Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 108

Corrupting a lady

Everywhere where a high school refrained from entrance examination is something where a unique atmosphere drifts. That may be the tension of the third years who are creating it.

However at Ellis girls high school which is a private young lady high school such tension is irrelevant and some comfortable air is flowing.

The students at this private girl high school boasted with history and tradition, are so-called young noble ladies and the majority have already decided their private university entrance. There are some were the parents paid a large amount of money to get entrance and others got a school recommendation to be accepted in prestigious universities.

Among the third years is a exceptional beautiful girl called Ruriko Asakura who got a school recommendation.

Her parents are millionaire because the family came from nobility and Ruriko who is a genuine young lady as anyone can see has already decided that Hiroo women’s university will be her university with a school recommendation. In case of Ruriko, it’s her family’s social standing, not to mention her beauty which is to the extent that she can become an idol, and her motor nerves which let her appear on interscholastic athletic meetings. She shines remarkably as the tennis ace at Ellis girls high school where high-level students gather that aren’t inferior to Ruriko. The underclass students see Ruriko as a idol.

Ruriko’s house was also a palatial residence in the vicinity of the supreme residential area in Tokyo. Sunday afternoon there are few companies and schools traffic on the street and maybe this area in the city was like a different world.

Right now a obscene and erotic act is performed in the living room of Noriko’s house at a luxurious furniture.

One man sits down on a leather-covered sofa and opens his legs. A elegant looking lady clings to this man and is kissing him intensely. The clothes of that lady are refined so that it can appear on the cover of a women’s magazine which is a stylish white blouse and a black flared skirt.

Both arms are wrapped around that man’s neck and it is also clear that this beauty who is in the second half of her thirties is loving a younger man.

“Auuuh. Amuuuh…”

That beauty’s sigh leaks from the gap of her lips, because the male’s hand went into her blouse and rubbed her huge chest daringly. Her black lace bra is a clipper but her breasts are changing their shape in the hands of that man.

When she was about to open her mouth to use her voice, the male put his tongue inside. Gladly breathing it in, this pretty wife twines her own tongue around it and applies saliva.

“Ah…Midou-sensei…. Ruriko, thanks to you, she received a school recommendation. This is all thanks to your favor that helped entirely…”

Ruriko’s mother is clinging to her daughter’s homeroom teacher with a dependent voice and let him do what he wants with her chest. Her elegant face burns with pleasure and it is also clear from her eyes that she is lustful.

Just the other day did Midou-sensei who is in charge of Ruriko used the influence of his uncle who is the director of Ellis girls school to get one of the limited recommendations of Hiroo women’s university for Ruriko. Because her behavior and results were no problem to get a school recommendation, so that the entrance became very easy for her.

Chizuko Asakura who is Ruriko’s mother dedicated her own body to this young science teacher as compensation and she already became a prisoner of his devilish sex. Since then she regularly gives him a reward and deepening their friendship, while she is hiding it from her husband.

“I also received a reward the other day”

Recalling the great sex from one week-ago, Kenichi teases Chizuko a bit.

“No, it is not good. At that extent, I won’t be satisfied by my husband, so to earnestly thank you Midou-sensei, let me embrace you more…”

This greedy aristocracy wife is still not satisfied.

Chizuko who found a real man now instead of her husband also reasonable became a captive of this drug-like sex and gives a bitter smile unconsciously to the sudden change of the pretense.

“My husband won’t return until next week, because of an overseas business trip…. Therefore…therefore, can’t you stay at this house for this night?”

And although Chizuko feels embarrassed using a low voice, she whispers into Kenichi’s ear. In the absence of her husband she invited a younger man inside the house and wants him to stay overnight, which isn’t like the normal Chizuko anymore. That’s why does this lustful lady spin words of temptation toward this young man, while remembering an immoral joy.

“But Ruriko would be here”

Kenichi and Chizuko discuss about their next plan, while Kenichi plays with her E-cup sized chest. The chest of this married woman is soft but lacks in firmness. Chizuko said that she doesn’t want her delicious breasts hang down, therefore she tries to keep them in shape. That’s why she spend money in aesthetics to maintain her figure desperately.

“Aah…not good…. Ruriko is returning this evening from her tennis practice, but my daughter’s room is somewhere else. So it is safe to cheat…not there…I’m feeling it…”

Licking the scruff and the ear of her dear man, Chizuko begged really much.

Ruriko had already retired from the tennis club, but after her school recommendation was decided, she show her face as guidance for the juniors. She also gets along well with Aiko Kawashima who is the present captain and helps her as trainings partner.

“Hey, how is it? Let me and Masako reward you greatly…”

The moment Chizuko whispers so in Kenichi’s ear, her eyes moved towards Kenichi’s legs, where a black haired head moves up and down.

Another beauty wearing a maid outfit is kneeling down on the carpet in front of the leather-covered sofa on which Kenichi sits. Every time her head moves up and down, a erotic sound echoes through the wide living room.

10 thin fingers twine around the erected meat pillar and they move restless around it as if they are playing a flute. Masako is already accustomed how she shall move her hand to the point where she knows when Kenichi is feeling it.

“Aaaah…. Auhuuuu…”

This erect dick is warping inside her hand and the tip is also inside her mouth already. Masako’s cheeks change their shape and it is possible to see the intense use of her tongue insìde her mouth.

The person who is concentrated on this erotic fellatio and crouches down between the legs of Kenichi is Masako Muto who is originally a member of “SHADO” and is working now as a maid at this residence. Cute Masako has shoulder long hair and her face has childish features so that you may think she is a pretty young girl instead of a woman. The black maid clothes suit her very well.

Masako tries to slurp her saliva that is dripping down, but the spilled saliva is helpful to her hand movement which helps to smooth Kenichi’s penis. And as consideration, Masako wrapped a lace handkerchief on the root of Kenichi’ pneis do that his pants wont get wet from her dripping saliva.

“Hey, Masako. Let us delight Kenichi-sama together today”

“Yes, Madam…. Kenichi-sama, please let me and Madam serve you tonight”

After Masako said so and looked up at her ruler with emotional eyes, she extended her long tongue to lick this large dick. The butterfly-like bruise which opened its wings is stimulated with her tongue carefully in particular around the 2 cm wide black bruise on the surface.

“Aah, you demon…”

Chizuko who indulges in kissing mutters to Kenichi that Masako was entranced. This former police woman is ruled by Chizuko and repeatedly gives loyal kisses to the devil that is driving her crazy.

Masako Muto 29 years old. She has a pretty face which looks like a child and you could see her as a high school student. And because she is wearing glasses usually, it is hard to make an impression even if she wears that maid uniform, she seem underage now. But as for her style, her back is small and her important points have developed according to her age, so that her body has se appeal.

Arisa and Noriko were Masako´s senpais and when she was finally accustomed to the devil hunting, she was attacked by Kenichi and became a se slave now. As a staff member of “SHADO” she was unhappy with her child-like beauty.

Masako was attacked when she was asleep in the bedroom of her home and her body was thoroughly violated by Kenichi. She didn’t know true pleasure until she was 29 years old, but Masako who didn’t associate with a man before yielded to the innumerable amount of pleasure that the Inma created easily and agonized herself on the bed. When morning came, her heart and body can’t defy the magic anymore, because a lot of semen was poured into her pussy.

Masako surrendered and is working as a maid for the Asakura family now.

“Muhuuuuuu! Huuuu!!”

Until now, Masako tasted a light acme many times, while she continues to suck Kenichi´s dick with her mouth. She already closed her eyes and shook her hips.

All women who were influenced by Kenichi´s magic have changed by Kenichi´s penis and everyone’s mouth became really sensitive. And every time his huge glans rubs the cheeks, a electric current runs through the back and when it touches the upper jaw a hair-rising pleasure is released.

Originally a woman does a fellatio to please their man and it is a joy of mental service not physical. However the Incubus´s fearful power even changes that to direct pleasure.

Therefore even if she moves her jaw personally, she gets rapturous and accepts Kenichi’s penis, while being fascinated of its hugeness without stopping her mouth service.


Masako reached the top lightly, but she is so absorbed that she feels pain. So that even her vagina shrinks and a vast nectar is vomited from the inside into her thin panty. The juice which overflowed can’t be absorbed any longer from her underwear, that it drips down from her thighs onto the carpet.

“Hey, would it be fine? Stay, don’t you want to love me the whole night?” It will be hard for Masako and me alone…”

Chizuko still tries to tempt Kenichi persistently to stay overnight.

“However, we aren’t only two people…. you can’t be my partner for the whole night.

Kenichi declares while smiling from ear to ear and groping Chizuko’s ass at the same time.

At the hour Kenichi was criticized seriously, Chizuko’s sex energy was absorbed in quantities. Even if we assume that she tried to recover while Kenichi had sex with Masako, as soon as they went for another round she was exhausted immediately.

If you want to have sex with Kenichi all night long you need at least 3 to 4 women. Kenichi is living together with Junko and Miho and Risa Ito in a luxury apartment and since all of them have sex with him a regularly they give their bodies and energy voluntarily.

Masako who learned everything in SHADO can tell that it’s impossible to make an Incubus whose stomach is empty satisfied with only 2 people the whole night.

“Ho, However…. Who is the other…”

Chizuko said so and saw Kenichi smirking and she quickly realized the meaning and raised a small squeal.

“N, No! Ru, Ruriko…. Doing such a lewd thing to that child…”

Chizuko who understands that her dear lover aims for her dear daughter enthusiastically utters a sharp cry.

Kenichi has violated Ruriko and Chizuko separately so far. It is still a secret for Chizuko that her daughter has already fallen into the hands of Kenichi.

“What do you say Chizuko. Won’t she be a university student this april? A splendid adult”

Sticking to her soft skin and stealthily looking from the top of her bra, Kenichi sees red kiss marks there, while at the same time fingering between her legs and inserting his hand through her black flared skirt into her panty that was muddy.

“Not good! Not good! My daughter isn’t good! Aaa! Hiiiii!”

Next when his finger entered into her vagina a intense pleasure signal runs through her backbone and Chizuko is clinging to Kenichi once more. And when the intruder is caught, the inside of her vagina is inviting to the inside like a sea anemone which lures fishes to its abdomen. Her face, action and clothes are elegant, however this lady’s body has been changed to that of a lecherous woman.

“Naa, isn’t it good…. Violating Ruriko”

“No No! Not good! Only that, please stop!”

This married woman begs desperately and her reason which nearly melts is being scraped. Nevertheless she is toyed around by Kenichi’s finger who touch her weak points and she would nearly disgrace herself in public if it would be seen.

“Miserly, I want to eat this mother daughter bowl…”

“Su, Such…. Ahiiiiii!”

Chizukos pink nipples are moist now and Kenichi sucked one with his mouth, which let her twist her elegant face after she couldn’t withstand anymore and her body shakes timidly. Her female body which reached a saturation point of pleasure has boiled by a few stimulations now.

Kenichi’s finger that is inserted inside Chizuko is moving faster now. Chizuko’s honey pot is wonderful and narrow so that it doesn’t seem to have born a child, and the swallowed finger is being squeezed so that it’s painful. And Kenichi can already guess what kind of pleasure his son would receive from this with his finger.

This married woman’s vagina is really soft and can be divided easily. The meat fold developed completely starts to be an countless leech and is sticking without a gap uprightly. And without her husband knowing, that place of his wife is re-formed to a rare utensil.

Inside her vagina that is played by a finger, Chizuko twists her pretty face seductively. Every time Kenichi moves his finger, it let her become irrational and her body twists when special spots are touched.

“Naa, do you give me Ruriko to eat…. I’ll love her fully”

“Only that…Aa…please forgive only that…”

Even the other party who dedicated her body and mind to Kenichi doesn’t nod to sacrifice her daughter.

“Please…I will do anything other than that…”

Chizuko is still desperate and entreats while moving her hips painfully.

“Everything is done…?”

Chizuko’s dialog is repeated, while Kenichi smiles from ear to ear. It is a wicked smile, that let a chill run through the back of Chizuko.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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