Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 113


Her white porcelain-like face flushed from excitement, her eyes are wet as if she has fever, her breath is restless and her waist moves subtly. Even without the wave motion radar is it understood that this long haired beauty is full of lust that is steadily accelerating during homeroom.

2 tentacles twine around Eiri’s body just like a creature with a will. Her whole body is completely dyed blood red and she looks away so that no one sees it, while she is still pulsating.


Eiri desperately endures the intense storm of desire that blows inside her body, while shaking her body. The students next to Eiri notice her scream that leaks instinctively and understood when they look at her.

(D, Dont look…Dont look, please…)

Eiri doesn’t know the meaning of her lust with which her body was seized suddenly. By all means she can’t understand why it became so much at all.

She certainly has a liking for her homeroom teacher, though it’s a light love ordinary for a 18 year old virgin. She hadn’t even dreamed about a connection between both. However a really direct desire is on her mind now. She is like a naked married woman who is full of sexual lust.

For a pretty virgin with low knowledge about sex this is really frightening.

(Wh, Why…Nooo…)

But it’s important to decide not to be surrounded by such an unknown change now above all. Eiri who hardly has masturbated has foreseen a certain catastrophe and she feels really hopeless.

(Pl, Please…stop…stop…)

Her head is occupied with the thought that she will have an sexual intercourse with the man in front of her. She forget everything and plunge into the chest and become desperate, while still keeping the spasmodic drive down rationally for a moment.


Eiri hopes that homeroom will end soon, but time is passing slowly.

(Please…end quickly…)

Eiri´s whole body is sweating in spite of winter and it’s exposed to the strange eyes in the surrounding and Midou-sensei´s curious eyes, however she looks down willingly to endure the raging storm inside her body.

Although HR ends and it was the last class for today, many students remain in the classroom to chat. More than half students in this class have a recommendation for their future university after participating in a entrance examination and they are different from the usual students who prepare for taking an examination soon.

“What does Sensei do in the winter vacation?”

“Hey hey? Do you travel somewhere?”

Several students gather around Kenichi in the platform and spoke to their homeroom teacher about various things. A desirable teacher who is a catchable man, might be a idol for them. Every face has a happy impression and all eyes are shining, because winter vacations starts from now.

And as soon as the chime rang to end HR, Eiri regained her calm after enduring the raging desire storm. It started abruptly and ended abruptly.

“Eiri-chan, are you alright? It seems very painful…”

“…U, Uh…thank you…. However, I’m alright…”

The students next to her are worried, so Eiri tries to answer with a smiling face somehow. However she is completely drenched with sweat which isn’t normal.

“Really? Even now it seems painful…. Shall we go to the school nurse room together?”

“…U, Uh, I’m already fine…. I only felt unpleasant for a moment…. I’m really okay now…”

It can’t be said that she was seized by an intense lust, so Eiri lies with an ambiguous face. And although her classmate still worries variously, she’d like to be alone quickly.

(Noo…bad feeling…)

Eiri was relieved after being liberated at last from that meddlesome classmate, however she noticed that her undergarment got wet from a large amount of overflowed body fluid and she was annoyed from the cold feeling. At the moment she want to go to the restroom quickly to clean herself, but she doesn’t stand up from her seat.

The reverberation of desire a short while ago is still left in every corner of her body. And her aura is also gradually eroded by Kenichi´s red tentacles who a fierce and cruel that the shining red aura still blinks deeply.

(Aaa…like this…like this…)

Eiri is still a virgin without any experience, that’s the reason her body is completely flushed now and she cannot manage her aching body and heart from the lust. Her small pink nipples are pointed out and begin to spin a sweet stimulation. Her granulation which welled up also shows itself completely and pulsates strongly.


Without any knowledge about sex can’t Eiri imagine the act in her head. But she still remembers Kenichi´s face and imagine that he is embracing her, before they start to kiss, which let her body heat up even further.

While her classmates were talkative, the reverberation kept disturbing Eiri.

Some time has passed. There is no one in the classroom anymore when she looks around and she is alone now. Only the noise from the clubs outside can be heard from her seat.

(Wh, what do I do…)

Eiri is a little concerned and confirmed her wet secret part by putting her hand inside her skirt.


A sharp electric current runs through her whole body, when she touch only a little. Her clitoris that became sensitive from that little stimulation shows her a pleasure that her legs become like pudding.

(So…so much…)

Her panty are so wet that a lewd water sound can be heard. She is feeling embarrassment, pain and dreary excitement. When the special part is fingered cautiously, an intense stimulation runs through her waist and is making her brain and body melt again.


Her reason warns her to stop such an act, but her desire has begun to drive recklessly. The residue of Kenichi´s magic remains in every corner of her body and fumigates it like fire. If you pour oil into the fire once, then the roaring flames are blazing up.

(Not good…such a thing…in the classroom…)

Inside an empty classroom. This long black haired beauty who sits on her seat at the window where she normally study hard is comforting herself.


Eiri enters her hand from the upper part of her white panty and her middle finger is moving lewdly in it. Even with hardly experience, her vital point is adequately blamed and the vomited honey is scooped, while scrubbing her erected granulation. It is different from the stimulation from top of her cloth a little while ago, because now it’s a very sweet stimulation.

“Huuu!! Kuu…”

Even when Eiri is all alone in the classroom she keeps her voice down. She continues her masturbation act absorbely and stoops a little. Her right hand gropes between her legs, while she tries to restrain her pleasure voice by holding her mouth with her left hand to leak out. The reason she is shaking her body sometimes is the wave of pleasure surging repeatedly.


Her science and homeroom teacher is occupying her head again.

Since when. At first she didnt thought much about him, but it gradually increased. Even casual epression and action are heartbreaking. Even at home she remembers his face and her heart begins to beat fast every time. Also in her sleep, she always dreamed to be alone with her teacher.


Murmuring his name with a low voice doubles her pleasure. The hand inside her panty caught her vagina accurately and gropes it so that her body heats up more from the pleasure.

When Eiri matures a little more, she would straight reach the height. However with her immature sexual sense, she can’t reach the height yet.

(Aaa…pleasant…it´s pleasant…)

She can’t escape from this never ending pleasure loop because there are no goals. It’s easy to end it by doing nothing, but Eiri keeps writhing while comforting herself until now.

(Wonderful…ah, so wonderful…)

It’s the first time for Eiri since she was born to be immersed and completely absorbed by that pleasure. She also didn’t notice that someone entered through the door which was in a blind spot of her.


Her red and glossy lips without any lipstick are opened and a hot sigh is put out. A thin sound of water can be heard from her legs and her left hand is put on her bra to rub her nipples from the top to further stimulate.

“Mi, Midou-sensei…”

Calling the name of her teacher.

“Did you call?”


Suddenly called from the rear let Eiri scream from surprise.

“Whazzup? Kondo? Do you need something from me?”


Eiri who has a quiet and modest character is confused that Kenichi is speaking with her. That’s expected. In the empty classroom she was found how she was masturbating. And she called the other party´s name who was standing behind her.

“What did you do?”

“Aaa…aa, aaaa…”

Even if it’s heard, Eiri won’t answer. This long black haired beauty hardens while looking down without saying anything.

“What are you doing here, I hear it…uh?”

Kenichi already knows what happened inside this room with his wave motion radar. And it was obvious what Eiri was doing here only from her body movement and breathing. Anyone can see it clearly. However Kenichi asked her on purpose to threat her.


Eiri is crimson red and trembles fearfully. She cant answer straight because of her embarrassment. Her mind froze and she doesn’t know what to do.

Kenichi licked his lips seeing Eiri who is frightened like a small animal.

Kenichi takes Eiri´s right hand and brings his face close to her fingertip so fast that she can’t resist. A thick female odor drifts from her white long finger.

“Kondo…you perhaps…”

Laughing lasciviously while saying so, Kenichi smells the fragrant on her finger.

“N, Noooo!! Not goood!”

She felt embarrassed from her finger being smelt, so she tried to withdraw her hand rushly. However she cant free her hand from this teacher who has more strength than her.

“Huhuhu…what a very thick smell…”

“Yaaa…stop it…”

Her homeroom teacher whispers lasciviously. Eiri is so embarrassed that she is unable to shake her face. Her silky black long hair shakes and a clean smell of shampoo goes through the classroom.


Her fingertip is abruptly licked and it’s a hateful feeling that let Eiri get goosebumps. Kenichi her teacher is licking each of her fingers with a satisfying expression, while looking at Eiri´s shameful face.


Recovering from her panic only a little finally, she understood her situation.

A doubtful stimulation runs through her body from the tasted fingertip and her body begins to react in response to that.

(Aaa…not goood…)

Her finger is sucked, licked by his tongue and bitten sweetly. A black lust grows up like a dark summer cloud inside her body.

(Wh, why…stop…)

Eiri is puzzled from the change of her own body. However through the Incubus´s magic does Eiri´s body react already by a little stimulation.

Such a small stimulation may cause the dam to burst and Eiri is seized with an desire like an avalanche. Excitement of meat is covering her whole body so that it may catch a fire and spread in a desolate field.

After Kenichi was finally satisfied did he release her hand. Eiri´s expression is numb and she is drunk from a secret pleasure now. This pure beauty without any sexual experience can´t adhere the change of her body in her mind and understood why it’s good.

Her big black eyes are moist and her snow-white face blushes. Her expression fires up Kenichi´s black lust.


Suddenly her red lips are deprieved, which she doesnt dislike and a tongue is put inside. Although Eiri resisted for a moment, she stopped her resistance quickly. She wanted to speak, when the tongue entered her mouth.


A sigh leaks from her stolen mouth. Whenever Kenichi´s tongue moves in her mouth, it let her reason and mind melt away. And she obediently swallowed his saliva that was poured into her mouth.

“Hey, stick your tongue out”


Kenichi removed his mouth and order Eiri, who did it obediently and sticks her pink tongue out. He grins, before he sucks her triangular tongue that was wet with saliva.


Eiri closed her eyes and absorbs herself in the wonderful feeling of her tongue being sucked. Kenichi who became better in kissing in the last three month, let this girl move to heaven.

Eiri is developing a sexual feeling from kissing her longed homeroom teacher in the empty classroom.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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