Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 116

Resonating wave motion

Kenichi who was satisfied at last stood up and deprived Yuri’s first kiss by blank surprise. The breathless Yuri tried to resist Kenichi’s kiss but he used that moment to put his tongue inside.

He stole her mouth from behind and gropes her thin body that is already in ecstasy with his hand. Kenichi is really excited from having such a nice girl in his arms and his desire of possessing her is increased.

“Hey, you lick”

Kenichi ordered like a king at the next moment and Yuri is surprised instantly, before she take a look at his crotch. Her elder sister Eiri has her mouth expanded from the tip of her teacher’s thing that is inside.


Yuri observes how her sister shakes her neck up and down, while caressing this penis with an obscene sound. Yuri has a mixed expression of shame and sadness on her face while Eiri’s face couldn’t be seen clearly.

Before long did Eiri separated her mouth and Kenichi’s son was exposed which is full of saliva. Although Yuri flinched momentarily from its ugly face, she gradually calmed down because her sister is nearby. Her elder sister’s body is releasing an aura that relieves her.

“Yuri-chan, let’s lick together…okay?”

“…E, Eiri-chan…”

Being urged by her elder sister, the younger sister also draws her lovely lips near. She extended her pink tongue to lick the slimy surface of this thing with her sister on the other side.

(Why is it so hard…disgusting…)

A thick lewd male smell hits Yuri’s nose and she felt a bit dizzy. From the touch of her tongue it feels like steel and the whole surface is slimy with her sister’s saliva.

At first Yuri licked timidly, but the moment she saw how her elder sister licks this meat stick encouraged her so that she begins to lick boldly and ardently. Simultaneously does a red tentacle stick to Yuri’s mouth and let her feel that she desperately wants something inside her mouth.

“Hold it in your mouth”

Kenichi is excited seeing these twins lick his proud son and gave the next order. Of course the order was directed to Yuri who feels like as if her thoughts and inner desire are read by this teacher.

Looking at her elder sister, the younger sister doesn’t have a sad face anymore. She calmed down as if she has realized her fate. Yuri hesitates for a while, before she lowered her long eyelashes and opened her small red lips to hold the huge tip in her mouth.

“Well…then, who do I get first…”

After Kenichi experienced this unskilled double fellatio for a while, did he let these sister line up next to each other and put their hands against the wall to let them present their hips to him. The checked school skirts are rolled up and the panties are removed to the side that both revealed their lovely hips and secret place.



Displaying their bare hips, Yuri and Eiri mutually feels embarrassed. Their sexual desire is awakened according to the red tentacles and neither their shame nor their virgin’s fear disappeared.

(However, its fine to rub here…)

Kenichi chuckles from enjoying seeing the chests of these sisters. Arranging both next to each other, while both have the same shape give a somewhat doubtful feeling.



The sisters call each other’s name and grasp their hands tightly. Both realized their fate and share their shame and fear mutually.

And once again that phenomenon happened.

Yuri and Eiri are wrapped by the pink aura and are united into one while slowly intersecting. And like the last time it shot a dazzling light before it vanished as if nothing occurred.

And although the shine is only for a moment and doesn’t continue for long, it is obviously confirmed that their wave motion has been strengthened. The power of their wave motion resonance wasn’t 1+1=2 and expanded to 3 or 4.

(Is this the potential effect of the resonance…?)

Verifying this high level resonance phenomenon, which is caused by the identical twins make Kenichi chuckle. If he can intentionally cause this by his power, then he will obtain a much greater power.

Even if it is said that it will resonate, there is a big difference between partial one and complete one. The degree of interference from the other party is different depending on the extent and a wave motion seems to swell up tens of times if completely resonating. These twins seem to resonate at an extremely high level though it isn’t complete yet.

(Well, whoever of them is choosen, I receive both of them…)

Kenichi adjust his position by holding Yuri’s hips at the friend hometown and held his glans against her completely wet place.

“Hiiiiii!! Noooo!!! Scaryy!! Scaryy!!! Eiri-chan…Mama…help…”


With her younger sister trembling of fear of losing her virginity, does the elder sister encourage her by clenching the hands tightly. Seeing this beautiful sister love aroused Kenichi’s lust and he starts to slowly sink into Yuri’s virgin hole.

“Hiiii!! Ouuch!! Ouuch!! Ouuuch!!!! Nooo!!! Ouch!! Stoop!! Heelp!!”


Before long she lost to the pressure of the intruder and the tip of his meat weapon is permitted to invade her body that resist until now because it became slimy from the love juice. The entrance of the narrow virgin hole which was extended to the unthinkable is split apart by this huge thing and a sound is created.

Tasting this first invading that has been tasted many times till now is delighting for this pervert who loves to rape girls. This deliciousness that can only be tasted once per woman, let Kenichi open his mouth out of joy.

“Hiii!!! Ouuch!! Ouuch!! Pull it out!!! Stop!! Puull it oouut!!”

Yuri was full of fear and distress that her bottom will tear. Another reason is that the fierce pain of the vaginal laceration makes her frantic because the huge glans push inside.

The moment where her resistance became less was the time when her hymen was torn and she was further invaded slowly. Yuri’s body tensed up from the fear and pain, so that her vagina tightened strongly. Because of it, does the younger sister give an unbearable pleasure to the rapist.

(What a tightening…)

This middle-aged teacher made a rejoice and covers his student from behind. While enjoying the clean smell and embrace of that young body let his dick erect even further inside Yuri.

“Ouch…Ouuuch…. Mamaa…help…”

Looking at their connection, you can see blood overflowing and dripping down to the floor. Even though it is wet, the foreign and unreasonable sized intruder caused intrathecal bleeding from severe laceration. Yuri’s white panty that was moved aside absorbs the blood and dyes dark red.


Kenichi raised a roar after seeing this blood spectacle and thrust his son into the virgin hole that barely tightens. Kenichi only eats pretty women to satisfy the desire of the Incubus residing inside him.

Kenichi looks at Yuri’s appearance and stopped his waist once. Her face became even whiter from the acute pain and shock and she isn’t able to raise even a scream or a cry.


Kenichi’s penis warps even more in this back position and her sensitive vagina squeezes strongly.

Eiri who is holding hands with Yuri speaks carefully from the side. The colors of their auras are changing subtly so that the color of Yuri is swinging and flickering. Eiri seems to be showing a change in her mind, because her pink aura becomes thinner.

Her vagina already cramped which let her show some anger towards her homeroom teacher, who is tasting this feeling for a while, before he pushed through the last hindrance.



Her younger sister is mercilessly stabbed deep inside her womb and let her cry out by squeezing her throat. The sensitive hole is beaten mercilessly by the meat hammer and she spills tears from the unimaginable pain.

Her vagina can only squeeze and shrink further suppresses the whole penis with unbelievable force, as if it wants to repay the pain.


The ejaculation valve can’t be piled up anymore and everything is released like a bullet. While pulsating strongly, the entire amount of semen that was accumulated was poured into this virgin hole. It was a large amount and hundreds of millions of magic sperm attacked the younger twin sister.


The fact that someone ejaculated inside her vagina pushed this pretty girl further into despair. Yuri spilled pearl-like tears, while being held by the science teacher from behind, who stuck his poison fang into her body.


After Kenichi was satisfied with releasing his semen into Yuri’s body he sank her powerless body down to the floor. Her crotch is full of red blood and white semen and even her underwear and thighs are messy.

Her elder sister who looks anxiously and is pushed down is made to go on all fours next to her sister. Eiri looks at her younger sister’s face and shape, while Kenichi at the same time holds her hips and applies his son to her crotch.


Eiri who had witnessed the loss of her sister’s virginity was shocked and screamed loudly. She wriggles her body out of fear because she remembers her younger sister’s pain. But on the other hand, there is no reason for her to be spared and she has no willpower to accept the same fate as her sister.

“Se, Sensei…at least…at least be gentle…”

This beautiful girl desperately tried to appeal Kenichi with her teary eyes, after she turned around with her head. However, her begging and appeal are disregarded and the dick is pressed against her wet secret place, before its thrust inside at a dash merciless.

“Higiiiiiii!!! Ouch! Ouuch!! Stoooppp!!!”

Eiri becomes frantic and rages from the pain that is created by the hot steel pole. However, since her thin waist is grasped strongly, she can’t resist very much.

(These twins…taste alike…)

The feeling of receiving the virginities of these sisters is the same. The resistance of her hymen is broken easily and he entered inside the narrow meat hole. Eiri bleeds like Yuri and a large amount of fresh blood overflows from her pussy.

And a red mark was applied on her underwear. Kenichi becomes more excited imagining the time when they show their messy panties to their mother.What kind of desperate mood will their mother have when she sees her daughters wearing bloody underwear?

The angle is slightly different, so the feeling is different from Yuri. As far as the upper body is lowered, he can penetrate deeper inside.

“…E, Eiri-chan…”

Yuri, who had been stunned by the shock of losing virginity also leaks a small mutter seeing her sister losing her virginity as well. The pain shown on the face of her elder sister is the same pain which she had tasted a while ago and both have become Kenichi’s possession.

Like in Yuri’s case, he also stopped his waist once and observe the weakening condition of his victim. The sensitive part is mercilessly trampled and Eiri’s young body shakes entirely from the pain and shock. And similar to Yuri, her aura also flickered and changed its color.


“…E, Eiri-chan…”

This pretty twins are staring at each other on the classroom floor. They both didn’t expect anything until a while ago and didn’t thought that they would lose their virginities that they kept safe until now in such a place. It’s a sad fate for these twins who are toyed around by Kenichi right now.

Laughing and grinning while seeing their lovely sister love, Kenichi only picked up Eiri’s hips and buried the last bit of his dick at a dash without any restraint into her. The meat spear went completely inside with a shock.


The elder sister screams loudly on all fours on the classroom floor from the pain that the male organ struck deep into her womb. If it is a mature woman, then she wouldn’t feel extreme pain from this pleasure unlike these twins who were still immature and had no sexual experience. Kenichi simply pushed them so far only to satisfy his and the Inma´s abnormal sexual desire.

“Aaa…Eiri-chan…. Firmly…”

Watching her sister’s nether region, Yuri desperately clenched her encouragement. She took her sister’s hands to share the fear, tears and pain. Both accepted the same harsh fate, thus their beautiful hearts synchronized perfectly.

And once again both auras intersect and become one. Getting bigger and swollen the next moment, it burst at a stretch.


Reaching the point where gust blows, Kenichi receives pressure on the front of his body, before he is thrown to the rear. At that time Kenichi´s son also went out of Eiri´s vagina.

(Wh, What happened…)

Laying on the classroom floor, Kenichi sees these pretty sisters who grasp each other hands. Yuri lays sidewise and Eiri on all fours on the floor and both have their eyes closed and tremble. They seem not to feel the gust pressure that happens because of their appearance a little while ago.

(This is a perfect wave resonation)

The name of the phenomenon is recalled and Kenichi instantaneously understood what occurred.

Exposing his lower part, he sits on the classroom floor. However Kenichi trembles from the power and remained sitting on the floor for a while.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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