Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 105

Sign of collapse

In front of a certain old apartment door, a robust man wrapped in a battle suit was still waiting for an opportunity. Although it is midwinter, sweat gushes out from his face and falls onto the floor while dripping down his cheeks. You can hear the sound of the street lights and the sound of the cars running on the far-off national highway through the dry atmosphere here.

He was able to finally corner a low-class devil who appeared in the K district. After 3 victims appeared, the devil who fused with an executive of a local terrorist organization was found, but after that his track was unclear. He chased the devil the next ten days and was able to finally confirm that he was in this room today.

Shoji Enami who is a member of “SHADO” thinks that both this and that has something to do with the lack of information and the result that they are short of people while waiting in darkness.

The database in the “SHADO” headquarters was removed with a unknown virus several weeks ago, so both the knowledge that they saved and the data have been destroyed till then. Furthermore, some members placed in the suburbs of Kanto disappeared in sequence, therefore both the investigation and the assault took longer and the amount of useless victims increased.

(Somehow I cant endure…)

Some time ago there were three who covered this area but now he is all alone. That means that both the investigation and the assault become insufficient and Enami can’t but feel irritated.

Enami is an expert in “SHADO” and it can be said that he is an ace now. The amount of devils he erased or arrested exceed 80. Including three intermediate devils. It can be said that it is a result that is superior among the successive members.

(Do I go slowly…?)

Exchanging significant looks with Takao Hayashi who is another member of SHADO to start the action. Using a special tool which he took out, he unlocks the cylinder lock with extreme caution. With that alone they are able to open or close this old iron door.


As soon as they open the door at a stretch and jump into the inside, Enami and his partner look for the person who fused with that devil which is their target.


The target sat on a chair while he was about to torture his next victim. A devil makes the hate and the fear of humans his food to increase his energy. It absorbs the negative energy of its victim, while feeling pleasant in tormenting someone.


The redness in the eyes of the man who turned around is a proof that he fused with a devil. The red shining eyes and the dangerous wicked power that becomes a wave attacks Enami and his partner.

Honestly they would be meaningless as staff of “SHADO” if they receive it and fall down without escaping. And because they can erase their wave with the wave cancelling machine on their waist, they aren’t influenced by the devil wave at all.

Both hold a stun gun immediately and are launching without hesitation. And because they are some distant away they arrest the target without aim and bring him under control with a high pressure electric shock of 50,000 volts.


The target raised a agonizing voice that was muffled from the muscles that had convulsion and he laid sideways and knocked out on the floor.


Before Enami ordered, Hayashi who is a young member had taken the devil who collapsed. He just turn the hand of the devil’s host behind and handcuffed him. This devil can’t resist anymore.

And when he removed his finger from the trigger the shock stopped. Enami confirms that the devil couldn’t move any more and takes a rest relievedly. Sweat dripped in his eyes and he wiped it away with his hand.

In the next moment he tried to get close to Hayashi´s side who was on top of the devil his body started to shake. And suddenly like that he has fallen forward.


Enami-san doesn’t know what happened. By the shock that his head was hit, he loses his consciousness in an instant.


The taser slips out of his hand and made a noise, when it crashed on the floor. Power left his feet but it was already too late and Enami collapses on the spot.

The host of the devil who should be unconscious from the stun gun stands up slowly from the floor. His red eyes look down at the two men dressed in their battle uniform viciously and twisted his wicked face from how he should take revenge from now on.

His face was like a demon that appeared from hell.

“What on earth happened!! This is the third time now!!”

The voice of a woman echoed in a meeting room. It is nearly a scream rather than booing. However, nobody who is in this room answers even if they heard the voice of this pretty woman. The meeting room falls silent from this scene. Dark and stagnant air was flowing through the head office of “SHADO” which is in a special ward area at the Tokyo Police Department.

That’s also reasonable. Recently all members who were attacked by an devil went missing. Probably they were counterattacked by a devil, but they still don’t know it at all, why there is a series of failure. A situation that would happen once every several years, happened three times in a row now.

“The cause will be investigated immediately! Right now!!”

Because nobody who failed their assault came back, they all can’t grasp the situation at all. They suddenly lost contacts to those who attacked their targets they had to erase.

“Cancel the attack until you understand a cause! And for an investigating member, a long time waiting order!”

If the number of victims increase, then the japanese ‘SHADO’ will collapse. All members received special training and it is necessary for them to manage exclusive tools and protective gear which need time to learn. They can’t be replenished immediately readily.

Gradually the database was restored and the activity could be resumed. Reiko Arisawa who is the highest officer of “SHADO” warps her face in distress.

“Was my judgment rough-and-ready…?”

Reiko who is driven into a corner in front of her subordinates instinctively spoke the anguish in her heart. Of course nobody who is in this meeting room understands her words.

“Two people seemed to went missing again yesterday. “SHADO” is also serious thanks to the virus you made”


A stark-naked man stretched his legs on the bed out and leaned his upper body on the headboard. A beauty who is beside him has an hateful expression on her face from the male mean question. Another beautiful woman who wrapped her plump body in gray underwear licks the stout penis of that naked man with a enchanted expression.

“Well, they will soon notice that the wave cancelling machine is the cause, but before that how many humans are sacrificed…. Ah, anyway you shouldn’t come to my place for the time being because of this. Arisa you also deserve the credit for this”

Kenichi who is naked laughed happily while grabbing and playing with the huge chest of the woman who sucks his dick. The beauty whose chest is rubbed doesn’t try to separate from the penis and even if it is painful she only raise her eyebrow. She stimulate it with her sweet mouth and her thin fingers who stroke it slowly.

“This is your reward, Arisa. Extend over it”

“…Kuu. …Su, such a thing!”

The long black-haired beauty who twist her intellectual face from this humiliation is Arisa. However as soon as she heard his order raised she her body and stood over the waist of Kenichi before she absorbed his meat stick into her vagina that already opened.

It was a strange scene.

Arisa´s face is turned away with a painful expression, but her body moves smoothly as if she has sex with her lover who she loves deeply. And from the gap of her black lace panty you can see how she swallows the meat pole.


Arisa who is in the woman astride position bends her body, while her black hair shakes. Her slender body bends like a rod and a shadow of her scapula rises from her beautiful back. Her body which is wrapped in a red and black three in one lingerie is flexible according to her appearance and the huge meat pillar that is swallowed inside her secret pot is squeezed up by her trained muscles.

“Hiii! Aa! Aa! Aaaaa!!!!”

Arisa who is completely familiar with Kenichi´s dick now reaches an orgasm by the first blow while refusing it. Her lewd pussy clings to Kenichi´s dick and climbs all over it windingly.

A great deal of sex energy flows into his body and activates all cells in his body. Hugging Arisa´s slender beauty while leaning on the headboard, Kenichi smiles from this great pleasure and energy.

“Arisa who became quite sensitive. I seemed to completely like my thing, too and am soup stock”

“Kuuuu!! Such…there is no such a thing!! Huuuguuuu!!”

Arisa´s body has convulsions and she carelessly gave Kenichi energy, while she glares at the man who rapes her. However her body completely follows Kenichi´s thing even if she refuses it from the bottom of her heart and she clings to the whole body of this strong male while being intoxicated by the pleasure.

Arisa Shinomiya who was a member of “SHADO” lost a fight against Kenichi and although her mind didn’t surrender she is tied by a pledge exchanged at that time. Through Noriko’s hypnosis it is cut deeply into soul, that she becomes a servant for this man who she should hate and she can’t be released until she is hypnotized. It is a so-called eternal subordination and loyalty.

“An, Anyone…you…”

Arisa resists him desperately with her mouth, but since her soul and body are corrupted now, such resistance is funny. However, Arisa still refuses to speak of her subordination determinedly. This talented woman who doesn’t understand the pervert characteristics of Kenichi doesn’t seem to be able to understand that her behavior delights Kenichi.

“Hey, Noriko. Torment Arisa´s hips”

“Yes, Kenichi-sama…”

Between the connection of these two is Noriko Aoyama who was another member of “SHADO”and she tastes around this part with her mouth. Arisa´s pussy which was a virgin some days before is occupied by Kenichi´s thing.

“Th, Tha…That place is no good”

Noriko places her index finger into Arisa´s back hole.

This unclean hole is suddenly groped and Arisa´s body reacts to it. However, Noriko doesn’t listen to her best friend’s scream and even touches a sensitive spot.

“Hiiiiii! Noooo!”

It is a hateful feeling that her rectum is teased. And when her ass tights tightly, her vagina also shrinks together.

“Aaaaa!! Hiiiii!!”

Kenichi´s thing reacts to it and rubs against a sensitive spot. The following acme and sexual feeling boils her with surprising swiftness and her throat is bent in Kenichi´s arms.

“Hey Arisa, give me your mouth”

Releasing sex energy successively and being exhausted, Kenichi gave her an order with a brusque tone.


The black-haired beauty shows a regrettable face. However, she can’t act against his instruction and kisses him with her lips.

“You can suck. Delight me by intertwining your tongue”


“Let’s kiss passionately as if I´m your lovely boyfriend”

Kenichi looks down and stares at Arisa´s sex body. Although she is trembling from anger, Arisa still clings to Kenichi’s lips. Even her long pink tongue is stretched out and insert into the disgusting mouth of the Inma.

While enjoying her aggressive tongue, Kenichi holds Arisa´s hips and moved only just a little to pierce her womb straight from the bottom.


Arisa received a orgasm again and shakes her whole body tremblingly while being silenced with a kiss. Both holes are occupied and Arisa reached paradise, while at the same time her brain and rationality are melted away. A great deal of sex energy is flowing into Kenichi again.

Arisa who shakes her hips sits astride on Kenichi who leaned his back on the headboard of the bed and kisses him while her arms are embracing his neck. When someone sees those two, he would think they have passionate sex like lover who loves each other deeply.

Arisa´s face which disliked it gradually melts away and becomes satisfied with the pleasure. Her soft and hot body already belongs to Kenichi and he can rule over it as he wants.

(…Th, This…this is impossible…)

A sweet resignation spread in her head and her hands coil around his neck even more.

Arisa´s entire body which receives an indescribable pleasure is already full of love for the host of the Incubus. Arisa tries really hard to endure it, even if it is painful. But this sweet pleasure is the harm that is eating her noble spirit like a drug.

(Aaa…to such a man…I´m stained by a devil…)

It isn’t because her body was made dirty, it is her heart and pride which were made a mess. Being ragged with a regrettable and painful feeling, tears spill out from her eyes. However even that let her experience a sweet feeling that already corroded her heart that was like hard steel before.

Rather, it might be much easier to have gone mad by the pleasure like Noriko et al. Being one of the subordinate of this Incubus like other beauties, how long would her heart be tranquil?

While her soul and body is penetrated by this superior male, why does Arisa exchange sweet kisses with him? Is that everything and is it wise to subordinate to Kenichi who can bring her great pleasure? Such thoughts swirl around Arisa´s mind.

At the time her tongue is sucked stronger, she didn’t do anything and give Kenichi her tongue voluntarily. And when they separate their mouths, Arisa drinks his saliva as if it is heavenly nectar. She clings with her whole body to Kenichi, while embracing his head closely with her slender arms and gulp his saliva down.

(Ah, such…it is quite comfortable or…)

As usual Kenichi´s huge meat pole has penetrated her lower bottom. Having sex like that and embracing this devilish man and intertwining their tongues extremely, Arisa entrusts everything of her to Kenichi.

Her body has already surrendered and her soul is bound. Only her noble spirit refuses the subordination, but that’s also a matter of time. Anyhow her heart has been broken once and it isn’t so tough as it as before. It is likely to snap, when she receive a bit more of that excellent pleasure.


Only when she uttered this cry, did Arisa notice that she was fawning and her expression is melting away.

Kenichi moved his hand into her bra cup and poked her nipple lightly.


Arisa utters a delighted cry while clenching her teeth. The thunderous orgasm that boil instantaneously is terrific, because she can’t faint from it.


One of the best tastes is when a woman reached the top while a penis is still deep inside her vagina. In Arisa´s case, this orgasm let her shrink her gate tightly.

“My penis will be biten off”

Smiling from ear to ear, Kenichi looks at Noriko who is behind Arisa. When he signals something with his eyes, Noriko understood his intention and starts some preparations.

Arisa is totally exhausted and rests on Kenichi from this unbelievable pleasure. Her body shakes, while she is breathing intensely now. As soon as her breath became normal again, Kenichi opened his mouth.

“Arisa, does your body and heart become mine?”

Understanding the meaning of his question, Arisa is plugged at once. The inner voice of her body is sounding inside her mind saying she should give up already. But still, Arisa declares resolutely while looking up.

“Wh, Who will become yours…?”

With this situation and her words, Kenichi can’t suppress the delight that wells up inside his heart at the same time as he’s astonished that she still can answer so.

It’s no longer at a strong level. His whole body seems to be excited to make this female with such a noble steel pride yield to him soon.

“So…That’s regrettable…. Then I will just bound you throughout your life. An though your body has fallen, your heart shows no sign of breaking”

Kenichi´s laughs devilishly and his voice seems to be really strange.


Arisa shudders. With his words her fate has been decided and this wise talented woman has noticed it.

An order was carved in her soul. Her heart can’t be broken any more by himself. Therefore for whatever kind of pleasure hell will wait further down, it won’t be easy for Arisa to yield anymore.

“Look. I’ll delight you more and more”

Noriko´s preparations ended and she went onto the bed with a laugh. A slender dildo is attached to a black leather belt that is wrapped around her waist and she aims for the back hole of her best friend.

“Lets enjoy it to the fullest”

“Wh, What? What are you doing…. wai, wait a moment…stoopp! Nooooo!”

The black dildo that is supported with a lubricant invades into Arisa´s back hole slowly. Although Arisa didn’t had anal sex anytime before, it was insert without mercy.

“Hiiiiiii! Noooo! Norikoo! Stoopp!! Stooooppp!! Higuuuuuu!!! Aaaaaaaa!”

The false penis enters and Arisa´s body flares more up by the stimulation and a violent pleasure that was unlike before goes through her body. At the same time Kenichi continues to rub the sensitive spots inside her honey pot. With this has Arisa finally lost her last safe place and she has no way out but to surrender and become a subordinate of this demon.

(He, Hell…its the hell…)

Arisa opens her eyes wide suddenly. However, nothing is reflected in them anymore. She felt only despair as if she sees doomsday while both her holes are invaded at the same time.

(TL note: Finally Arisa was fully conquered. I can tell everyone that I liked this story plot because she was the first one who didn’t succumb to the pleasure immediately and she won’t be the only one. Because there is still her aunt that appeared in this chapter that will be a target in the later arcs.)

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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