Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 112

Black-haired beauty

“Ye, Yes…. Yes. I’m sorry…. Yes…yes, by all means…managing in a few days…yes…”

A greasy middle-aged man is apologizing to his partner over the cellular phone. It’s strange that he is bowing desperately towards a partner who isn’t here. He wipes the sweat from his face with a towel.

“Ha, certainly…along teacher’s expectation…yes. Yes, excuse me”

While facing a profound duty desk, the man keeps bowing. He sits down on his chair tiredly, when the conversation finally ends.

Here is the main body of the construction company, the president’s room of Yamaji construction. Hirozou Yamaji who is the president and also the founder sits in his seat wearily and is struck dumb for a while. There is no color of blood on his face, because he is exhausted from the intense scolding he received until just now.

The partner who Yamaji was calling was the VIP parliamentarian of the government party. The move of Ellis private girls high school where Yamaji serves as a director isn’t developed at all and the parliamentarian who recently doesn’t advance at all is boiling and frequently calls to hurry the process.

(Shit…though I said it goes smoothly…)

Huge rights involves this move with redevelopment of the land. Therefore, if it isn’t possible to move according to the promise, then the parliamentarian will lose a profit of several hundred million. Thus Yamaji will be blamed.

(That guy…as long as those kind of things arent done…)

The Permission of the board of directors was needed for the move procedure, but he should be able to have it almost. The chief director was going to conciliate the director of a neutral party with 2 people, too and make him approve it quickly. But the situation changed entirely after head teacher’s Usami who he raised like his own child made a scandal.

The situation became so that the police intervene and Yamaji´s standpoint was weakened in the board of directors and the director who should have been conciliated turned the sides to the faction of the managing director Kawano who is against the moving. The reason isn’t understood, but neither of the two people move by money already and this move has been rejected after all.

(This way…ho, how is it done…)

Its easy to remove director Kawano. But even if he says so, he can’t do it and can’t also think of methodology. Another possibility, is to drop Aikawa and to be chief director to have absolute right. However, this elderly person was hospitalized in the hospital and didn’t participate in the board of directors in the last few years. Although chief director’s right to vote is powerful, it is also helpless if he doesn’t participate.

Growling in front of his desk, Yamaji´s cellular phone rang again. Yamaji wavered to press the call button for a moment, because he doesn’t know the number.


『Hello. Yes, Yamaji-san. I’m Shirato working as Terashima-sensei’s secretary. Yamaji-san, sensei is in trouble and he asks for help…』

(…wh, why he…)

The voice and name are heard and Yamaji remembered someone. It was a man with sharp eyes like a razor and was the secretary of the parliamentarian. He is different from other secretaries who seem to be serious, he is cold, bloodthirsty and cruel like a bloodthirsty drawn sword.

“A, And…”

『Well, he cant tell it through the telephone, so he asks if you could meet him? Could you come to the usual shop in Ginza tonight?』

This secretary doesn’t have feelings and speaks indifferently. And although he is never pushy, the voice of this man who might be in his mid-twenty has a power that can´t be described. His tone is really weird and Yamaji´s hand holding the cell phone is sweating damply, while sweat also run down like a waterfall again from his forehead.

“Then, I close this semester today, but because I explain the notice for winter vacation, listen carefully. Basically it is what is always said…”

Midou-sensei who is in charge of class 3-2 is advancing homeroom with a refreshing expression in front of the schoolgirls who lined up in a row. It’s the last day of school and the second term before winter vacation.

While it’s HR, the schoolgirls whispers all the while and listens quietly attentively to Kenichi´s story. Especially being the case that it is a interesting story, which isn’t the case that it will be remembered. However, all students who sit in a row with serious attitudes listens attentively to the talk of their new teacher who took this position in the middle of the second term.

No, the expression isn’t correct. All students actually bear a yearning for Kenichi in their eyes and had an entranced expression. He is like a attractive idol who make people faint from seeing him and it is understood that all 40 students in this class are crazy about this middle-aged science teacher.

Kenichi’s existence was like air at this school until just several months ago. He was ignored perfectly by the students and rather even prejudice was done. During class the students didn’t even listened his talk and freely did what they wanted.

However the situation is quite different now.

Not only the students in this class but also other students have a liking for this uncharacteristic science teacher. Furthermore some schoolgirls were enthusiastically crazy and heated up more.

“You often become careless in particular at New Year’s. Even though graduation is near, you are still high school students. Don’t take the temptation which seems fascinating and bad play. Because it was said many times, you all likely understand it now…”

Sometimes Kenichi can’t believe this change even now while seeing the hot faces of the students who look at him and want to sell themselves. However, this is reality and it is known that it’s the work of the magic of the Incubus who fused with him.

(He look like an idol…)

The hot eyes and yearnings are painful. A woman who bathed in Kenichi´s wave motion for a long time will have her own wave motion resonating gradually with Kenichi´s one and the result is this state.

Among the students are students who already have their sweet bodies devoured. Ruriko Asakura and Ayaka Kitajima. Their bodies are covered by a pink aura and you can realize that their body is in estrus. The wave motion is also resonating with each other during HR in this way and even if nothing is done, sexual excitement is rising.

The elegant Ruriko is enduring her inner emotions desperately, but back her desire can’t be hidden behind her eyes. While seeing Kenichi´s face with hot eyes, her noble face is completely flushed and her 18-year-old body that was trained by Kenichi wants his stout meat stick like a middle-aged woman.

Her pink cute nipples have begun to erect and hit against her bra. The clitoris in her underwear also becomes completely stiff and an unbearably worn-out pleasure are produced. Both of them, let her heart beat throbbingly. Kenichi understands that with his black wave motion that is like a radar.

Ayaka reveals her true lecherous character by devoting herself to the wave of lust from just now. Although she was later caught by Kenichi´s poison fangs, her body already bloomed so that even Ruriko was surprised of Ayaka´s wild character and faithful desire.

If Kenichi asks then she would present her tender body anywhere at school, if it´s the restroom or the storage room. Her body was refined by the magic sperm so that her chest became bigger and her vagina is also great, because her thin waist was trained by rythmic gymnastics.

(Troublesome fellow…)

She begins to talk lightly and moves her tongue indecently to tempt her homeroom teacher while also looking at Kenichi’s face now. Ayaka´s face which became completely red has finished melting from the pleasure and it doesn’t come to light in her surrounding that she grope her own intimate place. Although there are club activities today after school, she still expect a meat party afterwards.

The recent pattern is that Coach Misaki, second year student and captain Midori Hayama and first year ace Rio Hasegawa of the rythmic gymnastic club will covet after the practice and their bodies became sweaty. These three together with Ayaka wear their different-sized leotards in the club room after everyone disappeared to become a victim of Kenichi´s lust.

(Oh, Kondo…)

Kenichi looks at one girl at the last row who watch him with hot eyes. A yellow dim aura emits from that cute girl´s body who wears yellow clothes today. That which wasn’t seen until just now is reflected in Kenichi’s red eyes clearly.

Eiri Kondo, she is a girl with long black hair and impressive black eyes. Her pretty face is like that of a doll and you only can have doubtful feelings. Overall a transient impression is given from her white skin and her body with long and slim hands and feet.

Actually, Eiri´s body is weak so she is often absent from school. Her graduation was also doubted temporarily, because she just barely reached the numbers of attended days. But recently her body seems to be well and she went to school a long time without missing.

(Is she next…?)

Kenichi found another pretty girl who wears an aura and licks his lips in his head. Seeing the aura, his wave motion and Eiris begin to resonate with each other. This is the proof that the Incubus magic choose her, so that he can cajole her.

Looking at all the girls from class 3-2, there are only three students who emit an aura.

Ruriko Asakura and Ayaka Kitajima already became meat slaves and Eiri Kondo´s aura was seen today for the first time. The other students also bathed in the wave motion at the same similar period of time, however there are no signs that an aura was seen at all.

(After all, is it according to Arisa’s hypothesis?)

The story of that pretty genius with an IQ of 180 that became mine is recalled. According to her there are three elements who are related that the aura isn’t seen.

The first element is when the wave motion of Kenichi doesnt resonate. So to speak, the easiness of causing an resonance deepens on the compatibility and is decided by the inborn wave motion pattern. However, even to a partner who can’t be resonated easily, there is a way of resonating by keep pouring strong wave motion for a long time.

The second element is Kenichi´s taste. Briefly speaking, it means that only the aura of an attractive partner who arouses Kenichi’s desire is seen. An Incubus associates with a lady through the host who it fused with and though it’s a existence of pleasure, it seems to be influenced by the taste of the host.

And the last element is the intention of the Inma who Kenichi fused with. Although this is a guess to the end, but the Inma that has fused with Kenichi selected its target by using magic. In other words, even if there is a beauty who cleared the other two elements, it’s a possibility that the Inma is hitting the brakes, because the magic is high.

It isn’t strange for the Inma to hunt one woman after another, even if more than 500 man are in the environment, which was confirmed by “SHADO”. However without leaving to the desire like other Inmas and driving recklessly, the surroundings harden little by little and it’s because there is a third element in Arisa´s story.

If Arisa´s hypothesis is correct, then Eiri Kondo was chosen by the Inma.

(In other words, was the GO sign given…?)

Apart from the truth, it is greedy at the body and heart of the new target. When Kenichi thinks so, a black animal desire runs through his body and dark blood is flowing into his son.

To respond to it, the black wave motion is shot from the body more strongly and becomes a ripple by centering on Kenichi like a concentric circle. Now since the power increased through the evolution, the wave can be clearly checked visually from Kenichi touching his red eyes with his hand.

The large black wave is spreading unluckily. The spreading power is increased suddenly and the whole school is covered entirely. The wave motion acts as usual like a sonar radar and sends accurate information to Kenichi by touch.

No one can deceive Kenichi in this wave motion. The so-called absolute space that Kenichi can rule and produced by the Incubus magic.

The moment Eiri is hit by the black wave, two red tentacles arise from Kenichi´s back and go straight to Eiri who has the last seat by the window. The red tentacles that became more powerful are twining around the slim body of this beautiful girl, while shaking happily to get such an sacrifice.


The moment he started this beautiful girl who raises a small squeal shakes her body.

“…How did you do, Kondo? Is anything asked?”

“…N, No…. It, It´s nothing…”

Kenichi asks in a casual state deliberately and the shy and reserved beautiful girl is deep red and feels so embarrassed of her white and pitiful face. Her expression arouses Kenichi´s desire more and the red devil twines around this lovely girl’s body more intensely in response to that.

Eiri’s aura seemed to be resisting desperately, but it gradually becomes red. Eiri’s heart and body which isn’t intervened by others because of an barrier is encroaching on it and is resonating with this teacher compulsorily. There is no way for this poor girl to escape from the devil’s hands.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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