Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 11

Playing around

The beautiful girl who stepped in the dark room threw a pale aura from the body. The person cannot perceive it, but a man sitting down on the back sofa of the room can grasp it clearly.

They eyes would finally get used. The girl with the white tennis wear figure on found the science teacher who stared at oneself. She is walking slowly to me who sit down silently.

I also recognize that she’s coming here from the front the long time when I come into this room of course. The thing is the one which “is understood” by the exercised super-sense.

When the distance with the girl became approximately 3m, “it” appeared. The wicked red thought that an ordinary man doesn’t see develops like a tentacle, and I’m twining around beautiful girl’s carefree limb. The tentacle such as the snake climbs all over the snow-white uniform at a physical chest of the tennis look for the crotch.

Its color is being changed according to the pulsation of the tentacle so that the pale aura from Aiko’s body may scream at all. She seemed to resist that the color changes many times, but just change to pinkness little by little.

(Aaa … again …)

Desire of the dark meat which sprouted up at *bam* in the interior of the womb is remembered so that she may respond to that, the 17-year-old beautiful virgin cannot go against the excitement while being at a loss.

A small pink nipple is already sharp in bra cup and brings about a sad ache since a little while ago. A little under of the navel, the abdomen becomes a *kyuu*, something is requested there. Aiko without the sex experience does not know it in the part being an organ, the uterus which in a sense is the most important for a woman.

(It is and ah ・・・ it only walks, it becomes so much ・・・)

The female system under it is more opener situations.

The button of the meat congests and swells plumply, and cloth of panties and the unbearably worn-out stimulus are being told. It which is severe finishes running the backbone than I play with it by masturbation and roasts brain indulgently. Because the small meat door has finished being open with gaping, without preventing whitish body fluid overflowing from the pink meat hole sloppily from leaking out, I’m making a mess on the bottom of my panties just as it is.

My body is the whole body and intercourse with an immediate science teacher is being asked. Once more, the beautiful girl of the tennis club is shocked at the fact.

There wasn’t a favorite male in particular. Still I longed idly and it was being dreamed vaguely to be gentle and be formed with a nice man sometime. I have sex with the science teacher who is not clear in such a gloomy room and am that it was not thought at all until just one hour ago.

But the body which runs out of control isn’t also held at such hate and reason.

“Teacher …”

The beautiful girl looks for the right word which says so, and is after that. However, my head came to make it idiocy suddenly, and the thought is not gathered up what I should say in such situation.

The aura which is also issued from the body between it is dyed by wicked red tentacle, already, only, it becomes red. The sexual desire that is the greed for that performed the all-night end sleep, an appetite, such a thing and a root-like desire of the same line that did not eat for days takes over the 17-year-old body.

The sweat which I wiped a while ago gradually begins to flow and hits a special bittersweet smell from my body. More that adds fuel to animal desire of an abnormal teacher.

I was desperate if I controlled the impulse that I wanted to attack since a little while ago.

Anyhow the cute beautiful girl who faded positively stands right in front of the condition of the scored form covered with sweat. I see Aiko who had the goaf material in the head until now many times, and it will be impossible to do not be excited. Moreover she has carnal desire incredibly to me clearly.

“Well, you don´t need to stand in such a place, sit down here”

Aiko who I could order comes to have been a little relieved, and sits down next to me obediently. The red tentacle twines around the whole body and even captures every corner of the body she did fresh tight perfectly already. When it’s so, there are no ways this pitiful female senior high school student can avoid me.

Aiko who sat down looks at me with the eyes which seem to be sad while letting her heart thumbing.

( Aaa・・・ I want to do it, do it…!! … I want to have sex with the teacher)

The beautiful virgin who feels shy is also minding this flower, and like a bathroom’s scribbling, a word, it’s murmured. The cell of bodies demands the hot sex with the man sitting beside me and as the whole body ran a fever high, I feel hot, and the vital part of the meat aches and is unbearable.

(… Teacher…Teacher’s penis, I want to put ・・・I want to make love ・・・)

But there are also no reasons which can be caused in behavior on its own without the reason which can take such thing actually. Because I’m a sexual just inexperienced virgin so that I have not kissed, you can’t move while being dyed in shyness.

“And, for my play how was it… ”

(Pl, play… play…)

I let eyes be wet and stare at Kenichi without even such a question being answered with the absentminded head. I open half of the lips such as the pink petal and leak a hot sigh while moving a leg with hesitation.

“What did you think? Was it …cool… good?”

He is still irritating deliberately while understanding beautiful girl’s confusion correctly. I am waiting for greed of the meat which swelled to high pressure in the interior of the womb of this high school girl throwing up a cover of the reason, and exploding impatiently.

(What…, yes, such, because it’s even how good… it’s early…)

“Hmm, what happened? The face is red, and the breath is rough?”

In that way the sexual desire that Aiko has finished saving at the moment when I brought my face close to look blows up.

“Aaaaah!! Teacher! Teacher!!”

Aiko clings to a thin me while crying so to stretch out body which sweated. The, as soon as, higher concentration heat is excited from the part where the body touched, and the flexible body is being ground into its pleasure like rubber Mali increasingly.

“Teacher! Teacher ・・・・! Please…! Please… ”

That seems to be an ill-made audio visual video.

The maiden female senior high school student enthusiastic about the flesh is in the schoolhouse, she embraces me with a white tennis look, and she asks for sex by herself and cannot be possible in reality society. I’m getting exercise with staked by erotic movement but for a beautiful girl to rub a sharp nipple and an lewd core and get a pleasure actually.

“I’d like to do something…. The body… The body is hot… The aching!… ”

The expression that Aiko appeals for is too sexy, and I take virginal lips away without standing. It becomes the intense deep kiss immediately and changes a sigh for saliva while blowing out rough breath.

Of course this is the first kiss for Aiko, and I don´t have abundant experience, too. Two people continue exchanging the kiss coveting that the technique has nothing according to instinct with being moved by bare sexual desire.

“Mufuuuu…. ”

I hug the body of Aiko over a wear of the wet polyester for sweat. The body settled in an arm completely is trained well by everyday exercise and is like rubber Mali. The virgin’s perspiration which rises as well as the tone of the heart of Aiko who throbs throbbingly will be the fragrance which arouses male animal desire, and a nasal cavity is struck.

“It by any means, what do you do?”

After having enjoyed sweet saliva of the beautiful girl and the soft physical touch, its bittersweet fragrance for a while, I laugh maliciously at the last moment. It worked as the high school girl stuck in the trap of Succubus in an arm and was finally better off a little.

“Mean… Teacher, Mean… ”

Aiko says so while nearly crying, I snort with a too dependent voice. My thighs is straddled by the leg which opened, since the waist is used on indecency with *push* *push*, the bottom of the skirt is being rubbed from just now.

If the classmate and the friend of the tennis club knowing everyday Aiko see the indecent gesture, Voice wouldn’t also go out in astonishment. Because I let the refreshing sports girl who devotes herself to club activities exposes the sexual desire like a prostitute on the outskirts of the town, and the body be in agony.

“… Aaah…. naughty girl…. With me ・・・ with me, It does lewdly ・・・. ”

Still I who don´t move can get impatient, and the high school girl speaks of carnal desires. Such; demand the kiss while dyeing it red in feeling embarrassed to an ear immediately to covet it once again. The girl’s bashfulness and action of desire stimulate an abnormal lust of me incredibly.

“Well…. I will get the virgin of Kawashima…”

“Aaa… ”

It is declared so in the voice that became hoarse, and Aiko remembers the fact some other time.

I thought that I lose my virgin someday, but, with the science teachers who do not have a partner clear possibly on such a campus. Besides, anyway, the partner who overwhelmed it on oneself, and hung was just existence such as the air particularly until yesterday when I did not like it at all if it was Usami whom I had a crush on all the time.

The color of the aura given off by a body changes as soon as Aiko thought so, and the red color becomes thinner.

“Aaa… after all unpleasant!!”

Aiko’s reason returns like and being proportional, she is going to escape from the sofa which spins words of the refusal, and was pushed down somehow.

(Ha-ha…. She doesn’t seem able to tie to feeling as expected…. But that’s rather fascinating…,).

I who became an indecent animal laughed at the dreadful expression Aiko who looks up fears with a grin. I weakened the power of the tentacle on purpose and tried what kind of reaction this girl showed.

I thought I knew the feature of the magic of the succubus from the difference in Aiko’s reactions with Natsuki for me.

The red wicked tentacle which goes out from the body and twines around Aiko’s whole body now makes only the female lust which is the target be amplified extremely. In other words, there is an action which makes only the body in estrus just as it is for feeling as likes and dislikes.

(This is fun….)

Balance of reason and the sexual desire. In other words, it’s possible even to intervene in that and change it. Therefore after the lust is maximized just like now, as for letting the beautiful virgin wants it by me, Weaken that and make return reason conversely, I can also control to make them recall fear and hate once more perfectly.

If there is this power, I can handle it to like a woman!

“Unpleasant! Stop it!! Teacher!! ”

The condition of the state that Aiko took back held and put reason already when I weakened the power of the red tentacle, she ´s running wild. But because the body has begun to melt already, the resistance isn’t also so. Moreover the pleasure when raping, increased for Aiko’s resistance for me by whom the body ability was reinforced with the “power” of the succubus.

“Nooo! Somebody … somebody, help me!!! “

I ignore Aiko who cries in a loud voice. Anyway the voice cannot reach anyone’s ear even if she cries how much in the science preparations room in the fifth-floor corner of the school building at such time either. Even if someone comes, because the super-sense exercised from just now tells that to me, there is no worry.

“The sweaty one is intolerable….”

“No!! Stop it!! Such a thing, I don´t…“

I push both hands to the sofa while treating the desperate resistance of the beautiful girl; the pervert buries the face in the armpits of the beautiful girl. I breathe in the raw smell of Aiko to fill the chest while enjoying an expression and the voice to hate it, and to be in agony with.

However, it is the pot which Kenichi thinks of, too.

“Stink of sweat … sweats smell …”

“Noo! Stop it!!”

In the shyness which buries the nose in the armpit and smells at its smell, the 17-year-old beautiful girl shakes the head only that place becomes free from which, and writhes.

“Ooh…, Kawashima is the one with a chest in plenty….”

I grin in splendor of the game some other time when I thoroughly enjoy the smell of the thinking state beautiful girl. More Aiko’s shyness is fanned with the voice one by one.

“Noooo!! Don´t look!! ”

She will look thinner in clothes. The bulge of her chest was so abundant that the tennis club captain was unexpected from its uniform form. It’s the enough volume to arouse the lust of an indecent animal at an abundant way as high 2 which cries until it’s compared with Natsuki Kurosawa who violated yesterday.

(Help! )

The white uniform is rolled up and my face is buried in the valley of the meat which a simple sports bra forms. I soak Aiko´s body odor into the chest fully, and become the slightly sour smell like enchanted.

“Hiii! Noooo!”

In that way when I thoroughly enjoy it badly, I lick it with the long tongue in no time and take the sweat which is burnt in a positive, and appeared on the dark skin. The scar on which the tongue crawled gets wet with slimy and flashes, and I find out that the part has goose-flesh.

“Haha… Kawashima sweat is sweet… ”

“Hiiiii! ! ”

Though it’s fear in the feeling of the hateful male tongue, Aiko was amazed at an optimistic sense to spread from there.

Something like heat gets into the body from the part which Kenichi touches tinglingly and understands that it penetrates to the physical depths. So that its warmth may become warm to the core of the body when that bathes in hot springs, something sweet soaks into one’s clean body in evilness.

(It is which is what… This, Feeling…. Unpleasant…Aaah…)

As for Aiko, sexual desire and balance of the reason are completely held by good adjustment of me. The body can’t move though she thinks it’s hateful, and she can’t restrain the science teacher who made the abnormal lust bare from tasting the bulge of the chest around.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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