred and murderous intent are spread to the invisible opponent.

(If so… I’m gonna kill him…)

Clear murderous intent. Black emotion. A muddy grudge.

As soon as Kenichi felt so, a black wave burst out from his whole body and spreads explosively around the school. It isn’t a gentle wave like normal, but a rough and brutal tsunami of hatred.

That tsunami rapidly expanded from Kenichi´s body and spreads outside the school,before it becomes a black fire that burns up. If there was someone who could see this wave, then he would have seen it as a war signal.

“Here is a greeting from the new president. She is the daughter of the former president and is also a graduate of this school, president Yoko Aikawa”

A woman heads to the stage as prompted by the principal.

That woman may look in the middle of her thirties at first glance, but she is actually older. Her well-shaped face with black-edged glasses seems to be apparent at first sight, but it may be due to this unusual glasses and hairstyle. She begins to speak majestically when she goes to the podium without showing any sadness of losing her father.

“Good morning, everyone. I, Yoko Aikawa will be the new president from now on. I am also a graduate of this school, so I am your senior. I also love this school and I would like to fulfill the great role which I inherited from my father well…”

The black wave is still being released from Kenichi´s body and sends information like a radar. The wave has also reached Yoko who stands on the podium and Kenichi knows that this beautiful woman is in his hands from a distance.

(She has a great body…)

Surprisingly, the body under that plain suit was superb.

Her yearning ripe body has some fat and both her skirt and suit are sticking tightly on her. Her body shape that is somewhat out of shape is like a rich fruit that can’t be found among high school girls.

She has huge breasts and fully white hips that look to be soft everywhere. This woman is the sweetest and delicious fruit Kenichi meet until now.Just like bananas with sugar spots are sweet and nostalgic, if I chew into her mature body a great amount of sweet juice will be received.

(Occasionally a greasy one is also good…)

Saliva gushes out of Kenichi´s mouth who licks his lips. And instead of his dark mood until a while ago, his hatred changed into lust.

Reiko Arisawa, the chief intendant of SHADO´s japanese branch has been keeping a constant look at the office. She had the talent to manage her job in a cool and intelligent way, but it has completely disappeared.

From the surrounding people, she seems to be worried about the dysfunction of the organization caused by cyber terrorism. This female executive with a strong sense of responsibility was trying to get over the abnormal situation somehow and understood that she was suffering every day.

But the reality is totally different.

Of course, she was worried about the organization, but Reiko´s trouble now is a private one. It happened at the end of last year, it was a common thing in this world, but a nightmare for Reiko.

An affair with a younger man.

She got drunk at a bar and went to a love hotel with a man where she became unfaithful. Reiko is the young ace in the Tokyo Police Department and was selected to be the head of the special organization “SHADO”. Anyway, Reiko is a married woman with two children. Of course, from the standpoint of a police officer, it isn’t ethically acceptable.

(What have I done…)

It is too late to regret it. What she did on that day will never go away.

Reiko was thoroughly violated by a young person called Saito who was an teacher at a cram school. No, the word violated isn’t correct. She might have gone mad from that pleasure in the middle and asked for it voluntarily.

She doesn’t want to remember that day, but that memory never disappears. The young man devoured her body until morning and continued to sneak into her secret hole with his huge thing. That man ejaculated three times, while Reiko was countlessly overthrown in the meantime. Every one of them was an unbelievable pleasure that couldn’t be get from her husband and literally made her agony on the top of the bed.

Fortunately, her husband was on a business trip at an overseas conference and her children were deposited by her mother, so no one found out. However, when Reiko greeted her husband who came back from abroad, she was about to be crushed by guilt feelings and tried to confess it many times.

(However…I cant say such a thing to that person…)

A gentle husband. A husband who can be respected more than anyone. He is a virtuous medicist with the aim to fight difficulties of Alzheimer and save the people with that disease. That’s why he doesn’t care about his family at all, but he is still a respected figure that devotes himself to his research.

(Even if I close my eyes…even if I keep silent…)

Reiko wants to protect her family. It will be the best to keep silent to her husband and to wait for the time to pass. She really wants to confess everything, but she doesn’t want to lose her loving husband and warm family. Therefore she hide her guilt and behaves as usual.

A drunk mistake was committed. She wont drink so much anymore and she’ll never go to that bar again. Reiko has decided not to see Saito again. It was a solution, she came up alone.

(Bu…bu, but…. Aaa…whats wrong…)

However, Reiko is suffering newly.

It’s aching. Her body is aching and it is unbearable.

In recent years, no more than ten years ago, she had any negotiation with her husband. They are both busy and in addition are rarely having sex. Since the birth of the youngest child did the night’s activity completely disappeared. Even so, Reiko didn’t have any problems and was able to work properly.

But since that night her body changed. As if something was switched on, her bottom was awkward at night and her body burned. She realized that she has strong intense carnal desire like the time when she was a teenager.

So she is comforting herself with her fingers every night after her child’s slept. Both Reiko and her husband have a own bedroom, which is shameful to say as a married woman.

(What am I thinking! I am at work right now!!)

And before she knew it, Reiko noticed herself that she is remembering that night.

However, her body is beginning to burn at daytime in the office. Her nipples inside her bra are erected and rub against it. Her vagina is also open already the sensitive flesh also swelled. Even a little moving of her waist, create a sweet stimulation that goes through her body.

(…Ku…wh, what is this…)

Her body burns by reflexion just from remembering that night. Reiko instructed herself to forget it as soon as possible, but her body that is engraved with that pleasure ignores it and goes out of control.

A pleasure that her 40 year old body didn’t know. That sweet pleasure.

A warped meat sword. Incredibly thick and hard meat stick. A huge pink hammer. It is completely different from her husband. A valiant murderer weapon.

He used some strength to drive herself mad for hours and this strength was that he penetrated the innermost part and pushed up her internal organs many times. Whatever it looks like, it stuck tightly to the depths. And her mouth and vagina tasted a rich taste of male body fluids and her nose smelled a intense wild smell.

(Aaaa…I remember…)

Semen was poured while being violated like an animal on all fours, while swinging her waist in the cowgirl position and like lovers who are hugging and kissing. Reiko doesn’t remember it clearly, but she felt like as if she was begging for it from Saito-san´s whisper.


Her body is honest. Just remembering the affair and her petal opens its mouth, before leaking hot honey. Her aching nipples are screaming inside her bra for stronger stimulation.

(Aaa…I have to do something…right now…)

Reiko was overwhelmed by lust while sitting on her desk. Reiko who was shaking her body didn’t notice the anxious looks of her subordinates and stood up, before she disappeared to the restroom.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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