Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 103

Beauties and a beast

It is one week since the attack of Yuusuke and Arisa. Kenichi who was completely cured returned to his usual daily life again. The part where he broke his bone was also convalescent by the speed which isn’t considered usual, so the students didn’t notice the scar.

On the contrary, his magical power power increased more and “SHADO” would say that he became a intermediate Inma if they come here.

Before the size of his wave was only around the school, but now it is more than 10m. In addition, the power of his wave itself became stronger and the effects on his target even when he is using his red tentacles increased. However, Kenichi uses it carefully without being unruly as before. He doesn’t want to be found by SHADO again.

His popularity also rises among the students more and more proportional to the increase of his magical power. He is rather like a famous idol now.

There are school girls who stare at him with hot and enchanting eyes during class and are absentminded. When the class is over, they run after him into the science preparations room and make a reason to start a conversation with him. Unfortunately, Junko and the beautiful girls who became his sex slaves can’t have casual sex anymore as before.

Junko Yoshikawa who was unreachable before and was only a yearning became already a perfect slave of Kenichi.

And because she doesn’t try to hide her affection for him as well as her attitude which is also worshiped by the obedience at school, the male teachers who felt kindly to Junko felt envy and jealous. Junko who continues being exposed to the black wave from the sperm that is poured inside her womb have her beauty and elegance develop more so that even women who see her will be charmed.

Her blouse is pressed up by her huge chest and even her tight skirt seem to burst from her sexy hips. Her waist is surprisingly narrow and her legs that wear sexy stockings and a mini skirt unappropriated for a female teacher have a beautiful curve. Her beauty and her body let men call out to her everywhere she goes, but she doesn’t pay attention to them and only has eyes for Kenichi.

“I´m sorry for being late…. Did you wait?”
“Uuh, it is entirely all right”
“So-so. I was chatting with Miki-san”

When Junko Yoshikawa was entering the coffee bar which was their meeting place, she saw Rena Kurosawa and Miki Endo raising their hands to signal her to come over. It is still early at night, but a considerable amount of visitors entered the shop in Aoyama led by young men and women. Meanwhile, Junko party sit at the counter and laugh happily.

Miki who is a former model has her beauty still remain since she became a married woman and she is 9 heads tall. In spite of her good looks going away particularly her legs that make a perfect line were an object of envy of the camera boys, when she was still modelling.

There while Rena is an active gravure model and her popularity catches fire more recently. Her swimsuit figure gives glory to the cover of some kind of magazine consistently every week now. The voluptuous and slim body became material for many men to masturbate.

The style and beauty of Junko who is a female teacher are by no means inferior to these two professional models. Her long-slit eyes are cool behind her silver rimmed glasses and that’s suitable for her deep face because she descents from a westerner. On the other hand, her lustful body is grasped even from her clothes clearly, The chest is around 96 cm and her waist is so thin that people would sigh.

Three such far superior beauties laugh happily. The men who are in the cafe bar look at their state since a little while ago, but nobody seems to call out to them.

“Hey hey, After the other day, what happened?”.

Junko’s eyes are sparkling when she asked this question. When the asked Miki waves her short bob hair and drinks her Moscow Mule, she looks bashful a little.

“Eh? what? What story?”

Junko easily explains the summary to Rena who didn’t know the story.

In the second meeting of Tomomi’s wedding ceremony Endo-san who is Miki’s husband grabbed Junko’s chest mischiefly. Kenichi was enraged and out of revenge slept with Miki. In that way Junko took Endo to a couple cafe and showed him the demonstration of Miki and Kenichi sex at hand.

After Junko told everything Rena says “I’m amazed. Kenichi is a brute” and her eyes brighten with relish. Junko was happy that Kenichi retaliated for her.

“After that, it became serious”

Miki who dropped her eyes into her glass begins to speak the later whole story.

After having been at that lewd bar, Miki went home immediately, After it became near the early morning Endo her husband came home. Her husband who seemed to be treated violently is in a terrible appearance without an injury attacked Miki as soon as he looked at her.

Her unusual husband tortured Miki intensely on the bed to check that she still belong to him. Miki lied down motionless and her husband invaded and ejaculated inside one sidedly.

After that he seemed to want to say something, but he said nothing after all. Because there was no evidence that Miki reached the incident bar where he went with a woman behind the back of his wife.Thereafter Miki felt that the doubt surely becomes big in the heart of her husband on that day.

Then he seem to watch her actions and he felt that Miki is scared. While she takes a bath, he went on her smartphone and looked for traces for her affair and every night he checks every corner of her body of any sign of unchastity. He also calls her at work, to verify her location and he comes home immediately without stopping anywhere.

“Roughly, there is no love evidence”
“Really. Miki-san is loved very much…”

Junko and Rena who say so laugh with relish. Miki who sees that shakes her head in disapproval and sighs, before she gets seriously angry half.

“No, that person…is selfish…. Although I only had an affair, I’m restrained immediately from his standpoint…. There is a limit to his selfishness…”

Because Endo-san was popular with women since his school days, he had affairs all the time, even when they come together or they became engaged. Miki pretended not to notice Endo´s behavior and endured it.

“Then what happened today?”

With such a husband she can’t permit this. Anyway Miki won’t go home too soon and it will probably become tomorrow morning before she return home.

” He is on a 1 week oversea business trip since today. Moreover he goes to a undeveloped location where there is no telephone communication. Therefore it is absolutely all right…”

Miki says so and laughs joyfully. Her face is overflowed with joy to be able to meet her lover after a long absence and there was no sense of guilt that she betrays her husband.

“Heee. Then it is okay”

This time Rena answered and laughed teasingly. Her face also brightens from the joy that she knows a secret that can’t be told to anybody.

“Then, hereafter, let’s do our best…”
“To be pleased by Kenichi, we have to dress up for him…”

These three people go to Miki´s favorite beauty salon from now on together. They polish their bodies to prepare for the night with Kenichi. Rena and Miki are different from Junko who can meet him every day, because they can’t meet frequently because they need to pay attention to their family and husband.

They can fully cover the stout male this time until the morning of tomorrow. Both of them expect the best joy as a female and are really excited since the morning.

“Then it is time soon or shall we go out…?”

There are still ten minutes until the time of their reservation. Junko who drank up her lemonade is going to stand up with a slip. Then some men who sat in the depths of this coffee shop stood up and approached Junko and the others.

“Hey? Where do you go?”

Each of those three men are around 30 years old. They were Ikemen with a cool and refined look. They have dark hair, tanned skin and white teeth. They are all tall around 180cm and have strong bodies which are wrapped in elegant clothes.

“If it’s good, how about a meal now?”
“We looked at you for a while now and we want to make friends with you by all means”

All three of them smile brightly while two of them stand a bit behind started to talk. Those three can be considered attractive and good looking and their figures are like male models. If it is an ordinary woman, then her heart would beat seeing those three.

“Now, let’s go”

However Junko completely ignored them. She begins to walk quickly towards the cash register. Of course she begins to walk when both Rena and Miki take their bags and coats equally without turning their faces to these men.

“…Wai! Wai, Wait a minute!”

The handsome men who weren’t able to understand what happened for an instant run after them in a hurry. They are shocked that their charm who attracted many women didn’t work on those girls.

“…O, Oi…”
“Ah…. We go!”

While they try to leave the shop in a hurry, they leave the payment to a friend and jumps out of the door. However, Junko and the others already entered the beauty salon that is diagonal on the other side.


The man clicks his tongue unintentionally while looking at Junko and the others. Neither those three handsome men nor Junko, Rena and Miki were noticing that there is a person observing patiently from a place not far away at this time.

Two hours later, the girls left the beauty salon. All three of them let their skin become glossy and polished their beauty more. Of course, not only their body, but they also wear sexy lingerie only brought for today to delight only one man.

All three walk to the location where they will meet Kenichi today, while laughing. The hotel is approximately ten minutes away on foot. There is still a little time until the meeting, but all three women walk faster than normal because they can’t wait for it.

Then from the crowd three men walked out. These men are from the coffee bar a short while ago. However they have a wicked smile on their faces instead of a while ago.

“Omm, finally we could meet again”

The leader blocks the way for Junko and others. His face laughs and smirks slightly impudently and because the other two people surrounded them, Miki and Rena come to hide behind Junko.

“Hey Hey? Will you play with us? Doing something really fun?”
“With your beautiful elder sisters, we would like to play all the way”

This is their true character. They took off their gentle-looking mask and look down at the girls with eyes full of threat and greed.

“We have no business with you, so go away”

Junko declared while her sharp eyes glare through her silver rimmed glasses. Her eyes are full of hatred and she glares with a strong glare at the leader.

“Ooo. Scary scary…If you glare that much, my willie will shrink”

However the brown haired man laughs frivolously and don’t mind Junko’s glare at all. On the contrary, he seem to check Junko’s body and beauty with an hungry expression.

“We waited for 2 hours. It was cold, so let’s become warm quickly together”
“You tell ’em! It’s terrible to make us wait so long”

The two fellows come closer while saying so. A smirking face full of greed like a cat that torments a mouse is on their faces.

“…Wh, what did you say. You were waiting without permission!”
“Th, that’s right. For what reason were you waiting for us!”

Both Miki and Rena counterattacked in this ferocious atmosphere in spite of being scared desperately.

“Ah? Did you say anything?”

The dark brown haired leader who completely threw his mask away shoves his hand into his pocket and threatened them.


Rena who feared his threat screamed unconsciously.

“Aa! This fellow is Rena Kurosawa? That gravure model!”

One of those dirty men noticed the real nature of Rena. Then the other two looked at Rena who tries to cover her face desperately and know that their prey today was an unexpected big fish.

“Oh, greeaaatt! A gravure idol…. I wanted to have sex with a gravure idol once…”

The brown-haired leader declares with some greed in his voice and stares at Rena.

“However the other two are also incredibly pretty women”
“It seems to be fun now”

Next those three men drive the girls into a backroad while surrounding Junko and the others. The eyes of the passerby doesn’t reach this road and the lamps are also very dim here. Both ways were blocked and it was already too late to run away.

Junko’s group trembled with fear. Only Junko is scowling at the leader in this situation.

“Hehehe…. It has been decided. I will take this one…. Her strong mind is unbearable…”

The brown haired man declares it while licking his lips.

“Such strong one, I will violate you badly so that you cry and make you my woman”

His eyes are already distracted and become yellow from the desire.

“Th, Then Rena is mine! I take Rena!”
“Oh then for me, I will get this one with pretty legs. She is really attractive, because she seem to be a married woman”

The long haired man who talks has seen the wedding ring of Miki with excitement. These men have already shown their greed in front of the girls which they have cornered.

Junko and the others are in a desperate situation.

Suddenly a black van came into this small alley. The girls who see that look up and looked at that van.

When the van stopped, a huge man emerged from the inside slowly.

“Go, Go-san!”

Tension run through the three men immediately. Probably the man called Go-san is a little less than 2m tall. He wears a t-shirt in this deep winter, however the quantity and quality of his muscles that pushed up is terrible. This skinhead looked at the three men and the three women with a wicked smile

“Ou. You and this woman?”


When these men were asked this question, they looked at each other and hesitated how they should answered. Suddenly Go-san waved his arm easily. Without the brown-haired leader having a chance to scream he was hit directly into his face by Go-san and he was blown off with a dreadful momentum.


The girls see that man flying and scream while embracing each other. Real violence was used in front of their eyes and they are trembling with fear so that even their teeth clatters. The brown-haired leader flew to the other end of the alley and his body hit the ground really hard.

“Hii! Go, Go-san. …I´m, I´m sorrry!”
“Th, these women, we approached them a while ago…. It is unreasonable because they are pretty women…”

The other two who lost their leader simply answered desperately in a hurry. Their expression was full of fear as if a wild beast appeared out of the jungle. They came across a man who has more fighting power than them, so they kneeled down instantly.

Hearing the explanation of those two, Go-san looked at Junko´s group who are trembling and embracing each other and he seemed to finally understand the situation. When he looked back into the van and shaking his head while grinning, two more guys came out of the van. These two men are like Go-san muscular and have a skinhead.

“Then, they aren’t yours yet. Okay, I’ll have them. Take him and disappear”

The two underlings were blank for a moment, before they began to run at top speed when they finally understood the meaning of his words. The ran away desperately without paying attention to their leader on the way.

Junko intended to do something while seeing this scene, but she remembered the terrible violence of just now and she is unable to stand up and she can’t support her trembling body.

Go-san smiles and change his attention to the three beauties who embrace each other while still shaking. Normally he would use the most efficient method to pick up girls, but he is lucky today to get so elegant women for free.

(Hehe…I´m lucky)

He can’t count how many chicks he had already who were popular and have taken a video from them. Go-san takes videos of such beauties and sell this amateur rape videos to a friend supplier. With that he had no money problem. Of course he indulges into such sweet bodies before he sells such videos.

These skinheads don’t try to hide their wicked desire and are approaching slowly. Their bodies seem to be covered with amazing muscles and they look like meat eaters, so the slim men from just now look better than them.

(He, Help!! Help!! Kenichi-samaa!!!)

Junko closed her eyes that weren’t closed till the end and she prays for a miracle. Towards the devil who rules over her and isn’t God or Buddha.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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