Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 106

Beauty coach

It is already three months since Kenichi fused with the Incubus. Meanwhile, the situation around Kenichi who was a mere science teacher changed dramatically.

In the perfect environment called all girls’ high school, the greedy Inma preys on beautiful women and pretty girls in sequence, while at the same time making them a captive of pleasure through sex to get their sex energy to increase its power. The obstructive vice-principal Usami was removed, the assault from “SHADO” which is a devil organization was repelled and his social status is gradually established with the help of its magical power.

The magic of the Incubus gave Kenichi confidence to have sex with many women.

Now, he doesn’t have a unmanly attitude or marks either, but settles down with a dignified manner. Now when he comes to school he received a great popularity from the school girls and Kenichi also became an official teacher, thanks to the help of his uncle who persuaded the other superiors.

“Iyaaah, Midou is so attractive”

“Really. It wasn’t clear for me until recently…. My heart throbs when I just see him”

“After all, isn’t he together with Yoshikawa-sensei?”

“These two are charming…”

“I think he and Honda-sensei are more charming…”

“Eeh! Is it a love triangle?”

“Moreover is it immoral because she is newly-married?”

“Kyaaaa! Love difficulties!”

“Aah, I also want to have a love fight”

“Not good! Michi is bold!!”

From Junko and Tomomi´s behavior who completely became Kenichi´s captives, not only the Class 2 of the third years where he is homeroom teacher but also other school girls talk about Kenichi in many places at school. However, these school girls also fell in love with Kenichi so badly. It’s the evidence that they’re beginning to cause sympathy gradually by the wave motion of the Incubus that Kenichi is spreading around the school.

With the extraordinarily strong wave that Kenichi received from the Inma, he can influence the wave motion of humans. The wave motion of Kenichi strongly acts on women who are the opposite sex. And although there is a individual difference, but if they keep bathing in Kenichi´s wave then a resonance is caused gradually and they start to indicate a psychological compatibility. Briefly, when women are together with Kenichi for a long time, then they come to learn his goodwill.

The speed to cause a wave resonance is proportional to the time to be exposed to Kenichi´s wave and strength namely distance. Thus, all girls in Class 3-2 and the rhythmic gymnastic club have a yearning for Kenichi already.

When the light music that spread through the gymnasium stops sounding, the movement of the girls who danced at the center stops suddenly.

“It is okay. Let’s end it here for today”

Being satisfied with their performances, a beautiful woman who saw the performance of these lovely girls who wear thin pink leotards calls out to the girls who are drenched with sweat.

“Thank you very much!!”

“Thats enough for today!”

The leotard wearing girls respond simultaneously in a relieved state and greet the beauty who was seeing them off. Although this beauty could make them redo it many times, they seemed to be able to have satisfied this stern coach finally.

“Then, Hayama-san. I go to the health-care room to see Hasegawa-san´s state”

“Understood, Coach Misaki”

The person who told so to the captain who was wrapped in a white leotard for the training was Misaki Yuka who is the coach of the new gymnastics club at Ellis all girls high school and with just her upper body wearing a Jersey, she faces the school building.

Misaki Yuka is 26 years old. She was a player who belonged to the new gymnastics club of a certain business group until last year, however she retired as a player formally this spring and became an assistant coach. The recovery of her knee injury which she injured when she was young isn’t satisfactory and though she wanted to actually continue a little more, she gave up at last.

And her old coach at her old high school came to her to ask her if she want to take over that job. Yuka´s company agrees willingly, too and since this month Yuka instructs the rhythmic gymnastics club of her old school three times in a week.

For the prefecture qualifier that are next month, they practices the group performance now. All students at this senhorita school are obedient and earnest, therefore did Yuka take this work and has begun to think that it was really good.

And today in the last practice, Rio Hasegawa who is the first year ace twisted her ankle by the landing and was taken to the health room. Feeling a chill for an instant, but fortunately it wasn’t something serious, but they still go to the hospital to have a medical treatment there just in case.

(The health-care room…if I am not mistaken, it was this room)

Yuka walked the good old school building while following her old memory. Students who passed her are greeted politely which make her feel very glad.

However, when she reached in front of the health room with such a feeling, it withers away suddenly and Yuka becomes full of jitters for some reason. An abominable atmosphere seem to overflow from the health room and she hesitated opening the door for an instant.

(Wh, what do I do, I…there is nothing…)

Yuka is ashamed of herself who shuddered at an unknown power and takes elaborate pains with the door. She controls her incomprehensible uneasiness and fear that wells up in her heart right now and the door is opened calmly.


Yuka goes inside while calling out in this deserted health room. The wall was bathed in a pretty sunset reflecting the light, so that the whole room is dyed orange.


As she was about to call Hasegawa-san´s name, Yuka has kept quiet incidentally. From the area of the bed that was hide with a curtain at the corner of this room, she felt an unusual sign somehow.


Hearing a muffled voice, when she listen carefully she also hears a creaking sound.

“Uuu, huuuu…”

Someone’s voice is heard thinly.

While she swallows her saliva, Yuka carefully tries not to make a sound and approaches the bed to check the real nature of this voice. It was a vocal voice that was worthy of a girl be agonized when she hears carefully.


Yuka moved quietly when she approach the curtain fearfully while her heart is throbbing and she opens a gap only to be able to look at the inside.


A shocking view is reflected in Yuka’s eyes.

A girl in a white leotard is on all fours on the cot of the health room and raises her hips high. In front of the surprised Yuka, that girl shakes her thin body back and forth and you can hear her muffled voice and the creaking of the bed each time.

(Ha, Hasegawa-sann!)

Yuka knew who that was in an instant because her face was turned to the side which is facing towards here. The white small face belongs to Rio Hasegawa without fail. Rio who is half caucasian and has a incredible pretty face, let her face warp in agony now.

At the same time Yuka was able to understand why the voice of Rio was muffled. Rio´s head is lying on the bed with an agonizing expression floating on her face, while a white cloth is pushed into her mouth and it seems to prevent her from screaming.

(Hiiiii! Wh, Wha…What!)

Besides when she turns her face behind Hasegawa-san, then she notices a man wearing a suit kneeling on the bed and looking at Rio´s body with a cold look. To see such an expressionless face, Yuka feels a great shiver.

(Th, that is…Midou-sensei…)

Confirming the face of the person who is the advisor of the gymnastic club, Yuka is amazed. She can’t see the private part of both like this, but in this situation she can imagine what they are doing. A middle-age teacher in a suit rapes a beautiful girl wearing a leotard in the rear-entry position.

Midou-san´s hands grasps Hasegawa´s thin waist and her waist is used as he liked. While bending over her a little now from the top, his waist begins to hammer according to the creaking of the bed.

(Ra, Rape…?)

It was Yuka who thought so, but she noticed that it didn’t seem to be so for some reason.

Without the state that Hasegawa-san complains about pain from this rape or dislike, on the contrary, she enjoys herself and is crazy about the stimulation that is flowing into her crotch and she also seem to move by herself.

Moving her waist by herself in this white leotard, this cute girl who looked pretty like a doll raise it and with the fact that she is having sex with a middle-aged teacher stunned Yuka, who can’t raise her voice.


Soon after that, Hasegawa-san was shaking her whole body tremblingly and intensely, while twisting her face from the pleasure. Her white fingers that grasped the bed sheet tears it apart.

It was obvious that this cute girl reached an orgasm putting even adults to shame from her intense reaction, so that even Yuka felt that her private part is aroused.

(Su, such a small child…. Aa…)

Yuka who was normally busy with rhythmic gymnastics wasn’t able to have dates but she already had sex with men who associated with her including her lover.

However Yuka’s body hasn’t matured yet sexually and she would burst into laughter as soon as it breaks without a man being able to finish enduring her sphincter that she trained through rhythmic gymnastics. Moreover Yuka hasn’t got a clear orgasm through sexual intercourse until now. Therefore, she obtained deep ecstasy through reading books and magazines about sex and she thought that it was a thing of the imagination.

Nonetheless she is surprised to see such a young girl who hasn’t completely matured yet having sex intensely and she also even feels something like jealous which she hasn’t experienced either.

Besides, Yuka´s confusion is accelerated, because the partner is that science teacher.

The first time Yuka met Kenichi who is the advisor, she was overwhelmed by a slightly strange atmosphere. When she shook hands with him, she remembered that an electric current ran through her body. This middle-aged teacher named Midou was so impressive, that he was stenciled deeply in Yuka’s heart, even if it was only some minutes of greeting.

Is it the cause of this deep impression, that this teacher who has strange eyes appears in her dreams.

Besides, Yuka is also regularly having sex with this middle aged teacher in her dreams and she kept being in agony with this person, which cannot be said to anyone. She also advance my herself and takes a incredibly shameful pose, before indulging into the pleasure in this dream aggressively while being poured in a persistent desire for Kenichi and not her sweetheart.

And as soon as she gets up in the morning at such times, her panty is muddy with white viscous liquid and Yuka need change it while blushing.

Especially recently the frequency of Kenichi appearing in her dreams increased and every night is she together with the science teacher in her dream. This middle-aged man gives Yuka pleasure which wasn’t gained by her lover in her dreams and her soft body that is trained by rhythmic gymnastic is bent and made unreasonable by his huge penis.

(Aa…. Midou-sensei…)

Yuka noticed that her body gradually becomes hot while seeing the red eyes of Midou-sensei who was her secret masturbation partner. That’s the conditioned reflex which was printed by the indecent dream seen every night and dark carnal desires arise at the same time which is a feeling she has never felt with her boyfriend.

(Noo…th, this…)

Her nipples erect inside her bra cup and the crotch of her leotard begins to ache. Slightly, her thick lips are rolled up and her breath becomes gradually quick and synchronizes with her heartbeat.

And when Kenichi separates his body from the exhausted Rio, his huge penis appears slowly. This dark penis attached with sticky body fluid gets away slyly. Next when it get into Yuka´s view, this beautiful coach almost screams.


This thing was the same one that is shown in Yuka’s dreams every night.

It is thicker and longer than her boyfriend in many ways and with the many blood vessels, there is not a bit difference than the one in her dreams which enters inside her mouth and pussy every night.

(Su, Such! Until that bruise…aaaaa!)

In acknowledgment of the black bruise on the surface of this huge meat pole, Yuka feels dizzy from the depth of her mind. The bruise also matched the meat pillar in her dreams and its shape is like a black butterfly that spread its wings.

Her head is confused, when she thinks about such details that match with the one of her dreams. Reality or dream, her head is in a mess and she also thought for an instant that she is still in a dream.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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