Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 115

Twin sister

Kenichi’s long tongue enters from the side of the underwear and Eiri´s intimate place that is wet from the love juice is licked.

“Hiiii!!! Aaa!! Nooooo!!!”

Eiri raised a shameful voice. However, a sweet sound is included somehow in her voice and her sexual feeling begins to melt, which erase her doubts and thoughts.

His long tongue licks the syrup that came out and he touched her entrance a bit. And her secret entrance already opens by the stimulation and the petal is gradually expanded. Kenichi who was doing it for a while removed the panty sideward and looked at her completely opened vagina that has a obscene and simple shape.

Even if it’s the shape of a virgin it still invites a man in an indecent way. Her vagina is so wide open that you can see the pink inside. From her virgin hole drips white and transparent liquid out.


Eiri hasn’t shown her private part to her parents yet, but now her beloved teacher is seeing it. Moreover, inside school at her desk she always sits.

However, she has no power at all inside her body and Eiri is completely in Kenichi’s care. Her thin pubic hair is also wet from the overflowing juice already and shines thinly.

“So much…. Lovely face, I didn’t thought Eiri is such a lewd person”

“Aaa…Noooo…su, such a thing…”

Eiri desperately denied it with her red face. However, her inexperienced private hole seems to wait for the invasion impatiently now.


In the next moment Kenichi sucks up her swelled granulation and Eiri screams from the stimulation, while moving her waist away.

Kenichi is an full-fledged technician now, after only three month of experience. If he caresses while searching for the weak points with his wave motion radar, any naive girl will writhe like a middle-aged woman.

Kenichi played with her clitoris until he was satisfied and he continued to lick her vagina entrance.

“Hiiiii!!! N, Nooo!!! There, is not good!”

Eiri understood the meaning of becoming a woman when something special invades her important place, so she resisted from fear by escaping with her body. However, Kenichi who has foreseen her movement doesn’t panic and held her thighs strongly with his arms, before he slips into her virgin hole again with his tongue.

“Aaahiii!!! Nooo!!!”

She loudly screams from disliking that her private part is licked. Her meat hole that’s already wet permits an invasion easily, because Eiri is gradually defeated by Kenichi´s pressure and the way for the invasion will be smoothed. And from time to time when Kenichi´s tongue touches her hymen, did she release a unbelievably loud cry.


And again she released a shout as if her soul is dragged out of her body, when her bottom is sucked up. This abnormal sense of her bottom being sucked is endured firmly with clenching her teeth and thinking that Kenichi will receive everything of her.

New love juice is spilled out from her vagina, which has a really sweet taste.



At the time Kenichi was satisfied and separated his mouth, Eiri was already breathless. The licking and sucking of her private part, deprived her of all her strength and energy.

“Now…. Then, do I assume that I get Eiri´s virginity?”


Kenichi who sets up his body held his erected penis to her virgin hole. Eiri trembles from feeling it, but she remain as she is and doesn’t resist.

(I, I…in such a place…with sensei?)

Even though her body has finished burning, she isn’t able to think in her mind. She didnt expected that such a thing will happen a little while ago. Today is the experience of her life, which is unbelievable even now.

(Aaa…my virginity…)

This lovely girl closes her eyes from pain and fear, when she feels something pressing against her crotch. After that, she waited for the impact, while she hold her mouth that was trembling in fear.

one second..two seconds..

However, the science teacher who looked up suddenly separated his body. He grasp his dick with his hand and put it back into his pants. In the end, her beloved teacher helped her putting back on her panty and skirt.


At this moment Eiri didn’t understand what happens and is blank surprised. But after a few seconds the classroom door is suddenly opened.

“…Ei, Eiri-chan…”

“…Yu, Yuri-chan…”

Standing there was another beauty. It’s an existence that can be called Eiri’s double, which is Yuri Kondo who is Eiri’s twin sister.

Still sitting on her seat, Eiri looks surprised at her younger sister. But at once she tries to recover her normal self so that the lewd play from just now isn’t noticed.

“What, Kondo? Did your sister come because she was worried?”

Kenichi perceived Yuri’s approach with his wave motion radar and spoke normal with her. With a calm expression he leaned against Eiris desk. He remains perfectly composed which is unbelievable considering the act until just now and it really seems that those two chatted up till now.

(This fellow…)

Kenichi’s red eyes are glowing.

The pink aura wrapped on Eiri’s body indicates that she is sexual excited. On the other hand the aura isn’t seen on Yuri who is standing at the door wearing her school uniform.

(She is the identical twin, so the wave motion pattern must also be equal. Still seeing only an aura on Eiri, does that mean that the wave resonance with Yuri isnt enough yet?)

The wave motion pattern is the same, which is different from fingerprints. To cause an easy resonance it depends on the other party’s wave motion pattern and for family members it’s easier to cause it because the wave motion pattern is the same. Like Ruriko and Chizuko who resonated together quickly.

But still, the aura is only seen by Eiri and not on Yuri.

(Althought the wave motion pattern is the same for Yuri, no aura has appeared, because the environment is clearly different)

The wave motion of a human is so weak that it isn’t visible, however Kenichi can see it with his red eyes. And seeing it means that his own wave motion resonate with the target’s wave motion.

He had met Eiri every day because he is in charge of her class, while on the other hand, he only sees Yuri three times per week because of his science lesson. The difference of the absolute amount of exposure, might be the difference of not seeing the aura on Yuri.

“Eiri-chan…are you okay…”

While crossing the classroom, the younger sister approached.

“…I, I´m alright…. I only talked with sensei for a moment…”

Her younger sister doesn’t seem to have noticed the lewd act from before. Eiri regained her calmness and answered her sister.

At this moment a doubt float in Yuri’s head, when she sees Kenichi’s face. This girl has a sharp intuition and the unappropriated situation is guessed from her elder sister’s attitude and she came near her sister’s side.

And these twins holds each other’s hands.

(N…what is that?)

In front of Kenichi who is watching, a mysterious phenomenon began to happen suddenly.

The body of Eiri whose face is flushed and sits on her desk is covered by an pink aura. The aura extends gradually and Yuri´s body is also covered. At the same time did the pink aura change into a thin yellow.


The aura shines intensely momentarily and a dazzling light is shot out. After the light disappeared, both Eiri´s and Yuri´s whole body are covered by that yellow aura.

(…Did the wave motion resonate?)

The meaning of this might be natural for twins. Eiri´s wave motion mixed with Yuri´s wave motion and resonated by influencing each other. The result is that Eiri´s aura changed the color and Yuri´s aura can be seen now by Kenichi´s red eyes.

Red tentacles rise from Kenichi´s body and cling around both sisters. They extend in a straight line at close range and reach their targets in several seconds.

“Hiii” “Aaa”

These pretty twin sisters are caught momentarily and screams unanimously. It’s the second time for Eiri and the first time for Yuri to be invaded by the Incubus magic.


Two red tentacles hang to each body and dye the auras red. The power of Kenichi who evolved to a intermediate Inma is like nothing when he makes the sisters aroused at the same time.

(As long as the aura can be seen, I can rub here…)

Both are puzzled from that desire storm that is blowing hard inside their bodies. Standing behind Yuri who is panting and shaking her body, Kenichi embraced her slim body closely.

“Noooo!! Sensei…stopp…”

Although she tried to free herself by struggling out of the teacher´s hold, but the red tentacles hinder her resistance. Something hot floats inside her body from the close embrace and her body flushes even more.

“You are already mine…”

Kenichi´s buries his nose in Yuri´s black long hair and enjoys smelling the fragrant, before he slowly groped the swelling on her chest. Her small breasts inside her bra are massaged and the younger sister who has no sexual experience like her elder sister is panting from this unknown stimulation.

Next when he sucks on her white scruff, he made purple kiss marks which indicates that she is his belongings. Such an act can´t be resisted and both sister´s reasons are starting to melt from the pleasure of being violated.

Suddenly something dropped on the floor. Yuri´s school bag had slipped down from her shoulder. The book “Foreigner” from Camus has come out of her bag and a horrifying sight was watched from the classroom floor salaciously.

“Aaa…no…sensei, don’t do it…stop…”

Yuri raised a shout of refusal. Her sweet tone voice was disregarded by Kenichi and everyone would understand that she is already cornered by him. She opened her mouth to pant thinly and shaking her young body from the stimulation and desire that is welling up.

Sometime has already passed since HR ended and only the school discipline committee and the members of the cultural club remain in the school building. And because they’re in a empty classroom, no one would pass by. And from the distance you can hear the voices of the students at the schoolyard and tennis court who are very lively.

Of course even if someone approaches, it won’t be a problem. This school is completely covered by Kenichi´s black wave, so he knows if someone is approaching their room.


At the time Kenichi smells Yuri´s crotch, she had shaken her body and her beautiful black long hair, while screaming loudly. Her hands are put against the classroom wall while standing and her feet are expanded a little and her hips is thrust out. Her white and wet cotton panty that stuck to her private part are moved aside. The science teacher sticks fast to that part and licks and sucks Yuri´s bottom to his heart’s content now.


After a while he inserted his tongue into her virgin hole and licked her tongue. He exactly stimulated the part where the nerve crowds with his tongue and Yuri could only bend her throat from this strange feeling.

After that he kneeled down and sticks to Yuri´s bottom like an insect. Her hips are held and her vagina is tasted with an absorbed interest. It’s a really great taste, because her bottom is sweaty since this morning.

“I will lick here”

Kenichi started to lick her back hole, after muttering small.

“Hiiiii!! Noooo!!! That place is dirty!!!”

In a sense, a part that is more shameful than her vagina is licked and which let this 18-year-old maiden scream fully. A ferocious tongue infringes violently and merciless into a part that she hasn’t shown to any man. However, only her shy attitude pours fire into Kenichi’s pervert lust who let this immature girl learn what real pleasure is.

And again did Yuri raise a small scream, when her asshole is licked by Kenichi.

At the same time does another girl with black hair suck on Kenichi´s penis which was taken out of his pants again.

She is doing fellatio with an obscene sound.

Sucking between the legs of her teacher, while crawling on the floor is Eiri Kondo. Wrapped by Kenichi´s red tentacles, another girl was polluted doing a fellatio to Kenichi.

On the other hand, Yuri Kondo who is Eiri´s twin sister has her back hole licked by Kenichi. She came for her elder sister who didn’t come to the meeting point at time and now she is violated by her science teacher.

Kenichi´s red tentacles cling to these sisters and blinks sometimes which indicates intense pulsating. Both girls are completely charmed and want to feel that strange stimulation.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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