Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 107

Chain of desire

“Come here”

Yuka who understood these words and was peeking behind the curtain is shocked that she was called. The science teacher is looking with his red eyes at her who hid behind the curtain patiently.

Even her soul is nearly dragged into these eyes, so that Yuka shook her head quickly. This man who appeared many times in her dreams is hardly known, because only some words were exchanged.

“You probably want this? Don’t be reserved”


She looks at the dark meat stick that is towering between the crotch of this man and Yuka felt that her private part became hot. And she already became familiar with this thing in her dreams and it is now in range for her hand to reach it.

(Aaa…. Am, Amazing…)

This young beautiful woman feels lust for this far superior and sturdy pole while at the same time fearing it. She even imagines that her mouth and vagina are violated, so that saliva flows out from the edge of her mouth when she licks her lips and even honey juice is dripping out from her crotch.


It was so weird that the size and shape can’t be believed judged from her dreams and it had an attractive shape. The meat pillar was thick as a baby arm and the tip was like a snake head. Yuka is questioning herself how much this thing can stimulate the interior of a woman´s womb effectively and remembering the vivid touch that she experienced in her dreams.

The next moment Kenichi took off his suit readily while looking at Yuka’s face patiently, before sitting down on the end of the bed. His muscular body that can’t be seen through his clothes, let Yuka swallow her saliva.

And then, his erection towers in an acute angle from his crotch, I fly to the navel. On the dark surface are blood vessels and it is shining from bathing in the sunlight because it was wet from the Hasegawa´s body fluid.

“Now, come here and kneel down”


Yuka begins to walk unsteadily as if she is possessed as soon as he ordered and kneeled before Kenichi´s legs. And right now the huge meat weapon is in front of her and erects like piercing the heaven so that it is hard to believe.

(Am, Amazing…)

Next she remembers her gentle boyfriend and her reason called her, but the temptation in front of her is too attractive. Expecting intense pleasure, her body has already wanted this stout thing. Furthermore, she has already accepted it in her dreams many times, while ignoring her ethics.

(Only a little…just touching…)

Yuka stretched out her hand timidly when she made a selfish excuse. And when her fingers extend to the sticky erection, her white fingers have already climbed around it.

(Aa…what´s this…)

It was totally like hot steel. It was hard and sturdy so that she couldn’t think this was the same human sexual organ as her boyfriend at all. Yuka grasps it many times unconsciously again to check its thickness and hardness.

In that way while touching it with her fingers and her palm, her body enflamed and turned on more. When it’s so, this pretty sport coach has no way avoiding Kenichi´s magic.

(Aaa…. I want this…)

Her body flared up and Yuka felt lust for this man which she hasn’t had so far for her boyfriend. So that a large quantity of saliva comes out from her mouth and she hungers for this dick.

(Nooo…. I´m afraid…)

At the same time it incredibly erects more and more in her hands. From this shocking reality, Yuka looks up quietly while stroking the penis and is pierced by the red eyes of the Incubus.


Thereupon, Yuka brought her elegant face close to this ugly penis, so that it is reflected in her eyes. Her rose-like lips kiss the rugged surface, while she is stirred up by guilt from betraying her boyfriend.


Hasegawa´s smelly juice is sticking on it, but even that’s an aphrodisiac for Yuka now. For this stimulation she gradually kiss the dick with her lips passionately.

Afterwards she became crazy about it.

Yuka who always was an object of envy of camera boys do to her outstanding good looks and proportion, if they see her how she kisses the penis of this science teacher, then they would cry. Her tongue immediately crawls around the surface and applies saliva on the whole thing, so that she removed the whole juice of Hasegawa that was left behind.


She repeatedly did this act in her dreams many times, but it is much more stimulating in reality and she repeats this indecent act absorbedly. Yuka is doing everything she wants, while she can’t suppress her sexual excitement.

Even her nipples started to erect now and every time they rubbed against the leotard she was wearing she would feel a new stimulation. Also her pussy has already opened and it was clearly seen that sticky liquid overflowed.

Being in the health care room of the school and doing a erotic act to her middle aged colleague, Yuka completely forgot about it. She only has the desire for this large meat weapon right now.


Yuka suddenly judged Kenichi with a upward look and she saw Hasegawa-san who got back all too soon clung to his scruff and was kissing him intensely. This cute girl is giving her sweet tongue covered with saliva voluntarily and sticks to the mouth of this middle-aged man. And Yuka is excited from this more abnormal situation and uses her tongue more carefully while envying Rio Hasegawa.

In that way she finally opens her elegant lips and goes over the tip to lick the surface. And the sorrowful face of her boyfriend floated for an instant before her eyes, but she closed her eyes and took the dick inside her mouth


A pleasure which is unbelievable flowed into her head when the tip touched the inside of her mouth, so that Yuka must withstand the intense stimulation. She hasn’t felt something like that with her boyfriend until now and pursues this stimulation willingly at the same time as she becomes puzzled.

(This…is unbearable…)

Her fingers are tightening around the root and the saliva that dripped down becomes a lotion, while Yuka still uses her lips desperately in an intense way. She twines her tongue around the strong scorching stick and sucks it desperately, that you can hear a erotic sound.

And as soon as she moved her neck she began to stroke it and the pleasure that let a spark appear in her eyes runs through her body. The reason is that the Incubus magic changed her mouth into a pleasure organ.


That’s why Yuka very easily reached an orgasm that she surprisingly never experienced when she slept with a man. It was already a astonishment when she masturbated, however this fascinationmakes her body tremble with a sweet ecstasy from a different dimension and the good-looking exercise coach shakes her whole body while continuing her fellatio.

For a long time did Yuka suck the meat pillar of the science teacher with lust at the health-care room and she reached the climax many times so that she can’t believe it, however she can’t stop serving this huge pole.

After doing this lewd service for a while, this pretty rhythmic gymnastic coach whose pink leotard was full with sweat is exhausted and drops her head while breathing roughly. A large amount of sweat was visible on her forehead and her face is also red.

“Hey, extend on your own”

“Aaa…. Su, Such…”

Yuka who received this command only denies with her bright red head intensely, but her body moves on its own and sits astride on the science teacher who lies on the bed.

“You will do as I say”


Kenichi still commands seeing Yuka who doesn’t make up her mind so easily and rubs his dick against her thighs so that it gets wet. On the contrary Rio still clung to his scruff and showed Kenichi her love for him until she sees her coach confused expression and smiled.

“Uhuhuhu, Coach. Shall I help you…?”


Hasegawa-san goes behind those two and stopped around Yuka´s bottom.

“Hey, give me your mouth”


This time Kenichi demanded her mouth and stole it skillfully by intertwining the tongues and sucking it immediately, for the purpose that Yuka’s mind becomes blank. And although she is frightened of this abnormal situation somewhere in her head, this coach has her senses melt away till she becomes more absorbed than when she kisses her boyfriend.

Yuka´s tongue is sucked deeply as if she goes crazy like a traveler who found a oasis and saliva is swallowed. The reason behind that is that the body fluid of the Inma is an intense aphrodisiac and drug for a woman, therefore it’s reasonable that Yuka goes mad.

“Ah, Coach is vulgar”

Rio sees her Coach´s private garden which became muddy from the honey juice and is even visible through the leotard and is laughing mockingly. The thin leotard and her underwear weren’t able to block the sticky liquid that now suck to her thighs after dripping down. At this moment Rio is enjoying herself that her attractive coach becomes a sex slave like her for her beloved man so that she even feels a thrilling joy.


In the next moment Kenichi casually moved Yuka´s panty aside, which revealed this young woman´s vagina that can’t endure anymore and wants to have the sturdy penis below it inside.

“Huhu, disgusting…”

Rio is already ready and has the dick in her hand to finally insert it inside the hole of her attractive and beautiful rhythmic gymnastic coach.


This huge thing was longed for and when she lowered her weight a bit, it invaded inside. Though the inside became wet and muddy, it still is narrow for this huge penis that will rule from now on, that Yuka released a creak.

“Ahiiiii! Cuuumm!!”

Thu, when the dick rammed inside and chafed the womb, Yuka is blinded by an ecstasy that is called orgasm and there are signs that it seems to be her first time. She let her voice out and her soft body which is on top of the naked Kenichi is bent backwards with the hot steel lump still clasped by her vagina.

The inside is extended to its limit by this huge penis, sparks appear again in her sight and her whole body is attacked by pleasure and pain.

“Huhuhu. Hey, is it intolerable…”

Kenichi asked the completely drunk exercise coach, while hugging her body that twitches timidly.

Anyway her entire vagina coils around the invader thanks to the muscles strengthened by her rhythmic gymnastic all these years and she strangles it with pressure as if you press a sponge. It’s squeezed intensely by her entrance as if it wants to cut it in half and leaving only the part with the black bruise behind.

And while Yuka raised a cry the sex energy that she releases is absorbed fully by Kenichi. With her preeminent beauty and proportion, if it was the former Kenichi, Yuka with the highest quality would only be seen from the distance and he wouldn’t reach out his hands to her to make her a slave.

『It’s also the power of an Inma to call a beauty』

This story was heard from Noriko and revived inside Kenichi´s head right now.

She said that a peculiar wave motion is released all the time by an Incubus to collect delicious female bodies which are its energy source. And women who touched this wave motion pay attention to Kenichi unconsciously.

Actually since Kenichi fused with the Inma, many beauties were gathered one after another around Kenichi and that was to the extent that it was abnormal even as a teacher of a girls’ high school. Moreover the females offer their rich sex energy to the Incubus.

Judging from a general man, this must be heaven in this world.

『As long as Kenichi becomes powerful, many enemies and many beautiful women will appear』

Kenichi now understands Noriko´s words who said so and laughed.

While holding Yuka’s resilient hips who went down on all fours now, the uterus is invaded more mercilessly. Hasegawa is under Yuka’s body from behind and tastes Kenichi´s testicles with her pink tongue at the joint of Kenichi and Yuka.

“Higuuuuu! Cuum…I come again!!”

After Yuka received an acme successively, she started to release her love liquid non stop, while still rising to a further height. Her leotard pasted on her skin gets wet with sweat, while the bottom looks like as if a magma of lust erupted.

The love juice that is overflowing from the joint because Yuka is tightening too much so that a gap exist is dripping down on Rio’s face who is licking it eagerly.

Her body is already sweaty and even female pheromones are released. In this whole time until now a large amount of sex energy was produced and absorbed by Kenichi´s black bruise to feed the Incubus. The magic of Inma is revived and Kenichi feels that his senses are sharpened like usual.

(Huhuu, did the next catch came…)

Kenichi knows that another cute girl has opened the door of the health-care room and has come in quietly, while he chuckles about Yuka´s last reaction carefully. The person who worried about Rio and Yuka who haven’t returned yet no matter how long she waited was Midori Hayama who was the captain of the rhythmic gymnastic club.

Did Midori guess the strange atmosphere in this school nurse’s office, because she is getting close to the bed where everyone is with stealth steps slowly. Even if she do such an effort not to be caught, Kenichi’s wave motion has already caught her.

(After two or three more times, do I also get that girl…)

Calculating the innumerable ecstasies and Yuka’s physical strength, Kenichi moved his waist forward to feel this great vagina that coils tightly.


As reaction, Yuka released a coquettish voice and it is understood that Midori who holds her breath on the other side of the curtain stopped walking.

While imagining the situation of this newbie losing her precious virginity, Kenichi is calm and cruel like a devil and more pitiful sacrifices will be acquired.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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