Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 111

The evolved devil king

Inma no Hado

The two beauties who aren´t inferior to each other, cling to the groin of the middle-aged man wearing a suit and the stimulation from them cannot be compared to something like viagra. At what a time is Kenichi not excited, he turns his head sidewise between Aiko´s crotch and put the panty aside to insert his long tongue and licking it.

“Noooo, sensei is lewd…”

Aiko opened her legs to give her private part to her beloved Kenichi, even though it is sweaty and her face is deep red from embarrassment. When his tongue started to move freely and he sucked between her legs that was dirty from love liquid, sweat and blood, new honey juice flowed out of it.


And as soon as her erected inside is lightly licked, a acme reached Aiko and she pressed her waist against Kenichi´s face for more stimulation. The sharp tongue that entered and licks the inside let her vomit more love liquid from the inside.

After Kenichi licked and sucked between Aiko´s legs to his satisfaction, he moved between Ruriko´s crotch next.


Again he removed the panty sidewise, after tasting it enough and he started to scoop out the white syrup with his tongue.

“Now, receive it…”

Kenichi raised a groan and throw Ruriko down to the bed, before he insert his son into her muddy vagina.


Her sensitive inside normally has menstruation now, but her vagina starts to have been more addicted and rubs mercilessly against the dick that intruded and the school idol is experiencing an ecstasy instantly.

“Is the vibrator good? Hmm?”

The tip of Kenichi´s meat stick is reaching her womb and while asking her this question, Ruriko has a hard time to answer, because she need to overcome the next acme.

“Ye, Yes…. Su, Such a decision…. Aa…, sensei is much better…sensei is the best!!”

The hot penis that is sturdy and flexible can´t be compared to a fake dick made of silicon. Everyone who becomes a captive to the magic of the Incubus from a schoolgirl to a married woman will have their vagina shape formed to match Kenichi´s penis and they all are happy when Kenichi thrust his dick inside.

“Did you want this?”

“Aah, yes…. I wanted you all the while recently, so that I seem crazy. Aaa…again, cuumm!”

Ruriko´s vagina that has menstruation increases its sensitiveness and a strong tightening is shown. Feeling an incredible tightening in her entire pussy, Ruriko is conquered by an amazing pleasure from the meat weapon inside her that still erects further inside her womb.


Chizuko who has recovered from her faint sits down on the floor and is looking at her daughter who is having sex in missionary position with blank surprise. Its obvious that it isn’t painful but pleasant from the raised sweet voice of her daughter.

“Hey, your mama is awake”

Kenichi said so and wanted to remove his dick, but Ruriko quickly clings to him.

“No No, don’t pull it out!”

Ruriko uses her lewd waist to try to regain what she desperately lost. Seeing this lewd spectacle, many high school boys would ejaculate immediately seeing Ruriko.

However Kenichi casually pulls out his son and removed Ruriko´s panty and tennis skirt to demonstrate her bare crotch.

Ruriko´s appearance which is only her tennis shirt on top and socks in the bottom are really tempting for someone who loves to rape girls like Kenichi.

Kenichi let Ruriko go down on all fours without saying anything and holds her hips, when he sinks his dick inside.

“Aahiiiii!! Goood!! More, do it more!!”

Ruriko who will soon graduate from high school is violated from the back like a animal and the astonished reaction of her mother is shown, while she claws the sheet. The frustration of Ruriko who was left alone recently exploded like the violence of a ripe wife.

No one would believe that the school idol Ruriko presents her hips that was raised to the top as high as she can, so that her beloved devil can ram his son inside more easily. Seeing how her white well-shaped hips shake let her look like a obscene prostitute from the outskirt.

(Aaaa…, ho…how…)

Chizuko can view it very clearly, because she sits in front of Ruriko and Kenichi on the floor and she sees how Kenichi´s strong meat stick makes a lewd sound from going in and out of her daughter. The lethal weapon that is as dick as a baby arm is occupying her daughter’s vagina, which vomits a great amount of soup that dyes the root white.

“Aaa!! Th, There! More…do more!!”

(So much…it becomes so much…)

Chizuko understood it very well from her experience.Thinking that her own daughter is experiencing a bottomless pleasure let her feel a chill running down her backbone. What will happen to her daughter from now on after she tasted such a pleasure?

Moreover, the wicked Inma change the posture and takes Ruriko who opened her legs wide right in front of Chizuko´s face. In other words, she can clearly see the bold penis narrowing inside her daughter´s pussy that bloomed fully.

They are connected by back sitting position. With just changing the position, did they reproduce the same situation from downstairs.

Chizuko can’t endure this unsightly view anymore and tries to take her eyes off, but she still looks at it as if she is possessed without her will.

“Hey, have a closer look”


Next Chizuko stood up unsteadily and brings her face near the crotch of her daughter.

“Ma, Mama…. Don’t look…” (TL note: The mother said the same last chapter:))

Ruriko who feels her mother sigh between her legs and feels embarrassed suffers painfully.

(Aaa…, its done so much…)

The opened petal of her daughter is overwhelmingly pierced from the bottom by a huge male dick. Seeing the lethal weapon occupying her daughter´s secret hole and having her face covered with viscous liquid, let something made a noise inside Chizuko and it breaks.

The 18 years old petal has been trampled down by Kenichi´s thing and a flesh colored large flower has bloomed. An obscene sound continues and a thick sex smell drifts that isn’t different from an adult.

Chizuko who was looking at the joint for a while moves from the piercing desire inside her and quietly draw her lips to her daughter´s granulation.

“Hiii!! Mama, not good!”

Chizuko licked her daughter´s sensitive part, which let Ruriko drown in an richly colored ecstasy and her whole body has goosebumps. Ruriko´s vagina shrinks intensely and a shameful liquid is coming out and hanging on her mother’s face that is licking the crotch.

(We can do nothing but already go to hell…)

Feeling the shiver from her daughter who has convulsions, Chizuko used her tongue while shedding tears, because her daughter is led to a delight hell.

“Ah, Kenichi-samaa…. How was the taste of this mother-daughter bowl?”

Masako is fawning on Kenichi in the wide bathroom while shaking her lower back indecently on the laid out mat. Masako is extending over Kenichi’s body, the so-called horse riding position. Both bodies are attached with a lotion and Kenichi´s large dick slips easily into the secret hole.

“Intolerable delicious…. That’s my answer”

Kenichi answers with a hollow voice, while hugging the great body of this former policewoman and his voice echoes in the closed bathroom.

“Eating a beautiful high school girl and her mother, you’re really a bad teacher…”

After this beauty was polluted by the Incubus poison completely, the immorality is shared with this delicious sweet dish, before laughing loosely. Since Masako became Kenichi’s slave, instead of a sublime sense of justice and noble ethics, enjoyment and immorality seem to have entered her body through the black wave motion.

“The husband here is poor. Because his good-looking wife and proud daughter are made to completely fall in love with such an devil…”

Indulging in the pleasure brought by this pretty maid and laughing, an ordinary man wouldn’t even endure 10 seconds inside this great pussy. And sharing pleasure without exhausting, both Kenichi and Masako enjoy this meat feast without knowing when it ends.

Until midnight, Kenichi had sex with Chizuko, Ruriko and Aiko thoroughly. These three woman have their voice, sex energy and combustion squeezed, so that they are sleeping on the bed now as if they are dead.

From this mother and daughter duo who share a secret together, Chizuko was disordered tremendously in particularly being seen by her daughter and her friend, though she kept sitting on top of Kenichi and shaking her waist for getting pleasure until she fainted.

Meanwhile Masako the maid of the Asakura family and a former member of “SHADO” devotes herself to assist in producing Kenichi´s pleasure and had sex with Kenichi until daybreak.

“Aah, Kenichi-samaa…. It’s painful for a long time…”

So since she received pleasure and had sex with Kenichi, Masako fawns on him with a sweet voice. This beauty who had a strong sense of justice has been completely enthusiastic about the supreme pleasure which was never obtained by a human partner.

Masako who is a devil hunter should normally hate Kenichi from making her a sex slave, but both her body and mind were completely deprived. It becomes intolerable and she stick on Kenichi´s lips, while crawling her tongue inside, but when the tongues intertwined and her own tongue is stolen, she had no breath and her brain is fainting from the lustful pleasure.

Being connected and both enjoying the pleasure, this slow ecstasy came immediately after. If either one of both move their waist intensely a little more, then they likely reach the zenith.

Seeing how Kenichi changed between so many girls a while ago, Masako remembered the talk she had with Noriko and Arisa. Thus, with surprising swiftness her body and mind are charmed and overwhelming fear and worship are remembered.

“Amazing…Kenichi-samaa…. What Noriko said the other day is it true…?”

“What kind of thing is it?”

Kenichi asks, while groping her breasts.

“Aa…, thats good…”

Masako´s vagina squeezes and she raised a pleasant voice. She sticks to the meat stick and moves lewdly to make him ejaculate.

“Answer quickly”

However Kenichi endures her great structure and push forward to raise her womb cruelly.

“Ahii!! Ye, Yes…”

And the contents Masako told were the contents which should be surprising for Kenichi.

A devil including an Inma is a negative energy body that exists originally in the spirit world and is a so-called unsubstantial thought.

In the spirit world a devil can act freely, because of the negative energy body, however in the material world it cannot exist without an host. Then they search for humans like Kenichi and fuse with that human to get energy and to exist in the material world finally.

Moreover devils are ranked by their magic strength = wave motion. “SHADO” classificate the devils in lower, intermediate and advanced devils and the number of devils decrease with the higher level.

Lower devils appear sometimes, while it is said that a advanced devil appeared then years ago the last time. And it is also known by verifying the history that there is a stronger devil who is called devil king.

The devil king can easily mediate with other men and it is able to amplify its magic = wave motion.

And it not only amplifies its own wave motion but also amplifies the wave motions of its followers. Moreover the number of human followers is unlimited and its magic can swell up 100 times or 10.000 times.

It’s necessary to cause a phenomenon by which a complete perfect wave motion resonance is created. It’s because the wave motion is amplified only when it’s possible to change the partner’s wave motion by intervention of another wave motion that causes the perfect wave motion resonance. If you rephrase, the existence which can cause perfect wave motion resonance, is the demon which is called the devil king.

It was the affair at the hotel lobby that Noriko mentioned to Masako. It was when english teacher Junko Yoshikawa dedicated all of her mind to Kenichi, thus her wave motion resonated with Kenichi´s wave motion and it was said that this explosive wave resonance created a physical phenomenon. The perfect wave resonance was instantly and there is only one existence that can cause that.

“Did I caused a perfect wave motion resonance?”

“Ye, Yes…. When it isn’t Noriko’s misunderstanding…. Although Noriko is skillful in hypnotism, which uses the wave motion resonance, it is fundamentally the same…. Therefore, I think you have understood it

“However, what’s with that”

“Ah, yes. This phenomenon is also confirmed only by an experiment by “SHADO”. I think some conditions also probably are piled and have happened accidentally the last time.But still, its said that only the devil king can do it…”

Devil king. Is the king of devils who is leading and increasing it’s power using that.

The existence of the devil king has been told by a document and oral instruction from the past, but they don’t know the details because he didn’t appear in recent years. However, “SHADO” confirmed the perfect wave motion resonance as a phenomenon in their experiment facilities and the existence of the devil king is theoretically verified.

“What kind of person was the former devil king?”

“Ye, Yes…. He has appeared in the 16 century in japan”


“It´s Oda Nobunaga…”

The name of the general who was called the sixth heaven devil king is heard and a chill runs through Kenichi´s back.

“Nobunaga was the typical devil king. However, he wasn’t an Inma but a devil who made people’s fear and despairs his energy”

A Japanese historic person, who may have been the same existence. An extraordinary excitement overflows Kenichi’s body, when he thinks about it.

But the story that Noriko told Arisa and Masako wasn’t only this.

Moreover it was said that the Inma who fused with Kenichi is surprisingly an evolved type. In other words, it is a special devil that evolves while being fused with a human and can exist in the material and spirit world.

It’s possible to evolve into an advanced devil from a lower devil in the spirit world, but when coming to the material world once, it’s impossible that the power of its magic change. And “SHADO” confirmed that there was one devil of the evolving type in history before and it is understood that this type can also grow in the material world somehow.

“Do you know how long that’s a wonderful thing? In the spirit world the amount of energy is limited and in the material world which is our world there is an unlimited amount of energy. If it’s this devil, then the final strength cannot be imagined”

“Is that me?”

“Ye, Yes…. It is certain that Kenichi’s wave motion level went up ahead a little. Will it continue in the future or did it end this time? Nobody knows. Anyway, there was only one evolving type that has appeared in the past…”

Masako lose control of herself, while Kenichi´s dick is inside her and she hardly can answer. Hearing the talk, Kenichi´s thing is still increasing happily.

“Which level am I now with that?”

“Ah, perhaps you´re intermediate. Because “SHADO” found you when you were a lower devil, you surely evolved till now…”

Masako was already half-dead many times until now and now she is throwing up a hot breath. Her waist seeks for more pleasure and winds indecently on the bath mat.

“Oh, the devil king and the evolving type are learned about, but they´re different…. And the probability that each appears is also said to be 1:1000 or even 1:10.000…. In case…two devils are combined…. It’s a fearful idea…”

Having it explained here, Kenichi finally understood the meaning.

The evolving type keeps increasing it’s ability by itself in the material world without bounds, besides its power is amplified through humans, so if a devil king of such an type exists, what will happen at the end?

Masako sees the visual hallucination with which my black wave motion covers the whole earth and shakes her whole body. The penis inside her womb rubs her vagina hole and let sparks fly in front of her eyes.

“Aah, I can’t be patient anymore…. Kenichi-samaa, are you also ready?”

When she speaks to me, Masako is blinded by an immediate height using the lower back. There is no room to please her partner for great pleasure after being irritated for a while, so she devoured it herself earnestly.

“Ahiiii!! Al, already not good!! Aaaa!!!”

While explaining to Kenichi, Masako keeps being caught by the illusion that she is a sacrifice of the indecent devil king who appeared thousands of years ago and screams from this unworldly pleasure.

“Hiiii…devil king…. Cum Cum! Cuuummming!!”

The wicked energy that was released makes Kenichi stronger. Originally Masako was a person who hated evil and was overflown with a sense of justice as a member of “SHADO”, but now she is a woman who only want to feel pleasure.

Embracing the naked Masako who had convulsions closely, Kenichi smiled happily in the bathroom from absorbing a large amount of energy.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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