Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 120

Stolen chastity

“Use your tongue, Reiko-san”

Saito-san urged her to caress him. He laid down on the bed as if it’s natural and demands Reiko to serve him even though he isn’t her husband. However, even if such an attitude is taken, Reiko doesn’t resist and the Obscene act continues.continues with that obscene act.

Saito-san isn’t the only one who is excited. Reiko´s body becomes hot, too and she is completely excited. Such an desire hasn’t been felt even with her husband and it becomes a black whirlpool that burns her body and brain. The nipples inside her bra are completely erected and her clitoris is aching simultaneously to her heartbeat.

Next he stretches his hand out to touch Reiko’s hips and a disconsolate stimulation flows from there that occasionally let her leak a pleasant pant.

Immediately after did he pull Reiko’s waist with force towards him.


And a cry comes out of her mouth. However, Saito ignored Reiko´s resistance and flipped up her tight skirt, broke her stocking and suddenly put his face on her crotch.

“Hiiiiiii!!! Stopp!! Don’t do it!!! It’s dirty!! Stop, it’s embarrassing!!!”

They are now in the so-called sixty nine position and a shameful scream was raised. Reiko has never taken such a shameful posture with my husband. On the contrary, this is also the first time for this beautiful wife that someone licks her crotch.

“Stopp!! Not good!! That…That place…no!!”

Her panty has already become muddy and this young man buried his face neatly and stuck to the syrup that flowed out. Having this part sucked is deathly shameful for her and Reiko screamed loudly.

Saito´s ferocious tongue as well as his deep kisses set a merciless attack on his prey. When the swollen granulation was licked by his tongue, Reiko’s body couldn’t endure it.

“Hiiiiii!!! Huguuuuuuu!!!”

Reiko is drown by this ecstasy while her body is trembling from this unbelievable stimulation. Her body hasn’t tasted such a thing yet in her long married life and she is deprived of her power and energy to resist for a short time.

“Aaaa!! Noo!! Not good!!! Aaaa!!!!”

Her brain melts. Her body melts. Her reason melts. Her pride melts.

The fierce pleasure thunder stimulates her pleasure nerves that were not stimulated for several years and secrete endorphins in large quantities. Her receptors that have been hyposensitive for only a few minutes ignite the stimulation of the pleasure nerves in her brain in unison when she receives the endorphins.

(Aaaaa!!! What is this!! Aaaa, amazing!!! It’s too terrible!!)

A high-pressure pleasure current is experienced, when his long tongue enters her vagina and let her body have convulsions like an insulin shock.

(This…aaa…I dont know this…)

Reiko who is the chief of “SHADO” experience the mercy of the pleasure storm unawarely, while her crotch is devoured by this young man.

How many times has her body received such an thunder? This poor married woman who hadn´t such a caress for many years was made muddy with this young man’s tongue and her breath was abnormal. She is lying on the bed powerless in her suit.

Reiko has been pushed up to ecstasy many times until Saito released his mouth. And she also reached an orgasm mercilessly that she never obtained from her husband. So that her hole began to open and everything started to flow out.


The last time her bottom opened was when she had sex with her husband. Her body has completely melted and the hoop came off without any strength left in her body. It is really stunning for her to see that her fingers in front of her eyes trembles and are paralyzed.

But that was not the end.

The moment Reiko was so exhausted that she lays herself down was her hips suddenly grabbed. Her hips are moved so that she is on all fours and in that instant she couldn’t do anything something huge suddenly has invaded her womb without noticing.


It was too sudden and Reiko didn’t anticipate it at all. Nevertheless it is commonplace in that situation, that a man enters her pussy with his huge penis.

“Aaaaaaa!!! Guuuuuuuu!!!!”

Reiko wanted to stop him but a voice of fear and pain came out of her mouth. It is an incomprehensible monster size than her husband and it widens her vagina which has brought up her children to an extraordinary extent without hesitation at all. She felt great pain, but that was also trivial. More than anything else, she fears that her body is skewered as it is.


A spark flew in front of her eyes when the penis thrusts into the end of her womb. Even though large quantities of love juice is vomited, the meat weapon which is too huge has overrun her unused inside and pushed up her womb and every internal organ.

At that time does Saito still stare at her until Reiko finally recovered from the shock. However, his penis pierced her interior.

“…No…stop…pull it out…”

What do I say? I have finally been unfaithful.

The fact of having sex with that young man other and not with her husband doesn’t change though it was the last force. And this is the first time in her life that she is tossed around and deprived of her body. Of course it’s Reiko´s own fault that she came to this place. Her husband did nothing wrong.

“Al…already fine…pull it out already…”

Now she is sobbing and tears. Her tears that are hot atonement fall to the bed sheet, while apologizing to her husband.

“What are you saying…. From now on…Reiko”

Saito-san changed his tone completely and a nuance which laughs slightly is mixed in his voice.

“…Y, You are…higuuuuuu!!!”

When Reiko was surprised and tried to turn around did Saito started using his waist again. He pulled her hips a little and scratched the interior with his giant thing with the momentum that he has sex with such an pretty wife mercilessly.

“Stopp…aaa…do, don’t do it…aaa…”

Reiko´s protesting voice turns to a scream and melts away sweetly. You can also clearly hear water which indicates that the penis is completely sucked in.

Ironically, while being insulted like that, Reiko´s womb is caught by the hateful opponent’s penis.

“Hehe…this wife´s pussy is the best”

Saito-san finds this pussy really deliciou and a evil smile appeared on his face. It is clear that this beautiful wife has been left alone by her husband for many years from her embarrassing movement.

“Your husband is a fool not to eat such a delicious pussy…”

Saito grabbed her thin waist again to slowly stir the inside up. The contempting words to her husband doesn’t seem to reach Reiko´s ear because she cries from this agony.

“What, you are weak here, what happens when we do this?”

“Ahiiiiiiii!!! Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

This young man quickly found her weakness with his long penis and Reiko raised a high voice, while shaking her whole body.

“Ouou…twisting around in this way…I greatly saved up, Reiko-san”

The colt of this man doesn’t seems to react at once like an ordinary man. It warped valiantly and skewered Reiko´s pussy. Her weak point is stimulated and even an illusion that seems to melt down from her waist appears.

“I feel the inside, Oku-san. I wonder if your husband went this far?”


He rubbed the depth of her womb, while holding her hips firmly.

The huge meat stick reached a depth that her husband absolutely can’t reach. Her inside meat became hard from unused for a long time and is suddenly extended violently, before it became soft.


Her body is pushed up by his dick and a beast like voice came out. Reiko has been raped from behind in the suit wearing, while waving the black hair writhes. The white sheets are grasped with both hands, and the drawing of a strong colt is caught by the hips which whips.

(Aaaa…what, what is this…aaaa, my body melts…)

Thinking about it, it had nothing to do with the size of the penis. Reiko always turned the contempt to the man who worried about such a thing. What is important is the love of her partner and the hearts communicate with each other. That is what makes sex the best. Believing that, Reiko has lived until now like that.

However, she learnt that her understanding was a shallow one. The size and the shape of this penis surpass such a thing and of course affection is important.

“I’m going to teach you the taste of my penis. I will do it so that you will forget your husband”

“…Nooo…stopp…so deep…ah, deep…”

The part her husband can’t reach is stimulated again and that weak point is rubbed with the penis so that Reiko feels it. Using his waist skillfully, a red flash goes through her brain.

“Now, the first shot…I will give it to your womb!”

“…Aaa…stop!! Stopp!! Don’t put it out!!”

After a while, Saito-san murmured these words and Reiko froze a little, before she rages momentarily.

Her chastity will be deprived if he ejaculate inside her vagina and she can’t really face her husband then. Of course, the fear of pregnancy is horrifying and goose bumps appear on her whole body. However, Saito-san suppresses her hips with an unexpected strength and aims.

“Stopp!! Aaaa…noooo!! Higuuuuuu!!”

Reiko´s body feels like being stuck in the back even at such times. Despair of rape and despair of herself. Whenever a shock is received, her resistance gets weakened.


The meat folds of this married woman entangles the intruder and wriggles to squeeze it. As soon as he reached the innermost a small cry was leaked and her waist trembled.



Through the vibration in her womb, she realizes that Saito ejaculated without hesitation in herself and Reiko’s eyes darkened from despair. Ironically, the fact is that something dark ignites in Reiko’s body and felt victim to the best ecstasy on this day.

(I´m sorry…I´m sorry…)

Large quantities of semen were poured into Reiko who was exhausted even at her vagina. She is thoroughly polluted and shattered tears for her husband. Her appearance and expression might been shocking for Reiko´s subordinates who knew her usual cool and intellectual figure.

“Hey Reiko, I will love you even more now”

“Aaaa…th, that…”

And even after releasing so much semen his penis is still hard. Saito-san laughs and raised his body, before he begins to devour this sweet flesh again.

“No…th, that is not good…aaa…don’t pierce me…”

And until morning the woman’s scream and weeping had never been interrupted and came from this love hotel room.

“Your uncle had a traffic accident”

Kenichi Midou, the science teacher at Ellis all girls high school is stunned by receiving a call from his mother’s aunt. Kenichi who has calmly settled down his cold war-like attitude has changed as a person since he fused the Inma.

Seeing his pale appearance, all beautiful girls who licked his whole body stopped their movement. His face was white from the phone call at the time he started an orgy party with his female slave students to celebrate winter vacation.

According to his aunt’s explanation, a truck rammed into the car which his uncle had ridden and he seems to have suffered serious injuries that he collapsed. It is said that the situation in which he enters ICU at the hospital now is completely unpredictable.

『How…How, Ken-chan…』

His aunt talked on the other side of the phone and panicked from the sudden event at the hospital.

His Uncle and aunt are Kenichi’s only family members and the next most important people for him. Kenichi who was quickly deceased from his parents received assistance from his wealthy uncle and was able to graduate from high school. Moreover, he was also the director of Ellis all girls high school and got Kenichi his teacher job.

The sad news of his uncle stunned Kenichi even after the cell phone was cut.

“Sensei, are you okay?”

“You look so pale…”

The twin sisters Eiri and Yuri who licked his crotch from left and right look worried. These cute girls who had just been deprived of their virginities the other day are called with other female students today and are serving this lewd demon with their lovely bodies.

“Sensei…I have to go to the hospital…”

“We are fine…. Go quickly…”

The other students also said so and are anxiously looking at Kenichi. The air which was rogue a little while ago has dissipated in a moment.


Promptly Kenichi suddenly jumped up and left in a hurry after wearing his clothes. Behind him, a black sun-like aura was rising.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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